Musician Profile: Julietta

Musician Profile: Julietta, LVBX Magazine

Meet New York-based artist, Julietta. With her sultry vocals and flawless sound, the musician effortlessly puts forth a mood which is all her own. From how she first landed in the industry to her pre-show rituals, and even her nighttime beauty routine, she shares it all with us.

Tell us about your background, how did you get started in the industry? I always loved to sing and to write. It’s what saved me when I didn’t know what to do with the pain in my heart. Whether it was in my room singing to myself, or on a stage at school – I didn’t care where, just needed it. I was in the musical theater program during my high school years. When I got to Emerson college, I started to record covers on my computer while also continuing to write my own stuff. When I graduated with a marketing and journalism degree it was clear to me, I absolutely needed to pursue my music or I would be a very sad human at an office job.

Tell us about your upcoming release: My newest single ‘Beach Break’ was written between time spent running from the studio to the beach for a little ‘beach break’, while at Maderas Village studios in Nicaragua. I’m very excited to release it!

What has been your favorite venue to perform at to-date, and why? My favorite venue that I’ve performed at is definitely Rough Trade in Williamsburg. The sound system in there is so good, I could hear myself purrrrrfectly to where I did wanna purrrrrr, haha. Also the people there were so helpful and professional – it was great!

What is the typical energy or mood you’re trying to elicit during your shows, from yourself and the crowd? Definitely an intimate energy. I want the audience to feel like its just us in the room. One on one, even when there are hundreds.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? Yes. I warm up my voice before every show with some awkward warm-ups, have a whiskey on the rocks, and a little jump around the dressing room to get the energy flowing.

How do you find time for yourself; what is meaningful to you? I always find time for yoga or a workout. It’s my meditation time.

Where do you find inspiration? When I travel, I find so much inspiration. Also when I am meditating and getting to know myself, it’s inspiring.

The one skincare product you can’t live without? Coconut oil

How do you keep up with your daily routines while on the road? I set personal alerts in my calendar on my phone, even if it’s as simple as “I am relaxed and fearless.”

What is your typical style uniform? How can your style best be described? I would say I like a mixture of vintage with the 90’s.

The hardest part about the industry that no one told you about? Not everyone in it is an artist.

What’s your nighttime beauty routine? Just wash my face with Clarins wash and slap on some coconut oil and call it a day!

Listen to her latest single, ‘Beach Break’ HERE.

Photography courtesy of Andrew Noel.



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