What’s in My Shopping Cart…

What in My Shopping Cart, LVBX Magazine
Take a look at what’s hanging out in my online shopping carts. It’s part reality and part wish list, but isn’t that the fun of an online shopping cart?

Lux Print Kimono from Tisja Damen, $517.84
Now that it’s nearly summer, I’ve taken to wearing kimonos. They’re the perfect warm weather piece for lounging around at home. The Unity Tassel Cord looks to be the perfect accompaniment for this luxurious paring.

Dimond-Cut Rope Nickel Free Chain Anklet, $9.98
Perhaps it’s the goddess-eque feel of it, but I’m officially bringing the anklet back because it looks and feels good. And they needn’t be expensive to make an impact. I’ve also recently purchased the Bienvenu Multi Chain Tassels Anklet. Thanks, Amazon.

Glacce Crystal Elixer Water Bottle, Smokey Quartz, $80
Crystals have a unique ability to support the wellness of our minds and bodies. I can’t think of anything more refreshing than crystal infused hydration.

L’Oreal Paris X Balmain Paris, $14
My sister recently gifted me with “Fever,” a deep salmon matte shade from the new Balmain + L’Oreal collaboration. It’s one of the most hydrating and long-lasting lip colors I’ve tried. These shades are perfect for a hot summer day, or a fun night out. I’m planning to order the “Legend” shade next.

Alberto Giacometti, Yves Klein: In Search of the Absolute, $150
This two-part edition showcases works of Alberto Giacometti and Yves Klein, pioneering artists during the 20th century, who manifested the post-war aftershock on European culture within their respective mediums of sculpture and painting. Volume one features text and pictorial chronologies of the two, while the second volume presents images fashioned after London’s Gagosian Gallery’s 2016 exhibition, In Search Of The Absolute, where pieces by Giacometti and Klein were displayed alongside each other. A must-have for enthusiasts of modernism, this archival work juxtaposes two groundbreaking figures and their effects on contemporary art.

NEST Black Tulip, $72
I received a sample of NEST’s Black Tulip fragrance recently and fell in love immediately. It’s warm, sweet, and entirely sexy. And I’ll admit, my husband couldn’t get enough of it either. While my usual fragrance is Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium, I may be a convert.



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