Lovecats: A Tribute to The Cure

Seeing how The Cure is on tour right now, the timing of this seems perfect. From the minds that gave us tributes from The Beatles, John Vanderslice doing David Bowie, The Smiths and more comes Reimagine Music’s latest brainchild. The label which is infamous for having indie artists doing their own spin on some of our favorite classics whips up a dose of our favorite Goth/Pop brooders. Since the 70’s, believe it or not, The Cure has been giving us heavy injections of their infectious dance pop music, so it’s befitting to honor them in the best way possible, by giving them a tribute. Indie/Electronic band Canopy Climbers open up the album with Friday I’m In Love heavy on the synthesizers like The Cure and effervescent in its own haunting way. On Love Song Hayley Richman gives the song a unique blend of soul and just the right amount of ache, powerful in its rendition. On Pictures Of You Minipop gives us starry-eyed pop that leaves you hanging through space and time. Lovecats is the perfect excuse to geek out to your favorite songs and a great place to discover emerging bands.

Allison Shaw, LVBX MagazineAllison got her big break in the music industry by writing for MTV/Vh1 where she interviewed everyone from Prince, to Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, Blink 182 and many more. From there she started Hyperactive Music Magazine that went national. Shaw then produced several big festivals and went to work for Rachael Ray’s Entertainment company. Shaw started Manic Monkee MGMT which manages bands and does brand strategy for all kinds of brands in music/tech/consumer products and aligns brands with events. The company also produces events. Shaw is also on the Board Of Directors for non-profit music charity Sweet Relief. Follow her on Twitter at @manicmonkee.



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