Having Second Thoughts About That Tattoo?

Are you having second thoughts about getting inked? Tina Clifford of Restobod Laser Clinic offers insight into PicoWay laser tattoo removal, which just might be the solution you’re looking for.

What is PicoWay, and who in particular would seek this treatment? PicoWay is an innovative 3 wavelength picosecond laser with both non-fractional and fractional capabilities. PicoWay’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. Anyone looking to remove or fade a tattoo, pregnancy melasma, pigmented lesions, aging skin, acne scarring, skin rejuvenation. Pretty much anyone can benefit.

What can you treat with PicoWay?

– All Tattoo colors and types.
– Pigmented lesions.
– Skin irregularities, texture and signs of aging.

How does the technology work? PicoWay’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact which breaks up the pigmentation into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

Getting a tattoo is considered to be permanent, is the removal of tattoos using PicoWay also permanent? Is there any chance that the tattoos will resurface over time or the effects of the removal will lessen? Yes, PicoWay tattoo removal is permanent and NO the tattoo will not resurface over time. Yes, the effects of the removal will lessen.

What kind of care is needed to the treated area post-treatment? Immediately after treatment, there should be a “slight frosting” on the area that is treated. Erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) at the treatment site can occur and may last up to 2 hours or longer. Pinpoint bleeding may also occur. Scabbing and itching is very common. Keeping the area well hydrated will help.

– An ointment (Aquaphor, bacitracin, or even Vaseline) should be applied to the treated area and covered with a non-stick bandage for a minimum of 5 days. Leave uncovered at night after day 3.

– After the treatment, the skin will scab over. It is very important NOT to pick, scratch or aggressively wash the area to prevent possible scarring. This crust should flake off in 7-10 days.

– There are no restrictions on showering except to treat the area gently, as with any other wound. Do not submerge for 7 days.

– No sun exposure for the complete duration of the laser treatment and 8 weeks following last treatment.

– Use sun block (SPF 30+) at all times throughout the course of your treatments.

Are there any types of tattoos, colors of tattoos, or skin types that would make PicoWay treatment less effective? White and any color saturated with white. It is effective with all skin types.

Why have you chosen this particular treatment for your clients? What sold you in particular on this technology?

– It is effective on all skin types.
– There are 3 wavelengths that can target even the toughest colors.
– Faster and less pain.
– Additional technology with the Resolve Holographic hand piece which provides fractional ablative treatment with no downtime.

RestoBod Laser Clinics Corp was founded by Tina Clifford, a retired RN who hoped to bring state of the art tattoo removal technology to the Calgary and Southern Alberta area. Once the idea was born, it conceptualized into a cutting-edge laser clinic that would also offer the best in Body Contouring technology, Skin Rejuvenation and Skincare.

Previous to opening RestoBod, Tina enjoyed a long surgical nursing career predominately in Day Surgery. This specialty offered frequent exposure to plastic surgery procedures, during which continuous pre/post operative care and teaching fostered a growing keen-ness for the esthetics industry. Of course, these procedures are expensive and often require significant “down-time”, which made Tina question, “Why shouldn’t we have access to non-invasive, cost-effective and discrete treatment options to help us look and feel our best?”

With this question in mind, RestoBod Laser Clinic was developed to deliver opportunities that allowed clients to enjoy the benefits of the ‘elite’ in regards to beauty up-keep, without having to miss work or re-mortgage the family home.



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