March Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and consultant with an international client base of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She hosts a regular video podcast/Internet radio show called Blissen Up about astrology and spirituality. An internationally recognized speaker, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Rachel helps her clients access spiritual and astrological insights to live more successful, purposeful lives. She empowers them in decision-making processes by identifying challenging influences or blocks. Then, she maps out astrological trends and forecasts to help clients see a clearer vision of the future. In client sessions, she focuses on event planning and timing, making and timing major decisions, navigating love life challenges, helping achieve career goals, timing of legal issues, planning travel and tours using astrocartography, making financial adjustments, and more.

Pisces: Happy birthday!! It’s Pisces season —YOUR time. Make the most of it! With spring fever in the air, you have access to boundless creative energy and perhaps clarity about your life’s purpose. So, ask yourself: What do I want to create with my one fabulous life? What do I want to be? The answer will come as an awakening, most likely at the Equinox on March 20.

Did you know that your sign is the last sign of the Zodiac? When the sun moves into Aries on March 20, it kicks off a new solar cycle and a new season, springtime. So, Pisces season can be a lot about looking back, somewhat nostalgically, through foggy dreams and illusions. There is a sense of transition, a letting go. During this particular Pisces season (with Venus moving retrograde from March 4-April 15), you might reflect back on life’s missed opportunities and lost love. As you do, keep things in perspective. Remember that each twist and turn on your path led you to a new clearing, a new self-discovery.

Last month’s questions will result in answers; so fear not! You can get some clarity, especially regarding your personal life. Sometimes, questions can be much more interesting than answers! Once you have your answer, you feel compelled to take some sort of concrete action, and that’s what you’ll want to do now. Move ahead with your yes or no.

Professionally, you may receive an invitation to speak, taking a stand for some sort of cause or promoting an idea. With the sun shining in your sign, your lucky break could come at any moment; so, be prepared. Have your elevator pitch prepared and rehearse your audition materials. You have manifested this golden opportunity. Step into it and shine.

With Venus stationing retrograde on March 4, you might need to tighten your budget and conserve resources. Set aside funds just in case you encounter some unforeseen circumstances. Keep a positive outlook and expect the best, but be careful.

In love, let go of the past by forgiving yourself and others. You might have encountered a few romantic mishaps throughout your life, and it’s okay to wish you’d made different choices. You’re a dreamer, an idealist! Leaping into a relationship with rose-colored glasses is easy. As you learn more about yourself, you become more discerning. Make the most of where you are right now and find aspects of your life circumstances to appreciate each day this month. Love is a pure vibration that attracts more love into your life. Therefore, love big, no matter what your relationship status may be.

Aries: Okay, here’s a fun guided visualization exercise. Imagine you are on a roller coaster ride — the kind with the various twists and turns. You’re flying forward in a loop, and all of a sudden, the ride comes to a stop. Do you feel it? Before you can catch your breath, the roller coaster starts flying backward, circling the loop you just passed. It’s exhilarating, scary, and wild all at the same time.

Yeah… March is kind of like that for you.

Plus, this is the month leading up to your birthday. So, you may be doing a lot of looking back over the past 11 months before heading into your new solar year. It’s a time to take self-inventory, and you’ll feel this especially with regards to your personal life and relationships.

February was about self-preservation as you took charge of your life and made giant strides. You may have misstepped (um, don’t worry, we all did with those eclipses). Oh, well! Keep going.

Terry Tempest Williams wrote in When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice: “But harboring regret is making love to the past, and there is no movement here.”

Venus stations retrograde and appears to be moving backward in your sign. This starts March 4 and lasts until April 15. If you have been thinking about trying a new hair color or making major wardrobe changes, you might want to wait a minute. Your personal look will go through some evolutions over the next 40 days, and you will likely change your mind…again and again. If you do want a total makeover, keep a Pinterest board with ideas for now and then make the change later in April.

With Venus in your sign, it’s a good time to have a few positive affirmations on hand to keep elevating your confidence and self-esteem. Here are some you can try:

“I radiate beauty and grace!”

“My body rocks!”

“I experience beauty and abundance each day!”

You get the idea.

The positive vibes you’ll create from this self-affirming exercise (or anything else you do to boost your confidence) will ripple into every area of your life. Maximum positivity is what to aim for right before you start your new solar year.

Love is a big theme for your year, thanks to Venus. If you are single, you can magnetize love into your life, regardless of what you read about Venus in retrograde. Take the fear out of the equation; lead with your heart. If you are involved in a relationship, it could be time for a new beginning of some kind. After March 20, the sun moves into your sign, and it’s all about you. You might want to take some time away, perhaps a spa day or spiritual retreat. Indulge a little while you can, and you will have more energy (and passion) to share with your special someone.

Taurus: Cue the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Let this be the theme song for your month. This winter may have been colder than usual (energetically speaking), sending you into a sort of hibernated self-preservation mode. With so much chaos happening in the world at large, along with changes in your own personal life, you needed to find some stability. 2017 may not have felt secure so far. So, you have had to fine-tune your internal compass and listen deeply to your intuitive knowing, trusting yourself to know the next right steps to take. Now, we head into March, a month of seasonal transition. Think of this as your own turning point, too. The springtime sun is about to warm things up, and it’s calling you to step outside, connecting with others and, of course the earth.

Mars moves into your sign on March 9, and you could catch spring fever. If you feel extra feisty, find creative outlets for all that energy. Are there projects you want to start? New hobbies to try? Race you want to run? Your possibilities are endless.

This influence could also help connect you to new groups of people, helping you expand your social network. If you are a business owner or self-employed, this is a good time to launch a social media campaign and maximize your reach. If you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, networking is your keyword. Boost your LinkedIn presence and form new virtual connections.

The Full Moon on March 12 highlights your creative side. For inspiration, see a play or musical performance, or you might want to catch an art opening. As someone ruled by Venus, beauty, design, and culture feed your soul and curb your spiritual cravings. A trip to an art gallery can be meditative. Explore new music this month, too, to open new pathways in your subconscious mind.

Speaking of Venus, did you know that your ruling planet is about to station retrograde? That’s right! From March 4 – April 15, it will give the appearance of moving backward in the heavens, signaling a time of reflection in your personal life. Relationships are deeply spiritual, as well as emotional, physical, and mental. We connect with our most intimate partners, and they merge into our energy fields. If you have any unresolved history with someone or residual grief about past relationships, this is a good time for healing and clearing. It’s also favorable for smoothing out any challenging issues within a current relationship through honest conversation or couples’ therapy. If you are single, the more deeply you heal during this 40-day period, the readier you will be to magnetize a significant, committed relationship later in the spring. In the meantime, you could try a little spring fling.

Gemini: The Eiffel Tower. The Temple of Artemis. The Great Wall of China. The Taj Mahal. Each of these wonders was built piece by piece, step by step. Vision manifested with precision. It took crews of people working together to accomplish the finished masterpieces. As a Gemini, you have unparalleled creative vision. Your dreams are grand…but your patience is not! You want it all to happen right now. Your big aspirations require careful construction over time and teams of helpers doing their parts. Trust your ability to intuit the right steps, and then allow others to help you out. Give up a little control in the process. Even those magnificent masterpieces and monuments might have tiny cracks and misplaced tiles. The big picture is stunning, even with minor imperfections. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. In fact, genuine leadership involves knowing when to delegate in just the right ways.

In the past, you may not have been able to trust that others could actually measure up to your standards. Now, though, you have learned to trust divine timing, the power of synchronicity, and human goodness. The momentum builds throughout this month and peaks at the Aries ingress on March 20. When in doubt, keep moving forward.

Friendships may shift and change for you during the Venus retrograde (March 4-April 15). So, here’s your Gemini Friends Test. If you’re on the phone with someone and find yourself rolling your eyes more than three times in the conversation, you might need to rethink that friendship or at least how you show up in that friendship. If you start shifting how you communicate, you could have a completely different experience of that friendship. You see the world from a unique vantage point, and others could benefit from your honest feedback. If you find that other friends are acting strange or elusive, bluntly ask, “What’s up?” Retrogrades are great times for healing unresolved past situations by having breakthrough conversations.

The Full Moon on March 12 highlights your domestic affairs, and you might feel a sudden urge to make changes in your home. Don’t go overboard! With Venus in retrograde, your sense of style is going through an overhaul, too. You could change your mind from one moment to the next. Do, however, go through those piles of paper, clean out your closet, and give away old clothes.

Romance favors into your horoscope at the beginning of the month, despite Venus in retrograde. By the time of the New Moon on March 27, someone whom you have considered a friend may express deeper feelings. If you are single, this is a good month to be free; take yourself on an adventure. You could meet a spring fling. If you are in a relationship, try to find grounding. During a retrograde period, there can be a few ups and downs. Keep looking ahead toward the future and come up with some mutual dreams and goals. Then, you can keep growing together and prevent any tendency to grow apart.

Cancer: Change is in the air. Surely, you, the most sensitive of all signs, can feel it! The Spring Equinox on March 20 ushers in a new season. That means for most of March, we are transitioning from one phase to another. These pivotal points in the year are symbolized with Cardinal ingresses. The Sun moves into Aries at the Spring Equinox, Cancer at the Summer Solstice, Libra at the Autumnal Equinox, and Capricorn at the Winter Solstice. These zero degree cardinal points are potent times of activity. You get the chance to skip ahead to a new level on your path. Leading up to these zero points, though, you feel somewhat of an energetic scurry, brought about by the unseen (or sometimes seen) change. Add to that all of the unsettled energy of the past few months, and you might have felt a little like your sign’s totem animal, the crab. Burrowing into the safety of your shell and then peeking out from time to time to see if it’s safe.

Like you, the sun has also been trying to decide if it wants to come out from behind the clouds (at least here in Los Angeles). As above, so below. The cosmic world is changing, and so are you. Your priorities have to be adjusted, and you may need more personal time to adjust to the shifts happening in your life, at least in the early part of the month before that zero degree Aries point on March 20.

This changing world needs new kinds of leaders, and who better to lead than you, a Cardinal sign ruled by the intuitive Moon. You may have already started to feel a calling to do something on behalf of a cause. To determine how to best direct your focus and attention, listen to your inner voice. You might consider taking time each day to sit in meditation or journal your thoughts. You could receive guidance for how to express yourself publicly in a new way. Open your heart and mind, allowing direction to flow through you.

In love, if you’re in a relationship but not yet living together, you could decide to make a real estate purchase or merge households. Juno’s placement in your seventh house of relationships and Jupiter’s position in your horoscope’s center of domestic bliss suggest this move will bring you closer together and help usher in a new stage of your relationship. If you are single, this is not the time to look for the one. With Venus retrograde from March 4-April 15, a new love could be a distraction without any promise of real commitment. If you have to try too hard to make a connection, rethink it a little. Maybe the romance isn’t exactly all you thought it could be. Let go and refocus on you. If you are madly in love, this could be a good time to make your relationship more public. Establish yourselves as a power couple, connecting with the larger community.

Leo: With the winter season winding to a close, you might feel a little restless. Could it be Spring Fever making you feisty and ready for fun? Here’s an exercise to help you cope with all that excess energy. Open up a Google map  of the world (or your favorite map program) and place your finger down wherever you feel drawn. Even if it’s not practical to take a trip at this time, just imagining the possibilities opens up your co-creative power. And boy, do you have some manifestation juju this month! Maximize it.

When I meet one-on-one with clients, I can usually see a spectrum of possibilities for each major transit or progression. The energy we feed creates our life experiences, and feeding hope, enthusiasm, and excitement can magnetize positive experiences. Be in the state of wonderment, and imagine possibilities.

Life as you know it is about to change. As we usher in a new season at the Equinox on March 20, we also welcome the dawning of a new era. The past no longer informs the future. It is being rewritten every day. You are a part of that in your personal life as well as in the collective.

So, think about the legacy you want to leave. What are you doing in support of that ideal? The Full Moon on March 12 illuminates for you a redirection of focus. Specifically, you may want to prioritize your day-to-day activities so they better support your goals. You can even be a little selfish, especially if you feel you’ve been spending energy on projects or friendships with little return. You may need to reevaluate all areas of your life and take a real, honest inventory. If your creative projects have been on the backburner while you’ve been helping someone else, you could have a small reservoir of resentment building up, and that’s not healthy for you or your relationship! To drain the reservoir, take the time to recharge, preferably somewhere in the sun.

Remember, you are a magician, and you can make almost anything happen for yourself! If you need inspiration, get a head-start on your summer reading with a classic like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, “Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” by Deepak Chopra, or “Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” by Esther Hicks.

Venus is retrograde in fiery Aries from March 4-April 15. Under this influence, you may have to revisit past relationship choices. Your ex could reach out unexpectedly. This initial reach-out may seem strange or random. There are deeper suppressed feelings you can see if you read between the lines. Your heartstrings may still be attached, and you have to ask if the connection actually serves your highest good. If not, perhaps it’s time to let go.

To a loyal Leo, letting go can seem impossible. When you love, you do so with your entire heart, authentically and persistently. When relationships need to change to support soul growth, you might find yourself feeling stuck. You dig your heels in deeper and resist the tug of the universe gently nudging you forward in a new direction. You don’t have to leave or create ripples of (necessary) change in the system. However, you might want to gain new perspectives. Talk with trusted friends, a therapist, healer, or another supportive person for extra guidance. You could learn new tools for healing the past patterns that have kept you stuck.

If you are a single Leo, you might consider opening up to new romantic possibilities. If you have never tried online dating, go for it now! It’s not so much about meeting someone through that medium; rather, you would communicate a giant YES to the Universe. And “yes” is all it takes to open new pathways. A journey is about to begin. So, get out the map, and put your finger down. This is a symbolic gesture. The world is at your fingertips right now.

Virgo: Growing up, I often heard the cautionary message, “Relationships are hard work.” Well, those words stuck with me, and sure enough, I experienced relationships that were hard work. But here’s the thing about those relationships: I grew exponentially through that “work.” Actually, the “work” allowed me to gain self-knowledge and understanding. I gained insights about my mental and emotional wiring (and miswiring) through those challenging relationships. Loved ones mirror for you aspects of yourself you may not be able to (or want to) see, and conflicts within relationships necessitate introspection before mediation. All relationship “work” is really self “work.” We are drawn to people to experience the best and heal the worst aspects of ourselves.

So, here you are again, looking at all this relational stuff. It’s perhaps in your face more this month than usual with Venus in Retrograde and a stacked 7th house. Perhaps you have recently made a significant commitment and are questioning whether or not you made the right decision. Maybe you have been alone for a long time and have recently begun to reconsider the possibility of being in a relationship. Or possibly you have been in a relationship that feels stagnant or out of balance. Alternately, maybe you have had a recent breakup and are feeling the resultant grief, regret, and confusion. Whatever your relationship status, this is a month for deepening self-awareness by relating with others.

If you are in a stable relationship, bring all financial matters to the table. Be extremely honest about your situation, no matter what. Open communication can quell worry and fear. With Jupiter moving retrograde, you might think carefully about making a large purchase or spending extra money at this time. You could also receive an opportunity for a redo regarding a financial contract or arrangement, especially in the beginning of the month. The Universe is generous and gives us all second chances for missed connections, even if they come through unexpected encounters.

Some challenges in your home situation could cause you to consider making a move or change toward the end of the month. If you have been feeling stuck in any area of your life, try rearranging your furniture or changing your paint colors. It could be that you have energetically outgrown your space and need a whole new vibe. If you start the process now, by April, you’ll be all settled and ready to start a new chapter.

Professionally, this could be a good time to make alliances and form new partnerships, especially before March 19. If you own a business, you could receive an attractive offer from a buyer or investor after March 20. Assess the situation, and draw support from trusted advisors to help make a decision. Your intuition can lead you down the right path. You can be cautiously optimistic at this time.

Libra: With your sun sign in the sign of partnership, you hang out somewhere along the axis line of self and other. Your life path includes stretches of time when you move from one extreme to another to strike a balance. Therefore, when you’re all about another person, you may tend to neglect your own personal needs for time, space, and maybe even personal self-care. Think back to when you were in the throes of a new relationship, consumed with romance and possibility. Your life may have revolved around that special someone. Then, you had to recalibrate and find yourself again, maybe by pushing the other away. What if you could just ask for what you need at the moment? To be totally honest instead of agreeable? You might experience more balance in your relationships. Fear diffuses power, and your fear of conflict could create imbalances in your relationship. One way to dissolve fear is to be like an Aries ram and charge head-first into a fearful situation. (As long as it’s safe, of course!)

Venus, your ruling planet, is moving backward in your opposite sign of Aries all month long. It’s in the sign of the self but in your house of partnerships. This influence could inspire reminiscence of past relationships or a reconsideration of your current situation. Do you have regrets? Release them and practice self-forgiveness. You can’t go back in time, but you can commit to making more informed choices in the future.

Release any connections with others that don’t serve you right now, too. If you are holding someone’s heartstrings without wanting to make a commitment, you are holding yourself back as well. Likewise, if you have friendships or business relationships that feel strained or anxious, you might consider taking a break. Have a Full Moon ritual on March 12 and do a little letting go. Then, you’ll be ready for new beginnings when the New Moon activates your house of partnerships.

Professionally, a new chapter is about to begin for you. You may have already received a golden opportunity signaling this new beginning. Now, you could have more clarity about which direction to move. The more you relax and release worry, the more success you will realize this month. It may sound contrary to what you have been taught, but Jupiter in your sign wants your optimism, positive vibrations, and presence right now so it can do its job and open some new doors for you. So, play. Enjoy the onset of springtime and soak up some sun.

With Venus retrograde, this may not be the best time for a makeover or significant change in your appearance. Hold tight until later this spring, after Venus moves out of your opposite sign.

Now for some great news! When the sun moves into Aries and ushers in a new season, it also shines a light on your seventh house of partnerships. Your current relationship could reach a whole new level—I mean off-the-charts intimacy. This is also a good time for signing contracts, especially to complete partnership agreements that have been in the works. Your soul grows best through your deepest connections; so, find ways to make relationships less work and more fun.

Scorpio: Your horoscope starts with a reflection exercise. Think of one of your happiest memories from childhood— the first one that comes to your mind. You might even want to close your eyes and relive it for a moment. Use that emotion as your mantra and see if you can hold the feeling you felt at that happy moment if your mind starts to drift. What do you notice?

Memories are linked to other memories, and while you might try to hold onto your happiest one, other less joyful ones might slip into your thoughts. From the perspective of adulthood, you can look back and see the light and shadows of the past projected in your mind. Your focus creates the emotional response. Remember, shadows are made from blocked light. What can you open within yourself to let more light through?

Venus starts moving retrograde on March 4, a time for us all to look back and reflect on past relationships, friendships, and financial decisions. This is a great time for you to do a little re-evaluating, too. Perhaps you want to make changes to deepen a relationship or heal one that’s been fractured. This is the time to look honestly in the mirror and start identifying what you might want to change about yourself.

Start with your daily routine, and shake it up a little. Try new approaches to diet and exercise that feel more relaxed and less rigid. Letting go of control in any one area of your life could have ripple effects in other ones as well.

This is a highly creative time for you, and your focus might be aimed at a new project or creative endeavor. The Full Moon on March 12 could highlight some definite answers to questions you may have had about steps to take to move a project to the next stage of development. You could meet new contacts in the early part of the month that may prove influential over the next quarter. Times are changing; stay active and stick to your plan.

In love, even though Venus is moving retrograde, you feel a heightened sense of romance. Fertility, too! You know what that means. Exercise caution if you are in prevention mode, or you could have favorable outcomes if you have been trying to conceive. If you are single and looking for love, you can thank Mars for giving you some more passion this month. Who knows? It could help Cupid’s arrow fly in your direction. With Venus in Retrograde, take things slowly and be playful. This is not a time for new commitments, but it could be favorable for meeting fated or karmic connections. Anyone coming back from the past may have had a change of heart, but you can’t know for sure until after April 15. Tread carefully.

Sagittarius: “If you build it, they will come.” Let that famous quote from the movie “Field of Dreams” be your affirmation for the month, and apply it to any area of your life where you are trying to make something happen. When you take big steps toward realizing a dream, you might run up against some energetic hiccups in the form of fear, doubt, distraction, or resistance. These energetic saboteurs have no place in your aura this month! In fact, you have prime manifesting power right now as long as you hold tight and stick with the plan. Therefore, I propose a two-step approach to building (and manifesting) your dreams. Step one: Strategize.  Step two: Set the outcome free.

Think about that one thing you want the most right now- that one greatest desire. Got it? Good. Now, let’s try a little ritual for setting the outcome free. Open your hands face up directly in front of you. Imagine a little goldfinch standing in the center of your outstretched palms. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a scenario right after your dream has manifested. Feel the gratitude, excitement, and bliss. Then, with eyes still closed, blow all of that emotion into the imaginary bird in your palms and visualize it flying up toward the clouds into the sky, beyond your line of vision. Open your eyes, and say “And so it is.” Can you feel a little more hope for the possibility?

You have a balanced combination of astrological influences: Ones that promote stable structures and others that heighten romantic ideals. The stability comes from, of all places, your home, and family. Yes, free-spirited Sagittarius, you might find your home base provides an excellent landing pad in between flights. This is an ideal time to make changes in your home, like spring-cleaning or complete home renovation. Or if you have thought about moving, you might find your dream house this month. Try not to go over budget; Venus in retrograde (from March 4-April 15) is a time to be more conservative with your finances.

The Full Moon on March 12 asks you to step up and receive an award. Or you could receive recognition for your ideas, whether through speaking, writing, teaching, or artistic creations. Think about what legacy you want to eventually leave, and enter your creative zone. Remember: If you build it, they will come.

In love, romance is your keyword. Venus in retrograde for most of the month could help you reach a resolution for a complicated relationship. If it has weighed you down or felt too serious, you might need to reconsider it altogether. Be honest with yourself, and maybe talk it through with a therapist or astrologer before making any major moves. If you’re single, emphasize playfulness this month. Any new relationships forming could feel fated, like a soul mate. Bam! Dynamic attraction at work for you. While the draw towards karmic connections is palpable, the relationship needs to evolve gently over time. For those of you in healthy relationships, you might make the most of this time by renewing your vows and recommitting to your partnership. Oh, and did I mention romance? Your relationship could feel fresh and new, like a hot spring fling.

Capricorn: What is it about family? Bound by blood, we care so much about these people who can sometimes drive us crazy, push our buttons, and bring out the most juvenile and primal aspects of ourselves. At the same time, these people know our histories and help shape our personalities and lives. They can offer love, support, and aid in times of need…while also being slightly dysfunctional. Contrast enriches these relationships. The more deeply you know individuals, the more you see their idiosyncrasies.

Your family life is gearing up for some big changes; and as a result, you might feel stretched between the demands of older relatives and the needs of younger ones. Past and future fight for your attention. Stay present, and by that, I mean don’t worry. You have learned you can’t make everyone happy all the time (although you have tried); so, discern how to best use your time and energy.

Changes might also be taking place in your physical space. You’re building new foundations for your life, and you might have to make a move as a result. Your recent successes could lead to an opportunity that would require relocation. Keep in mind: You climbed that ladder masterfully, and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Yay, you! You might even get a shout out in some publication or media outlet, especially around March 20.

If you have been taking care of logistical details, like tax preparation, organization, or organizing school functions, you might need a break from the routine. A spring break ski trip or other adventure would recharge you to get through the next few months before summer break. Consider making your departure around March 12, when the Full Moon spotlights your inner road warrior.

Relationships have a few more ups and downs this month with Venus in retrograde starting on March 4. If you are in a shaky relationship, you might find yourself asking, “What was I thinking?” This kind of personal inventory is healthy. Keep asking yourself questions until you arrive at an answer to the overarching question: “Do I stay or go?” If you are in a relationship, you might reevaluate your domestic situation. It could be time to move in together or nest a little more. Regardless of your relationship status, when Mars moves into Taurus on March 10, you might feel feistier than usual. Could it be a touch of spring fever? Exactly.

Aquarius: Hi, social butterfly. You’re going to love this month’s energy as you fly from one engagement to another. Dinner parties, fundraisers, and girls’ or guys’ nights – you probably already have a full calendar, right? You may even have a few road trips on your mind this month, too. Because Aquarians hang out in so many different social circles, they have a remarkable ability to connect people who otherwise might never know one another. Yes, you are a genuine connector; it’s part of your life path and purpose. We need your spirit of togetherness now more than ever, especially as we enter the Aquarian Age.

Therefore, consider finding ways to strategically use social media this month. You have so much wisdom to share and unique perspectives to offer. The more you authentically express yourself, the more you inspire others to do the same. If you support a cause or belong to a spiritual community, this is also a good month to host a fundraiser or engage in some advocacy efforts. If you have wanted to become more involved in the community, you might seek out volunteer opportunities. Not only will you feel purposeful in giving back, but you might meet some interesting people.

At the beginning of the month, you may have money on your mind. Whether you are starting to prepare your taxes, seeking new investment opportunities, or waiting to hear about a bonus or raise, you have more motivation for attending to financial matters. The Full Moon on March 12 adds fuel to this energy, and you could receive some unexpected good news.

Your modern ruling planet, Uranus, is a bit of a renegade, and it’s going to be quite active this month. It cozies up next to Eris, a rebel dwarf planet on March 16-17, just in time for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Under this influence, you might feel emboldened to take action or make a stand on behalf of something or someone you love. Use this energy to activate courage, becoming your own superhero.

In love, Venus Retrograde is the big news of the month. Every 18 months, this planet gives us the appearance she’s moving backward. During this period, you could experience reconnections…and missed connections. If you have unresolved questions about a past relationship, you might receive new insights that can help you more intentionally move forward. It’s a time to look back, reflect, and reexamine your romance history. A time of healing, too. By the time Venus stations direct on April 15, you will have restored a sense of wholeness and be ready to step into a whole new chapter.



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