Creative Couples: Paul Sandowsky + Alex Newman

English born Paul Sandowsky comes from a generation of family hairstylists. He has established a loyal client base at his Melbourne home salon and lives with his beautiful Australian wife, Alex Newman, a high-profile Australian Hair Fashion Award Finalist and career driven creative member at Chumba Concept Salon. Both diversely talented, they share some of their secrets and insights to their trade.

How did you meet?
P: I answered an advert I saw on a notice board in a bookshop for a housemate.
A: We became housemates and then kissed, and the rest is history.

How would you describe your approach to hairstyling?
P: Technical, precise, suited to the individual, manageable and always with a lot of feeling.
A: 60% technical, 39% organic, 1% magic.

What’s the secret to a good haircut? 
P: Balance, suitability, high craft techniques.
A: The collaboration of ideas between a stylist and a client. The client must own the haircut, the hair shouldn’t own the client.

Which hair product/tool do you think every man/woman should have? 
P: Product is down to the individuals hair texture, density, effect and style. Whatever works is best.
A: Good shampoo and conditioner. Start at the source.

Which iconic hairstyle do you love, and why? 
P: Any iconic Vidal Sassoon haircut for its geometry, balance, suitability and functionality.
A: Jean Seberg; a great example of women empowerment.
Left to right: The entrance to Paul’s hair studio, the couple together. 


What would be your dream creative collaborative endeavor?
P: A small, happy salon with really easy-going clients with realistic expectations.
A: To have collaborative creative space to share with like-minded people.

Name your poison:
P: Food and whiskey
A: Wine

If you were to dance like nobody is watching, what would be the song of choice? 
P: “Superstyling,” Groove Armada
A: Some kind of gangster rap tune, like Tupac.

If you could style anyone’s hair, who would it be, and why? 
P: My mum lives in London, so I always love doing her hair because it means we are together.
A: Kate Moss. The ultimate rock chick supermodel style icon. We would be good friends, I think.

Best career advice: 
P: Don’t put up with workplace bullying. Self-development must continue throughout your career.
A: Find what makes you happy, and don’t be scared to make changes.

Do blondes have more fun? 
P: My wife is a brunette and she has more fun than anyone I know.
A: I’m a brunette and I have a lot of fun. Fun isn’t found in one’s hair color, it’s found on the dance floor.

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