January Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and consultant with an international client base of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She hosts a regular video podcast/Internet radio show called Blissen Up about astrology and spirituality. An internationally recognized speaker, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Rachel helps her clients access spiritual and astrological insights to live more successful, purposeful lives. She empowers them in decision-making processes by identifying challenging influences or blocks. Then, she maps out astrological trends and forecasts to help clients see a clearer vision of the future. In client sessions, she focuses on event planning and timing, making and timing major decisions, navigating love life challenges, helping achieve career goals, timing of legal issues, planning travel and tours using astrocartography, making financial adjustments, and more.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Happy birthday! I invite you to kick off your new solar year with a moment of reflection. Take a deep breath and think about 2016. What was your major theme for the year? What accomplishments did you achieve? Did you fall in love? Did you grieve a loss? Did you let go of something or someone? It was a transformational time for all of us on the planet, but you may have felt it more intensely than other signs because you experienced a culmination of changes that began in 2012. For four years, the Universe has been working with you to co-create your life in significant ways. As we enter 2017, you are beginning the next chapter of your life.

Because this is such a powerful time of manifestation for you, each word you speak is like a magic spell. If you find yourself saying, “life is hard,” you might find that you manifest hard times. Likewise, if you catch yourself saying, “We’re never going to make it through traffic,” your experience on the 405 could drag on and on. I’m not suggesting you sugarcoat your reality or slip into denial. Rather, consider infusing a little positivity into each utterance. Make the glass-half-full mentality more of a baseline, and your life will start to reflect that shift.

You walk a fine line between the past and present this month. Mercury starts this month in retrograde, an excellent time for playing catch-up and finishing projects before kicking off the new year.

The influence of the New Moon on January 27 could inspire your inner entrepreneur. You have the perspective of a visionary, but your ideas might need to percolate a little longer. Take time and outline the necessary steps to take toward reaching your goal. In the meantime, enjoy a positive cash flow. You could get a bonus or raise at work or come into some extra money from an unexpected source after January 19.

What changes would you like to see in your life? Think about this question, and maybe create a vision board or list of intentions. Rather than waiting to see what events unfold, take charge of your life and set yearly goals in your finances, relationship, career, family, home, and health. In doing so, you create a framework to live within, which is more efficacious than mapping out resolutions. You might want to check out “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire,” by Deepak Chopra or “E2” by Pam Grout for inspiration. If you are unfamiliar with concepts like the universal law of attraction, you might benefit from learning about it this month to fine-tune your spell casting.

As the year begins, you might find yourself traveling to visit friends or taking short trips for work. Because there are considerable life changes on the horizon, celebrate the new year, your birthday, and everything else with friends as often as you can. Go ahead and be a little selfish! After all, you have the entire year to give to others. It’s your time now.

Emphasize romance in your love life, nestling up with your special someone on cold nights. Though you might normally be the practical one in the relationship, try to treat your love more tenderly than usual. A little bit of sweetness can go a long way this month. If you are single, enjoy the freedom you have, and make time to get together with friends. The more you get out and about, the more you increase your chances of meeting someone new. You may have become jaded about love over time, but hope can always be restored if you believe in the power of love. Heal the past on January 12 for a brighter love future.

Aquarius (January  20-February 18): Let me start your horoscope with a story. Once upon a time, Humpty Dumpty lived inside of a commune protected by fortress walls. He loved the compound, and enjoyed the very few people he met inside the giant walls. However, he became curious about what he might see on the other side of the walls. The walls had been built to protect him, but he had begun to feel restless inside the contained space. As an Aquarius, he knew his purpose was to see beyond the box.

He searched for and found a ladder, climbed up on the wall for the first time, and sat there, observing the view. The view was magnificent, more than he could have imagined. It took his breath away, in fact. All of a sudden, thunder rumbled in the distance, and winds started to blow. He hurried to climb back down, but in doing so, the ladder fell. He sat back on the wall, strategizing how to get down. That’s when he lost his balance. Yikes!! He fell from the wall, calling for help as he landed on the ground. He couldn’t move his body. His bones had been broken. The king’s horses and men heard his call but could not get beyond the walls of the compound to put him back together again.

Night after night, Humpty Dumpty called for the horses and men. He asked for help. However, life on the outside of the wall worked differently than it did on the inside. He had to open his mind to other possibilities. He learned to reach out beyond his comfort zone. He prayed, and interacted with elemental creatures who offered him food and company. Though he grieved the life in the fortress, he was aware that a new life was starting to begin. He felt excitement about the new possibilities opening for him, ones that would have never manifested had he not fallen apart. Suddenly, one night, a woman on a white horse rode by, saw him lying on the ground, tended to his broken bones, lifted him onto her horse, and rode him to her home, and he healed over time.

We all put up energetic walls that keep people from seeing our soft, tender, vulnerable sides. We keep our emotions trapped by intellectualizing our experiences or wearing masks of stoic exteriors. In falling apart, we break down unhealthy ego structures that keep people out. In breaking down, we rebuild even stronger. This month, you are being asked to experience some deep emotions, perhaps ones that have been suppressed or repressed. Honor the process unfolding for you at this time, and take time for healing.

The New Moon on January 27 will kick-start your year, and you will rise more powerfully than ever. In the meantime, let others into your heart. Break down your resistances or emotional barriers to intimacy and connection. You are opening yourself to big love, and a big relationship shift will follow in the summer, about six months from now. In the meantime, you may want to work with a healer or therapist to help release old unhealthy patterns.

The more you open to all creative possibilities in your personal life, the greater you can manifest in your professional life as well. See all aspects of your life from a more expanded view, a higher perspective, as we start the new year.

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Have you ever been ice-skating? The first time I tried ice-skating, I hovered close to the wall and hung on for dear life. Eventually, I found the courage I needed to let go of the wall and gradually found my balance. After an hour or so, I glided around the rink like other novice skaters. 2016 may have felt a lot like this for you, as tremendous changes and tests of faith pushed you to let go of your old systems of support. You let go and found your balance. You have laid the groundwork for remarkable new beginnings. As you enter 2017, maintain your stride and keep going.

As a Pisces, you might not always want to admit your sensitivity to others’ emotions and vibes, which is why you need to find trusted friends you can lean on.

You are on fire in so many ways, especially in your professional life. You may have recently passed a huge milestone in your overall career path, which could connect you to a new community and social circle. Before you pop the champagne, realize the abundance available to you requires your participation. Listen to your gut, your intuition. It never leads you astray. Focus on your soul’s urge. What is that calling? If you try too hard to control the outcome of events or resist the tug of the universe, you could experience some delays. Let it flow, and then let go.

I propose this mantra for you as you start your new year:

I open my heart. I am receptive to the abundant love and goodness available for me right now and always. I welcome the spirit of generosity. In receiving, I have more to give; in giving, I receive.

In the first part of the month, you might he aware of items in your home that you want to purge. A good solid cleaning would be a great way to get ready for the new year. Out with the old and in with the new. Your physical body could also use a little detox. Finally, clear your thoughts if you have any recurring negative ones that eat away at you.

Venus enters your sign on January 2, and under this influence, you could feel inspired to update your look. Consult with your stylist friends and gather information at the beginning of the month, and then make any desired changes after January 20.

Under the influence of the Full Moon in Cancer on January 12, your romantic sensibilities could reach an all-time high. This is the beginning of the year and perhaps the start of a new relationship as well. Trust in the synchronicity you have experienced over the past two months. With Mars and Venus both transiting through your sign, love is an absolute highlight of your month. To add to the power of all that love-full energy, Venus and Neptune join up on January 12 in your sign. If you are single, you could meet your person, your love. If you are involved, you might heal any major conflicts and recommit to one another. Even if you have no interest in a partnership, you will feel deepened connections and openness to intimacy. Neptune activates the higher octave of your heart chakra, and you could be incredibly aligned to the vibration of love.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Every rocket needs propellant to generate the force required to zoom up into space. Fuel and oxygen. Of course, you want to fly unencumbered into your magnificent future, but do you have enough energy to move at lightspeed? We start this year with Mercury in retrograde, giving us the idea that we are moving back in time. Your reflection on the past is consuming too much energy for you to fly forward. For a moment, take a deep breath and remember, your goals, dreams, desires, and manifestations have their own divine time. If you try to force your life to follow a specific timeline, you may find yourself hitting your head against a wall in frustration when you feel frustrated; plans change, or delays occur. Every disappointment is a doorway to magic. Only in retrospect can we see the divine plan unfolding. Magic happens when you live in the present moment, reveling in the wonder of the beauty unfolding in your life and following synchronicity. So, while you may create a vision board to start 2017, the manifestation of those dreams happens when you live in the now.

I offer you a mantra for this first month of January 2017.

Passion is my fuel, and breath my oxygen. I am a rocket ready to launch. I breathe in the fullness of this moment in time, filling my lungs and body with the air in this room. In exhaling, I release any tension. My life unfolds intentionally, according to a co-created divine plan. I never have to wait for what I want because it is manifesting every moment of every day.

Your work/life balance may need some adjusting when the influence of the Full Moon on January 12 polarizes your professional and personal desires. Added responsibilities at work could mean less time with your family (including your pets). While this may play out in actual scenarios at work and home, it could also present itself more subtly, in your thoughts and emotions. You may feel a deeper divide between your drive to promote yourself in the public eye and a quieter but a more urgent internal call to emotionally find equilibrium. Because so many circumstances have shifted and changed over the past four years, you may have stayed on the run and not taken the time to step back and assess your emotional needs. In times of sudden losses, you can easily avoid grief by staying busy. Likewise, in times of transition, you tend to move into the new without saying a proper “goodbye” to the past. Without a solid emotional foundation, anything you build professionally will be like a castle on sand. Therefore, at the beginning of the month, while Mercury is still retrograde, reflect on the highs and lows of 2016. Play them back in your mind. In stillness, feel the emotions that come up for you, like grief, disappointment, regret, pride, joy, or love. Write it down in a journal or speak it out to a healer, astrologer, therapist, or other trusted witness.  By the time Mercury stations direct on January 8, you will be ready to lay groundwork for new endeavors. Until then, heal the past.

Because freedom has been a key word for you this past year, you may feel restless within relationships. Assert your needs and wants, and you might find your partner agrees with a less-than-conventional approach to your relationship. If you are single, take advantage of your independence. You might want to travel or become more active in outdoor activities. Find ways to fuel your passion, energize your body, and enliven your spirit. This month, it’s all about you.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Let’s start your horoscope with an activity. Take five minutes and listen to your favorite version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

There’s a blaze of light in every word

It doesn’t matter which you heard

The holy or the broken hallelujah”

Now, after listening, can you feel your hallelujah?

If you have ever experienced an extreme passion for a person, cause, or idea, you understand how the intense pulse of that emotion could overshadow the sometimes quiet voice of conscience. Passion creates heat, pure kinetic energy, that inspires action. Yet, we understand that certain actions under the influence of unbridled passion could have unpleasant consequences. If you have been reflecting on your past decisions and feeling any regret, remember these lyrics. Your consciousness, higher self, and the divine work miraculously in your life no matter what decisions you have made or what consequences may follow. If you read the stories of Sampson and King David (to which Cohen alluded in the “Hallelujah” lyrics), you can see the synchronistic unfoldment of history, foreshadows and miracles. From the cracked open, broken Hallelujah, a new story hatches, one in which God’s goodness and beneficence shine as healing light. All “mistakes” can lead to new pathways of enlightenment, as they offer opportunities to break patterns and learn lessons.

As you reflect on your life during this transition from one year to a next, you may feel pings of regret stinging inside. Before setting resolutions or intentions for new beginnings, offer your broken hallelujah and praise each twist and turn in your life path. You are close to the miracle, ready to experience the divine light and synchronicity that is only available to you now because of your journey thus far.

After January 8, your 2017 kicks off with a bang. Celebrations, parties, and social events could crowd your calendar. Accept any travel invitations and help honor your loved ones’ milestones or big events. You have stellar influences for deepening friendships, as well as for networking and meeting new friends, especially at the Full Moon on January 12.

Finish work projects and tie up loose ends in the early part of the month. By January 19, practice unapologetic self-promotion. Use social media to build your audience, win recognition, attract new business, or earn a promotion. You might even consider hiring a publicist or agent to help, especially if you are shy about your work.

In love, focus on the positive if you are in a relationship. If certain of your partner’s behaviors disappoint or bother you, raise his or her awareness gently and preemptively try to diffuse any unsettled resentment. This year is incredibly powerful for you, and you have creative power. Therefore, avoid complaining or criticizing, or you will just create more of the same. Try to identify three points of gratitude each day about your love life, whether you are single or involved. If you are single, check to make sure your bedroom has room for your special someone. You may consider placing roses on the nightstand to symbolize your readiness and desire for love. Anything you do to spark that feeling of romance will help attune you to the vibration of love!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): You may pride yourself on your talent for multitasking. Your mind moves swiftly from one thought to the next, and you have programmed yourself to essentially focus your attention in two or more places at one time. While your talent gives you the ability to master your calendar program and attend to logistical details, it can create a dilemma if you are trying to allow more magic to happen in your life. 2017 can be a year of magic, miracles beyond imagination, and brilliant new beginnings for you. Therefore, I propose this mantra for you:

I trust that Spirit works through everything seen and unseen in my created reality for the purpose of meeting my needs and wants. I willingly allow myself to participate with everything, releasing my need to control my destiny. I see my future as an unfolding series of magical events, and I look forward to watching the story of my life unfold.

Little synchronicities in your life can add up to big miracles. That traffic jam you hit on the way to made you five minutes late for work, but you arrived just in time to slip into an open elevator where an attractive someone (who was also running five minutes late) happened to be pushing the button to close the door. After a brief introductory conversation, you two realize you live just blocks away from one another and decide to meet up for coffee. The magic of romance sparked when you least expected it and in perfect timing. If you have ever fallen in love, you probably have one of these sorts of stories. That’s magic.

This month, in moments of frustration, delay, or anxiety, try to pivot your awareness from those stressed out emotions toward playful curiosity.  Release your grip on the outcomes of your life and allow divine intervention to show you more abundant revelry than you could even imagine for yourself. How do you let go? Take deep breaths, still your body, meditate, and relax your muscles. Relaxation is a key that can unlock magic in your life.

2017 starts with opportunity and intuition. You have an overarching sense that something good is about to happen. When your ruling planet, Mercury, stations direct on January 8, your writer’s block clears. Your mind-blowing creative ideas could gain an audience after the Sun enters Aquarius on January 19. This is an excellent time to promote your work, hire an agent or representative, or dive into a video project.

The influence of the New Moon on January 27 inspires you to explore new destinations, from the new restaurant down the street to a foreign country across the ocean. Follow the signs you have recently received. They are giving you the go-ahead to journey afar. Allow magic into the mix and the details will come together in perfect order.

Now, once you have unlocked the key to magic, love keeps it flowing in your life. If you are in a relationship, find new ways to appreciate your person. If you are single, Mercury in retrograde could present you with a repeat performance of a past relationship early in the month. Learn your history lessons, but shift away from the unhealthy paradigm. Ask yourself, “Is this the best I can do?” Then, make decisions according to your answer.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Like a phoenix, you have risen from the ashes over the past year, and don’t you look stunning! Did you ever believe you could shine this brightly? Okay, before you fly off into 2017, you might want to do a quick review of all you released in 2016.  You have worked with dedicated focus to heal and transmute the psychic debris from your past. You have dug deeply into your subconscious mind to unearth buried beliefs and emotions, learned to be more honest with yourself and others, and established new boundaries in relationships. In 2016, you may have encountered times when you had to put you first, and in doing so, requested reciprocity in your closest relationships. You broke down walls, allowing more intimacy in your connections. You broke down, emotionally, and in the process opened your heart to receive. Supported by the wind, the breath of spirit, you can now start a test-flight and find your balance as your soar through the air.

I offer you a mantra to start 2017:

From the ashes, I rise, whole and radiant. I am safe to express my truth, to sing my song. Spirit touches each moment with breath, and I trust the gentle guiding wind that lifts and supports me as I soar into this new beginning. I am loved. I am love.

Stellar influences at the beginning of the month could accentuate dynamic tension between your autonomous and relational needs. With outer planets activating your angular houses, you could feel pulled in different directions, and you may have to make some choices about how to best allocate your time and energy. You might have to be more selfish this month than usual and practice saying “no” to extracurricular activities or social outings.

Your professional ambition requires a certain level of self-directed energy, while your sweet Cancer heart needs love and intimate connection. For most of you, any drive for material success stems from your desire to build a secure home and future for your family. Internal tension can grow if you do not practice self-care. Therefore, make this your number one priority. You can find your center in many ways. Here are some examples: engage in a yoga practice, meditate, hike, take a bike ride, journal, read for fun, cook delicious food, or receive a massage. The more nourished you feel from the inside, the more gracefully you can show up for others.

January 12. Wow, what a day for you! Mark it on your calendar, as you may want to participate in some sort of Full Moon meditation or ritual. Make the most of the powerful energy, as any number of magical, miraculous events could concretize in your life. (For magic tips, read Gemini!) On this no-turning-back, life-changing day, Venus and Neptune meet up in Pisces, a compatible water sign, adding to the heart-opening influence of the Full Moon in your sign. The Venus-Neptune conjunction can allow you to experience an outpouring of divine love, enabling you to heal past heartbreak. If you are in a troubled relationship, this influence could help you access the clarity you need to make decisions about whether to stay or leave. If you have a healthy relationship, you may experience an exponential expansion of love, along with a deepening of commitment. This is the most romantic night of the year, when he or she could “pop the question” or together, you might decide to take your relationship to a whole new level. Whether you are single or involved, you head into the year with a surge of romance, heart-centered connections, the spark of Eros, and the poetry of partnership.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): The Sun is your sign’s guardian light, which means, symbolically speaking, you were born to shine brilliantly, to share your gifts with the world in a way that garners visibility and recognition. On some level, your soul knows this, and you could feel it in your palpable, undeniable urge to create. You have been called to express yourself, whether you do that through styling hair and makeup, fashion, photography, theatre, performing onstage, leading trainings at work, or writing blog posts. If you do not use your gifts, you may have bouts of depression or manifest interpersonal dramas. These are symptoms of a larger issue: a misalignment to your true path. How can you get back on track? Start small, in your everyday life. Experiment with art, make up social media memes, sing karaoke, or tell your spouse how you really feel about the household budget. David must have practiced his slingshot hundreds of times before aiming and hitting Goliath. Likewise, your talents require focus and discipline to effectively make a difference for others.

You might want to start your new year by writing your own mantra to repeat throughout the month. Here is a suggestion:

I have an abundance of creative energy that I can direct and focus in my everyday life. I feel secure about my ability to make a difference in the world and trust God to support me in all ways as I discern the next right steps forward on my path. I am loyal to my calling and dedicated to my purpose.

Over the past few weeks (since December 19), you may have entered into a state of hibernation to rest and recharge. Mercury has been retrograde, giving us all an opportunity for self-reflection and quiet. This influence lasts until January 8, which gives you time to revisit the major themes, lessons, events, and relationships of 2016. Before setting resolutions, let go of the past.

As we exit the season of cookies, cakes, pies, parties, eggnog, and candy canes, you might consider going through a physical detox to optimize your health. The Full Moon on January 12 could inspire a new health routine for you, one that includes a spiritual component, like meditation. Seek to balance body, mind, and spirit.

You might wonder what the stars say about your love life. If you are single, you may have attracted someone from your past back into your life during the past few weeks. By now, you have hopefully gained some clarity about the relationship and can make decisions accordingly. With Mars and Venus both moving through Pisces from January 2 – 28, any romance can deepen, revealing a more intimate connection. You might have had a rocky start, but your loyalty pays off, especially after January 19. If you are happily involved, your relationship could undergo some necessary changes to support your evolution as a couple. If you have thought about making a move or changing anything in your financial portfolio, wait until after the New Moon on January 27. The lunar influence promises a beautiful new beginning for you regarding true partnership.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.

Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where

You’re meant to be

It’s easy.

All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.

Love in this Beatles’ song might seem a bit optimistic, even unrealistic, to you. Sure, it’s an ideal: Love as absolute acceptance of everything that is and will be. Love as forgiveness, giving do-overs. That may be the love for which we strive, divine love if you will. But actually, we often find it difficult to love even ourselves in this way, much less another person. Love and relationships aren’t always, well, easy. We shame ourselves for past mistakes, criticize ourselves, and say some harsh words in our self-talk. Then, we get into relationships with others with that same back story.

People are complex. We are born into dysfunctional families and have different ego structures built up as a result of early childhood experiences. We come together to help one another evolve and grow, but our soulmate relationships and partnerships push us to the limits of anger, fear, hope, and joy. They trigger us, making us feel vulnerable and uneasy. But they are also, in many ways, our lifelines. Love sustains us, feeding our hearts and nourishing our souls. Love allows us to touch souls, and in doing so, to dance with the most divine aspects of ourselves. It brings us closer to God.

As we start the New Year, the idea of love might steal your focus and attention. The planets stack up in your relationship houses. Even if you deny your desire for romance or avoid people altogether and hide away, your soul calls for connection…and souls always get what they need.

In the beginning of the month, you may have some past business to finish up. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde until January 8. Under this influence, you may encounter a few setbacks or delays in your day-to-day work life. Go with the flow, and maybe even take a break if you get stuck.

Mercury retrograde is also a time to purge. Clear out your computer files, clean out your closets, or organize your space. While you’re on your purging mission, you might want to clear your energy field, too. See your favorite Reiki healer and get an energy tune-up. This new year is a prosperous one for you, and you might want to prepare by giving yourself an energetic blank slate to start. So, do what you do best: Clean.

The Full Moon on January 12 spotlights innovative thinking and collaboration. I encourage you to keep a notebook with you the whole day and write down any fresh ideas. Use your powerful connection to the collective mind; you could change the world.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Let’s face it; every family has its own magnificent dysfunction. Strange inherited personality traits, siblings who bicker, crazy aunts or uncles, grandparents who live in the past, and more. Our families are like constellations- groups of individual stars all made to shine but locked into pictures with one another. You may feel like the only way to shine your brightest would be to separate yourself from the family constellation.

Home means something more grounding, more internal, than family. Your family members are the people whose lives shape yours and whose lives you shape. Home encompasses a deep sense of belonging and security. You can internally experience home within yourself; even a complete nomad can feel at home. This month, life circumstances and changes within your family structure could cause you to reimagine your sense of home. Libras often feel most at home within a significant relationship. As I write this, I reflect on the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home is wherever I’m with you…”

2017 is a 1 year in numerology. The numbers 2+0+1+7=1. This one year kicks off a nine-year cycle, and the seeds you plant right now in your life will manifest as reality over the next nine years. You cannot afford to allow the opinions of others to cloud your perception or influence your path. Now is the time to set goals and maintain momentum for achievement throughout the year. You also get to be a little selfish, with Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, illuminating your first house of self. You will know your path more than anyone else in your life. You have authority over your life and can make it what you want. Try to take up more space (well…without gaining weight, that is). In business meetings, you might try speaking louder or with more authority. In your personal relationships, you could try being the one to choose date night activities or dinner venues with friends. In crowded settings, spread your elbows like Wonder Woman or Hercules. Embody your inner warrior, especially from January 19-22.

I offer you this mantra as we head into the first month of the year. Look at your reflection in the mirror as you say:

You undeniably belong and are at home wherever you go. You contribute to the whole each day through your thoughts, words, actions, and interactions with others. You have a purpose. A destiny. This is your year. Now is your time.

At the beginning of the month, you may have unexpected family obligations. Balancing your needs with those of your family members could present some challenges as the month moves on. Any heated conversations will smooth over because they are part of a deeper healing process happening for you. Things might get a little more complicated before the healing processes reach completion. By the Full Moon on January 12, you will have a newfound appreciation for your past and clarity about any conflictual situation. Your Libra scales will tip back into balance. Until then, you may feel stretched in different directions.

Love surprises you this month. If you are single, expect the unexpected, especially if you still hold a flame for someone from your past. Try online dating to meet people from outside your usual social circle, especially after the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19. You could find yourself in the throes of a steamy affair. If you are in a relationship, the heightened sense of romance featured at the end of the month could lead to exploratory conversations about the future. Plan a romantic getaway or date night on January 27, when the New Moon in Aquarius inspires your passion, especially if you and your special someone have been thinking about having a baby (or adopting a pet).

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Producers, directors, writers finishing a novel, accountants at tax time, lawyers on a case, artists finishing a masterpiece, new parents, and almost all of us at one point in our lives go through periods when all reserves of energy must be intensely focused. The creative process, in whatever form it takes, usually involves a period of deep focus, which can feel like being in a cocoon tucked away from other people. The result is almost always met with a sense of accomplishment, a triumph of dedication and commitment. The real testament to the resiliency of the human spirit is not in the outcome; it is in the process. I invite you to think of your month this way. Let’s think of 2017 as your creative endeavor. You probably envision events you hope will occur, set intentions, map out a vision board, or jot down resolutions. These goal-setting activities ritualize the process of active co-creation, even if (and especially if) you do not get the outcome you wanted. The intention, itself, is a doorway to possibility. Therefore, maintain a positive outlook, trusting in divine providence to work in your life. Your attitude at the beginning of the month about the future can set the tone for the entire year.

I offer you this mantra to start 2017:

2017 will be a creative and magical year. I have set intentions, resolutions, and dreams, and surrender any desire for a fixed outcome because I trust in the unfolding of a divine plan. I am aligned with good things because I am dedicated to following my authentic life path. I am supported in all I do in ways I can and can’t see. Thank you, Spirit, for your generous love.

Mercury is still in retrograde until January 8, an influence that can trigger those nostalgic and sentimental feelings. You might hear from people from your past or reconnect with a previous partner. This is a time of healing in all relationships, and communication is the key to reaching that objective. When having reparatory conversations, speak from your heart with compassion. Others in your life may not communicate as honestly as you do, but they may not have gone to the depths of self-reflection you have. If you sense any mixed messages, ask questions, be curious, and probe a little deeper.

The Full Moon on January 12 highlights your adventurous side. You might need to take a mini vacation or at least have a weekend getaway to experience a new landscape. Take a break from it all, especially from worry about financial concerns.

On January 19, the Sun moves into your solar fourth house, where it will shine its light on your home and family. If you have been on the search for a new house, plotting a move, or considering a renovation, you could get the green light on January 27, under the influence of the New Moon.

Neptune, the dreamy planet of imagination, and Venus, the planet of heart-opening connection, will be meeting up in the heavens and shining on your love life. This is a time of sacred engagements, synchronistic meetings, and fated encounters. If you are single, your prospects look good for meeting someone new, with Venus moving into Pisces January 2 and Mars in that dreamy water sign until January 28. If you are in a relationship, you might feel suddenly foggy, dreamy, and ungrounded under the Neptune/Pisces energy and may not have as much clarity about relationships as usual. What Neptune wants more than anything is to inspire poetry inside of you, to turn up the volume on romance, and to dissolve any resistance to love. So, go with it! Soften your approach with your partner and try a little tenderness. When you experience a mind-blowing connection, you can thank your lucky stars. This is an important time for healing, especially if your relationship has had more downs than ups.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Happy New Year! You are probably jumping up and down with excitement as 2016 ends and a new year begins. Congratulations! You have released decades of energetic sludge and psychic debris; now, you’re ready to move forward in your life boldly. Turbo-charge your life by turning up the volume of your YES. This could mean trying new things (saxophone lessons or even skydiving), breaking up your routine, talking to strangers, setting up a match.com account, traveling abroad, or writing a book. Make this a year of adventure and push the limits of your comfort zone.

What holds you back from living your most bountiful, beautiful life? Have you been hard on yourself lately, tied up in regret or disappointment? Make it your resolution to compost self-criticism. That judgy inner voice might actually have some wisdom and guidance for you, but you can’t hear it when the tone is so harsh. The more you love you, accepting all of your nuances, the greater your capacity for the things you want, like more money, a relationship, a better job, and more. So, change your self-talk a little to change your life a lot.

Here is a suggestion, in the form of a mantra:

I am exactly where I belong, following my life plan perfectly, and navigating my path’s twists and turns. I am grateful for the abundance I experience in every area of my life and know that I participate in the co-creation of it all. I honor my inner guidance and commit to following my truth. I am ready to leap forward into my big, expansive life!

As we start this month, Mercury will be retrograde, and you might have to revisit and tweak your budget. If finances have been tight over the holiday season, this could be a good time to solicit some extra work to enhance your cash flow. There are countless ways to bring in extra resources; use your creativity to make it happen. The Full Moon on January 12 could inspire a brainstorming session to help you strategize for success because it is arguably one of the most creative days of the year for you.

The Sun’s ingress into Aquarius on January 19 could awaken your inner activist. Even if you have no interest in politics or current affairs, you may not be able to quell your desire to make a difference. Find ways in your everyday life to contribute and use your voice. Jupiter, the planet of faith and spirituality, rules your sign. The largest planet in our solar system offers its influence to you, giving you the ability to see the big picture. How can you see and not have compassion for others and the planet? With courage, speak out if something is bothering you.

The end of the month highlights your social skills, like writing, speaking, and social media. You could work with an agent or publicist to spread the word about your work and talents. Be precise with your messages and use your words carefully. Others are watching.

Your home is a foundation for you, but rather than an actual space, it is more of an internal sense (read Libra for more about this). You are the nomad, the adventurer. As a result, you may feel stuck sometimes if you stay in one place for too long. You like to be on the move. This month, your dream of moving could inch closer to becoming a reality, especially on January 12. This could be due to a long-distance relationship or other personal connection.

You hold onto a dream of love, but it may not exactly be the reality the Universe wants to bestow upon you. Let go of your preconceived notions- how you thought your love life would be. You will always get what you need, but it may not come in the expected package. There is a difference between holding out for “the one” and remaining fixed on romantic notions from childhood. For now, trust the divine plan. If you have been single for some time, you might try to do one thing each day to align yourself to the vibration of love. For example, you could read a Rumi poem or write a love letter to your “person” each day to feel those juicy love vibes. If you are in a relationship, use this month to nest with your special someone, and truly be at home with one another. On January 28, Mars enters fellow fire sign Aries, and the intimacy you build all through romantic January could activate passion all through February.



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