Sine Ginsborg Talks Beauty Trends

Professional makeup artist and owner of Sine Ginsborg Makeup School, Sine Ginsborg, talks beauty trends and tips. From what trends to follow or not, her standby beauty products, and how to contour – she tells all.
Sine Ginsborg Talks Beauty Trends, LVBX Magazine
What is the one current trend you can’t get enough of? The current trend that I love right now is organic skin, as always, with a very glossy red or pink eye.

When do you know if a trend is worth investing in, or not? I never really know if a trend is worth investing in; this business is all about taking chances. But to be honest, I tend not to follow trends too much. I get inspired of course, but I love the classic looks with a little twist.

How does one determine which make-up hues and colors look best on us? Every person or model is individual. The most important aspect is highlighting the beautiful and special parts of the person.

For someone who has never but wants to learn to contour, what do you recommend? Remember that contouring is not a blush, so find a shade 1-2 tones darker than your skin instead of a pink, red or orange. Be sure to think of where the shadow from the sun would touch your face and make your cheekbones out from there.

What’s the one standby beauty product you always have on hand? I have two, actually. One is Lip Cure from Tromborg, and the other is L’Oreal’s Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara.



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