November Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Happy birthday! November kicks off what might be the best year of your life! Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, moved into your sign last month, and it will stay for the next year. Use this time to plant seeds, start new beginnings, and take risks. Anything you begin this year, whether a new job, relationship, health routine, or creative endeavor, will pay off in the future. So, think big, and resist being distracted by short-term projects, half-hearted romantic interests, or place-holder jobs. Use this dynamic energy to manifest great things in your life. 

The Full Moon on November 3 illuminates your love life. If you are happy in your romantic relationship, the lunar influence could inspire a deeper soul connection. If your relationship has been through a recent rocky patch, you might receive answers to looming questions, like “Will this get better?” Maybe you will even feel hope for peaceful times ahead. You are not one to give up on love; investment in your relationship will pay dividends over the long run. On November 7, Venus enters your sign, and your love life will heat up whether you’re single or involved. If you are single, you might meet someone unexpectedly. Keep your mind open to all possibilities. 

If you have had recent financial challenges, you might need to take an honest look at your budget. Prioritize your financial goals late in the month; you may receive a bonus check after the 21st. You can manifest more money if you set your mind to it. 

Focus on gratitude this month to keep those positive vibes flowing out and returning threefold in your direction. Set the intention to keep a gratitude journal or list. You will be surprised by the shifts you see in all areas of your life.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom, rules your sign. Consequently, sweating the small stuff never works for you. Nor do you like to waste your time with any inauthentic expression of your talents. As a no-nonsense Sagittarius, you stand ready to move on when you realize things just aren’t working out. Because of this, your life may sometimes feel like a series of chapters, mini-adventures if you will. Own it, and be prepared to embark on another adventure! The Sun enters your sign on November 21, and it kick-starts a new year, and yes, a new chapter. 

If you have felt stuck in any area of your life or challenged by unavoidable roadblocks along your path, you are not alone, and you are ending that cycle. Perhaps you have had to attend to your health or take time off for your overall wellbeing. Maybe you pushed through obstacles and achieved more than you ever imagined possible. Professionally, this month offers new approaches to communication. You might teach a course or lead a workshop. Enhance your social media presence, as you have a gift with words at this time. Any pending contracts or deals can finalize and move forward after November 5, when Mercury enters your sign. On November 27, you might hear news about a writing project or professional opportunity. 

On November 11, you could feel as if you have one foot in the past and one heading toward the future. This is a good time to clean house and release old stuff, literally and metaphorically. You might want to go through old computer files and do a big purge. Create the energetic space for new ideas to emerge. After all, you are entering a highly creative time.  

As your birthday approaches, reflect in gratitude on all of the strides you have made this year, especially in your love life. You have opened your heart wider. Maybe you experienced a few growing pains, but those are beginning to ease.  If you are in a relationship, plan a dream date on November 16. Anything you do to set aside time to be with one another will strengthen your bond from November 13-16. Any investment you make in therapy or couples counseling will also pay off big heart chakra dividends at that time. If you are single, you might feel ready to date and attract new love into your life. Venus in Scorpio could help you draw in a deep, soulmate connection. Don’t be afraid of that intensity, but move forward slowly. 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Imagine the life of an early pioneer settler. He voyaged away from all he had known, risking everything for the opportunity to build a life somewhere new. He might have imagined constructing a home, raising a family, and farming. Prosperity for future generations. It was all worth it to him, and he packed up his wagon, said his goodbyes, and set out across the land. Fortunately, most of our country has been settled, and you will never have to hitch a wagon and head off on the Oregon Trail. However, at times, when you face a new destination like when you move to a new city, start a new job, or enter into a new relationship, you embody the same pioneering spirit that drove the settlers. This month, the Universe may push you to explore a new opportunity. You could end up being recruited to interview for a job or even branch out on your own. Like the pioneering settler, you have all the supplies you need for now and support from those closest to you. Taking the journey is safe.

The Full Moon on November 3 highlights your fifth house of children and creative expression. While you’re not typically known for your playful spunk or carefree ways, this is a day to get in touch with your inner child. If you can take a break from your day-to-day duties, you will not regret it. Relaxation and enjoyment of life help keep you in a creative flow. When you’re spontaneous and open, you never know what encounters you’ll experience. You might meet someone significant. 

With Jupiter shining its light in Scorpio and your solar eleventh house, social networking is a big theme for you for the next twelve months. You might consider joining a professional organization or volunteering to serve on the board of your favorite charity, especially around November 13, when Venus teams up with Jupiter, enhancing your ability to stand out from the crowd. 

On November 11, your home life may undergo some changes. If you have property for sale, especially family property, you might receive a solid offer. Because you could feel one foot in the past and one moving forward into the future, you could be asked to let go of something precious to you, even if it’s intangible, like a belief or idea handed down through your family. This is a time to embrace change. 

Venus, the love planet, moves into Scorpio on November 7, which could be favorable for your love life. All relationships have been tested and tried over the past several months. If you can relate, focus on connecting with your special someone through shared interests and social gatherings. Don’t try to force romance or passion, but rather, engage with your partner as friends. Find ways to truly enjoy one another. This will help avoid conflict or struggle. If you are single, spend as much time with friends as possible. Your BFF could introduce you to someone special. Be open to surprises. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): If you have ever climbed a mountain, you know the feeling of exhausted exhilaration and accomplishment upon reaching the top. When you stand at the summit, you don’t think of the struggle of the climb because your view and perspective have changed with an expanded horizon. Think of this metaphor the entire month. You are reaching a peak of success, abundance, and love. Keep climbing and do not give up. If you have recently climbed to a new height, you can pause and take in the experience. Celebrate your successes all month long.

Your professional outlook appears promising, with opportunities available to pursue. You may have to make a choice, and it may not be the one most obvious to everyone else. Listen to your gut and follow your instincts (without distracting yourself with what you “should” do). The future is full of possibilities. When you do make a decision, think of the long-term goals and dreams. This will keep you from becoming distracted by short-term needs or desires. If you have a secret or hidden dream, now is the time to pursue it, even if’s a side-hustle at first. Jupiter crossed into your tenth house of career, where it will be for the next twelve months. Have faith in your skills, and a little luck will help you manifest big things, especially on November 13. 

The Full Moon on November 3 highlights your home life. If you have children at home, you might want to spend extra quality time with them at the beginning of the month. If you feel an internal tug-of-war, don’t try to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Solicit extra help. This is especially true if you travel for work, as you might need to be away from home more this month than usual. Balance is your keyword when it comes to family. 

After November 5, Mercury’s journey into Sagittarius could symbolize a favorable time to update your online presence. Change your profile pictures, update your info, and make it a point to reach out to the world of social media and connect with new friends. If you have been working on a website or starting an online business, you might be ready to launch by November 27. Use the energy of the New Moon on November 18 to work out any kinks and push ahead.

The past four months have been exceptionally intense, and relationships have all been tried and tested. Perhaps you can relate! If so, you made it through, and you are now on the other side. Congratulations! You may still need to have a few honest conversations or maybe even see a therapist to talk it all out. Healing offers hope, and your healing process starts with the revelation and then acceptance of uncomfortable truth. You can spark romance anytime this month, whether you are single or involved. Follow your passion, and see where it leads you.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): “Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’

I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'” 

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

When was the last time you fed your creativity and dreamed big… without talking yourself out of it? All possibilities start in the realm of imagination, and yours gets turbo-charged this month. So, think of at least six impossible things before breakfast and see what happens. The brainstorming will stir your creative juices, and who knows? You may get carried away writing a children’s story, inventing the next big Shark Tank product, or designing an app. Nothing is truly impossible if we live in a quantum universe, right? Dream. Big. 

The Full Moon on November 3 highlights your adventurous side. You could receive an invitation to road trip with friends or embark on a long journey overseas. Change your scenery to concept your entire worldview and expand your perspective. This is a profoundly spiritual time when your faith can undergo a huge shift. Surround yourself with positive people, and rewrite any negative self-talk. If you do, you will boost your confidence and spread hope in all areas of your life.

Venus moves into Scorpio on November 7, and this signals a time of romance for you. If you are single, you might meet someone intriguing on one of your journeys. For those of you in relationships, find ways to deepen intimacy at this time.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): “You had the power all along, my dear,” said Glenda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz. And you do have more power than you acknowledge! Although Halloween has ended, and the decorations are all put away, your inner “good witch” is just waking up. You know… it’s that side of you that makes magic happen in your everyday life. If you don’t believe me, look at your checked-off to-do list.

Use your power wisely this month because you can manifest anything to which you set your mind. You, dear Aries, are a Good Witch. 

Let’s talk about investments. Your energy, money, and time are precious commodities. Are your investments generating a return? If not, make some adjustments. If money seems to be slipping through your fingers, you might want to budget additional savings to help you meet long-term financial goals. The Full Moon on November 3rd highlights money matters of all kinds. If you receive a bonus or some extra funds, invest them wisely. You might also think about meeting with a financial professional for advice. 

On November 11, you could be asked to step into the spotlight in some way, like through an invitation to speak at an event or run for office. Any fears from the past have no place in your life right now. Keep going forward. You were born an Aries, a sign of leadership. When called to lead, answer yes. 

Mercury moves into fire sign Sagittarius on November 5, and it could help you with a publishing or directing project. You could also decide to travel and explore a new destination. When the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, you will definitely want to take a break from any work routine. 

If you are chasing a romance and feel caught in a game of cat and mouse, you can surrender it all this month. Walk away altogether and invest your energy differently for a while. When you shift your focus, you open a world of possibilities. That goes for any area of your life. 

If you are single, this is a prime time to meet someone new. Anyone entering your life at this time could feel like a true soulmate. Romantic connections turn deep and passionate. The same is true if you’re in a relationship. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): In the USA, this month, we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, a time when we offer gratitude for abundance (and feast on delicious foods). In light of this celebration, consider making gratitude your focus throughout this month. If you do, I guarantee you will experience positive shifts in your life. Set the intention to write your thoughts in a gratitude journal each day, and note the difference you feel in every area of your life. 

After a hectic time, you can finally take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy time with friends and family this month, or give yourself a well-deserved break from it all. If you can, plan a spa day or other activity to restore balance in your body. You spend your energy helping others, and don’t you deserve to nurture YOU?

The Full Moon on November 3 shines in your sign. You could receive an invitation you can’t refuse. Professionally, this is an excellent time to promote your talents and skills. You could receive recognition in some new way. If you have been procrastinating a difficult conversation at work, you might use this lunar influence to express your ideas. You have the gift of diplomacy, and it will serve you well. 

Love is an absolute highlight for your month. Your heart has stretched open, and you are ready (gulp!) to take the plunge. If this is you, “Congratulations!” By November 7, you will let go of fear and go into deeper levels of expression with your special someone. This moment? It’s divine timing. If you are single, the New Moon in your sign on November 18 compels you to go out and dance. Trust your inner guidance; it leads you to love all month long. Trust and remain open to surprises from the Universe.

Gemini (May 20 – June 20): As a Gemini, you can burn the candle at both ends and still never entirely burn out. You have varied goals and the energy to make them all happen. Sometimes, though, you do need a break. Relaxation often places you in vibrational alignment for major inspiration. When you still your mind and rest your body, you can hear the voice of your inner guidance — your intuition. These moments of stillness attune you to your spark of genius, that creative impulse that runs through your veins. On November 3, the Full Moon illuminates this potential within you. Will you stop for a few hours and listen?

Jupiter has just entered your sixth house of health and wellbeing. You may have already experienced some benefits of this influence. Namely, you might have more energy available to exercise and take care of your body. Any health complications could result in positive outcomes. If you have been thinking about scheduling any elective surgery, you might want to wait until after December to be on the safe side. Prep yourself, though, by boosting your immune system now. 

Parents, answer the call of duty this month. Your schedule could be full of kids’ activities, recitals, games, or performances. Show up… even if you have to put your work on pause for a few hours. These are precious moments, and you’ll find energy for it all. You’re a Gemini, after all. 

You could feel torn between friends time and love time this month, especially on November 11. Balance is your keyword. If you feel as if you have outgrown any relationships in your life right now, give yourself permission to take space and recategorize those friendships as acquaintanceships. Keep in mind: You do not have to stir up conflict in the process. Your life is moving forward fast, and you need friends who support you fully and want to be on that wild ride with you.

The same rule applies to your lover. If you feel stuck in your relationship, or if you feel as if your situation is, well, complicated, you might need some serious intervention. I.e. healing, therapy, or a couples’ retreat. Relationships have been tested over the past four months, and while this one is much easier, you may need to have a few honest conversations to get back on track. If you are single, Mars in compatible Libra could help spark some passion. This is a favorable influence for meeting an unexpected someone or starting a wild affair. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Every one of us has talents that for various reasons have been hidden or unexpressed. For example, Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, decided to start cooking and selling chicken at the age of 40 after working in different industries. Likewise, Grandma Moses began painting at the age of 75, and she was discovered just a few years later by a prominent art collector. Both of these stories ended with successful outcomes. So, how about you? If you have ever resisted trying something of interest or talked yourself out of taking a class, you might have a hidden talent to explore. Sign up for a class and explore the possibilities!

On November 3, a Full Moon activates your eleventh house of social networks. You could find yourself in the middle of a group activity. If you are asked to lead in some way, accept the invitation. You have a commanding presence and bright ideas to share. Others will take notice. Anyone coming into your life at this time could become a lifelong friend; start to cultivate those relationships. 

Your career may seem unpredictable right now. If you have been working on starting a business or completing a big project, your determination will pay off, especially on November 11. If you have a sudden burst of insight or an idea that seems impossible to execute, start a brainstorming session. Consult with fellow master-minds. Your creativity is at an all-time high, and you could be on the precipice of something importantly life-changing. If you are looking for a new job, you might consider branching out in a completely different direction. Again, pay attention to those hidden talents wanting to express themselves. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, entered your fifth house a few weeks ago, and it will hang out there until next November. As a result, you may feel more optimistic about your love life and more passionate, too. If you and your partner have been trying to make a baby, you might expect a favorable outcome this time. If not, take precaution! On November 13, Venus teams up with Jupiter. If you are single, take a risk and make a move, especially if you have had your eye on someone. This is divine timing. If you are in a relationship, make the most of this influence. Hire a babysitter (or a petsitter) and plan for a romantic date night. Let down your guard and allow yourself to experience love, passion, and pleasure unlike you have felt before. 

Leo (July 23 – August 22): What does “home” mean for you? Perhaps you think of a specific place. Maybe your family comes to mind. This month, with the sun shining in your fourth house, you have the opportunity to reflect on all that home means for you. For some of you, that might mean making a move. For others, that might mean spending more time with your family. If you have a renovation project, you could have some luck with the timing of it all. The New Moon on November 18 is a perfect time to kick-start any home-related projects.

The Full Moon on November 3 highlights your career. You are ready to work in new ways… and feel more rewarded for your efforts. Who knows? You might receive some applause at this time! Express (and promote) yourself wisely this month, stepping up onto stage if the opportunity strikes. If you have been struggling with a creative block, you can journal to understand the root of some of your fears. After that, the words or ideas will flow magically, especially after November 5 when Mercury moves into feisty Sagittarius.

On November 11, a powerful trine between Uranus and Saturn could result in a breakthrough. Let go of the past, and welcome the future. If you have regrets, leave them behind. Your life is moving forward fast, and you cannot rewind. Have compassion for your past self, and keep your gaze focused ahead. Connect with your community from November 10-16. If you feel inspired, your tribe could help you manifest opportunities for publishing, directing, or producing a theater project. 

Mars in Libra throughout the month gives you the courage to strike up a much-needed (but maybe difficult) conversation with your special someone. If you have been withholding any truth, your efforts could be futile. That truth will surface. It is better to speak now… or forever hold your peace. Now, this influence heats up on November 19. So, choose your words carefully. For those of you in relationships, you probably want to spend quiet nights at home cuddling, at least until November 21. After that, it’s playtime. That goes for you single Leos as well. At the end of the month, P.L.A.Y.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): People need people. It’s a thing. As an independent, hard-working Virgo, you don’t like to be held back by waiting for others. However, cultivating relationships and expanding your tribe requires patience. If you have been working solo, you might invite others in to join your team. If you “want to be left alone,” you might check your motivation; isolation can be an unhealthy coping strategy for stressful times. You want to avoid this at all costs. Your best bet for overcoming stuckness? Plug into new social networks, both online and in person. 

The Full Moon on November 3 highlights your sense of adventure. You might consider taking a weekend getaway early in the month. If you have contemplated expanding your business into new markets, lay some groundwork before November 21 for future success. If you have outgrown your current job, start hunting for a new one. The New Moon on November 18 highlights a fresh start in an area of communications. Perhaps you need additional training, or maybe you have considered going back to school. You will receive clarity about next steps at this time.

Home repairs or remodeling projects could add frustration to your month. Remember: Any changes you make now will add to the overall value of your property. If you have been thinking about making a move or investing in real estate, you could close the deal by November 27, when Saturn and Mercury team up in your chart sector of home and family. When signing any contracts this month, review every detail with care.

In love, your vision might seem foggy. What’s real? What’s illusion? If you have been idealizing someone, you could see a whole different side by the end of the month. Conversely, if you have been feeling critical of your partner, you could see them through the eyes of compassion. On November 16, ask for the truth and be willing to hear it all. If you are single, Venus moves into passionate Scorpio on November 7, and your love life could get interesting. This sign does not waste time with small talk, and neither will you. You could be drawn into a deep, intense, and passionate kind of affair.

Libra (September 22- October 22): Let’s talk about money. What feelings come up for you when you read that first line? Excitement? Stress? Hope? Pride? You can see money through the framework of limitation… or opportunity. When viewed through the eyes of limitation, you never have enough, you have to struggle to earn a living, and you see all you don’t have or can’t do because of your economic status. When you view money through the frame of opportunity, you see streams of income, you act more generously, you save to buy what you want, and you trust in your ability to manifest more. This month, your actual income may be the same, but your experience of money will change everything for the future. If you don’t believe me, read about the Law of Attraction. This is a game-changing month for you, and your financial success will grow with how you experience abundance in your life. 

The Full Moon on November 3 opens your mind, and you might explore new ways of attracting abundance into your life. If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, this would be a good time to talk with a realtor. You could close any deal by November 27. 

With Mars in your sign throughout the month, you might want to work with a personal trainer or sign up for boot camp. You have extra energy and will need some physical outlet, especially on November 19, which could be a stressful day. 

On November 11, a close partner could push you way beyond your comfort zone. Where are the warm, fuzzy feelings? Sometimes, good relationships push us up against our biggest fears and emotional triggers. When that happens, you’re hitting a new growth edge. Keep going. Don’t give up. In fact, you are on the brink of a miracle. On November 16, any relationship challenges will seem like distant history. You can have a little fun throughout the rest of the month and well into December.



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