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Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and consultant with an international client base of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She hosts a regular video podcast/Internet radio show called Blissen Up about astrology and spirituality. An internationally recognized speaker, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Rachel helps her clients access spiritual and astrological insights to live more successful, purposeful lives. She empowers them in decision-making processes by identifying challenging influences or blocks. Then, she maps out astrological trends and forecasts to help clients see a clearer vision of the future. In client sessions, she focuses on event planning and timing, making and timing major decisions, navigating love life challenges, helping achieve career goals, timing of legal issues, planing travel and tours using astrocartography, making financial adjustments, and more.

Horoscopes for the Week of 8/1/16 – 8/6/16

The New Moon in fiery Leo kicks off a lunar cycle on Tuesday, August 2. Ruled by the Sun, the sign of Leo emphasizes self-expression. What makes you shine? The sign of Leo rules the heart, and the root word of heart is cor, which is the same root of the word courage. When you access the courage to live a heart-centered life, following the directives of your core self, your radiant light brightens and heals the world.

You were born with an innate sense of purpose, and you may have always had the sense you were supposed to do something big. To follow your passion is not enough; you have to go deeper and move toward that which you most fear and resist. Your greatest fears inform you of your biggest, most expansive path. When your heart beats in nervous anticipation, you can either shut down or use the energy generated to empower yourself and live from your heart. It is not always the easy path, but it will be the most rewarding.

A challenging Saturn/Neptune square stirs up all of your emotional and spiritual stuff, but it also signals a time of tremendous healing and renewal. Neptune rules water, an element connected to the emotional realm. Saturn deals with infrastructure; it’s our skeletal structure, our bones. With these planets challenging one another, you might feel an internal tension between dream and reality; emotional and material. The need to take time off for self-care could conflict with your sense of duty or obligation to others or work. You do not need to feed your inner control freak (Saturn), but use its energy to restructure your life.

Focus on your spiritual and emotional growth as much (if not more) as the practical, material reality of the day-to-day. You are in a process of spiritual enlightenment, and this is the real work of your life because it brings you back into your heart, your core.

We are all seeing the tension of this current transit (that began in November 2015) evident in the global conflicts we have witnessed as well as in political unrest.

Observe your life. Have you dropped any emotional bombs, hurt others, or even harshly judged yourself? Moral damage to your psyche and soul can lead to energetic scars, which can create friction or blocks in your life. Forgiveness is tantamount to healing.

This week, Venus moves into Virgo and Mars slides into Sagittarius. When a planet moves into a new sign, it offers us new perspectives and ways of experiencing one another. If your relationship has been a bit rocky over the past week, by Friday, you get to press the “reset” button. With both planets in mutable signs, you might be tempted to run away from a situation or even a person. Stay long enough to master the lessons. By the final Saturn/Neptune square (September 10, 2016), you will ascertain the difference between the impalpable dream and the absolute possibility. Until that time, try to hold on loosely without gripping too tightly with your ego. Then, let go with grace when your intuition whispers from the core, “It’s time to surrender.”

Your Week, Sign by Sign:

Leo: I offer this exercise to kick-start your week: For a moment, sit still and quiet your thoughts. Now, listen to the steady rhythm of your heartbeat. You do not even have to think about it, and your heart never stops ticking to keep you alive. The functions of your body were made to work in perfect synchrony. There are a million or more processes automatically happening every second of every day. So, your mind can focus on other things, like fulfilling your life’s purpose.

If by divine design, each cell of your body contributes to the whole system, then each cell plays an integral role in the functioning of the body as a whole. Likewise, you are a valuable, important member of your community and contribute more than you can even imagine. As cells make up bodies, which make up communities, communities come together to create global structures. Your cells, your body, and you as a whole make a difference in the world just by being alive. Why then would you ever resist expressing your unique talents and perspectives?

August is your birthday season with the Sun shining in your sign. Activating courage can mean stepping into the trenches of fear, learning how to resist its force. This week, you have complete permission to speak the unthinkable, those words you have been holding back for some time; to rise into a leadership position; to take a leap of faith. There are no unquestionably right answers; trust your intuition. Hope will guide you. Have confidence in yourself and shine.

Virgo: We require a certain amount of tension to function in the world. Muscles hold tension to move bones; our bodies need it to fight gravity and stand upright. On a spiritual level, the pressure created by undesirable conditions in our lives helps us grow. Think of this as you move through your week.

On August 2, the New Moon in Leo pulls you inward in reflection. There, you might discover your inner roar, the fire needed to motivate you to keep going when it all feels like too much effort. Do not give up five minutes before the miracle. Find ways to release some of that frustrated energy. Turn on some EDM and dance, take a strenuous hike, or participate in a martial arts class.

You have more discipline than almost any other sign and the extraordinary ability to move closer to a manifested goal one step at a time. Some have blind luck, which can be fleeting; you have focus, which is reliable, constant. Use this skill and the power of your mind to reimagine your life. Start by listening to your words. What stories are you telling? You can rewrite your past to create a great future. Feel the tension generated by disappointment, and use it to motivate your muscles to move forward in new ways.

Libra: You strive for balance, as indicated by your sign’s signature symbol, the scales. You have an exceptional talent for seeing different perspectives and can, therefore, mediate between opposing sides. While this skill proves useful during times of interpersonal conflict, you might have difficulty accessing it in moments of internal contrast. For example, how do you negotiate with differing desires? Between the pull to stay in an existing relationship and the tug from your heart when you know you need to leave? Indecision results when you ignore those messages from your heart and silence your conscience.

On the surface, everyone may think you have it all together. Your social life has reached a high point, with summer parties and gatherings. Friends come to visit you from distant locations. You appear to have a simple, rewarding life. Remember this when you sink into periods of questioning. Try to see your life through outside eyes.

The New Moon on August 2 reminds you to focus on your future. Your dreams can come true. Aim your sights on distant stars and hang on for the ride. Here is a moment of awakening, when you can access a sense of life purpose. Set intentions for the new lunar cycle, and soon you will step out of indecision, listening to the call of your higher self.

Scorpio: If you still yourself for some time this week, you might hear the Universe raising a round of applause. You have achieved some success, and you are climbing toward your dreams. The New Moon on August 2 in your career sector highlights a golden opportunity. Will you have the courage to make a move? Your yes will reverberate throughout the cosmos, and you may be surprised to see what changes occur in your life as the Universe opens new possibilities in all areas of your life. One change can catalyze others, and then, miracles abound.

This week, focus on your priorities in light of your goals and dreams. You can have it all when you practice patience and allow events to unfold in perfect, divine order. You have been learning how to trust others, and in the process have fine-tuned your intuitive abilities. Synergistic connections start to form for you at the end of this week. Where will your heart lead? Keep following to find out.

Sagittarius: For months, you may have asked the Universe, “When is it going to be my turn?” You want to have that goal manifested, and you have become quite impatient! Your desire to stand out from the crowd stems from this deep knowing: You will make a contribution to the world. Focus on your message, clarify your intentions and then become the change you want to see in the world. The right opportunity will find you; you don’t have to go out and search for it or apply tons of effort.

You may feel as if you need to work hard at this time, but your effort could be counterproductive. When doors slam shut, they could signal divine redirection. Therefore, even the biggest disappointments could turn out in your favor. Say, “Thank you,” and move onto plan B.  Career opportunities miraculously open up when you let go of the need to control the outcomes. Engage in activities you love and anything that activates your heart’s unique beat. Then, follow the rhythm of that beat. After all, Mars, the fiery planet of movement, enters your sign on Tuesday, kicking off a period when passion is your keyword.

The New Moon on Tuesday, August 2, awakens your wanderlust. Plan a spontaneous getaway for inspiration, and open yourself to a little magic.

Capricorn: When you whisper a prayer into the ear of the divine or set an intention, you activate a whole manifestation process. The most unpleasant part of that process involves clearing psychic debris and remnants from the past to open yourself the goodness about to come your way. Think about it this way: If you want a whole new wardrobe, you need to create space in your closet for new clothes. Right now, you are energetically clearing house. Past frustrations, anger, pain, or fear, have been stuffed down into hiding, but now they have surfaced like your favorite pair of worn out jeans that no longer fits. What do you do with all this emotion? You have to feel and purge it. So, rally your support network of friends, advisors, astrologers, and healers. Then, put the past to rest. You might even want to embark on a spiritual journey through classes or retreats to facilitate the process.

On the other side of that clearing, expect a whole new beginning. Rise like the Phoenix from ashes. The New Moon on Tuesday gives you a powerful start to a lunar cycle all about giving birth to something new and incredible in your life. You may be starting a family, buying a new home, going on a first date, or accepting a job interview. These significant life events enrich your sense of purpose. The Universe asks you to step into the unknown, to have an adventure. Let every thought, action, and word be your yes.

Aquarius: Mars, the planet named after the God of War, moves into the sign of Sagittarius on Wednesday. Time to turn your swords into plowshares and stop the fight. For some of you, this means working in collaboration with your competitors to create something amazing, like a new app, business proposal or strategic partnership. You might be surprised by the people showing up to help you develop your ideas. You’re a community organizer, a passionate volunteer, and a purveyor of social justice. Compost the crap and prepare for a harvest.

The New Moon on August 2 turns the cosmic lights out in the sky and invites you to fire up a romance in your life. Does your relationship need a spark of passion? You might use the energy of this lunar phase to plan something together, such as an end-of-summer getaway. Some of you may be in crucial stages of your romance when plans could lead to wedding bells. With Venus moving into your solar eighth house and Mars in a compatible fire sign, intimacy is your keyword. Surrender to trust, and lead with your heart.

Pisces: Mars moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, August 2, and into your solar tenth house of career. Your energy and focus for success reach all-time highs under this influence. You have been involved in a process of cleaning house, energetically and literally, preparing to move into a new dwelling. I can just hear the theme song to the Jeffersons right now. “Movin’ on up…” And yes, you are. Congratulations are in order.

With all of this success, your focus can finally shift to more romantic matters. Has your passion meter been turned down? If so, activate it by tapping into your feisty side. Are you suppressing anger? Holding back words? Before you speak your mind, practice in front of a mirror or role play with a friend so your truth can set you free, healing any strife in your relationships. You do not want to burn bridges but rather achieve closure and restore peace.

Here is your permission slip to say what you need to say. You are a powerful, intuitive being with wisdom to share. Offer it as a gift, and you will not only heal a relationship, you will practice speaking on a more public platform.

Aries: Inch by inch, row by row, gonna to make this garden grow.” The song inked by David Mallett and sung by Pete Seeger and other folk singers articulates for you how this week might go. The metaphor of seeds in a garden could apply to many of your professional efforts. July’s energies offered you anticipatory possibilities. New ideas. Creative connections. Now, though, you might be left wondering what’s next. How can you achieve those dreams so magically conceived? You might ask, what’s the catch?

The Universe, by divine design, wants us all to move into balance. For you, that means opening your heart to trust and partner with others. Let go of your ego and merge in a united effort with another. Understand that you will only grow through your commitment to enter this deep, intimate relationship. First, you have to know the limits of your ego. Your competitive drive has served you well in the past, but you feel kind of lonely and ready to give in to love. Whether this relates to your professional partnerships or personal life, allow the message to spin through your thoughts. A metaphoric pinball, sliding through obstacles and getting caught in the inner recesses. Yes, Aries, this is the key to feeling alive. To feeling success. To sucking up the richness of all life has to offer. Are you ready to say, “Yes?” Then, sow those seeds. Plant that garden, and keep looking up for divine guidance.

Taurus: Your week starts out like a champion thoroughbred sprinting out the gate after the gunshot fires. Your challenge: Maintain the momentum up to Friday to secure your place in the winner’s circle. Let me give you a more practical message. You have a little good luck this week and the ability to win a contract, new client, audition, or whatever you set to achieve.

As a result of this, you might think you can do it all. Your determination is admirable, but I’ll remind you to prioritize. Focus first on what feeds the bigger mission you have established for your life. What tasks will help you shine your light and contribute to the world? We all need your voice, your graceful, beautiful, Venus-ruled voice, one of reason in a turbulent time. Therefore, sing your song, write your blog post, or tweet out a statement on behalf of something (or someone) you love.

Now, a word about romance. Go ahead give in to your inner hopeless romantic. You might be surprised to find out that person you’ve been crushing on for a while has feelings for you, too. Let the affair begin.

Gemini: Your passion has been activated like a rocket about to launch. Therefore, be careful where you target your energy. You do not want to misfire words or actions. The Law of Attraction works every time. Think positive thoughts and be the change you want to see in your life. Would you like more abundance? Then, try to be more generous through all channels, with your time, energy, and resources. Allow your life to reflect that which you desire to manifest. Find ways to give back without tapping out your reserves.

Tuesday’s New Moon highlights your creative spark. You might want to write your manifesto or at the very least engage with others through social media. You could form new connections that help you maximize the dynamic energy activated in your life at this time. Inspiration is an understatement! Any tension you feel this week serves to inform you of which people, places, and things to release from your life. Let go and open space for new possibilities.

Cancer: Think for a moment about what brings your heart solace and love. The first answer that pops into your mind reveals a truth about where in your life treasures abound. So, this week, try to commence a treasure hunt, especially with the New Moon on Tuesday, August 2. Friendships are golden and love sparkles like gemstones.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Universe teaches lessons in keeping your boundaries. Earn that “A+” by saying no. In your desire to help others, have you neglected your needs? If so, remember to apply the oxygen mask to yourself before you help others. Sure,  you might disappoint some friends or family members. However, you have a tremendous supply of creative energy right now, and if you focus it wisely, you could start a new and potentially prosperous endeavor.

Venus moves into Virgo, grounding your commitment to love and partnership. Will you propose or accept someone else’s proposal? Make Friday date night, and even if you’re single, you could build more intimacy in good friendships.



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