Designer Profile: Rebekka Notkin

Danish jewelry designer, Rebekka Notkin, first began her fascination with design at a young age while watching her goldsmith father work in his studio. In what has become a lifelong affair, Notkin’s collections are based in understated luxury and timelessness. Notkin shares her inspiration and what she deems a truly classic piece. 

Describe your background, when did you become interested in jewelry making? I have been fascinated by jewelry for as long as I can remember. As a child I made heaps of jewelry of wire, beads and sequins for my Barbie dolls and cutout dolls.

Watching my goldsmith father working in his studio aroused my early interest in the craft. I was very determined at the age of 18. So when I graduated from high school I applied for admission at Guldsmedeskolen, a Copenhagen college for goldsmiths, and then became an apprentice. When graduating, I even received a medal for my test piece from Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Since then, I have worked as a goldsmith – for almost 20 years now.

Where do you find inspiration for your collections? I find inspiration in beautiful textile patterns and weaves, as well as in the luscious details of everyday items: architecture, art and my surroundings. I am very preoccupied with details and am inspired by surfaces, textures and patterns.

What is the type of woman, or man, for whom you are designing? Stylish modern women and men who appreciate exclusive fine-quality and longevity, and for whom understated luxury is part of their style and way of life.

What is the creative process like? An idea, an inspiration, becomes a line on a piece of paper – sketches are my memory, which can be refined and rendered into a piece of jewelry. The choice of size and material of a piece are critical decisions to make before shaping the object in my studio using the fine tools I have inherited from my goldsmith father – and from my grandfather, who was a dental technician. The process is slow and requires patience and precision.

What do you most gravitate towards when designing – color palettes, materials, etc.? The fine balance between form, function and material is absolutely paramount.

What do you think makes for a timeless piece? A timeless piece of jewellery is exclusive, elegant and beautifully conceived – and has a magic value for its owner. That’s what makes a jewel truly timeless.

When it comes to accessories, is ‘less is more’ the right approach? Yes! Less is definitely more. But when it comes to diamonds, a little more is a little more.

Images courtesy of Rebekka Notkin.

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