The Answer to Younger Looking Eyes

They say the eyes are the key to the soul. Are yours looking tired? Find the answer to younger looking eyes with Dr. Charles Boyd of BOYD Beauty

Tell us about your practice, and the philosophy behind your work: At BOYD we have created a practice and approach to meet each and every one of our patients’ unique and individual needs. Whether that means enhancing your natural beauty, developing more optimism, retaining and representing the youth you feel or restoring dignity. We take the time to get to know our patients personally.

What sort of treatment options do you offer for non-surgical eye rejuvenation? One of the procedures that I do the most of and enjoy the most is non-surgical eye rejuvenation. We have all heard the expression that the eyes are the key to the soul. I believe that they are also the key to our age and emotions. How many times have you heard someone say “you look tired, or sad or angry”? They are usually reading our eyes. Premature aging in the eye region has the most profound effect on our perceived age. Conversely, reversing the aging eyes can take years off of our age. At BOYD we offer a combination of non-surgical, and sometimes surgical treatments to restore aging eyes.

What are you aiming to correct with these particular treatments? The goal of the treatments is to reduce the fat pads, elevate the sagging cheek, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, elevate the brow and give the eyes a more youthful appearance.

How can we look after our eyes, and the surrounding area, as we age? What preventative measures should we take into consideration? Like most forms of aging, the key is prevention and early intervention. The eyes are the thinnest skin in our bodies, thus very susceptible to external insults like the sun, smoking, and other environmental insults. There are also genetic factors that make us more or less likely to have excessive fat pads, sagging eyelid skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Thus protecting our eyes is essential. This includes sun screen, growth factors and I especially like some of the new hyaluronic acid moisturizers for the eyes for prevention.

How can we reverse aging in the eye region? As you can see in some of the patient photos, I was able to make a significant difference in the overall appearance, shape and youthfulness of the eyes.

Is there a best “fix all” or rather, a best first option when it comes to eye rejuvenation? Meaning, if you could begin with one recommended treatment, what would it be? Or does this differ too drastically from person to person? I don’t think there is one best first option for non surgical eye rejuvenation. It so much depends on the individual factors of every patient, like their skin quality, thickness, their anatomy, and final desired outcome. There are many patients that require a surgical solution so a thorough evaluation is needed in each and every patient.

Are there any particular products you recommend to your clients in terms of youthful or restorative eye creams or serums? Non surgical eye rejuvenation is one of the most difficult and challenging procedures we perform, but it is also my favorite. It requires a high degree of experience and expertise, because like all cosmetic procedures there are real risks. Make sure you seek out a professional with years of experience with these procedures.

Since opening his practice, Dr. Charles M. Boyd has earned an excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally, for a holistic approach, quality results, and outstanding patient care. Dr. Boyd graduated from Harvard Medical School and has an MBA from the University of Michigan. He is double board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Boyd has authored book chapters on cosmetic surgery, as well as published his research in several medical and surgical journals. Numerous media outlets and newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and the Washington post have featured his work. He currently trains physicians in the latest procedures and also lectures throughout the country on advanced injection techniques. As a result of his ongoing clinical research and teaching, Dr. Boyd evaluates many emerging technologies, bringing only the best and latest innovations to his patients.



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