Finding Your Unique Voice in a Sea of Sound

Finding Your Unique Voice in a Sea of Sound, LVBX Magazine
As amazing women leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs we find ourselves sometimes pulled under the waves of others. This person’s shop is bigger, this person’s website is more on point. And we forget the essence of who we are and why we do the work we do in the first place.

Your work and your style is uniquely your own. The experiences that have brought you this far in your life and business cannot be copied by anyone else, and that is what your unique selling point and unique mark is.

This sea of sound – the tweets, the promotions, the workshops, the list of accomplishments from all the others – and I know you are surrounded by amazing go-getters because that is how we lift each other up – can also be a detriment to your progress moving forward.Or you may… find your voice is being blended in and sounding very similar to others. It happens to the best of us. You listened to this speaker, you saw this artist, and you see how they do things and what really happens is that becomes entwined with your voice.

How to Find Your Unique Voice

Look at your biggest obstacles in life so far. Look at how far you have come and exactly how you grew from those experiences within your life and business. Celebrate those, because no one else overcame those things exactly as you did.

Did you do it gracefully? Emotionally? Like a hurricane? All of those voices and experiences are valid. It’s now just owning it that that is how you do things.

And it’s okay.

Now, what to do when there is a sea of sound and your voice just cannot be heard amongst the crashing waves (the tweets, the videos, the magazine articles, the promotions, etc.)? You bring up the volume on you. The gracefulness – embody it more, share it more. The emotionality you bring it, you fully embrace it.

This is what separates the voices from the sea of same sounds. Bring out that uniqueness in a way unparalleled and unapologetic. There is no more shifting needed, no more refining of your voice – it’s already there. You just have been engulfed by the sea of sound, time to get back on to the shore.

LVBX MagazineIsabelle Rizo is a singularity storytelling consultant, artist, and lecturer who has been named one of the “Top 7 Entrepreneur Advisors.”  She brings together technology, digital media, and storytelling for brands that change paradigms. An artist and teacher to her core when not working she focuses on developing mixed-media artwork that inspires conversation on perspective and polarities. You can connect with her at



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