On Loving the Unloved Parts

On Loving the Unloved Parts, LVBX Magazine
Intuitive, healer, and teacher Maryann Russell addresses the reoccurring themes she often encounters in her work an as intuitive and the ways in which she helps her clients navigate these emotional blocks. It’s through working with a specific growth mindset that we allow ourselves to become active participants within our lives, rather than victims.

In my work with clients, I’ve found that each of us has a small child messaging system deep within us and below our conscious awareness, filled with the desire to either “erupt” at a point of familiar fear and start boxing, or maybe run and hide. By paying attention to when this child messaging system is activated, we can learn to love that sweet child, nurturing he/she to peace or continue through life ignoring that child and instead react and therefore give away our power once more.

For example: Let’s say you’re 5 years-old and your mother comes into the house with a sweet little outfit and very cool shoes and says, “darling, look what I just bought you with my last pennies. Let’s get you dressed we’re going to a party. Let’s say she does, you look adorable and now she says, “go out and play, I’m going to get dressed and then I’ll get you and we’ll go.” Now let’s say that while you’re out playing it starts to rain, you look down and those cool shoes are getting muddy so you run in, trip and fall and disaster the entire outfit. Yikes!

Now let’s say you walk in, your mother freaks out, starts to cry, and tells you how disappointed and angry she is while she’s cleaning you up, tossing those sweet new things in a heap on the floor and throws you in your jeans and sits you on your bed and says, “don’t move.”Now let’s say she takes you to the party, sits you in a chair and says, “don’t move.”

Now let’s say she takes you home, puts you in bed and again says, “don’t move.’

By the end of that day you’ll have one thought only, “I just want to forget this ever happened.”

Next morning, same thought, “I just want to forget it ever happened.”

Next night, same thought, “I just want to forget it every happened.”

Well, eventually you’ll be very successful. You’ll forget it ever happened. However, it was a traumatic experience so you’re really just stuffing it when you successfully forget about it.

Now let’s say you’re a student at the University and your roommate comes in with the coolest outfit and flip flops and says, “look what I found today. It doesn’t fit me. Try it on, I just know it will fit you.”

Let’s say you do, you take one look in the mirror and look gorgeous only your energetic brakes are on and you don’t know why. Now let’s say your roommate grabs you and says, “come on, there’s a party let’s go.”

Now, let’s say you’re at the party having the sweetest time and suddenly it starts to sprinkle, you look down and those lovely flip flops are getting muddy and your energetic breaks go on even stronger.

And now let’s say a dear friend comes up to you all happy to see you and slips spilling their drink all over your new sweet outfit. You freak out, go back to your dorm, wash up, throw everything in a heap on the floor, throw on your jeans and sit on your bed and have no clue why you behaved that way. And if you take a moment to check in to see what in the world happened to you as a kid that caused you to react that way, just a simple little, “oh my goodness child, what happened to you to cause this reaction,” you’ll feel relief. You’ll then head back to the party, make your apologies and have the sweetest time ever because you released a trauma from your child.

Or… you’ll sit there fussing, and when your roommate and friends come back you’ll feel awkward, embarrassed, and stuff a new trauma on top of an already traumatized child.

To complete this and release into love, it’s time to love that child ourselves, and ultimately, to feel lovable. What could be more Divine? Which means ultimately all your actions will be based in the adult’s messages and not distracted by a small child messaging system whose messages were about judgement and conditioned love.

If you have additional questions relating to this topic, feel free to reach out to Maryann Russell here in the comments.

Maryann’s journey from her many years of emergency nursing to alternative healing has included Massage Therapy and Reflexology education at the Polarity Realization Center in Portland, Maine and advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and enjoyed teaching the Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers of Southern Maine Hospice Center Reiki Level l. Her greatest gifts as an Intuitive were re-awakened through her studies of Intuition Therapy and Soul Readings with renowned healer and author, Rosalie Deer Heart.  Rosalie’s support and nurturance brought Maryann to an experience of awakening peacefully to her gifts, which she now enjoys sharing worldwide in her very busy practice. Visit her website for additional information.



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