Dramatically Improve Your Skin With This Treatment

What is fractional skin resurfacing, exactly – and how can it benefit you? Dr. Preston Ward of Form Medical Spa discusses fractional skin resurfacing using the CO2RE laser and how this exciting technology can dramatically improve your skin in a single session.

Tell us about your practice, and your practice philosophy: Our medical spa is a full service medical spa with experienced PAs, NPs, and estheticians who provide the highest quality of care. The entire spa and practice is devoted to this principle. An extraordinary experience with each and every patient is our goal. We like what we do and we want our patients to enjoy their time with us. No matter how much a patient is looking forward to the improvement that will result from a procedure, there is always anxiety associated with the procedure itself. Our goal is to make each patient’s experience exceptional.

One way that we achieve this goal is through an emphasis on specialization. We believe that expertise and experience combined with a caring and sincere desire to do our very best leads to the best results. My entire practice is devoted to the face. One of the elements that makes facial plastic surgery a rewarding specialty is the recognition that the face is our identity to the outside world, to our friends, to our family, and most importantly, to ourselves. Our goal is to improve the components of the face that are undesirable to the patient while preserving the elements of the face that gives the patient his or her unique identity. As a result, each procedure must be tailored to the individual patient.

Another principle that we follow is that the desire for an improvement in appearance must never compromise function. As we seek to improve the appearance of the patient, this improvement in form should never result in a compromise of function. For example, the most beautiful rhinoplasty result is worthless if the patient is unable to breathe through the nose.

We believe that a clinically significant, but non-artificial result is the ultimate cosmetic goal. I believe that natural results without obvious signs of surgery is the goal of any cosmetic procedure.  By combining superior medical knowledge, training, and technical skill with artistry and a sensitive, compassionate touch, I strive to provide my patients with a natural appearance. This improved, elegant look should avoid looking artificial while fulfilling the individual patient’s desired goals.

What is CO2RE fractional skin resurfacing, and how does it work? Why would someone seek this particular treatment? Fractional carbon dioxide skin resurfacing is an incredible treatment that improves the skin tone, color, and texture. It removes superficial blemishes, treats pigmented lesions, and promotes collagen production. The CO2RE system combines the gold standard facial resurfacing technology of a carbon dioxide laser with advanced computer software to treat wrinkles, scars, pigmented lesions, and tighten the skin.

How does this treatment differ from other options? The technology allows dramatic improvement in wrinkles, skin laxity, and pigmented lesions while avoiding many of the risks of traditional laser treatments.

Which areas of the face does this treatment target? The entire face.

How does one know if this treatment is right for them, is there a specific age or certain conditions to look for? The laser is set up to address a diverse group of patient problems and conditions, ranging from older patients with lax skin to younger patients with acne scars or pigment issues of the face.

Describe the procedure – is there any pain associated, is it safe, and how many treatments are typically necessary? The procedure is typically done in the office and a full face procedure takes about thirty minutes. Usually one treatment is all that is needed, but 2-4 might be recommended based on the individual situation.

Are the results of CO2RE treatment long-lasting? If not, is there anything in particular one can do to better prolong the results? The results are long lasting. Use of prescription grade skin care products can help improve the result and maintain the skin’s healthier and smoother appearance.

Is there a specific skincare regimen you often recommend to your patients ahead and/or after treatment? Yes, we recommend patients follow our recommended treatment with prescription grade products.

What is it about offering this particular treatment to your patients that excites you the most? The dramatic improvement in such a large and diverse group of patients is the most exciting and rewarding part of the treatment.

Dr. Ward is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon practicing in Utah. He attended medical school at the University of Utah where he finished at the top of his class. Following medical school, Dr. Ward pursued his training in Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Michigan, arguably the top facial plastics training program in the world, followed by a fellowship in facial plastic surgery where he also served on the faculty at the University of Michigan.  He was then recruited back to the University of Utah where he joined the faculty on the school of medicine, bringing with him new techniques in facial plastic surgery that had not previously been performed in Utah or the Intermountain West, including advanced techniques in rhinoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty, reconstruction after skin cancer removal, facial trauma, and the treatment of patients with facial paralysis. He has since opened his own practice and surgery center in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, offering a comprehensive array of facial plastics and other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Ward and his wife Janie are the proud parents of four children.



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