The Common Mistake of Trying to “Gain Control” Over Food

The Common Mistake of Trying to “Gain Control” Over Food, LVBX Magazine
Our pursuit of “control,”

based on the very false assumption that we can make our food go our way if we just try hard enough, is the product of truly delusional thinking,

considering the infinite and unknowable universe in which we live.

Let’s be real—

We are NOT in control of our body’s needs in any given moment,

We are NOT in control of our emotional needs in any given moment,

And despite what many self-help gurus might suggest,

We are NOT in control of our every reaction to triggering, environmental stimuli.

We are only human,

and denying or trying to change this fundamental reality, 

is a sucker’s game—leading only to frustration, rebellion, and evermore compulsive behavior.

Contrary to the suggestion of every diet book ever,

sanity around food will NOT be afforded to those who tirelessly try to gain control—

the pursuit of which is a never-ending hamster-wheel leading only to dead-ends and rebellious outbursts,

but rather,

sanity will be afforded to those who make peace with and accept 
our fundamental out-of-control-ness,

to those who can ride the waves
of uncertainty, of messiness, of human error,

to those who can sit in food-chaos, and find okay-ness

Isabel Foxen Duke is the Creator of Stop Fighting Food — a free video training series for women who want to “stop feeling crazy around food” (and stop binge-eating, emotional eating, and other compulsive food behaviors in the process). You can sign up for her free video training series at, and her blog, “How to Not Eat Cake… really fast, standing up, when nobody’s looking,” can be found at



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