THE EDIT: Our Current Obsessions

SUSIE WEAVER: I’m currently obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look in a Palette, which is basically what it says on the tin! Five minute face on the go – bronzer, blush, highlighter, day eyes and night eyes all in one lovely palette. I can do my face in two minutes which suits me perfectly as I haven’t time to spend on my face, but I don’t like to step outside without my makeup on.

DR. NIROSHAN SIVATHASAN: I have been a car aficionado since my early childhood, and own a few Porsches, one being a genuine 928 ‘Strosek’ which I’ve owned for a number of years. There are very few of these machines left in the world. It is currently undergoing a mechanical overhaul prior to having the exterior re-conditioned and the interior fully re-upholstered. I am a stickler for detail and have chosen companies that are exacting in their methods, to work on my classic Porsche.

SHARON WEIL: I can’t stay away from the unfolding drama and pushback involving the Mueller investigation and those in the White House. I check every day for new developments. We are, indeed, living in historic times, and this is the center of the drama.

I went to The March for Our Lives in Washington DC and I’m in full support of the movement to end gun violence started by these students and all who support them.

I continue to enjoy Gyrotonics as a form of refined and fun fitness. Activating the body will active your life. Making changes to your body will change your entire life.

Going for daily walks and observing the new flowering buds and blossoms, and sticking my nose in for some of my favorite fragrances: citrus blossoms, jasmine, freesia, and lavender. Yum!

EMILY DEAN: At the moment I am obsessed with Lindsey Kelk. Lindsey Kelk is one of my favourite authors who writes romantic fiction and comedy. Lindsey Kelk makes heartbreak seem like a worthwhile journey, and her books are hilarious!

ROBIN KEYSER: RevitaBrow Advanced, $110

I’m not sure when it happened, but my brows have been engaged in a disappearing act for quite awhile now. RevitaLash has been in the lash-growing business for years and their lash product is crazy; I honestly had to trim my eyelashes after using RevitaLash for a month. Happily, RevitaBrow is as effective as its sister-product. I have brows again – new growth and a thickening of the areas that just needed boosting. Miracles do happen. 

NICOLE GUSE: I’m currently loving the spicy, exotic smell of Trapp Candle’s No 70 Black Orchid Ylang. It’s the perfect bedside candle. 

I’m also obsessed with MILK MAKEUP’s newly released Watermelon Brightening Serum, the first ever solid serum. I can’t stop applying it, it feels so fresh and invigorating, and my husband can’t stop commenting on how good my skin looks. 

MARYANN RUSSELL: I’m loving this new book I’m reading for the Compassion Committee I’m on at the University, Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson. I’m also loving the idea of Spring as it’s been a very long, snowy and cold winter in Maine.

1. The new Queer Eye show – it’s hilarious, high vibe, inspiring and beautifully transformative!
2. Chicory coffee! Caffeine free, delicious and healthy.
3. The Alchemist by Paolo Cohelo. Simple, magical and life-changing.
4. My 1902 perfume in “mandarine cuir” (mandarin and leather), with a dash of orange flower blossom and cedarwood essential oils.
5. Turbans, turbans, turbans!
6. Chai + coconut milk + any fruit I happen to have on hand for breakfast.




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