October Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at

Libra (September 22 – October 22): Balance: One of your sign’s keywords. While others might see you as poised, graceful, and steady, your internal world often seems quite the opposite. To achieve balance, you often swing from one extreme to another. You have moments of indecisiveness, during which your mind works overtime to weigh pros and cons. Afraid of upsetting anyone, you can replay conversations in your mind and obsess about what you wish you would have said differently. As an air sign, you are always thinking. The past three months may have activated these tendencies more than ever. You might wonder, how can I get a reprieve from my thoughts? The answer is simple: Feel your heart. Have a good cry; no matter whether your tears are from joy or sorrow.

It’s your birthday season, and that means a time for new beginnings. First, however, you might have some endings. Out with the old to create space in your life for the new. That means, on a practical level, you could clean out your closets and storage spaces. This is also an excellent time for a detox or cleanse, especially on October 10, when some buried emotions or memories about your love life could rise to the surface. Clear it all away!

The new beginnings have already begun to manifest in your life. Once you feel clearer, you can bask in the joy and gratitude of wishes fulfilled.

Jupiter moves out of your sign and into Scorpio on October 10. Any professional opportunities you seized or endeavors started last year can start to pay off. You will see that the effort was worthwhile. Focus on investing in yourself and future success this month and for the next year. If you own your own business, you might consider spending a little more to promote yourself. If you have thought about signing up for trainings or workshops, this would be a good time.

The Full Moon on October 5 spotlights your love life. Since this is your birthday season, allow yourself to be romanced, spoiled, and surprised. You could receive all you want and more than you expected.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and success, begins its year-long journey through your sign on October 10. If you have wanted to make a career change, this is an excellent time to start the process. You could hear about an opening for a dream job. Or you may decide to branch out on your own and launch a new business. By the time the Sun enters your sign on October 22, your future will seem more promising.

For many Scorpios, issues of trust arise in relationships and business, which will affect your spiritual life as well. Have you experienced a loss of faith? Perhaps you have begun to question whether or not you believe in a higher power. Things have been changing fast in our collective, and as a result, so many new ideas have emerged. Keep asking questions and seeking guidance. The truth is within you. If you feel any skepticism about what others say, turn to your intuition. This is especially true on October 25, when a challenging astrological configuration may raise doubts.

The month right before your birthday always stirs self-reflection. You have had a big year, and while you may have experienced challenges, you have grown exponentially. Soon, you will be able to celebrate successes, especially in your personal life. In doing so, you will discover ways to overcome any recent financial setbacks.

New friends may enter your life this month, especially on October 5, when Venus and Mars team up in your eleventh house of social networks. This influence could make you want to socialize! Because these two relationship planets are in a compatible sign, mingle if you are single.

If you are in a relationship, past issues may arise around October 10. Try not to become too triggered if you have upsetting thoughts or memories. These are part of a deeper healing taking place. Work through them and then have fun the rest of the month, especially after the Sun enters your sign on October 22. After that, let it be all about you.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Think about your life for a moment and reflect on this question: Who in your life would roll out the red carpet for you? We all have friends who make us feel like rock stars: The ones who cook us delicious meals, invite us to the best parties and respond right back when we call or text. These are your people. Surround yourself with them, and you will feel like a star no matter what your life circumstances may bring.

This is an excellent month for friendships of all kinds. Make new friends, connect with the old. You may even plan a journey to see ones whom you haven’t seen in a while. You will be well received. After all, who is more fun than a Sagittarius?

Your activist spirit could get fired up early in the month. When the Sun is in Libra (from September 22-October 22), all of us feel the scales of justice shifting into balance. We want to make more noise about injustices we see, both in personal relationships as well as in society at large. You have wisdom to share, especially with the Full Moon on October 5.

Your ruling planet moves into the sign of Scorpio on October 10, and it will move through Scorpio for a little more than a year. During this time, you may receive rich spiritual insights, expand your intuition, and heal any issues from the past. Get a head start by reaching out for guidance early in the month. See how to best use this energy for personal growth and evolution.

On October 11, Mars forms a square to Saturn in your sign. Choose your battles wisely and be extra careful with your words. Employ your inner editor when sending any correspondences or posting online. If you experience any power struggles, try relaxation techniques to calm yourself before taking things too personally. You’ve got this! Just hang on — others will be feeling this one, too.

Venus enters compatible Libra on October 14, and your relationships could seem more harmonious, especially if you’ve had challenges over the past several months. Venus transiting into the sign it rules makes romance rosier for all of us. If you are single and looking for love, you might see a healer or astrologer on October 10 to open your heart. Why? Love can be tricky. You enjoy your freedom but crave passion and connection. What if you could have both? To manifest the right partner, heal any subtle fears. Then, let the love planets work for you.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): As a goal-oriented Capricorn, you stay determined, fixed, on your desired outcome no matter what setbacks or roadblocks enter your path. Once you have a clear vision, you move forward, strategically and carefully, until you reach your destination. Your tenacity is inspiring. However, there are times when you might feel obsessed, which can slow things down. If you find yourself thinking and thinking about something you want, then find ways to pivot away from those thoughts. In those moments, do something just for fun. Take a walk, read a book, catch up with a good friend. Do anything that helps you shake off worry and gain more enjoyment from life.

If you have wanted to make career changes, now is the time! With several planets moving through your tenth house of career and reputation, you may receive recognition for your hard work. The New Moon on October 19 signals a time to take a leap of faith. Up to that point, network, job seek, or pursue new business deals. This month’s influences look favorable for signing any new contracts, submitting proposals, or asking for a raise. Your hard work will pay off.

On October 11, feisty Mars squares your ruling planet, Saturn. This influence could heat up any legal matters or unresolved conflicts. Hold your own, but be willing to listen to all sides. Emphasize understanding and try not to jump to conclusions.

October 10, Jupiter enters Scorpio and will transit through the sign for a little more than a year. Your social circle might shift. As you grow and evolve, so do your friendships. Be open to meeting others. The annoying stranger randomly striking up a conversation with you at the bar may play an influential role in your future life. You never know. While most of the time, you can be skeptical about the motives of others, it is safe to let down your guard.

Love and relationships feel steady, even easy, at the beginning of the month. You might take an adventure with your special someone. Any challenges you faced over the summer can smooth out this month. If trust has been an issue in your relationship, try to rebuild it through honest and open communication. You cannot rewind and erase the past, but you can try again with conscious awareness and dedication. October 5, Venus and Mars team up in compatible Virgo. If you are single, this influence could spark a new beginning.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): The past three months may have kept you in a state of anticipation. Waiting to hear back from that special someone you met at a party. Waiting for test results. Waiting for a deal to close. Does this feel familiar? We are all feeling it on some level, anticipation. Things have not felt settled since last year. So, take a deep breath, and hang in there! The waiting is almost over. You can step forward into a new chapter of life this month if you dare to accept the adventure!

During times of uncertainty in life, people often look to oracles, astrology, or other divination tools. You have your internal compass. Tune into that, and you’ll find your answers this month. In doing so, you might restore your sense of faith. It’s all inside of you. See if you can take an intuition class or find better ways to access your inner powers.

Jupiter moves into fellow fixed sign Scorpio on October 10, kicking off a cycle of career growth and expansion that will last for a little more than a year. This month would be a favorable time to update your résumé, redesign your website, or work on your portfolio. It’s helpful to prepare ahead should unexpected opportunities arise. Focus on your goals, and think backward about the steps you need to take to reach them.

If you have been questioning your overall life purpose, you might want to get away from your routine for a few days and spend some time outside in nature. A weekend away in a cabin in the woods or a hiking trip to Sedona might offer the perfect setting for relaxation and self-reflection.

On October 14, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into compatible Libra. Any relationship challenges you may have had over the past few months can reach a new state of balance and harmony, allowing you to move forward with more clarity and grace. If you are single, you might meet someone unexpectedly towards the end of the month. This special someone might even be from out of town. Stay open to the possibilities.

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Here in America, throughout October, we see signs of Halloween everywhere. Broomsticks, costumes, pumpkins, skeletons, and other items featured in store displays excite the witchy part of all of us. Halloween is part of a pagan tradition of clearing and cleaning in preparation for a new year, offering gratitude for the abundance of the harvest, and honoring the cycles of life and death. Some believe that the veil between the worlds is thinnest at this time. Whether or not you believe this or celebrate these festivities, you might consider using this month for clearing, detoxing, and deeper spiritual diving.

While most people are choosing their costumes, you have greater access to your core truth. You are taking off masks (metaphorically speaking), and letting your light shine out to the world. Therefore, authenticity is your keyword. As a result, you may find yourself in deep conversations with friends and strangers alike, as you seek more meaning from life as a whole.

Your career has been an important focus recently, and perhaps you have been contemplating ways to reach new levels of success. Step by step, you are climbing towards a career peak. Remember: It can feel tiring at times, but the fulfillment you’ll experience when you do reach the top will make it all worthwhile.

If you encounter any conflicts this month, try to take the high road. Have compassion for the other party, understanding their perspective, while defending your truth as gracefully as possible. Though usually generous with your time and talents, this is one time to reserve your energy and resources, especially October 11 and 25.

On October 5, Venus and Mars team up in Virgo in your seventh house of partnerships. This is favorable for your love life. If you have been unsure about your relationship, questioning whether or not it could move to a deeper level of commitment, you could experience a breakthrough at this time. The Full Moon amplifies this energy, allowing you to gain clarity.

You are ready to heal any relationship regrets or disappointments. That healing process begins with awareness, guided by an open heart. You may not even realize how much the past influences your present. It may help to lead a letting go ritual at the end of the month, and then see what new beginnings unfold in your life.

Aries (March 21- April 19): Cue up your favorite romance playlist because you’ll probably want to hear love songs all month long. Romance is your keyword. Whether you are single or involved, if your love life has been blah, things could change in miraculous and unexpected ways, especially at the end of the month.

Many of my single Aries clients want to know, “What can I DO to meet my person?” There’s not one simple formula for attracting love into your life. I wish there were! I’d say: “Start with thirty hours practicing Law of Attraction, add four therapy sessions to heal any blocks or fears, throw in a little voodoo magic, download OKCupid, and voila!” But we all know, when it comes to love, it takes two to tango. All you can do is work on you and trust that somewhere, there’s someone doing the same. And when the time is right, voila!

What can you do to have an insanely passionate and thrilling love life? Be insanely passionate and thrilling in every area of your life.

The past year may have presented you with some challenging life lessons. You have graduated beyond, and so, congratulations. Professionally, you are climbing up to a peak point in your career. If you have thought about forming new business partnerships, this could be a good time. Finalize the deal after October 14.

If you are involved in any negotiations or legal matters, you may encounter some delays or challenges on October 11. Do you hold a firm position? If it means compromising too much, then probably not. Seek counsel if you need some additional support to avoid undermining the success you’ve earned thus far.

October is a great month for fall cleaning and detoxing. Since you are always on the move and ready to initiate something new, you might want to let go of some old stuff, literally and metaphorically. The Full Moon on October 5 could help you break an unhealthy habit or adopt a new, healthy one. Accept the challenge, and see what happens as the month unfolds.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, moves into Scorpio on October 10, and it will stay in that sign for a little more than a year. You might want to make a few changes to your long-term investments or consider adding more to savings per month, especially on October 26, the luckiest day of the year for you. Set yourself up to win in the coming months.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Astrological news flash! Jupiter changes signs, moving into Scorpio on October 10, and it will be transiting through your seventh house of relationships for more than a year. Jupiter’s influence encourages us to see beyond ourselves, expand our perspectives, and recognize magic and goodness in the world. It’s going to offer these lessons to you through your deepest partnerships and relationships. If you’re looking for love, count on divine timing. If you are in a relationship, expect it to grow and evolve in ways that deepen your capacity to love unconditionally. Relationships may not necessarily be all rosy during this time, but you will grow despite (and maybe through) any challenges.

On October 10 and 11, issues from the past could resurface. You will make it through any rocky patch. This is a time of healing, and sometimes, you have to feel to heal. If you encounter power struggles, take five minutes out, catch your breath, and reconvene discussions with a clearer mind.

On October 5, Mars and Venus meet up in compatible earth sign, Virgo. Indulge your creative side under this influence. Go ahead, give the practical part of you a night off, and play. If you have been thinking about trying to start a family, this would be an excellent time to take steps toward that intention. This pair of planets joining up makes for a highly fertile period, and the Full Moon gives it a boost.

In your professional life, you may find yourself caught in a routine. If the day-to-day seems a bit blah, you can always shake things up. Take a new route to work or school. Try a new coffee shop or restaurant. Work outside in the fresh air instead of at your desk. Small change you make can make big differences. This is also a good time to prioritize since you could be busier than usual.

On October 26, the Sun meets up with Jupiter in your seventh house of relationships. This is a highly favorable influence for romance as well as for forging any new professional alliances. If you feel lost in the ways of love, a dating expert or therapist might help you get back into the game. Remember that the foundation of any good relationship begins with you.

Gemini (May 20-June 20): Luck. When you encounter synchronistic circumstances, chance meetings, and unexpected wins, you are experiencing luck. Before any of these “lucky” events manifested, you planted seeds of intentions. You might have even visualized or imagined them happening. Good fortune is evidence of magic working for you in your life, and you have plenty of it this month.

Start by setting intentions, and support them with action steps. Then, look for synchronicities unfolding in your life–the signs and symbols that show you-you’re on the right track. Pay attention to any intuitive hit you receive to call someone or go somewhere. Lucky breaks occur when you allow yourself to listen to that urging inner voice, even when it seems a little out there.

The Full Moon on October 5 spotlights your friendships and social network. If you step beyond your comfort zone and interact with strangers, you could very well meet a lifelong friend. Participating in group activities, like volunteering for your favorite cause, for example, could help you expand your social circle.

Jupiter’s sign change on October 10 is our astrological highlight of the month. It will move through the sign of Scorpio for a little more than a year. This is an excellent time to find ways to give back to the world, through service or donations. Also, you might experience some positive health shifts during this time. If you have been considering making any dietary or health changes, start on October 26, when the Sun and Jupiter team up in your sixth house.

Early in the month, you might need to find outlets for stress. Spend some extra time at the gym or outside in nature. We have intense transits on October 11 and 15. Issues from past relationships could resurface, giving you an opportunity to reach new levels of understanding and resolve. With any power struggles, be bold and speak your truth. This is not a time to allow others to distract you from your ultimate goals or to remain quiet in the face of injustice. Consider these challenges part of a minor test, and you will pass with flying colors if you persist.

On October 14, Venus moves into compatible Libra and sends positive energy into your love life. From the 14th through the end of the month, find ways to pamper yourself, especially if you’re single. By the time Mars enters Libra on October 22, you will be ready for sparks to fly. For those of you in relationships, this is an excellent time to reignite the flame that first attracted you.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): At the end of September Jupiter and Uranus formed an opposition in two major areas of your horoscope. You may have received unexpected news that changed everything. What next?

Your eyes look ahead at the path unfolding towards your future! You have goals, dreams, and maybe even some exciting new prospects on the horizon. Your creative urges have been high, even if you have not been clear about your overall outcome. At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, has been magnifying issues of home and family. With this opposition, you may have felt stretched, pulled in different directions. After the Full Moon on October, you will feel free from the past and embrace newfound freedom. It’s time to move ahead in your life.

For most of the month, it’s home, sweet home for you! This is an excellent time to move forward with remodeling projects or even make a move. If you have a house listed on the market, you could receive favorable news, maybe a solid offer, especially with the New Moon on October 19. Family is a big focus for you, too, this month. Jupiter moves into Scorpio and your fifth house on October 10, kick-starting a cycle that is highly favorable if you have children or have wanted to start a family. If so, luck is on your side, especially October 26.

With Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio, you may have a pet project to develop. The time is right; you have set the intentions, and the manifestation process is already underway. The right pieces will come together, and when the Sun meets up with Jupiter on October 26, you may meet someone influential who can help you reach your goals.

In your love life, this month is favorable for nestling in, tending to the home fires. You and your partner have several new beginnings, and you might need time to relax and integrate it all. After October 22, cabin fever may push you out to play. If you are single, Jupiter’s shift into Scorpio could have a positive influence on your love life.

Leo (July 23-August 22): Your inner social butterfly wants to come out and play this month. Since midsummer, things have been intense for many of us, and for you especially, with the August eclipses in your sign. This month, all of that changes, and you are ready for a reprieve. Because this might be a busier time of year, it would help to set aside time to play. By this, I mean truly break out of your routine. You could even take a spontaneous trip to visit dear friends. Anything to inspire your sense of adventure, especially at the time of the Full Moon on October 5.

Communication is a keyword for your month. Take inventory of your social media and online presence early in the month. Do you need to make updates? On October 8, when the Sun and Mercury meet up in Libra, you could devise new ways to reach an audience. Make adjustments and ensure your online presence accurately reflects your true self. Change that old profile pic, especially if you’re wearing glasses or looking away from the camera. You never know who’s looking online, it may be your next boss… or your future love.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10, ushering in a year-long period of growth in all domestic affairs. This influence increases on October 26. If you have contemplated purchasing real estate or making a move, Jupiter adds a bit of luck to the process. You could stumble upon the right opportunity at the perfect time. Set aside extra money for remodeling or expansion. You might start one project and decide to redo the whole house!

You could have an inspirational idea about how to earn more income early in the month, especially on October 5. No matter how out there or wild it seems, it could be the million dollar idea for which you’ve been waiting. Follow up with action steps throughout the month. Set intentions, and see what signs and synchronicities manifest in your life.

Venus moves into Libra on October 14, influencing your love life in positive ways, offering respite from challenges or stressors you’ve encountered in the past few months. Work together with your partner to restore balance and harmony. Your heart might need a tune-up, whether you’re single or involved. Consult your favorite healer or therapist to work on self-love. When that is your foundation, any other relationship feels more rewarding.

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Your birthday may have passed, but you probably want to keep the celebration going just a little longer. Why wouldn’t you? Things are looking up! You may feel optimistic about the future with a new lease on life. After all, you are a month into your new solar year, and the newness of it still feels fresh. Because of this momentum, you have energy and drive to accomplish almost anything at this time. So, what will you do first? Prioritize and stay focused on the end goal.

Money matters are on your mind all month long. You might receive positive news about funding prospects or an increase in salary early in the month, especially on October 8. This is an excellent time to pitch new business or find creative ways to earn extra income. Think as far outside the box as you can, and be open to what ideas may appear in that powerful mind of yours.

On October 11, a square-off between Mars and Saturn directly affects your sign. This could signify power struggles or other conflictual situations. Before you lift your fists and brace for a fight, remember that defensiveness closes off communication. Attempt to understand and see from a different perspective. If this is a business situation, you may have to make some compromises. If this involves your children, it might be helpful to resist fighting and try negotiation instead. This is a test in how to maintain healthy boundaries and have compassion at the same time.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10, ushering in a year-long period of growth in all areas of communication and promotion. It also indicates a year of regional expansion if you own your own business. You might be making more road trips than usual between now and next November.

If you have been thinking about starting a writing project or building your website, Jupiter makes the process smooth and (almost) effortless. This influence also suggests healing and hope for ongoing issues or challenges you may have had with siblings.

At the beginning of the month, Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, are both in your sign. Enjoy a little romance all the way up to October 14. You might even consider indulging in some self-care early in the month. Venus’s light is excellent for shopping and styling, which help you look your best, whether you are single and out on the prowl or planning date nights with your special someone.




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