5 Parisian ‘It Girl’ Must-Haves for Fall

Catherine Deneuve. Juliette Binoche. Marion Cotillard.

These Icons all posses that seemingly elusive je ne sais quoi French women are famous for. What makes this concept so mysterious is that it is seems so incredibly effortless, yet nuanced, chic and like a science. If you are as fascinated with French style as we are, then you’ve probably wondered, “How do they do it?”

After years of living in France and working with clients regularly in Paris, I’ve had the opportunity to observe these magical style creatures and finally crack the code on Parisian style, and what makes it so unique.

It boils down to this: having a solid foundation of basics that you can mix and match effortlessly…then adding your own dash of (subtle, yet potent) quirkiness to it.

And we’re not talking just any ol’ basics! Here are the cardinal rules to stand by when you want to create a French look:

  1. Quality trumps quantity every single time. Look at what you buy as an investment and choose pieces that will last and age beautifully with wear.
  2. All neutrals match! Feel free to mix brown with black and gray all in one outfit. Keep this in mind while shopping.
  3. Classic and timeless is where it’s at. Avoid getting caught in the trend trap when purchasing your basics. Bring in the updates and freshness through accessories instead.

As we enter Fall, here are some key pieces you can bring into your wardrobe – no matter what your personal style may be – to give your ensembles that French touch.

The timeless trench. Great for mi-saison weather, and adds a chic touch to everything! For a new take on the classic, go for black or khaki green!

Smart and chic heels. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a pencil skirt, adding tights or some funky socks, having a pair you love will elevate any look.

A next-level backpack. For daytime or night, this is as practical and timeless as it is quirky and unique.

Statement sneakers. Wearing blinged-out sneakers has become a trend all over the globe, however, French women take them to another sphere by showing their personality in their kicks, while while keepin’ things chic and put together.

The perfect leather jacket. All over Paris, you see women headed to work in the morning sporting their tailored looks and stilettos with a leather jacket sitting on their shoulders. The epitome of badass sophisticate.

Image courtesy of La Fée Maraboutée.

Eyenie Schultz, aka, Technicolor Priestess, is a Style Alchemist who helps avant-garde badass women to express their essence fully, from the inside-out, so they can finally show up as the ICONIC Visionaries they are! She believes that personal style is sacred and that when elevated, it helps to raise consciousness and can create real magic.

Originally from the U.S., Eyenie now resides in the south of France with her Tiny Dancer and Dude and works with women from all over the world via Skype and in person through her coaching programs, style intensives and ICONIC destination photo-shoots!

To learn more, visit: www.technicolorpriestess.com.



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