THE EDIT: What We’re Reading

, Editor-in-Chief

I’m reading The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman. It is Philip Pullman’s prequel to His Dark Materials trilogy, published over 20 years ago. It’s Harry Potterish with a clandestine dose of spirituality.

NICOLE GUSE, Managing Editor

The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol 1: 1931-1934 by Anais Nin

A Stone Boat by Andrew Solomon

The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece by Jonathan Harr

JENNIFER ZELMAN, Contributing Editor

I’m loving the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy right now. My book club just assigned it and it is a big hit amongst all my girlfriends and I.

DR. NIROSHAN SIVATHASAN, Contributing Editor

I have two books currently on the go: The True Story of Fake News by Mark Dice and Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos.

I just finished The 10 Keys to Success by John Bird, the founder of The Big Issue. This ‘quick read’ book was beautifully blunt and very apposite to life. 

MARYANN RUSSELL, Contributing Editor

I’m currently reading A Fearless Heart by Thupten Jinpa, PhD. The university, where I’m part-time faculty, has invited me to sit on a committee to develop a Center for Compassion. This book is one of our tools to connect to our compassion. His words and story have brought my heart into such a blessed place of joy.

SUSIE WEAVER, Contributing Editor

I’ve finished reading My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout. It’s a short but captivating and often heartbreaking monologue of Lucy Barton’s life, covering her poverty stricken childhood, her relationship with her family and her subsequent marriages. I’m going to see the stage adaptation in June here in London starring Laura Linney, so I’m intrigued how the book will be translated on to the stage.

SHARON WEIL, Contributing Editor

I am really enjoying Sex in the Sea by Marah J. Hardt, a witty biology book about the fascinating reproductive strategies of sea creatures and the salty erotica of the deep.

I am also listening in the car to Personal History by Katherine Graham. My reading this was inspired by seeing the movie The Post. It’s a very detailed history of her life, the times, and her empowerment to become the head of The Washington Post – a role she was born to, but never prepared for – at a time when she was often the only woman in the room. For anyone who did not live through the Pentagon Papers or Watergate, this also contains a step-by-step recounting of the uncovering of those events and is a chilling parallel to what we have going on with current investigations in our government right now.

BEN FREEMAN, Contributing Editor

I’m currently reading I Am That, collected excerpts of Nisagardatta Maharaj.

TISHA MORRIS, Contributing Editor

I’m currently reading The Best American Short Stories 2017. While I usually like to sink my teeth into a long novel, I’ve recently become enamored with short stories.

I enjoy the bite size stories where I feel accomplishment in completing something.

In this collection of short stories, these authors are able to jump into the deep end with as much character development as novels.

RACHEL LANG, Contributing Editor

I’m currently reading Tisha’s new book, Clutter Intervention: How Your Stuff Is Keeping You Stuck, and it’s so good. I’m learning a lot and ready to clean my closets. I’m also reading Feel Free: Essays by Zadie Smith, the newest book by one of my favorite authors. Finally, I just finished The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. It features the subject of fate and free will, one of my favorite topics, in a story about the lives (and deaths) of four siblings.

EMILY DEAN, Contributing Editor

I am currently reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s, The Universe Has Your Back. I am passionate about manifestation and goal setting. This book is perfect for creating abundance and contains bundles of wisdom. She also does an amazing tarot card collection, which brings me so much peace. Being pregnant has taught me the importance of me time. Opportunities such as these are perfect, because it means during my pregnancy I can work on my goals and desires. 

ALLISON SHAW, Contributing Editor

I am reading Gold Dust Woman the biography by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. It takes an in-depth look into her life and career starting from her childhood. It also details the tumultuous relationship between Stevie and Lindsay Buckingham, how they wrote most of their songs in turmoil on the first few Fleetwood Mac albums, and the inner relationships within the band. If you love Fleetwood Mac, and arguably Stevie is probably one of the best rock and roll singer/songwriters out there, you’ll enjoy this read.



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