Rhinoplasty: Getting it Right

Rhinoplasty: Getting it Right with Dr. Zoumalan, LVBX MagazineThinking about rhinoplasty? Worried about getting the right nose for your face?

From The Huffington Post:

“Today, centuries later, there are multiple surgical techniques that can repair breathing or damage as well as perfect the aesthetics of the nose. Particular attention is being paid to the ethnicity of the patient. ‘I custom design each nose for each face. For example, a scooped nose would not look natural on a Middle Eastern male and even some females. Latinos can sometimes have thicker nasal skin, which makes it important to do certain tip maneuvers specific to these patients,’” says Dr. Richard Zoumalan, a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.”

To learn more, read The Right Nose for the Face, or Adventures in Rhinoplasty and visit Dr. Zoumalan.



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