Artist Interview: Boe Sapun

Artist Interview: Boe Sapun, LVBX Magazine
The fierce and talented artist, Boe Sapun, talks about the inspiration and motivation behind her artwork.

Describe your artistic background: I am the art director and owner of Écume Gallery.

I am an abstract expressionist artist. My artistic background was fashion design in my college years which led to visual merchandising for an Australian fashion company, during that time I also freelanced in window dressing.

My painting began a few years back when an artist friend of mine encouraged me to paint, he took my painting to a local gallery where it sold in a matter of days. It was at that point I knew I could pursue an art career.

What is your creative process like, from initial conception to completion? My creative process is almost always experimental, I play and experiment all the time.

One of my favorite quotes:

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.” –Pablo Picasso

As this is precisely how I paint through thought, it may not necessarily be a particular subject matter but more of a mood, a state of mind or a feeling. I literally fall into a trance when I begin my process. I submerge myself and often describe it like the feeling of diving into the ocean and that moment of being underwater where one is in a state of pure tranquility. It is this tranquility that is imbued in my artwork. I start with the canvas, though lately I have been using beautiful Indian handmade paper and then play with color choices and composition. I paint the colors and textures and allow them to overlap and evolve.

Do you find that your work is often inspired by certain moods or color palettes? I am fortunate to live and work near the ocean and find inspiration in its ever changing seasons. My earlier works were prominently hues of blue as I have an infinite love of the ocean which certainly inspired my color palette. However, my artwork is constantly evolving and slowly I have introduced color which I am finding quite interesting.
Artist Interview: Boe Sapun, LVBX Magazine
Where do you find inspiration? For me, inspiration comes in all forms whether it is visual, aural, olfactory, sensory or through taste. What I tend to be drawn to most is the feeling that each of these forms evoke in me, and it is that which I carry into my art.

What is your primary medium for your art? I break all rules with mediums, mixing and experimenting with inks, acrylics, oils, canvas, board, and paper. It’s through this experimental process that I stumble upon or find the exact effect that I am looking for.

What is one thing in your studio that you cannot be without? Music is definitely the one thing that I cannot be without in my studio. I have some mischievous artist friends and we’ve been known to send each other dance-off videos. It can become quite monotonous being alone in the studio so it’s often quite entertaining to break the mood and have a little fun.

What is your favorite piece of advice on living a creative life? If it is your passion than live, breathe, surround yourself in it to create it. Perseverance is key.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw.

I live by this quote.
Artist Interview: Boe Sapun, LVBX MagazineAny upcoming exhibits? Écume Gallery current is hosting a variety of artist’s works, including my own. We have upcoming exhibitions that are updated daily on the online gallery

I will be considering a solo show at the end of the year.



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