The Classic Approach: Meet White Story

The Classic Approach: Meet White Story, LVBX Magazine
It’s back to basics with Australian clothing label WHITE STORY, and the basics have never looked better. We talk with Founder and Creative Director, Fiona Myer, on why the classics matter.

Tell us a bit about the company; how was it started? WHITE STORY was founded over a full bodied red at the ABC kitchen in NYC with my partner Wai Tang. My background is in fashion forecasting and i felt that there was a need to go back to basics. Basics being the white shirt. The first chapter of WHITE STORY is white shirts with many more chapters that will unfold and be told.

What is your background as a designer? Fashion and art have always been a part of my life. I worked as a model in Paris for a long time, and lived in Europe during my modelling days. I loved the opportunity to work so closely with various designers and see their creative process close up. Upon returning to Australia, I worked as a fashion forecaster at department store, Georges. The opportunity to set up WHITE STORY, stems from a need to go back to basics and create key wardrobe staples that transcend time and can be worn season in season out.  

Describe the aesthetic behind the collection. It seems heavily influenced by menswear, would you say this true? Where else does it find influence? As a child, I would refer to myself as a bit of a tomboy. Not playing with dolls rather racing cars with my sister under the tap in the garden making muddy roads for the matchbox cars to race! I am more comfortable in men-inspired clothes with an androgynous edge, and in fact have always worn boys jeans, and as a teenager boyfriends jumpers pieces which are loosely unconstructed and androgynous, I try to ensure that my collection includes such pieces, which are intertwined by more fitted and femme shirting. Today, I find myself moving back to childhood values and passions.
The Classic Approach: Meet White Story, LVBX MagazineThe classic white shirt stands the test of time; why do you believe this is? The classic white shirt is timeless. It is trans-seasonal. As a women if feels empowering to wear a crisp white shirt.

Your shirts are 100 percent designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Your manufacturing line supports ethical work practices and your packaging is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Why is this of importance to you? I feel we have a responsibility to support the industry at home in Melbourne, Australia. We have so much to be proud of. The workmanship is second to none and being a perfectionist I am able to check the quality before the garments leave the warehouse. I also feel that it is important to create pieces which can stand the test of time. Over the past decade, fast fashion has become so dominant, and it has such a negative impact on our environment.

Who is the woman you are designing for? My pieces are ageless. I am also creating collections which will stand the test of time. I design for strong, empowered women who appreciate workmanship and ethical practices.

How would you describe your personal style? Elegant, edgy and always playful.

What is the one piece in the collection you can’t live without, and why? The Elizabeth shirt because I named the shirt after my mother. It is a piece in the collection which goes with everything, and can be dressed up or down.

What’s your next move for the brand? You’ll have to wait and find out! WHITE STORY is a lifestyle label, and we hope to introduce ceramics, homewares, separates and create a collection which builds on the ethos of the White Shirt.

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