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Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and consultant with an international client base of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She hosts a regular video podcast/Internet radio show called Blissen Up about astrology and spirituality. An internationally recognized speaker, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Rachel helps her clients access spiritual and astrological insights to live more successful, purposeful lives. She empowers them in decision-making processes by identifying challenging influences or blocks. Then, she maps out astrological trends and forecasts to help clients see a clearer vision of the future. In client sessions, she focuses on event planning and timing, making and timing major decisions, navigating love life challenges, helping achieve career goals, timing of legal issues, planning travel and tours using astrocartography, making financial adjustments, and more.

Aquarius: Happy birthday! This month should be the official kick-off to 2017. In fact, let’s just say that January was a dress rehearsal for the New Year. We start this month a few days after Mars enters Aries, and it’s all systems GO! You are on fire right now, aren’t you? Feeling energized? Ready to move? Of course, you are! 2017 very well could be the best year of your life, and if you feel optimistic, thank Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. This benefic planet has been hanging out in compatible Libra, offering you opportunities for professional and personal development, travel, and financial gifts. Under this influence, you could see the manifestation of your deepest desires.

But wait! There’s more.

If you walk into any shopping venue, you would most likely come across Valentine’s Day displays. Red hearts, pink balloons, flowers, and chocolates remind us all that February is a month dedicated to love. Romantic feelings crescendo up to February 10, when a powerful Lunar Eclipse means significant changes for your love life.

Think about the stories you tell others about your relationship (or lack thereof). Do you find yourself repeating similar themes? Maybe you’ve had a series of relationships with power struggles, ones in which you give far more than you receive. Or perhaps you deal with perpetual singledom and find yourself longing for love. Maybe you keep falling for someone unavailable. If a broken record keeps playing in your mind, it’s time to start spinning new tunes. Focus on the positive, like your own personal growth and expansion.

This same message applies to all other areas of your life. Your thoughts and words have power, and you can use them to create change. For writing exercises and more information about this, out the book “Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation” by Carl Greer, Ph.D., PsyD. When you focus your mental energy in new ways, you create opportunities for yourself, personally and professionally.

During the two weeks between the eclipses, February 10-February 26, you could receive powerful, life-changing guidance from internal and external sources. Pay attention to your dreams and engage in conversations with strangers. They may be angels in disguise. You might even want to keep a journal to note any new insights. You might feel inclined to share your wisdom with others; the world could use your new age ideas. After all, we are entering the Aquarian age, experiencing a radical dimensional shift. You are a leader in this movement at this time.

Pisces: Stop everything you’re doing right now. Find David Bowie’s “Changes” on your favorite music app. Listen, and then listen again. Let his words sink into your body and soul. This song could be your mantra for the month.

As someone born under the sign of Pisces, your intuition usually alerts you to impending change. It may come as a deep feeling or knowing long before any external events or situations manifest in your life. Your life changes in the instant you internally edit a belief, thought, or story about your life. At that moment, you have a shift in consciousness, and the waves of possibility start to move energy in a new direction. This is the beginning of the manifestation process.

Think for a moment about your life story. Have you been telling the same story about yourself and expecting different life experiences? Try changing things up by framing your life in a new way. Live your own hero’s journey.

This month, you can see yourself more clearly than ever before, with the illumination of all facets of your personality. It’s like the Universe is holding up a giant mirror for you, giving you opportunities to change your look or way of being in the world. Be honest with yourself about your limitations and strengths, and assess any changes you want to make. You might even start seeing a therapist or shamanic healer to help facilitate the personal transformation. On February 10, a Lunar Eclipse helps escalate this process.

By the end of the month, you might find yourself on stage, speaking about your triumphs. Now, your new story can inspire others. You have become the change you have always wanted to see.

Aries: Mars, the planet that animates desire, has just entered your sign; as a result, you might feel turbocharged and ready to charge forth into this new year. You are unstoppable, dynamic, and powerful. A real leader. Because of this, you need to be strategic about where you focus your energy. Identify one or two solid (and big) goals for the year. Then, channel everything you’ve got into the pursuit of those ambitions.

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is also in your sign. Wait! Did you catch that? Both planets of physical (and sexual) attraction are shining favorably on you this month. Yes….yes…YES!!! How are you going to use this energy? Well, it is the month of romance, when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Four days before that holiday, a powerful Lunar Eclipse activates your romantic side, and you could feel more sentimental than usual. Your desire for genuine connection leads to a heart expansion. Did you ever think it was possible to feel this much at one time? Even if you are single, the hope of forthcoming love awakens the feelings within. Let go of disappointment and resist negativity. In other words, don’t complain if things aren’t working out the exact way you want. All manifestations of love begin, from the inside out, and the more you can be in a state of love, the more love you can draw into your life.

Venus magnetizes; Mars pursues. Try to strike a balance between these impulses, especially if you find yourself on the chase. You might imagine yourself within a huge force field, drawing goodness, love, and abundance into your life. Go ahead and think about that for a moment. You can truly be a huge attractor for everything you want and more than you can imagine.

This month, we have two eclipses that can lead to an intense buildup of energy. Be gentle with others, and choose your battles wisely. Your words have more punch than usual, and everyone is already a little on edge. If you don’t know what I mean, just open Facebook and read any political post. We live in amazing and changing times, and, while you have the authority to lead others, leading through domination is no longer the cool thing to do. Leading through diplomacy, harmonizing division, and organizing communities is the new Aquarian way. Though we may not be entirely there yet, you can be an example of that ideal.

Taurus: “What needs to be counted on to have a voice? Courage. Anger. Love. Something to say; someone to speak to; someone to listen.”
― Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice

Like the little warbler flying outside my window as I write your horoscope, you have a song to sing. With the buildup of energy and intensity that has thrown us all into seismic societal and personal change at the start of the year, you have to find a pressure valve. That would be your voice. Some of you may feel a real sense of urgency to speak out on behalf of a cause or political concern right now. If you need a sign from the universe, an energetic green light…


There, you have it!

The Lunar Eclipse on February 10th pushes you out of your comfort zone in a big way for two whole weeks, a good time to use your voice. With all of this momentum, you could lead a company. Or start a movement. Your limits extend only as far as your imagination allows. Therefore, if you feel stuck, expand your creative vision.

For inspiration, seek quiet places in nature to ground and hear your internal voice. Meditation or other spiritual practices can help you still the restlessness that comes from grounding yourself. If you feel a sense of chaos, remember that the point of chaos is absolute potentiality, the formless energy that precedes all created reality. Rooting yourself in everyday joys and beauty can help you give form to something remarkable.

As one born under Venus’s sign, you have a keen sense of romanticism. However, you are also practical. If you are single, Valentine’s Day might be best spent with friends. Have fun celebrating exactly where you are at this point in your life. Relax and trust you are on your right path, and align yourself to your dreams by continuing to clear stuck energy from the past. You might also seek healing or some energy work to help speed up the alignment process. From February 10 – 26, we are in a period between two eclipses, when the power of personal change is at a high point. You can use this to make shifts in your consciousness.

If you are in a relationship, you and your special someone might plan a low-key celebration. Something quiet in a rustic setting where you can commune with nature. This stillness will draw you together. Then, you can root yourselves deeper into your relationship and grow your capacity to love.

Gemini: Have you read the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go?” If not, I recommend you secure a copy and read it at least once a day this February. I have seen young graduates or children receive this book as a gift for milestone occasions when life is about to change, and directions seem unclear. This month, you have a series of breakthroughs that may seem like stepping onto unfamiliar land, exploring new places metaphorically and literally. When pushed into a new territory, your external exploration can heighten the sensitivity of your internal compass. At this point in your life, you cannot misstep. It is impossible. Too many forces (astrologically, spiritually, and energetically) are pulling for your success. You simply have to take a step forward in the direction of your most important goal, and then assess the landscape before you. You get to turn around if you don’t like it. You get second, third, and fourth chances. You have access to miracles. So, activate your playful curiosity and GO!

Mars and Venus are both in Aries, activating your imagination. Jupiter is in your fifth house of creativity. You have the intellectual bandwidth to launch a major project or endeavor and the resources at your disposal to form strategic alliances. Therefore, dream big.

February is intense for most of us, with two big eclipses. If you think our political situation is frenzied now, wait until February 26. You can be a voice of change for others during this time, and all it takes is for you to be a little social butterfly. Sure, you can spread goodness, kindness, beauty, and all that. But also share your ideas and unique perspective. You’ve thought through everything and have a lot (I mean A LOT) to say. Speak up, especially from February 9-15!

In love, this Valentine’s Day, make deepening your commitment to your special someone a focus. If you are single, hang out with friends and enjoy celebrating the freedom you have in your single life. You never know when that special someone will show up. It always happens when you least expect it!

Cancer: “I am slowly, painfully discovering that my refuge is not found in my mother, my grandmother, of even the birds of Bear River. My refuge exists in my capacity to love. If I can learn to love death then I can begin to find refuge in change.” ― Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place

The times, they are a-changing. You can feel it, can’t you? Now, being a cardinal sign, you appreciate movement in your life. You have the drive to initiate change, to take action whenever necessary, and to keep forging ahead. As a water sign ruled by the reflective moon, though, you are extra sensitive to waves of emotion that ebb and flow as changes occur. Your emotional nature can give you need for stable refuge when those emotional waters get activated. I love the above quote because there are times when deep grief and pain stretch open your heart and remind you of your capacity for love. Learning to love death means learning to love the little deaths that happen on the way to enlightenment. Even exciting new beginnings can come from loss; a new job may mean leaving behind co-workers who feel like family at an old job, for example. This month, find refuge in your capacity to love, and you might even feel it expand.

Professionally, this is the time to step out on center stage. You have the drive to achieve more recognition than ever before. Be open to a career change, as it might happen unexpectedly with a sudden offer that sends you down a new pathway. You have creative vision and the drive you need to accomplish nearly anything onto which you focus your attention. By the time the Sun moves into Pisces on February 18, you could gain an audience across international borders.

The Lunar Eclipse on February 10 illuminates some new financial possibilities. If you have been thinking about revising your investment portfolio, refinancing, or making other financial changes, let your heart and head coordinate. You need a healthy mix of intuition and figures. Seek guidance from trusted advisors and plan strategically.

Because this is the month dedicated to the heart and romantic love, you may have some questions about your love life. With the love planets in the sign of Aries, another Cardinal sign, you might feel inclined to make a bold move regarding your relationship. You can access courage unlike any time before, but discern the exact right moment. If you wait until February 22to make a decision, you could be a little too late. Act between February 10 and 18. If you are single, rather than spin your wheels trying every dating site, focus on self-love and nurture you. The deeper you fall in love with the person you are, the more attractive you will be for another.

Leo: Unstoppable. Brave. Powerful. Alive. Write down these words on post-it papers and affix them to your bathroom mirror or bedroom closet. This month, you are on fire, and your passion, enthusiasm, and momentum are contagious. Think for a moment; what intentions did you set at the beginning of the year? Your manifesting process has gotten a jump-start from the Universe. You may not have realized things would happen so quickly. All of this sudden change is indicative of bigger themes operating in our communities at this time. The universe has taken its foot off the energetic brakes; all systems have been fired up and ready to go! This is a revolution for the world and an evolution of your personal life.

Your evolutionary process is gentler than others because yours is all about stepping into your power. When you do that, any fear of failure dissipates. You may have extra momentum for creative ideas that need implementation, a drive to express yourself through the written word (even if limited to 140 characters), and all other forms of artistry. Creative blocks and resistance are growth opportunities. Once you meet them head-on, you lift any energetic veil of invisibility. In other words, if you want to be seen in a more public way, work through resistance and do not give up!

Resistance takes many forms. It could show up as procrastination, duties and responsibilities you’ve adopted for others that keep you away from your own stuff, and the list goes on. Ultimately, resistance to your purposeful creative expression is a resistance to change. For more insight about how you can move through resistance and navigate life changes, you might check out the book, “ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change” by Sharon Weil, another LVBX contributor.

Love features prominently in your horoscope. From February 3 to the end of the month, both relationship planets (Venus and Mars) will be in fellow fire sign, Aries. This influence can heighten your romantic desire and draw you closer to your special someone. Passion is a keyword. If your relationship has been somewhat lackluster, a profound internal transformation on February 10 could lead to a breakthrough. For those of you who are single, this is a good time to take personal inventory and make a stand for what you want. Ask, and you shall receive.

Virgo: The Internet is like a landscape for you to explore. Any one Google search could send you down a rabbit hole, into a sort of wonderland of strangeness. So, follow your curiosity for creative expansion. Allow yourself to playfully procrastinate, getting distracted by new ideas. I have a friend who has an exercise she does called “Ouija Mouse.” She will get an intuitive sense of something to look up online. Then, she clicks her search findings, and follows links until she arrives at a message from higher sources. She keeps her mind completely open, and follows the gut feeling without judgment. You might consider trying something like this early in the month, especially if you feel stuck in any way.

Your sixth sense is extra activated right now. Pay attention to your gut feelings or any direction from your internal GPS system, as they will specifically point you in the direction of more financial abundance. Follow synchronicity, and learn to read signs in your environment.

Your biggest challenge (and best opportunity) this month is to strike a balance between the day-to-day responsibilities and the creative impulses that have been activated within you. This tension culminates with the Lunar Eclipse on February 10. From this time of chaos, your inner artist been born. In this time of revolution, new forms of music, film, art, and literature need to emerge to meet the expansion of consciousness in our collective. Be that change. You have a lot to say, and new platforms upon which to articulate your thoughts. Use your voice boldly and unapologetically. You are a world-changer and thought leader.

Nothing inspires creativity like love, and this is the most romantic month of the year for you. Expressions of love like poetry are rooted in deep desire for intimacy. Though you try to intellectualize or analyze your romantic feelings, you have other forces leading you into more intense experiences of passionate desire this month. In fact, you might feel as if you can’t control your emotions. Good for you! This is part of the breakdown of your ego; your emotions are leading you toward enlightenment. They may not make sense, but that does not mean there need to be any judgment. Go with the flow, remaining open to new possibilities. On February 26, you will have a major breakthrough in your ability to give and receive love. This is a major turning point, a new beginning.

Libra: “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare

As one born under the partnership sign, you tend to be more sensitive to others’ energies. When your partner is having a bad day, you feel it, too. Well, if you open any social media or read the news, you can’t help but notice the entire country is having a series of really bad days. You feel it on every level, regardless of your political leanings. We are in a time of revolution, when our artists and visionaries are being called to come out of hiding and become agents of change.

In many conflictual situations, Mars features prominently, and this month, Mars is more activated than usual. Conflicts can lead to evolutionary processes, and change. Therefore, we cannot judge them as either good or bad. You are undergoing a deeper personal transformation that may require you to enter conflictual situations head-on and serve as a mediator or healer. Keep your cool and step gently into these hot waters. You will get used to the feeling of using your voice. Be clear with your words and commit to truth.

Take your destiny into your hands by being true to yourself and asserting yourself in your interpersonal relationships, especially in the two weeks between eclipses, February 10-26. This is an intense time for everyone! Make decisions and ask for what you want! As a Libra, you have a real need to make sure you’re okay with others, but this has not always served you, has it? As a result, you’ve learned how to be more diplomatic, to say what you want without upsetting others. This month, you have a lot to say! Saturn in your third house can help you craft the right words to say in any situation, but first, you have to release your inner critic from its usual duties, especially on February 22.

For true partnership to work, you have to balance that assertive Mars energy with the harmonizing Venus energy. Venus magnetizes and attracts, Mars asserts and pursues with passion. Venus is more other-directed, Mars more self-directed. Once you find that balance within yourself, you can create true reciprocity in relationships. You cannot please another at the expense of yourself! That is an old paradigm, and you’ve outgrown it. This is the most romantic month of the year for you, and a game-changer in terms of your love relationships. With Venus and Mars both in your relationship house, and the Sun in fellow air sign, Aquarius, you could experience the joys and wonders of true love. More than simply expressing your love through song, poems, or Valentine’s Day gifts, you get to experience love to a degree that will blow your mind! Take destiny into your own hands and commit to loving you and another, in balance. You are finally ready for relationship status change.



by Mary Oliver

Not anyone who says, “I’m going to be

careful and smart in matters of love,”

who says, “I’m going to choose slowly,”

but only those lovers who didn’t choose at all

but were, as it were, chosen

by something invisible and powerful and uncontrollable

and beautiful and possibly even

unsuitable —

only those know what I’m talking about

in this talking about love.

from: Felicity: Poems by Mary Oliver, Penguin Press.

So, I know a little secret about you, Scorpio. You care more than you want to. On the outside, you may have a cool, calm exterior, but inside, wild currents of emotions stir inside. You love deeply, passionately, and intensely. And what can you do about all those feelings? This month, you might find ways to access stuck or repressed emotions. These can be transmuted in ways that heal shame, grief, anger, and hurt from the past.

We have two eclipses this month, the Lunar Eclipse on February 10 and the Solar on February 26. Eclipses are like super-powered Full and New Moons. The first enlightens our awareness, makes us see what has been hidden in shadows. This stirs within us the need for change. By the second on February 26, we cannot ignore the need for movement and change, and we tend to act according to the newly discovered truth. The window of time between two eclipses feels like a groundswell of energy. It’s intense for all of us. Add to it the fact that Mars squares Pluto on February 22, making us all ready for a battle. How can you keep your cool while honoring your passion? Turn to art.

If you are making changes to your home or making a move, clearing clutter is your theme for the month. Purge anything you don’t love or need. For Feng Shui tips about how you can use your living space to manifest more abundance in your life, read the book, “Mind, Body, Home” by LVBX Magazine contributor Tisha Morris. It is a valuable resource. By clearing your home, you create energetic shifts that ripple into every area of your life, including your relationship.

Sagittarius: How can we talk about February without talking about Valentine’s Day? This is the month in which we celebrate love, and you have a lot of love to celebrate! From your most intimate partner to friends and family and then to nature, you have had rich experiences of love. Love is the most powerful force we have for motivating action and inspiring change. In fact, it is the only emotion that can overshadow fear. Think about it. When you fall in love with someone, you are willing to risk almost anything to have that connection, that intimacy. If you have ever had a relationship of which your parents didn’t approve, you can understand what I mean. Love pumps our heart, sending blood throughout our body, and when our blood gets moving, we want to take action, to be brave. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules the circulatory system. On February 10, the Lunar Eclipse activates both of these points. What does this mean for you? Passion unlike anything you have experienced before.

At our core, we are connected, all citizens of Mother Earth and made up of the substance of stars. When you zoom out and see that big picture, you can see how you are one part of the beautiful, magnificent whole. There is a divine order to it all. And you have an important role to play, a powerful voice to share, and a self that wants expression. Because you were born under the fact-checking sign, you have a radar for untruth. In your personal relationships, hold others to your high standard, but keep an open mind. Some might not be clear about their own truths, and we can all have confusion from time to time. Tolerance requires compassion and the ability to see from an expanded perspective.

You have a stronger sense of purpose now more than ever. Move in the direction of your own internal true north. Your intuition will guide you in business matters, and if your gut sense tells you something, pay attention! This is especially true after February 18.

Venus and Mars are both in fellow fire sign, Aries, from February 3 throughout the month. If you are in a relationship, the entire month can be a poem in motion. Use your words, affection, and gifts to communicate your deeper desire for intimacy. However, to make real, lasting change in your relationship, focus your thoughts on the positive. What aspects of your special someone do you most appreciate? If you are single, make that question about yourself. All relationships trigger us in some ways. The key to lasting love this month is to channel your passion and internal fire in ways that bring you together. This is especially true on February 22. The eclipses catalyze change, and you will heal any blocks or barriers to having the love you want.It starts with feeling a fundamental sense of belonging.

Capricorn: Have you ever read a book that changed your entire life because it made you see things from an entirely new perspective? Stories have that kind of power. They influence us at a core level. If you want to change someone’s perspective, rather than presenting facts and figures, tug at their heartstrings. Tell your story. You could get the chance to speak up on behalf of a cause this month. Certainly, there are enough issues up for us at time to find at least one to which you align. Share your unique perspective, your voice.

On a more practical note, this is an important month for attending to the details of your life. Organize your home and go through a big purge of stuff you no longer want or need, start preparing your taxes, and take care of any family needs. These tasks provide a sense of order in a time of chaos and could give you some sense of control, especially from February 10-26, when emotions intensify and stressors run a bit higher than usual.

We have two potent eclipses. The first one on February 10 highlights your eighth house of shared resources, long-term investments, mortgages and other types of financing. If you are making a major purchase, trying to secure a loan, or adjusting any of your investment portfolio, you might receive unexpected news. If you hit roadblocks, turn in new directions. On February 26, everything could smooth out, signaling the time for a new beginning.

If you are in a relationship, you could have a few minor ups and downs, especially on February 22. Big internal shifts in awareness or awakenings, along with external changes beyond your control have more emotional weight than you may realize. Your go-to coping mechanism has always been to look logically and come up with practical solutions. However, you cannot ignore your feelings or continue to push them down without consequences. Keep a journal to record your thoughts, and try to remain positive in the midst of all this change. It’s a brief period that you will get through. And when you do, it will all be worth it. If you are single, focus your intention on what you absolutely want, without making concessions based on what you think you might actually get to have. When dreaming, anything and everything is possible.




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