Chakra-Aligned Chic: Dressing For Your Energy

As we’ve all probably experienced at one point or another (and hopefully on a regular basis), the way we choose to dress can affect our mood, our confidence level, and how we show up in the world.

To some extent, this is common knowledge. However, there’s a deeper level to this that I want to share with you.

I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah! Give me a gorgeous designer dress and I’ll feel like a million buckaroonies!” but the amazing thing is, you can do this with the simplest of clothes, too.

Why? Because like everything, style is simply energy. The clothes you wear are all energy as well.

This means that on the surface, you can look at yourself and adore something you have on and feel amazing (on a physical level). However, there is more happening than meets the eye (on an energetic level).

We all have a physical body as well as an energy body. This energy body is made up of “wheels” or discs of energy called, chakras.

The main ones are the seven chakras that run up the center of the body, with their corresponding colors:

Root – all about feeling safe and supported. Red.
Sacral – our ability to connect with others and accept new things and change. Yellow.
Solar plexus – willpower, drive, ability to be in control and feel confident. Orange.
Heart – our ability to receive love and give love. Green.
Throat – communication, ability to speak our truth; our voice. Blue.
Third Eye – intuition and psychic abilities; seeing the bigger picture of life. Indigo.
Crown – our ability to connect spiritually. Purple.

The cool thing is you can use these colors to enhance your experience with what you wear by actually balancing your energy.

Here are five easy examples for how to get your chakra chic on:

–Have a lot going on at work that has you feeling stressed out and scattered? Give your outfit a pop of color with red shoes to support your root chakra and keep yourself grounded.

–Need to have an important conversation with someone and really speak your mind? Throw on a beautiful blue scarf to activate your throat chakra.

–Worried about making a big decision in your business or personal life? Heighten your intuition by wearing a purple dress or skirt.

–Uninspired or experiencing a form of writer’s block or procrastination on a project? Try adding some orange to your look to stimulate your solar plexus and get back into flow!

–Going on a date, but feeling skeptical? Try a green handbag or earrings to help make your heart chakra open up to possibilities.

Play, experiment, and see what feels good for you!

Eyenie Schultz, aka, Technicolor Priestess, is a Style Alchemist who helps avant-garde badass women to express their essence fully, from the inside-out, so they can finally show up as the ICONIC Visionaries they are! She believes that personal style is sacred and that when elevated, it helps to raise consciousness and can create real magic.

Originally from the U.S., Eyenie now resides in the south of France with her Tiny Dancer and Dude and works with women from all over the world via Skype and in person through her coaching programs, style intensives and ICONIC destination photo-shoots!

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