Do We Really Have Free Will?

Do We Really Have Free Will?, LVBX Magazine


Many spiritual books and teachers will tell you that Earth is a grand experiment in free will. The way in which we exercise our free will is through the law of attraction, meaning we can manifest our desires and have anything we can possibly conjure up by being in vibrational alignment with it.

There are many opinions on how to manifest. It used to be a Secret and now it’s just plain confusing. When do you think a thought, feel a feeling, desire a desire, or visualize a vision? Or does any of it even matter? What about fate or destiny? Even with the best intentions, most people, including myself, would say they would never have imagined their life turning out the way it has – the good or the bad.

The collective is waking up from a thousand(s)-year slumber of being told what we should think to now owning our own desires and preferences. This is why the self-help market is wildly popular with themes around being your authentic self. And Law of Attraction teachings have helped us empower ourselves with using free will with conscious intention behind it.

For some, mastering the art of manifesting material things has lost its appeal and no longer satisfying. For others, you may be throwing up your arms wondering why you’re not getting what you think you want. Either way, those on a spiritual path realize there’s more to life than manifesting from the ego’s desires. This leads to co-creating with the Divine, or a Higher Power, and manifesting from a place of heart-centerdness.

What you want and what the Divine wants for you become one in the same. When this happens, manifestations can be instantaneous, synchronicities are everyday occurrences, and disappointments are better understood as lessons. What the Divine wants for you is what keeps life mysterious, although you may get sneak peeks here and there. Life is full of foreshadowing.

Over the last year, more and more synchronicities have been occurring in my life and others that are beyond explanation. The best-laid plans can’t possibly pull off these orchestrated events that are simply pure magic. In wanting more of these experiences, I began to wonder in what world, or energy vibration, can I be in to where this is my everyday?

The answer is co-creation. You are on the leading edge of creation on this planet in this moment of time with a unique perspective that no one else has. Combining your unique perspective with divine guidance of a broader all-loving perspective, via your Higher Self or guides or God, is the ideal basis upon taking action.

When you take inspired action, you co-create with a divine power that is far beyond your humanness and yet the divine needs your human, ground level perspective for what the next step is for expansion to occur. For me, inspired action makes itself known through my body and my senses, anything from food cravings to signs, enjoyable whims, and my inner voice.

You’ve most likely experienced this. When things fall into place with ease and joy versus the struggle to make something happen. Life becomes a fun and fulfilling ride, not a bumpy, nausea-inducing roller coaster.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that struggle is necessary to earn a desired result. And perhaps sometimes it is. Struggle can provide clarification to what is more in alignment with what you truly desire, or that you desire something so much that it’s actually worth the struggle.

So, yes, free will exists. But the better questions may be: Do I really want free will? Am I manifesting from my ego or co-creating with my Higher Self? Am I taking inspired action or action out of obligation? And most importantly…  Am I enjoying the process?

The choice is yours.

Being is the New Doing, LVBX Magazine

Tisha Morris is the best-selling author of Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui (Llewellyn 2015), Mind Body Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time (Llewellyn 2012), Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to DeclutteringYour Home and Renewing Your Life (Turner Publishing 2010). Tisha is based in Los Angeles where she works with homes and business and facilitates trainings. To learn more, visit Earth Home with Tisha Morris.



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