On Parenting Your Adult Child: How to Be Supportive

Intuitive, healer, and teacher Maryann Russell addresses the reoccurring themes she often encounters in her work an as intuitive and the ways in which she helps her clients navigate these emotional blocks. It’s through working with a specific growth mindset that we allow ourselves to become active participants within our lives, rather than victims.

How does one nurture and support their adult children? The answer is simple; love them without conditions. So far in the work that I do, I’ve not met anyone who’s been brought up with unconditional love. Yes, I’ve met clients whose parents love them unconditionally however, they were brought up the same way their parents were brought up – with the language of conditioned love.

To release from this, please remember to leave the “should” word out of your language as it’s the judgement word and language matters. If I tell you now what you should or shouldn’t do, you’ll most likely stop reading as it will feel demanding of me and riddled with expectations that you’ll follow what I want. Therefore, it’s conditioned.

Instead, please speak of loving them, 24/7. When they act out or fuss up, remind them that your anger is related to their actions or behaviors, not their heart. State, “I love you without conditions, but this action or behavior is simply not okay with me. I feel angry, disappointed, or frustrated.” Imagine teaching our children to honor their feelings because they can. Support their every waking moment by reminding them that struggle in their lives is simply a challenge designed to bring them into the awareness of choice. When we tune in and listen to what really matters to us, all our choices from this blessed experience feel powerful.

As parents, imagine guiding your adult child to speak to you about what they feel matters to them. Simply through the language of speaking to them, you find what matters without the expectations of this information of yours in any way influencing or “mattering” to them. Instead, simply share what you feel and listen to them share what they feel. When this language is at odds, accept that the feelings are different. Ask each other what would make this experience, of sharing feelings, different? How would they like to feel nurtured at this moment?

Maryann’s journey from her many years of emergency nursing to alternative healing has included Massage Therapy and Reflexology education at the Polarity Realization Center in Portland, Maine and advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and enjoyed teaching the Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers of Southern Maine Hospice Center Reiki Level l. Her greatest gifts as an Intuitive were re-awakened through her studies of Intuition Therapy and Soul Readings with renowned healer and author, Rosalie Deer Heart.  Rosalie’s support and nurturance brought Maryann to an experience of awakening peacefully to her gifts, which she now enjoys sharing worldwide in her very busy practice. Visit her website for additional information.



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