How Are You Hiding Your Heart?

How Are You Hiding Your Heart, LVBX Magazine
with Megan Weks

I’ve come to realize that we all have certain powers that we use.
Powers that we use, which hide our hearts.
What are yours?
What kind of rabbit do you pull out of your hat?
When you’re around a potential partner/lover or new group of people, do you put on a show?
Do you use your humor, wit, intelligence, or looks to steal the attention or affection of the ones before you?
Maybe you use all three or more.
I see this in my practice and it’s becoming evident that we are putting on a show in the face of others when we feel uneasy, nervous, or unsafe.
We are showing what we perceive as the most attractive parts of ourselves.
We may try hard to create witty banter on texts to stand out from the crowd.
We flirt sexually or give in with our bodies or sex.
We fill in the space with meaningless nervous talk or babble.
Or maybe we try to dazzle him with our knowledge of sports or talk on financial markets, etc.
We might wow him with our knowledge of other languages.
We might show and tell many things to prove that we are the best possible catch for him.
In the back of our heads is an overflowing sea of endless options, that we might imagine is spread before him.
We want to show him the we are the best woman.
These methods may allow us to stand out, but do they really allow you to shine?
Our heart is at its most radiant when we can sit still and let it shine.
When you realize that you are enough for him, just as you are, you lose the need to show or impress.
Is it possible that you can just be?
Can you stand still in your vulnerability in front of him.
Can you stand there with an open heart and risk it being bruised or rejected.
It’s important to show all the assets of your personality.
I simply want you to be aware if you tend to lead the “powers” mentioned to prove your worthiness to him.
Do you know that your greatest secret power lies inside of you?
Your heart is the greatest superpower of all.
Your heart and your kindness.
All you have to do is unravel it and allow it to breath.

Here are some steps to open up your heart and use your greatest superpower:

  1. Save the best for last. Realize that you are enough just the way you are. You do not have to pull all of your tricks out of the hat right away to show him of your worth. It’s more attractive if you leave some tricks and surprises for the future.
  2. Let it be seen. As he sits in front of you, allow your heart to become exposed. Practice this by visualizing your chest opening up so that your heart becomes visible to those around you. Feel the air touch your heart and practice sitting with this vulnerable feeling. Tell yourself that you must risk your heart to get the reward of love. I’m not asking you to hand over your heart on a silver platter. I simply want you to bring your heart out with you to play.
  3. Find the “off switch.” Be still. Check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are leading the conversation all the time and working to please others. Practice sitting still and becoming warm and open with others. Create the space to allow others to lead the conversation. See what happens when you “lean back” and allow others to take the lead. Realize that you don’t have to be “on” all the time.
  4. Shine your light. You can accomplish so much with others when you grow warm and loving thoughts inside and allow them to shine through your smile and eyes.

Hand in the punch card. Stop overworking to prove yourself. Stop doing so many things for him or others and create the space for things to come to you. You and your feminine heart is enough and you need not do more to show your value. Slow it down and let the power of your heart do the talking for you. Allow it to shine.

MEGAN_WEKSMegan Weks is an international dating and relationship expert who specializes in helping women get the admiration they deserve from men, and to keep it. She is a certified specialist in her field, but one of her biggest credentials is her personal story.  Living in New York City for over a decade, Megan has had the opportunity to meet and date many different men.  Through working with a relationship guru, she literally changed from crumb-picking and obsessing over men who didn’t deserve her, to being called a “man whisperer” who men (including her now-husband) would never leave. Megan’s career is devoted to helping women who struggle with the men in their lives, to turn it all around and keep the men they desire. Megan coaches individual women in intense programs with her proven Lean Back for Love System and principles. She also runs a private online woman’s discussion group where women are supported with these principles. You can connect with her on her website LVBX readers are also eligible to receive a complimentary feminine energy mini-session. Reach out to her on Twitter or Facebook, and subscribe to her LVBX LIVE videos and join her Facebook group The Sovereign Jewel Sisterhood.

Megan’s Philosophy: Lean Back (definition) – The posture of a fully self-actualized woman, which allows men and their energies to flow toward her.  She is focused on herself and her life as an individual, in preparation and willingness to receive her greatest love in return.



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