June Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

June Horoscopes + Rachel Lang, LVBX MagazineWhat do the planetary influences have in store this month? Find out with the June horoscopes from Astrologer, Rachel Lang. Be sure to visit Blissen Up with Rachel Lang to schedule a private session and listen to her live podcast Blissen Up on Fridays at 12pm PST.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Happy birthday! Pop some champagne and celebrate Gemini season all month long. The tides have been turning and the seas restless. Life keeps moving, changing, and you feel the stir of excitement and anticipation as your life shifts in directions you could have never imagined. You may think you need to stabilize yourself to withstand the motion. However, the astrological influences present at this time encourage you to let go and enjoy the ride, especially on June 18. Allow that current to carry you to a new destination, and remain open to the surprises life has in store for you.

Because you have visibility this month, with the Sun and Venus shining in your sign, take advantage of the energy and promote yourself through social media, speaking engagements, strategic PR campaigns, or anything else that inspires you. As one born under a sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you have the gift of gab. Use it to network and expand your audience reach. Talk up your skills. Go ahead and brag a little. No one else has your way with words. If you worry about appearing too egotistical or self-promoting, throw that fear out the window. Really. You don’t need it. You shine this month, and others will hang on your every word.

Friendships have been in flux. You have had profound realizations about trust, boundaries, and support. You might feel inclined to move into new social circles, abandoning your old ones in the process. Think again. You do not have to let go entirely when disappointed by the words and actions of others. Find resolution. Make peace. Think about expanding your circle rather than breaking it.

With Venus in your sign, you may want to change up your appearance. Get a makeover or go on a shopping spree. You might also consider any elective or cosmetic surgery at this time.

A special Full Moon in your sign on June 20 highlights your need for travel and adventure. This is the second Full Moon in your sign, a rare astrological event that falls in your solar seventh house of relationships. Do you think love will be a theme for you this month? Count on it. Love and commitment. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you feel a restless need to get away from it all and experience new places. This could lead to a spontaneous adventure that deepens your commitment to your partner. You are learning how to value yourself in relationships. This is a significant growth opportunity for you and your special someone. If you are single, you could experience a desire for intimacy and connection. Trust that this sensation is opening the door for true love to come into your life. If you have cleared the path, your person will certainly come.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): I moved to Los Angeles in June and being from the Midwest, I expected sunshine, hot summer days, and a lot of beach time. I had never been to LA before and had only known about it from films and others’ stories. I moved right during a phenomenon called “June Gloom,” which refers to the gray skies from a marine layer resting over the city. It usually clears away in the afternoon. During that particular summer, it was colder than normal and honestly, disappointing. Suddenly, in late June, the gray sky turned blue. The sun shone. In this clearing, I appreciated the light and warmth. Contrast is what makes our life experience rich. We have ups and downs so that we learn to profoundly access our emotions, and therefore our hearts. This leads us through a process by which we surrender to and connect with the Divine. Your month starts out with a little “June Gloom” that pulls you deeply inward, as part of a larger process that began in March. After the Sun ingresses into your sign on June 21, the skies will clear, and the sun will shine. Your life will have clarity and focus again. Until then, curl up into a cozy space and nurture your tender heart. Write, meditate, pray, dance, paint, and play. You are in a healing process.

Avoid involving yourself in too much busy work. Focus on your top priorities and try to delegate the rest. You can usually accomplish more than anyone else, and you have a keen sense of the bigger picture. However, taking on too much during summer vacation mode can make you want to crawl back into the sand and hide away like your sign’s signature symbol, the crab. Pace yourself.

You have motivation for success and brilliant ideas forming in your mind. Express yourself, and you might earn a promotion or secure a raise. Use the power of your voice, especially after June 18.

If you have siblings, you might expect some good news this month. Perhaps a reunion is in order or a long-distant journey. These relationships have shaped your history, but they can also contribute to a brighter future. Settle any ongoing disagreements and make time to have fun.

In love, passion is your keyword. Mars is moving backwards through the sign of Scorpio, a fellow water sign. What stirs your heart? Make bold moves for love. That may mean taking your relationship to the next level. I foresee engagement parties at the end of the month or standing with your special someone declaring vows in a destination wedding. Whatever that next level means for you, expect it after Venus moves into your sign on June 18. If you are single, you could meet someone out and about. Be free and play. You never know when Cupid will sling back that bow and strike you with his arrow. You could get a pre-birthday surprise.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Your inner lion may feel more like a lamb this month, but that does not mean you cannot roar. Any external chaos, like election season for example, causes you to question to whom or what you owe loyalty. The answer, Leo, is: to thine own self be true. You have a conception of truth in your own heart. Follow that pulse, and stand firm in your resolve. Then, others will ally themselves with you. In fact, you could uncover some leadership and community organizing skills. Now, I say this with a small caveat. This month, you may need to fact-check to ensure your truth is built on a solid foundation. Whether personally, professionally, or publicly, you have a stage, microphone, and platform. You do not need to fight; you just need to speak from the heart.

Expect good news about your finances at the end of the month. A surprise opportunity could lead to a little extra cash flow on the 26th. The bonus could set the mark of good things to come. Pay attention to professional opportunities coming into your awareness. You may have choices to make. When faced with these options, look always toward the distant future. What are your goals and dreams? Focus on the long-term and your decisions will become apparent.

You may have been so busy with other priorities that your home could use some organization and beautification. Give it a little attention in the beginning of the month and then host a gathering with friends before June 18.

Soak up the sun this summer, and start early. Your urge for travel may lead you to exotic destinations. bring your special someone for a romantic getaway. This could be the key to enhancing romance and reviving passion. Your love life may need a little sizzle with feisty Mars, the passion planet, in retrograde. You might have been reflecting backwards on the past, but your present situation looks pretty amazing if you frame it in the right light. Offer gratitude for what is, and you can start manifesting what you want, especially with the New Moon on June 4.  You can have the drama-free relationship you desire. And, if you are involved, you can build intimacy in your current one.

For you single Leos, enjoy your freedom in the beginning of the month. Go out with friends and have fun. Your sense of humor could turn heads. Open up and be yourself. The right person will notice.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): What will you do with your one big, beautiful life, Virgo? This is your reflection question this month. Worrying about minor details, stressing about the right words to say, or fearing making a wrong move keep you locked into a holding pattern. Stuck. The Universe offers abundance, possibility… and even pleasure. Indulge in all of the above, and you may be surprised by what miracles unfold in your life. Set intentions wisely; you are a manifesting machine.

Your professional path has reached a steep incline that peaks on June 20 with the Full Moon. Keep moving forward, pushing through the resistance. You have creative, innovative ideas. Share them freely to wow any potential clients or impress your boss. Pat yourself on the back for your good work, and others will follow suit. You have to believe in your skills and trust that recognition is on its way.

Family concerns have arisen, and maybe your stress levels have peaked as a result. Follow your heart when making any decisions and practice self-care. You do not need to take on all of the responsibility. Find support in any way possible. When childhood memories stir inside, triggering your emotions, realize you are in a healing process. It will unfold gracefully. In the meantime, you may need to talk things through to gain clarity. Maybe a therapist, healer, or astrologer can help you contextualize those feelings.

At the end of the month, you could take a spontaneous getaway with some friends. After the hard work, you deserve a vacation. The open road calls you after June 18. Stop in the little dive restaurants and bars to get a feel for the local flavor. Who knows? You may meet new friends.

Your love life has the feel of a RomCom soundtrack. A few melodramatic songs followed by some heart-tugging montage music. Discover new ways to connect to your special someone if you are involved. Implement date night and explore your town. Be curious together. Have fun and keep it playful. This way, criticism and fear cannot take over. If you are single, exercise your freedom. Ask yourself if you really want a relationship at this time. If not, enjoy the benefits of singledom.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Imagine a hawk in flight. The graceful soar. The gentle maneuvering through the air. They know how to be carried by the wind. Like the messenger bird, spread your wings and allow the meandering breeze to lift you to a new destination. Though your flight may be effortless, you can still be fierce. You have had a retrograde period (with five planets in retrograde in the beginning of May) to focus on your goals and envision your future. In the process of that thoughtful exploration, you have awakened to aspects of yourself that have been dormant. You have had to assert yourself and stand up for your rights. You have accessed the power of your voice. Now, you have a deeper sense of self. You are officially a little more of a badass. With all of this growth behind you, you can fly.

For some of you, travel is a definite highlight this month. Those long flights to foreign destinations can give you plenty of time to catch up on movies, read new novels, and maybe inspire your own creative endeavors. Expand your worldview and enjoy a little freedom from your daily responsibilities. You may never want to return.

Financially, you have drive and determination. Review your financial portfolio to make sure you’re making the most of the market. You could be able to afford a more aggressive approach. With Jupiter moving into your sign in September, you may not recognize gains until the fall. But you are motivated now. Think first, consider all options, and then take action after June 30.

Re-envision that hawk. It trusts the wind and it trusts itself to know how to navigate the ups and downs. So, too, you need a little bit of faith, (Cue George Michael, please.) The Universe has goodness to bestow. Your gut sense tells you how to access it. Trust your inner knowing. You might even take a spiritual class or retreat to hone your intuition. This would be best after Mercury moves into fellow air sign June 13, opening and expanding your mental awareness.

In love, expect some ups and downs as you navigate the tension between freedom and connection. Yours is the partnership sign, but you have had Uranus hanging out in your solar seventh house for most of the last six years. This rebel planet asks you to put yourself first, and you may have drawn some selfish people into your life to mirror how to do that. Thank them for the lessons, and now assert your needs. If you are coupled, make this month a bit more playful. Get out of your routine and experiment a little.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Let’s get real, Scorpio. You love money. Love it. Crave it. Maybe even obsess over it. You can thank Pluto, that dwarf planet that has influence over your sign, for your drive to achieve and Mars, your other planetary guardian, for your competitive nature. So, the question this month is: How can you draw more resources into your life? First, believe in your skills and the possibility of success. Then, use your Scorpionic intuition to determine where you might make a little magic happen. Your power lies not in your ability to dominate others, but rather your ability to know when to make the right move. Trust yourself entirely and listen for internal signals. Ask your gut…or your favorite divination tool. This month, you will need your intuition to determine the best strategy for success, whether you are seeking a new job, asking for a raise, or securing new clients. Professional opportunities are opening up for you, but you need to carefully discern which ones deserve your time and effort. Some might not spark your passion or fit within your long-term career goals. The immediate cash flow could be tempting, but you want to keep your future in mind.

The New Moon on June 4 highlights a time to think of new investment strategies. Consult with the financial guru in your life for ideas. You are in a building, growing period right now. Consequently, you might want to put more away at this time, rather than spending.

Your work life fires up your creative juices. You have so many new, fresh ideas to express. Allow this to move into every area of your life. You can find artistry in anything you do with the right mindset. Explore art galleries, attend theatre showcases, and hear live music for inspiration. Immerse yourself in creative outlets. You might even consider taking a class to develop a new hobby or skill.

For some of you, having a baby can be one expression of your creativity. This could happen unexpectedly, so heed the warning, especially around June 18.

Distant friends may visit you near the end of the month, after June 20. Enjoy the reconnection without feeling any pressure to create the perfect experience. The conversation alone will be worth the journey.

In love, intimacy is your keyword. Mars, the planet of passion, is in your sign. Have you ever connected with someone so deep you feel as if your souls are touching? Reach beyond the confines of your mind and ego structures. Open your heart, and you might find there is actually freedom in the surrender. You are not losing yourself; you are feeling your own sacredness. If you’re single, you may need a different type of message. Namely, with all of that excess mojo, find an outlet. Dancing, drumming, singing, or yoga, can help you channel that passion into a tangible form. Don’t let it bottle up, or you’ll explode. You could find love later in the month, after June 18, when Venus enters watery Cancer.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): The summer sun shines down, warming the sandy beaches and heating up those hiking trails. You are in vacation mode, ready for adventure. What about those chores and responsibilities you have had on the back burner? Focused effort in the beginning of the month can offer you freedom later. Although you feel restless, ready for a break, your success has not even reached a peak yet. You have a little more to climb, and it will all be worthwhile when you receive the recognition you deserve. This month is pivotal for your achievement, and I mean this in terms of the big picture. Think long-term. How can you make the most of it? Keep climbing, and do not let go. Imagine the life you want, and know with every cell in your body it is all possible. Your biggest challenge will be to keep the faith.

If you have found yourself in the midst of some conflictual situations, you might have to hold tightly to your position. As a mutable sign, you have a gift for compromise and letting go of your tightly-held opinions. Your flexible nature is a gift. See it as such, and choose your battles wisely. This is especially true on June 13 when Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your opposite sign. Defend your truth while being open to new perspectives.

For you moms and dads, summertime lulls may make for restless kids. You can provide structure without micromanaging schedules. If your little ones need a bit more attention, you might think of family activities you can all enjoy. This will keep them out of trouble. Plan day trips and staycations.

The structures of your life have been in flux for most of 2016, and you might have changes within your family representing larger shifts. Losses and gains both lead to soul-level growth. You have ridden the wave, and you could still be feeling the reverberations throughout every area of your life. The only security you can find is within your heart and up in the Heavens. Even relationships are unpredictable.  Love takes many forms of expression. Love yourself first to open to more romantic possibilities in your life.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): With so much planetary emphasis on your work and career, you might need a little break. Let me help you shift the focus for a moment. Take a mini mental break with me. Visualize yourself sitting on the deck of a mountain chalet, overlooking a picturesque landscape. You can see peaks and valleys, dense wooded patches, rolling streams, and blue skies as the backdrop of it all. Now, look closer. See the birds soaring overhead, the hummingbirds feeding on flowers, scurrying creatures rustling shrubs and bushes below, and bees pollinating nearby plants. Nature has an order, and you are an integral part of it. You are connected to every form of life, whether or not you can see it. You may feel humble, small, and giant at the same time. When you feel buried by the day-to-day responsibilities, step away from it all and connect to nature. Allow it to feed your spirit.

You know what else plays a part in the natural order of the world? Your sex drive. I mean, how else can our species propagate? Summer is a wonderful time for romance, for that spark of Eros that draws us closer to one another and stirs feelings of love. Alleviate work pressures and stress by connecting with others in intimate ways. Are you single? You might try online dating to meet someone new. In doing so, you expand your relationship possibilities beyond your immediate network. If you are in a relationship, you might expect a surge of romance after June 18 that can renew your connection and deepen your love. You may feel as if you are falling in love all over again.

Have the little ones in your life started their summer break from school? If so, a family vacation might be just what you need to access your own inner child. Ride the Ferris wheel, climb onto the roller coaster, or splash in the ocean waves. Show the children your playful side. They will find new things to appreciate about you, and you might have more fun than you imagined. The end of the month is most favorable for this, especially June 26.

Now, we can discuss work. You have been in a slow, steady climb toward a new career peak. Continue along the path. You are just gaining momentum. Success is yours because of your determination and commitment. A little luck could connect you to an influencer in the beginning of the month who opens new doors of opportunity. Pay attention to the signals and trust your gut sense in moving forward. By the Full Moon on June 20, you will have more answers.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Your generous spirit makes you the perfect philanthropist. You have a genuine, selfless desire to help others. While this is an admirable character trait, at times, you may wonder: Where’s the recognition? Where’s the love? If it feels easier to detach from others than to make yourself priority #1, then maybe you want to reevaluate how you handle relationships. This month, your sense of optimism reaches a high point. With stellar mental acumen and a dose of creative inspiration, you might feel as if you can take on more responsibilities or tackle extra work. Set boundaries around your time and energy. Delegate chores you don’t want to do. Your schedule, life, and activities are within your control.

Now, for those of you with little ones under your watch, the above message especially pertains to you. When taking care of children, remember to have fun! Allow your inner child to come out as you play with toys and games reminiscent of those from your youth. My Little Pony may want to make an appearance in your playroom. Or you might build a Lego castle. And did you rock at Chutes and Ladders once upon a time? Maybe it’s time to host family game night. Playfulness inspires creativity, and this is definitely a productive time.

You might use your creative energy to start a new project that you could monetize at a later time. If you have been looking for ways to make some passive income, you alone can create your golden opportunity. Success is yours, but you will need to invest your resources wisely. Seek advisement and recruit a solid board of directors for any entrepreneurial endeavor. Did you know that a lot of businesses work with astrologers to determine timing of events, investor strategies, and more? Keep this in mind. Your ruling planet, Uranus, is the planet of the New Age, and you have some visionary tendencies as a result. You might want to take a more nonconventional approach to your startup activities. Think about the future, especially with the New Moon on June 4.

Travel early in the month and give yourself a break. That restless spirit needs an outlet. An open road or airplane runway calls you on June 13. Answer the invitation with an affirmative response, even if it is a bit spontaneous.

In love, hold nothing back. Give freely, openly. Let your love be as generous as your big spirit. Your heart won’t break. Rather, it will stretch wider than you can imagine, and this will inevitably lead to healing. You single Aquarians may meet someone special in the beginning of the month. Sure, your mind may be focused on other matters than those of the heart, but that is precisely when it happens. If you are in a relationship, expect romance all month long.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): If you can dream it, you can have it. So, allow your imagination to take you to new places this month. For some of you, this will manifest professionally. You may find yourself on stage in some way. That crazy idea others convinced you was impossible might just be the golden ticket you’ve been waiting to cash in. Do not give up. Hold tight until the miracle happens. For others, this message applies to your personal life. Have you been wanting to find that special someone? Or take your current relationship to the next level? Anything can happen if you keep a positive outlook, and hold onto your dream.

If your ordinarily cheerful disposition gets challenged by naysayers, you might need a healthy outlet for your stress. Have you tried kickboxing classes? Perhaps yoga or Pilates is more of your speed. You might also try taking tap dancing lessons, since you’ve become a master at tap dancing around difficult issues to keep peace lately. A good physical outlet could help you keep the emotional ups and downs a little more manageable.

The New Moon on June 4 could inspire you to start a new house project. If you stay realistic about your vision, you can have it all in the end. Try not to take on too much at one time. Pace yourself to reach completion without losing motivation. If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, this month could offer the golden opportunity. Sign the papers and close the deal after June 13.

Your love life may feel like a bit of a roller coaster ride. With the twists and turns, you might wonder about your fate. That person you thought was “the one” turned out to be an excellent teacher while the one you thought was just a fling actually had relationship potential. Hang on and enjoy the ride. By the time Mars stations direct on June 29, you will have more clarity. Venus moves into fellow water sign on June 18, signaling a time of romantic possibility. You single Pisces might make a new connection. Sparks of attraction inspire passion. Things could get steamy.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Use your Aries spunk to initiate conversations with strangers, network at special events, and connect with acquaintances. Hold no expectations about what you want to gain from these connections, remain curious, and you will be surprised by the synchronicity. Ask questions, and you might just get some interesting answers. You are in the process of forming new collaborations that could lead to successful ventures. Your ideas are brilliant, and you have the right strategy for positive outcomes. Trust that the right people will step up when the time comes.

You may feel as if your mojo has been tapped out. You have so much energy, vitality, usually. Why have you felt so exhausted? Oh…just…wait. You are about to take off. This is a time of realization. You are not quite ready to act, to move. Patience, my friend. Mars, your ruling planet, is retrograde until the 29th, and after that, your fiery spirit returns.

Professionally, this month is perfect for social media engagement, PR and marketing initiatives. Plan networking meetings after June 13. You might have a project go viral. The opportunity is certainly there for your taking. If you are looking to make a big leap of faith, you might want to wait until after your ruling planet starts to move direct. Plan wisely in the beginning of the month, and then start laying out a solid foundation with Saturn’s help until the end of the month.

The Full Moon on June 20 might trigger your urge for travel. Invite your close friends for a spontaneous getaway, perhaps up or down the coast. Such beautiful landscapes will give your spirit a lift and make you feel connected to the bigger picture. It could be a spiritual experience for you.

In love, Venus, the planet of relationships, is in playful, feisty Gemini until June 18. If you are single, use this influence to have some fun. Meet new people at parties or other social gatherings. You might even try online dating to open your social circle.

If you are in a relationship, see what kinds of adventures you and your partner could have together. By June 20, your heart shifts open in a new way. Your love deepens, maybe through some challenging conversations. Until then, maintain the romance by keeping things fresh.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): So, you may have gotten cheated out of the full birthday month experience with Mercury retrograde and other retrograde planets during your birth month. All of us were recognizing triggers, feeling intense emotions, and dealing with significant life issues. You may have felt lost in the energetic mix. On behalf of the cosmos, I offer an apology. Can we have a re-do? Of course! I officially declare this a month for celebration. Start by buying a cake and some decadent ice cream. Then, invite your closest friends over for a party June 4, the New Moon. Set intentions, ritualize the moment. Your bold, beautiful life is unfolding before you, now that you’ve cleared some stuck energy from the past. Those difficult conversations, losses, break-ups, moves, and exciting surprises that shook you to the core helped crack open your heart. Can you feel the new rhythm of your pulse? Can you hear a new drum beating? March to that. Follow your heart.

Professional opportunities abound, if you access the courage to move out of your comfort zone and make new connections. Promote yourself through social media and attract new followers in the beginning of the month, up to June 13. You might also think about asking for a raise or promotion. Mercury in your sign in the beginning of the month gives you a gift with words and power of persuasion.

You may also discover your inner writer and start a novel. Jupiter shines a little magic on your creativity. Use that influence to express yourself. You might take an art class or try belly dancing. Music, rhythm, and dance help you hear your own heartbeat. And you could meet some new friends.

Good news in the beginning of the month about your finances makes your Venus-ruled self giddy with delight. The New Moon on June 4 could inspire a whole new concept for to make a little extra spending money. You don’t have to sweat it out (unless you’re a spin instructor). The idea will come almost from out of the blue. Be open to the possibilities. Some ideas include: Starting a YouTube channel, monetizing that recipe everyone loves, driving for Lyft, matchmaking for business deals, or investing in promising new companies. Whatever strikes a chord with you, move toward that impulse.

Feeling a bit more feisty than usual? That restless energy makes you want to move… in or out of a relationship, perhaps. Mercury in retrograde gave you plenty of time to re-evaluate your current relationship status. Now, you have a little more resolve about where to go next, and the time to act is almost upon you. Mars, the passion planet, stations direct on June 29. If you possibly can, hold off on making those major moves until then. You are still gathering information. Preparation is essential. This applies if you are thinking about online dating, pursuing someone special, considering taking your current relationship to the next level, starting couples’ counseling, or leaving altogether. Whatever your current heart’s condition, ride the wave of emotion to a still point.



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