December Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and consultant with an international client base of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She hosts a regular video podcast/Internet radio show called Blissen Up about astrology and spirituality. An internationally recognized speaker, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Rachel helps her clients access spiritual and astrological insights to live more successful, purposeful lives. She empowers them in decision-making processes by identifying challenging influences or blocks. Then, she maps out astrological trends and forecasts to help clients see a clearer vision of the future. In client sessions, she focuses on event planning and timing, making and timing major decisions, navigating love life challenges, helping achieve career goals, timing of legal issues, planning travel and tours using astrocartography, making financial adjustments, and more.

Sagittarius: 2016 has been a 9 year in numerology. 9 is a number that signifies endings and change. You may have experienced this year as one full of twists, turns, ups and downs. All of this energy is going to rise into a great climax in the middle of the month, and you will see a resolution for the year’s main issues. You could feel caught in between the pull of the future and the lure of the comforts of your present. Change can require compromise, giving you a little security to brave the unknown. Go forth, Sagittarius! You are in a heightened state of manifestation, and you can have more than you imagined.

Maintain that positive outlook, especially as you consider your finances. Your ambition has peaked, and that means your inner critic could be screaming a little louder than usual. This taskmaster wants you to succeed, but it also wants to make sure you have paid close attention to the necessary steps and thus protect you from possible mistakes. Take critiques with care; you are going through a process of refinement. Then, give yourself a little pat on the back! After all, you have surely achieved successes throughout your life. You may need to access more confidence in your ability to make it happen. You can do it!

Meet and mingle with beneficial allies, ones ready to help lift you to a higher position. We start the month in a New Moon cycle (that began on November 29). That means you might have a sense that energy is rising, moving you forward. Oh, did I mention it is in your sign? You might want to create a vision board to capture some of your dreams and reference them in your daily life.

Do you ever have the sense that something better waits for you out in the ether? A better job? A more fulfilling relationship? A new house? A new car? The phrase, “the grass is always greener,” may come up for you from time to time. This thinking, while it affords you a certain kind of freedom, also keeps you from relishing all you have created in the present. For this month, try not to think about your have-nots or what you lack. Stay put, and think of ways to water and nourish your own lawn. This is especially true with regards to your career and financial status. Yes, you could have made different choices, but you are moving beyond your limitations and building your future with each step. Emphasize the positive of this moment in your life.

A financial opportunity could present itself around the Full Moon on December 13. Focus on your connections, and reach out to new contacts. By the Winter Solstice on December 21, you could have tangible signs of success. Keep building professional relationships, networking throughout the holiday season.

In love, Venus moves into compatible Aquarius. You have a gift with words; you might write your special someone a love sonnet for the holidays. If you are single, try connecting to potential dates through social media. Even if you’re against online dating, you may agree the Internet can be one great big dating pool if you know where to look. Try out an app or scope out friends of friends. If you want to be single and play a little, you might want to keep in mind that people are extra sensitive at this time of year. Keep clear communication to avoid complications, especially near the Full Moon on December 13. If you want to attract big love into your life, start by finding ways to inspire more joy and laughter. Everyone loves a good sense of humor, and yours could secure a second date and maybe more.

Capricorn: Your internal compass has been directing you right, left, and anywhere but center. You want to achieve some form of balance, but your mind shifts with the wind, leaving you in a daze. Stop trying to think your way through the fog! You have other instincts, senses, to help steer you in the best direction. At times, the decision in support of your best and highest good might feel like the wrong one. I mean, sometimes, Spirit wants us to move toward enlightenment by showing us really hard times. A budding entrepreneur might experience financial struggle to develop more creative ways to generate income. There are gifts in each life event and every circumstance, even if you can only identify them in retrospect.

I’m giving you a little optional homework this month: Spend at least 30 minutes in gratitude for your failures, specifically the gifts and lessons you received in each experience. For example, I am grateful for the typos in this article because seeing them in print will make me much more diligent in my future editing processes. Now, think of the big ones. Relationships, job ventures, missed opportunities. Focus on the gifts and feel the gratitude.

Each mistake we make gives us the need to ask for more love, from others and ourselves. Mistakes can eat away at your stomach lining, and the only solution is through a process of atonement. In this process, humbleness dissolves ego temporarily and pulls your attention to your heart. The “I’m sorry” reverberates in your chest with intense feelings of shame, fear, sadness, or regret. The only way to find relief from the painful emotions is to open yourself to more grace, acceptance, and love. Each error invites us into a state of receptivity. We ask for forgiveness and make amends, relying on the generosity of others to accept us.

With the holidays a prominent theme this month, you might feel more self-reflective. Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on December 19, sending you on a journey to your past, and you might reunite with childhood friends or former lovers. Take advantage of this influence and socialize as much as possible.

Finances get a boost after December 7, and you could receive a bonus for your hard work. The Solstice on December 21 is a significant day for initiating new beginnings. You could branch out on your own in some new way, with surprisingly favorable outcomes. This is the time to take a risk.

In the midst of the holiday season, you could find yourself wanting to sneak underneath the mistletoe and connect with a special someone. If you are single, shines in your sign until the seventh, which could inspire a December romance. Take advantage of the influence the first few days of the month. An invitation on the 6th could lead to an interesting proposition. If you are in a relationship, intimacy is your keyword. Find ways to connect spiritually with your partner, especially toward the end of the month, after the Winter Solstice on the 21st. You might consider dancing lessons or meditation classes. If you can deepen your bond, you will develop even more passion.

Aquarius: This month finishes a rather interesting year, one that presented lots of unexpected surprises. You may have experienced it as a year of letting go while trusting in a divine plan. You might ask yourself, “What do I need to leave behind in 2016?” Followed by, “What do I want to create in 2017?” The new year will be a blank canvas, and December’s influences can help inspire a creative vision for you to manifest into reality. Like a great artist, you were born to deliver a masterpiece (maybe even many of them).  However, not all great works of art are clean and symmetrical. I mean, think of Jackson Pollock for example. (He was an Aquarius, too.) Masterpieces conjure emotion, drawing you into an experience.

When you reflect on your life, consider this: You are part of an ongoing co-creative process, working in conjunction with the divine source and the entire cosmos. Anything you create this month, this year, or this lifetime, will be a perfect reflection of your truth, emotions, and life experience at a specific point in time. You are uniquely you and also connected to the collective in ways you might not ever know. Every thought you think and deed you do ripples out into the collective mesosphere. Do you think we need more innovators? More weirdos? More masterminds? Yes, we do. Therefore, be your gritty, honest, messy, imperfect, sassy, esoteric, iconoclastic, and rebellious self. Then, create masterpieces in every area of your life.

While I acknowledge that some of you might be visual or performing artists, I want to specify a specific kind of creativity. Just like a painter can imagine a visual image to project onto a canvas, you can imagine an idea of something you want to create in your life and project it into your future. If you want to manifest a new Tesla, visualize it, feeling how exciting it would be to drive, and keep holding that sensation of excitement and passion. See yourself driving it on an open road. Feel it completely. Then, like a good painter, walk away from your canvas at the end of the day. Put it away, let it go. Surrender. You can keep going back to play with the idea as often as possible, but remember to feel it viscerally. I offer this information because Jupiter is in Libra, a fellow air sign, until October 2017, making this a year of manifestation for you. Take advantage of this influence by dreaming big and following up with concrete action steps to take toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

There are a few energetic hiccups this month, starting with the Solstice on December 21. You might feel a little more introspective than usual, which could cause an outbreak of melancholy. The holidays can be challenging, after all, especially if you encountered significant losses in 2016. As the annual cycle winds to a close, it initiates a new beginning. Try to resist any urge to isolate from others. You have too much to gain through your connections with friends and colleagues. In fact, this is a powerful time to be networking and expanding your social circle. Venus shines brightly in your sign from December 7 through the end of the month, and you could meet some fascinating people.

If you need some uplifting, consider boosting your self-care routine. All eyes are on you this month, with Venus in your sign, so take advantage of this time and think about having elective surgery or some type of treatment, but do all beautification procedures before Mercury stations retrograde on December 19.

Venus and Mars will be together in your sign briefly from December 7-19, and the combined influence could be hot for your love life! The Full Moon on December 13 activates your romance sector. If you are single, you could meet someone significant at this time. If you are not on the lookout for a mate, have a little fun and play! Gather with friends and flirt; you will surely attract attention. For those of you in committed relationships, Christmas bells this month could hint at wedding bells in the future. You could discuss taking your relationship to a whole new level. This is a highly fertile time for you, too.


Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road.

Did 2016 feel like a journey through the Land of Oz or what? This month, as we close the last chapter of this past year, remember to follow your own yellow brick road. Let’s look at this metaphorically, shall we?

In Jean Houston’s book “The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz,” the road is described (and I paraphrase here) as a path that leads to discovering and integrating all aspects of the self. Following the Yellow Brick Road leads to the hero’s journey indicated in all great myths.  (Look for “The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz” by Jean Houston. Atria Books, 2012.) Read that book if you have the chance. It may help you transition into the next year and free yourself from the ups and downs of 2016.

Over the past 11 months, you may have gained awareness about your purpose and why you have been born. What mark will you make on the world? The answer is only as great as your imagination. So, start with the question: What do I want? Then, don’t be afraid to assert it.

I recommend making a list of what you want, like a child makes a list for his or her holiday gifts. You, too, can ask for generous outpourings from the divine. Gather your courage and ask.

The Full Moon on December 13 highlights the tension between your career and home. If you have small children, you might question how much attention you give them in light of all you do for the world. This holiday season, you might want to quit it all.

At the same time, look at what you’ve built! You have all of the resources necessary to accomplish big feats. Your sole proprietorship might be a goldmine!

For now, find your voice and step into a new position of power. Then, work it, so you look like a rising star.


How can you stir up more magic in your life? Here is a simple recipe you can follow:


1 part desire 

1 part childlike wonder

1 part gratitude

2 parts expectancy

3 parts love

Start with desire. Can you feel what you want to create in your life? If you need inspiration, think about a sweet little child sitting on Santa’s lap, anticipating the fulfillment of holiday wishes. Perhaps you want more than a toy car or robot; maybe you want something intangible, like the repair of a fractured relationship. Put it in writing. Make your list.

Step two, childlike wonder starts with amazement in everything around you. Can you remember the first time you saw a giraffe? Or how about the first time you saw a movie on the big screen. See if you can go way back in your memory and recall the first time you felt amazed. I will never forget the first time I saw a live theatrical performance. It was Snow White, and I could not believe the way the characters came to life right before my eyes. I felt as if I was a part of the story. Childlike wonder leads your imagination into some very interesting places, and it expands your creative capacity.

Next, think about everything good in your life. Even some of the messiest situations have rich gifts to offer you. Feel the gratitude, viscerally, allowing it into every cell of your body.

Now, expectancy is a bit tricky. Right? You have to believe in goodness, trusting in the unfoldment of a master plan. Your personal history might want to trick you into believing you can’t actually get what you want. (We all heard the Rolling Stones song.) Question these beliefs, and confuse them. All life events and circumstances manifest for our best and highest good, for our evolution. Therefore, the things you want in your life were desires planted for this evolutionary process. Many actors with whom I work have fear about claiming their desire to be famous as if that desire is shameful. We want things for various reasons, and our deep desires lead us to spiritual growth. So, they are all good. When you trust your desires, you expect their fulfillment.

Finally, add love. For this final step, you have to balance equal parts fiery Eros love with sensual Aphrodite kind. As an Aries, you have a great relationship with the heat of your passion. Your heart leads, and you follow, even if you have to ram your way into brick walls and push open heavy doors. Whatever stirs that fire inside of you awakens love’s potential. For magic, however, we need a balance. Aphrodite love is sensual, waiting like a rosebud, trusting it will open into full bloom. It is receptive and welcoming.

The power of Magic is generous, and it likes to surprise you when you least expect it.

Holiday movies, songs, and stories keep the possibility of magic alive. You can see it in the faces of children anticipating the fulfillment of their wishes and wondering how Santa fits down the chimney with all of those toys. While we could talk about your big, dynamite Full Moon on December 13, one that inspires your words and adventures. However, in focusing on the details of your life this month, we might miss out on the real overarching theme of this season for you.

You are a powerful creator, Aries, and you manifest great things in your life. Because of this, you need to set intentions carefully and consciously. You might feel impatient about getting what you want, as 2016 has been a strange year, and we are all in a transitional stage. A new cycle starts on December 21, at the new Cardinal ingress. Until that time, stir up a little magic in your life and inspire others as you do.

Taurus: Frosty the Snowman started his day just like any other, but something in the air felt different. He shrugged off the sensation of doom. He lifted his face to the sky, feeling the cool air on his button nose. The children would soon wake up, and he looked forward to chasing them up and down the streets of town. He had to wait a few more hours before they arose from their dreamy slumber. He imagined they dreamed of sugar plum fairies and nutcrackers dancing, or maybe snowball fight wars, or sleigh rides. He loved sleigh rides. As he daydreamed, he adjusted his top hat, took a puff of his corncob pipe, coughing slightly as he inhaled cool air and smoke, and blinked his two eyes made out of coal. He waited for the children, but something still felt off. The sky was still; no snowflakes fell. The sun was getting hotter, and the air grew heavier. He felt lighter as if he had dropped an entire pants size. Struck with a sense of doom, Frosty began packing more snow onto his body quickly, before the children came out. He moved swiftly around the yard, looking for a shady spot. But the sun kept following him. Rather than mourn his fate, he decided to make the most of his one last day. He said, “Let’s run, and we’ll have some fun.” Frosty and the children made magic together that day because they chose to play when times got hard. How can you be more like Frosty this month? The answer might lead you to discover a little holiday magic for yourself!

2016, a 9 year in numerology, taught us a lot about letting go and moving gracefully through unexpected changes. You may have felt at times as if your whole life swung upside-down. We faced collective upsets, disappointments, and losses, as well as triumphs. As you close out this year, you might need to dance through some of your grief, sing out some of your rage, and walk away from negativity. Move your body to move into a new spiritual or emotional state, gracefully and gradually letting go as you do.

Career changes are favorably represented in your chart this month. Opportunities for recognition, bonuses, promotions, or awards could awaken new career possibilities after the Full Moon on December 13. At that time, you may even receive insight about how to improve your finances. Make any updates to your investments early in the month, before Mercury stations retrograde on December 19.

A retrograde period always invites us to make assessments about long-term goals, finish business, and finalize pending deals. While these activities are often necessary, Mercury in retrograde also signifies a good time to give yourself a break!

Mercury’s influence could work favorably for long-distant travel, though, especially if it involves visiting family or relatives. On December 21, the Sun moves into fellow earth sign, Capricorn, and joins Mercury in offering an invitation for adventure. You could hear good news about a trip to take place later in 2017. Let your imagination lead you to consider all possibilities. You can make magic in your life just by saying, “Yes.”

As you look around at your social circle, you might see others in varying stages of love and romance. Some are breaking up, while others are starting new flings. What about you? Where is your spark of Eros? Well, get ready! Mars is moving into romantic Pisces on December 19, and you could meet someone special through work or a networking event. Social gatherings could energize you and help you forge new heart connections. If you are happily involved, you and your partner might want to get away from it all and spark some intimacy. Though schedules fill quickly during the holiday season, take the time to deepen your connection, especially around the time of the Full Moon on December 13.

Gemini: “It is better to be a trickster than a martyr,” Caroline Casey (one of my favorite astrologers) likes to say. Let this be your mantra as you move deeper into the hectic holiday season, when you might feel as if you’re giving more than receiving. Ask yourself: Does your suffering really do anything life enriching or salvific for anyone else? As a Gemini, you have more accessible energy than most other signs. You can do more in one day than others do in a year! You work tirelessly to accomplish the ambitious tasks on your to-do list. The multitasking robotic maid Rosie on the Jetsons has nothing on you! But at times, you could feel drained, even lonely, with all of the energy output and little input in return. In times like these, you need to invoke your inner trickster for a little relief. Like your Cancer friends, you, too, get your own special invocation for the month. Here it goes:

Aho, Trickster:

Strike within me 

the spark of curiosity,

the flame of wonderment, and

the fire of playfulness.

Let the feisty dance of your grin

lift me away from struggle. 

Show me how to bring levity 

into everything I do.

Send your elementals, sprites, and helpful creatures

seen and invisible

to aid me in my chores

so I can make the most of this 

magical season.

Take a deep breath, integrating the trickster spirit into your serious life. You are guided by Mercury, the planet of intellectual curiosity, the story keeper of the Solar System. On December 19, Mercury will station retrograde, and you might have to take a mental journey back in time to reconstruct some of your traumatic or difficult stories. You might even have the chance to engage in a transformational conversation with someone from your past. Opportunities abound for moral repair, forgiveness, and closure.

2016 has been a 9 year, one of endings. You are about to embark on some new beginnings in your career, and you may have seen glimpses of those possibilities emerging in your life. The best is yet to come! For this month, close out the year and finish any projects that have not reached completion. Attend to all details before December 19, and then you can begin to set intentions for the coming year. 2017 will be all about new beginnings for you!

The planets align favorably for your love life this month if you invite trickster energy into every aspect of your life. With Venus moving into Aquarius, a fellow air sign, on December 7, you could have an adventuresome romance. If you have a trip out of town planned, you might meet someone interesting during your journey. Mars will be in Aquarius until December 19, inspiring some fiery passion. You might feel compelled to break free from your routine, try something new. Aquarius wants no limits, and neither does Gemini this month! So, play.

Cancer: If you could view the holiday season through a child’s eyes, you might see magical fairy dust sparkled snowflakes, reindeer hoof prints on icy rooftops, and twinkling lights around every pine tree. It’s a glittery, gooey wonderland, this season. Children feel anticipatory delight throughout the entire month, despite the schedules and chores often associated with busy times of the year. Anticipation = Expectancy + trust in immanent goodness. Close your eyes and try to remember a happy memory from a childhood holiday. Can you feel that anticipation?

As this year comes to a close, you may feel a bit, well, tired. 2016 has been a 9 year, one of unexpected changes and endings. Perhaps you want to take the month off, recuperate from the wild ride. The influences of 2016 guided you through processes of letting go, healing from the past, and opening your heart chakra, even when it didn’t feel altogether safe. You accessed strength in your most vulnerable times. You gained courage by speaking your truth, even when others could not hear it. You garnered wisdom from trusting the guiding voice of your intuition. Now, you are in a new transitional space, moving from one year to another. What will fill you with anticipatory delight? What gifts would you like to receive?

I propose an invocation to kick off this last month of the year: 

Holy Spirit (insert your higher power name here):

I clear myself for you,

releasing fear, regret, anger, and disappointment.

Fill me with your light

so my very presence can help heal the world.

Fill my heart with love,

so others can experience your goodness through me.

Fill my mind with truth

so my words speak your wisdom. 

Renew my spirit with each breath. 

Loving Creator, animate my desires 

by purifying my intent. 

You are within me; you are my power.

Unbound from grief, 

I receive your grace.

With giddy excitement and praise,

I anticipate your generous blessings

as we co-create


Now, take a deep breath.

So, yes, we could talk all day and night about the tasks on your to-do list and the goals you have in mind for 2017. We could map out future plans by analyzing your chart. Or, you could distract yourself with all of the activities on your calendar and things to do in preparation for your holiday celebrations. However, you have a deeper spiritual process unfolding at this time, one that requires stillness and receptivity. It calls you to listen to your heart for guidance instead of the stars. You are getting a good dose of healing from the Universe. So, soak it up.

On December 19, Mercury stations Retrograde, pulling you back to your roots just in time for the holidays. Give the gift of time, attention, and presence to those you love this year. You may hear from distant friends and loved ones. Mending fractured relationships is part of your overall healing process.

The Winter Solstice kicks off a new Cardinal season on December 21, and the sun will be crossing into your solar seventh house, illuminating the potential for true partnership. If you haven’t met your Twin Flame yet, this could be the time. If you are in a relationship, your connection with your person could deepen and intensify, especially with the passion planet Mars feeling extra romantic in Pisces. The New Moon on December 28 offers this image for the lunar degree: In A Sunlit Home Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously. Your seventh house symbolism couldn’t be better for nestling in with your lovebird and honeymooning into the New Year.

Leo: Twinkling lights line every rooftop, pine tree, and streetlight you pass. ‘Tis the season of sparkle and illumination. For a Leo, what could be better? How about the feeling of falling in love for the first time? Can you remember that experience? Perhaps you were in high school or college. With hormones raging, you may have felt a sense of urgency. Everything feels so necessary when you feel love for the first time! I’m reminded of that Björk song.

It’s oh, so quiet.
Shh shh
It’s oh so still
Shh shh
You’re all alone
Shh shh
And so peaceful until

You fall in love
Zing boom
The sky up above
Zing boom
Is caving in
Wow bam
You’ve never been so nuts about a guy
You want to laugh you want to cry
You cross your heart and hope to die

You might want to play that song a few times this month, Leo, as you settle into a new relationship reality. Venus moves into your opposite sign on December 7, kicking off a period of smittenness for you. The holidays will only stir up the romance you already feel. Are you painfully single? Good! The Universe may want to help you change that relationship status. Keep an open heart and mind, especially during the powerful Full Moon on December 13.

The season’s music, decorations, and festivities were meant to tug at your heartstrings. If you have little ones in your life, your heart might melt a little to experience their anticipation and wonder. If you can, from time to time, put yourself in their shoes. Let your own inner child come out in full blossom. Your playfulness often takes a backseat to your seriousness. This month, reverse the trend, and you can celebrate the magic of the season.

December 19, Mercury stations retrograde, sending you back in time. You may reminisce about a past relationship or friendship. See if you can make connections with distant friends for joy-filled reunions. You never know what possibilities lie in store when you rekindle old flames or find happiness in your history. A whole new story could start to develop for you in the here and now.

Finally, Christmas Day is action-packed in your chart, and the influences especially activate your seventh house of relationships. If you are in a romance, make time to spend with your special someone planning for the future. Fear takes a backseat to potentiality, and you could find yourself making a new commitment. If you’re single, the desire for love might burn inside of you. This begins the unfolding of true love. It starts with your ability to love yourself unconditionally.

Virgo: I feel you, Virgo! You want to be upbeat, positive, happy, and ready to tackle the future…on one hand. On the other, you might question everything about your life. What should you do about your relationship? Should you clean out your storage unit and give things away? Is it time to move? These decisions (and others) place weight upon your shoulders and spur confusion. The truth lies in your gut, that intuitive sense of knowing that arises during challenging times.

You might feel as if different sides of your personality want different things. Perhaps one favors brunch while the other prefers dinner. In all decisions, and in all ways, you can inspire the sentiment of true friendship just by accepting invitations. You have charisma. Now, go and use it!

Underlying it all is this: You have never been so in love with life. And you have never been so willing to give love all you have. Furthermore, you are ready to let your love of someone else, your heart (if you will), lead you.

However, logistics have come into play. Moving in with someone takes detailed effort. Right? The process of packing, moving, and unpacking could lead to a phase of industry. You have things to accomplish and may feel impatient with others.

Let a sense of acceptance overtake you. Then, get away from the crowds and connect with friends for motivation and inspiration.

The Full Moon on the 13th illuminates massive income opportunities. A wise friend of mine once said, “If you want something, look at someone in your life who has it and live like him/her.” If you want more success, follow successful people, and observe their techniques. Observation, feeling, and right action are the foundation points of abundant success.

By the time of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2016, you will have wishes answered.

Take advantage of the generosity of others, especially around the Full Moon on December 13.

You may have learned to close off access to your heart, to bifurcate your feelings. Therefore, when you feel intense grief, loss, or sorrow, you might feel the burden of unreciprocated emotions. Try something new this time. Assert yourself. You are born under the communication sign, and you have a natural talent for expressing yourself. Open up to others, and you might feel more connected. Truth is your big-ticket item.

Libra: Once upon a time, a reindeer named Rudolph cried because he did not fit in with the other reindeer in his tribe due to his unusually bright, glowing red nose. The other reindeer laughed at him for his difference, called him names, and excluded him from their reindeer games. All of this bullying gave poor Rudolph low self-esteem. He tried to tone down the intensity of his brightness, to hide his glow. But nothing worked. One dark Christmas eve, Santa gathered his reindeer together and lined them up to carry the sleigh full of presents for all of the good multi-gendered children. The night sky was dark; it was just a few days before the New Moon (on December 28). Let’s face it; the sleigh was no Tesla. It hadn’t had an update since 1823, before headlights or…well, sleigh lights. With no time to waste, Santa called Rudolph to the head of the pack. “Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?” He asked. Rudolph had been traumatized into believing his greatest asset was his biggest flaw. So, it took him a moment to realize the importance of that moment and what he was being asked to do. Santa cleared his throat, “You look like a deer caught in, well, headlights. Can you answer my question?” Rudolph shook his head, nose aglow, and said, “Yes, sir!” Then, he took his place at the head of the pack and felt pride swell in his heart. At that moment, his desire to contribute to the world, to fulfill his purpose, and to serve his mission felt more expansive than any yearning he once felt to fit in.

You might not always want to admit you have some serious belonging needs, right? As the peacemaker of the Zodiac, you may tend, on occasion, to compromise your own wants or needs to please others. When these urges come up, access your courage and be different. Right now, at this time in our history, we need disruptors, people brave enough to exploit their talents in service of a bigger mission. That means you don’t get to sit back this month and sink in a post-holiday food coma. Or drink yourself through those awkward holiday gatherings. You actually have to be present so you can investigate possibilities, meet new collaborators, and get inspired. You also need to play detective and recognize deceptive behaviors.

Several opportunities abound, professionally, and you have to lay some groundwork. Ask yourself: Am I prepared to shine my light? To lead others? To use my creativity? To step into the spotlight? Jupiter is in your sign, helping you connect to helpers, angels in disguise. Therefore, focus on fostering good relationships and expanding your network. Venus enters Aquarius on December 7, giving your social media presence a boost. You might feel inspired to share your ideas, especially on December 13, when the Full Moon highlights the power of your words.

Mercury will be retrograde on December 19, and it stations in your fourth house of home and family. As you connect with loved ones for the holidays, you might remember Rudolph. When others cannot understand your talents or personality traits, they can be afraid of your difference. Identifying differences in others can lead to self-reflection, and this process can cause serious self-doubts to arise. If a boy tells his accountant father that he wants to be an artist, the father may have to examine his own dreams, career ideals, financial fears, and more. The disruptor son challenging the dad’s preconceived notions is actually pushing his dad to grow. He is expanding dad’s perspective. Disruptors are change-agents, healers and teachers. Do not hide your light.

Now, we can talk about love! Mars and Venus will be moving through compatible Aquarius for a brief time together, from December 7-December 19, imbuing your love life with a spark of Eros. You might feel a little more sentimental and dreamy during this time, and if you are single, you may want to make more effort to break out of your social circle and meet new people. If you have reached that special stage in your relationship, keep an eye out for small packages underneath the tree; you might receive a special ring on Christmas Day. Venus favors prominently in the heavens, and your ruling planet’s influence suggests magnificent changes to your relationship status.


I believe nothing is random. Today, my “Word of the Day” was this:

Thaumaturgy | THAW-muh-ter-jee | noun

: the performance of miracles; specifically : magic

Provided by Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate (R) Dictionary

What synchronicity! When I thought about Scorpio’s month, the word “magic” kept coming to mind, and moments before I began writing your horoscope, this word appeared in a separate window on my desktop. So, Scorpio, can you handle a little conversation about magic?

I thought so. Now, let’s go!

The holiday season reminds us of the potentiality of goodness- from others, from the Universe, and even from Santa Claus. I mean, no matter what you believe, you can’t help but cry a tear or two when watching The Miracle on 34th Street or It’s a Wonderful Life. In those movies, supernatural forces (magic) participate in a co-creative enterprise with people, places, and things. There are big needs in these movies. Saving the Savings and Loan during a major crash, for example.

Magic = Invocation + Surrender (Trusting in goodness when you need it the most)

How can you stir up a little more magic for yourself this holiday season?

First of all, let go of the disappointments, losses, and WTFs of 2016. It was a 9 year, and in numerology, 9 is often associated with completion, an ending of a cycle and transition to a new beginning. We saw this early on as we received shocking news about the passing of some of our greatest talents: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty, Glen Frey, Tony Burton, Gary Marshall, Prince, Gene Wilder, and many more. The deaths of Nancy Reagan and then later Fidel Castro reminded us that we reached the end of an error. Cancer diagnoses escalated, earthquakes destroyed homes and raised our primal fears. Brexit happened, and soon afterward, Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between felt shocked by the unexpected election results in our own country. Twists and turns of fate led us to question our reality. The “smoke and mirrors” kind of magic no longer works. We want something real.

So, here’s your horoscopic advice: Invoke all sorts of supernatural forces to work for you. What do you want to manifest in your life? Read Aries for a time-tested recipe for awakening magic, and read Cancer for your December Invocation.

What do you need to know about December? Love is complex and multifaceted. As pure creative energy, it wants to flow without boundaries or definition. Love is. Love. Memories may play in your mind, but they will never need to be relived. Only relieved. Healing comes from accepting where you are at this moment in time. Breathe deeply, feeling your breath fill your body in the here and now. Your finances are…well…a bit tight. It’s alright. They’ll adjust to your transitioning career goals and life circumstances. Stay focused on your overarching dream. You might make a major home purchase or decision as Venus crawls into your 4th house on December 7. Plant your roots where you are, albeit temporary. Your lesson in trusting the Universe and others may feel like a rite of passage; you are in line for greatness. By December 21, you’ll see it is your turn.



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