The Edit: What We’re Currently Obsessed With

Want to know that the LVBX Editors are currently obsessed with? From Negroni popsicles, to secret speakeasies, and Book of the Month clubs – find it all here. We promise, this list is good.

EMILY DEAN: Waking up at 5:00AM to watch the sunrise each morning.

TISHA MORRIS: Currently reading, “Places of the Heart: The Psychogeography of Everyday Life” by Colin Ellard.

MEL BRADY: Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin and this cocktail recipe:

Bloody Jasmine Cocktail
20ml Bloody Shiraz Gin
20ml Campari
20ml orange Curacao or Cointreau
20ml lemon juice
Dash of orange bitters
Lemon garnish

SUSIE WEAVER: I’m obsessed with “Riviera”, the Sky Atlantic TV series starring Julia Stiles. It’s the superficial “perfection” of the mega-rich power families residing in the Riviera with all their glamour and excess, hiding the corruption, dysfunctional families, and pure vulgarity of their lifestyles that I find so compelling.

And the deception that is being unfoiled as the series goes on is intriguing and gripping.

As well as the acting – Julia Stiles is superb in her role as Georgina, the widowed newlywed, whose billionaire husband is killed in a yacht explosion. She’s turning into a cunning detective trying to get to the bottom of the underworld her husband was actually involved in.

I can’t stop thinking about it after I’ve watched it. I’m binge watching at the moment, but have to stop myself each evening otherwise I’d be up all night.

RACHEL LANG: Since moving to Joshua Tree a few months ago, I’ve become obsessed with sound baths at Integratron, lunch at La Copine, and hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. Plus, see Rachel’s recipe for homemade negroni popsicles.

Homemade Negroni Popsicles
1/3 cup agave syrup
2 cup blood orange juice (from about 7-8 oranges)
1/4 cup gin
1/4 cup sweet vermouth
1/4 cup Campari
1 tsp grated orange zest
3/4 cup water

Juice the blood oranges. Warm water slightly and in a large mixing bowl, whisk together 3/4 cup water and agave until thoroughly mixed and dissolved (you can use sugar, too). Add the blood orange juice, gin, vermouth, Campari, and orange zest. Pour the mixture into pop molds. Freeze for several hours or overnight before serving.

I’m also obsessed with the book, Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune” by Astrologer Chris Brennan.

And the skincare product line The Ordinary, to which Robin Keyser introduced me.

SHARON WEIL: The new season of “House of Cards”, “Wonder Woman”, learning to cook gluten-free and making gluten-free churros. Also, Gyrotonics – an amazing form of exercise (this could become an obsession).

MARYANN RUSSELL: The book I’ve been reading, “A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love” by Alan Cohen.

He brings the information to a peaceful and easily understandable place that fills my heart with such opening and joy.

DEBORAH DENSON: I am currently obsessed with Book of the Month Club. I get to read books I would never have seen by authors I would never have known. A present from me to me! Book of the Month Club is a bookaholic’s dream come true.

ALESSANDRA PETRUCCI: My current obsession is Ere Perez’s new Arnica Concealer. I’m already a huge fan of their original concealer, but they have just launched their new one which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to heal breakouts while covering them, whilst being toxic free and vegan!

BOE SAPUN: My obsession is the amazing Australian company Aseop. I love all their products and have been using them for years, particularly this body wash and the hand creams.

ALLISON SHAW: I love Emily Gaudreau’s podcast, How To Raise A Maverick.

I’m obsessed with watching “This Is Us”, “Stranger Things”, and “Thirteen Reasons Why”.

I’m obsessed with the meditation app Headspace.

Since I am the music girl, I’m also obsessed with the band Queen. My new band obsessions are Slenderbodies and Vetiver.

My mantra and motto is my own: Unleashing All Kinds Of Possibilities.” It means we all have the power to choose our own destiny and therein lies all kinds of possibilities. We have the power to inspire and be inspired.

MIA BELLE: I am currently obsessed with the practice of not knowing. Instead of trying to figure everything out, can I sit and simply not know? Instead of doing something, can I simply acknowledge that my heart rate is up and I am itching to take action? Can I sit in the discomfort and just breathe? This practice is opening doors I never even knew were closed!

I’m also loving Maifanshi Aqua Foundation. My patients love the natural and glowing pigments contained in this beautiful Japanese formulation. If you have oilier skin, you won’t need a day moisturizer. It’s packed with hydrators and some oils – but don’t worry. it won’t make you break out or make you too shiny.

MEGAN WEKS: IPL Laser: I did this ONE time at my dermatologist’s office to remove sun spots and overgrown freckles off of my face and to prevent future cellular change from sun exposure, which I had in issue with on my face. After ONE treatment, nearly all if the spots where sun damage had appeared on my face had fallen off. I now have creamy clear milky skin. It also removed most of my freckles so if you like your freckles, you may want to point that out to your doctor or laser tech.

Microblading for eyebrows: Holy cow! This treatment allows for me to look fresh and more bold all the time without ever filling in my brows. It completely chopped my makeup application time in half! I’m obsessed with my new fuller and prominent brows, which don’t wash off.

Currently obsessed with the new “Peach Perfect” line by Too Faced. They are conscious about natural ingredients and the comfort matte foundation goes on so smoothly and quickly that it’s shocking how much coverage it provides. Its beautiful finish is perfect for insta photos and FB lives.

– Brandy Melville tee’s, like my new Van Halen one that I got in Soho last night.
Wully Outerwear: This new puffer jacket company from Toronto who I’m hoping replaces the less animal-friendly Canadian goose.
– My latest thrift: A denim Gucci shirt from a consignment shop in Aspen.
– Obsessed with this distressed Superstar sneaker in merlot. I need these soon!

– Learning to paint.
TokyoMilk Dark Tainted Love black candle.
– Stanley Tucci’s new film “Final Portrait” on the life of Alberto Giacometti, plus seeing Giacometti’s works in person recently at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was such a moving experience.
Eataly Chicago: Namely, the gelato, Wagyu bresaola, and tote bags.
Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio podcast: Completely fascinating, and much appreciated during some recent long travel days.
– Charlie Parker on vinyl. 
Dockum: an underground speakeasy in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel in Wichita, KS. It’s all very hush hush, and utterly perfect. Also, a weekend staycation at the Ambassador. I highly recommend it.
Tinker Crate: Every month they send us a new STEM-based learning project.
Method’s Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner in Bamboo.

ROBIN KEYSER, EDITOR IN CHIEF: I’m currently obsessed with every one of these handbags by Rylan. Handmade in Los Angeles. 



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