Artist Interview: Linda Fahey

Artist Interview: Linda Fahey, LVBX MagazineWe chat with Linda Fahey, California-based ceramist and owner and curator of Yonder studio. Linda was trained in graphic design, drawing and illustration, and dabbled in the corporate world whilst maintaining an art career. Her collaboration with Anthropologie and her growing success has led her to the opening of her boutique lifestyle store featuring her own works along with goods from local and international artists.

You grew up and returned after travel to live along the Californian Surf Coast Pacifica tell us what it was that drew you back and inspired you to open Yonder: Pacifica is my hometown. I grew up here and I wanted to be part of the community. I thought about how much I’d like to the shop locally because it’s beautiful here, and we are so close to San Francisco, I thought it would be an ideal destination shop.

There are always challenges for an artist to pursue a full-time career in their chosen art, in your opinion what would be the one piece of advice you would you give to try to attain that dream? It’s hard work, and yes, blood, sweat and even tears – and it doesn’t really get easier as you gain success and grow your business. Be sure you’re in it for the long haul and you’re fully committed.

Stacking Rings, $46.
Stacking Rings, $46.

Explain your creative process and the pros and cons of working with clay: I’m a hand builder – meaning I don’t throw on a wheel to make my line of functional ware. The process is slow, but also creates a certain look which I strive for so it made sense for me to continue working in this way. My process has been developed over a decade of work, so it’s a bit difficult to explain all the small things that make up the way I work. I use porcelain primarily, though I also like to work with other clays.

Clay has such range and workability – you can make anything! It’s also has a fairly large loss rate – meaning for every 10 cups you make through the process you may lose three. So, that can pose problems from a business standpoint. The goal is to minimize the loss through better production processes. I currently have a beginning hand building class available online at I cover setting up a studio and building block basics to get started hand building.

Who and what is your creative inspiration? Oh, such a tough one, I have such an insatiable curiosity– my inspirations are countless. My main day to day influence is the palatte and feeling of the area in which I live, the coastline, the ocean and the weather.  


WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM CREATIVE COLLABORATION: I’d love to work with a wallpaper company. I have so many ideas and not enough time to get to all of them.


FAVORITE RESTAURANT: la Ciccia – it’s a family owned Sardinian restaurant in San Francisco.



IF YOU WERE TO DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING, WHAT WOULD BE THE SONG OF CHOICE: Probably Snap! Rhythm is a dancer – big dance anthem! Or Daft Punk’s “Get lucky.”

BEST ADVICE: Be afraid and do it anyway.

BoeSapunImageAustralian abstract artist Boe Sapun is the founder and curator of Ecume Gallery. The Melbourne-based gallery represents both local, international, established, and emerging contemporary art.

The idea of having great art accessible to a broad audience prompted the online gallery showcasing her own work, as well as a diverse range and ever-growing list of talented contributing artists.

Boe‘s passion is in discovering creative minds and understanding the finer nuances of their character which influence their process, inspiration, and art. Follow Boe Sapun and Écume Gallery on Instagram.



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