RITUAL: Crystals 101 with Renae Currey

RITUAL: Crystals 101, LVBX Magazine
with Renae Currey

Crystals are everywhere. Have you noticed? Geodes and clusters are a popular home decor trend. Several beauty brands like Glossier, Nails Inc, and Dr. Brandt are offering crystal infused products. Soji Energy has a line of water bottles with built in crystals so that you can infuse your daily hydration with crystal healing, and cocktail enthusiasts can make a high vibe drink with Precious Vodka’s gemstone infused liquor.

RITUAL: Crystals 101, LVBX MagazineClear Quartz Crystal Elixir Water Bottle, Soji Energy $80

There is a scientific theory that states all matter is energy and energy is vibration. This means crystals aren’t just pretty to look at, they are also great tools that can be used to help raise your personal vibration, enhance the type of energy that you want to experience, and heighten your meditation experiences.

Different types of crystals have different molecular structures and vibrations suited for different energies and purposes. When you are acquiring crystals for your personal collection, it’s important that you choose specimens that your are drawn to. However, the variety of crystal types is numerous and it can be overwhelming and difficult to decide what to begin a collection with. Here are 7 types of crystals that should be in your personal collection to cover basic energetic needs.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a must have, and is a perfect stone to start a collection with. It’s vibrations enhance positive energy, it is easily programmable – meaning you can set it each crystal with your intentions during meditation to help focus your manifestation energy, and it also amplifies the vibrations of other crystals.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz ranges in color from pale pink to deeper rose pink and lavender pink hues. The vibration of rose quartz enhances the energy of your heart chakra, and is ideal for attracting love, enhancing self love and healing.


Amethyst is clear lavender to deep purple in tone. It enhances calm energy, promotes restful sleep and dreams, and its vibration resonates with your third eye chakra, making it a good crystal to use for visualization of goals and dreams. Throughout history it has also been called the “sobriety stone”, and its energy has been known to be helpful on pathways of sober living.


Natural citrine is a pale yellow to deeper golden stone. It vibrates positive, happy energy, and is also a stone of abundance. Use this crystal to help manifest more of whatever it is that brings you joy, happiness, and freedom.


Pyrite is a metallic gold toned crystal that grows naturally in cube formations. It has a masculine energy that is also a very powerful manifestation tool. Pyrite is best used for focusing your intentions and gaining clarity on how to bring a dream into reality. This is a “make it happen” stone, so have it near whenever you are goal setting.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a translucent green stone that vibrates to attract success and remove blocks and negativity keeping you from leveling up. It’s energy is aligned with wealth abundance, making this an ideal stone to keep near when you are working on financial matters.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is an opaque black stone that grows in horizontal striations. It offers grounding energy and dispels negativity. It is a powerful protection stone, and works well to protect the energy in your home when placed in your entryway or near your front door.

As you are building your crystal collection, keep in mind how the shape or formation of the stone projects its energetic vibration. The larger the specimen, the more powerful it’s energy output is. Larger crystals are ideal to enhance the energy of a room or your entire home. Smaller crystals are good to carry with you or to meditate with. Crystals that are in clusters of multiple points will project energy in all directions, while crystal spheres radiate vibrations in softer more peaceful waves.

RITUAL: Crystals 101, LVBX Magazine
It’s important to keep your crystals energetically cleansed, too. You should clean every crystal as soon as you get it by smudging it with the smoke from a sage wand or palo santo wood, or by giving it a bath in sea salt water. The cleansing process can be repeated after your crystals have been used a lot in meditations, or anytime you feel like they need a refresh. Leaving them out overnight under a full moon is also a powerful way to recharge their energetic vibrations.

As you grow your crystal collection, remember to actually use them. They are tools to help enhance your intentions and vibrations. Drop them in your bath water to create a high vibe energy soak. Hold them in your hands or place them on your chakra centers during meditation. Program them with your intentions and goals by holding a crystal in your dominant hand while visualizing you desired outcome. Crystals that are programmed with your intentions are vibrating your own desires out into the universe constantly, and helping you along your path towards making your goals and dreams realities.

Renae is the owner of two beauty destinations – Lucy Pop Salon in Nashville and Love 30A in Seagrove Beach, Florida. She is a Hair Color Queen, Session Stylist, and Makeup Artist, and her 20 year career in the beauty industry has made her realize that while killer hair, chic makeup, and a stellar wardrobe will make you look good, real beauty starts on the inside with self love. Tarot cards, crystals, and self care rituals are her obsessions, and she is always looking for new high vibe tools and practices to enhance this physical life experience. You can follow her on Instagram @renaepop.



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