Love Me: The Latest Poetry from Mirtha Michelle

Love Me: Poetry by Mirtha Michelle, LVBX Magazine
Love me for everything I’m not
But can become.
Love me beyond potential
Because in your eyes I am enough.
Love me without complications
Only with assurance
Love me in the sunlight
Accept me in my darkness.
Love me in my silence,
And when my eyes make love to you.
Love me for my thoughts,
And guard them in your vault.
Love me with transparency,
Where blurred lines do not abide.
Love me in my weakness,
Yet remind me of my strength.
Love me as if my heart
Is your heart
And my feelings
Are your own.
Love me because
You enjoy loving me
It’s beyond making love to me
Your soul has a need to love me
Because only I make you whole.

–Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

Image courtesy of Alexander Black. 



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