Solid State: A Modern Man’s Cologne

Anthony Nasr is the founder, director and creator of Solid State cologne; a modern man’s alternative to the traditional spray. The aromatic fragrance range is botanically derived concentrated wax encased in an innovative, compact pocket-sized design which is both convenient and portable. The successful launch of Solid State in 2015 has fast led it to become one of the top entrepreneurial men’s grooming companies in Australia, and expanding nation-wide and abroad is beginning the process of launching a collection of unconventional products which pave the way for the overlooked and underserviced consumer group, i.e. the no-fuss modern man. Anthony gives us insight into his creative process and a sneak peak of his next upcoming product launch.

What is your story and why did you decide to create cologne for men? My career began in the beauty industry; hairstylist by trade. During my time, grooming products seemed predominantly focused towards women. Women don’t mind carrying around products in their handbags to freshen up. However, us men are not so organized. I wanted to create a product that men could literally carry in their back jean pocket, pull out, and quickly freshen up with ease.

This was a particularly useful with hairstyling, as there would be days where I would be running from client to client over a 12-hour shift, so the convenience of solid cologne in a compact pocket-sized case was ideal.  As a hairstylist, we were constantly bombarded with products that promised but sadly rarely delivered, so I was frustrated and that is where my motivation began. I really wanted to create an honest product that provided the customer with functional, simple luxury.

Tell us about your range: We create male grooming products. Our first product launch was the concentrated wax based cologne, and one of the benefits is that it’s not diluted with water or ethanol, leaving you with a potent concentrated scent at a fraction of the size and usage of normal spray cologne. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are 100% Australian made, using only locally sourced ingredients. The focus being on its purity and authenticity, which is important to us.

What are some of your own personal olfactory memories?
I don’t really want to make anything up. Nothing that sticks out for me with regards to memories of beautiful ocean air or mountains or anything. I just really liked nice smelling stuff.

Do you have any favorites among your cologne collection? I did, but we have some new ones dropping soon that we are loving in the office! We have been developing our Oud collection has been in the works for some time now. Three new fragrances will be dropping in 2018, so make sure to keep an eye out.

What’s a normal working day like for you? Seems like I am constantly problem solving, whether they are growing pains or research and development issues, it can sometimes make up most of my day. However, I do love the conceptual stages of product development, unfortunately this only seems makes up a very small part of my day.


WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM CREATIVE COLLABORATIVE ENDEAVOR? This one is tough. Maybe to have Hans Zimmer do the score to our next video campaign! Ha!

NAME YOUR POISON: I’m a whiskey man. This could be a number of different whiskey’s depending on when you catch me, but I’ll go with Japan’s Nikka whiskey.

IF YOU WERE TO DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING, WHAT WOULD BE THE SONG OF CHOICE: Too many to choose from… If I’m really going to bust out, maybe throw on some Outkast or Air and choose a crowd favourite like, “Hey Ya.”

WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOUR CREATIVE DESIGNS? I draw a lot of inspiration from film and music. I love Hans Zimmer, Radiohead, Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton and the list goes on – anyone that can stay relevant for so long in such a cut throat world is a real inspiration.

BEST CAREER ADVICE: Leadership isn’t given, it’s taken. Thanks, Sez!

UPCOMING PROJECTS: Full grooming range en route. It has been in the works for some time and will be ready in 2018. Keep a look out, this will actually be a game changer.

FAVORITE/INSPIRATIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES YOU FOLLOW: None, really. Social media makes me sad, haha. Stop taking pictures of what you’re doing and starting enjoying it! Sorry rant over.

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