On the Role of the Caretaker vs. the Nurturer

Intuitive, healer, and teacher Maryann Russell addresses the reoccurring themes she often encounters in her work an as intuitive and the ways in which she helps her clients navigate these emotional blocks. It’s through working with a specific growth mindset that we allow ourselves to become active participants within our lives, rather than victims.

This is a subject I address in most readings: the role of the Caretaker vs. the Nurturer. And simply because so many of us carry the soul quality of the Nurturer and end up being given messages, as children, of care-taking.

These two energies oppose one another.

The Caretaker is the person who lives outside of themselves. They are focused on the person in front of them, listening to what that person needs and then, how to make that happen. Ultimately, to please them so that they, the caretaker, feels loved by that person’s happiness.

The Nurturer is focused within. They take the much needed time to check in and find out how they actually are feeling before they say “yes or no” to any request. They are focused on  speaking “only their truth” and did the personal work to find out what their truth may be.

When the Caretaker’s best friend comes up to them and asks, “please please please, will you do this for me?  You’re the only one I trust and I really need you!” What a hook for the Caretaker! In this moment, the Caretaker won’t even take a breath. They’ll simply say, “yes, of course I’ll do that for you.” Which is technically a lie, and simply because the energy of the caretaker is exhaustion and most of the time they don’t want to do half of those “things” they’ve said yes to. Which means the action the Caretaker will be doing for best friend will be done with the energy of a lie. Simple and profoundly negative is the karma of lying, which can only be amended through speaking truth.

The same scenario plays out for the Nurturer. The best friend asks, “please please please, will you do this for me?” From the energy of the Nurturer, that person will take a breath of time to check-in, to actually find out how they are feeling and then when they open their mouth, only truth will come out because they bothered to find out their truth. It will sound similar to this, “Oh best friend, thank you so very much for asking, however, at this moment I’m exhausted and don’t have any energy to do that for you. However, thank you again for asking me.”

Th best friend just received best gift… it’s called truth. Imagine, simply truth. The best friend either gets to walk away thanking the Nurturer for this truth, or best friend walks away moaning, saying she hates you and will never speak to you again because all she really wants is what’s comfortable and familiar, and that is the energy of the Caretaker. She’s not familiar with the language of truth of the Nurturer, until now. It’s your choice.

Maryann’s journey from her many years of emergency nursing to alternative healing has included Massage Therapy and Reflexology education at the Polarity Realization Center in Portland, Maine and advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and enjoyed teaching the Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers of Southern Maine Hospice Center Reiki Level l. Her greatest gifts as an Intuitive were re-awakened through her studies of Intuition Therapy and Soul Readings with renowned healer and author, Rosalie Deer Heart.  Rosalie’s support and nurturance brought Maryann to an experience of awakening peacefully to her gifts, which she now enjoys sharing worldwide in her very busy practice. Visit her website for additional information.




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