May Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

May Horoscopes + Rachel Lang, LVBX MagazineFind direction and gain clarity with the May horoscopes from astrologer Rachel Lang. Be sure to visit Blissen Up with Rachel Lang to schedule a private session and listen to her live podcast Blissen Up on Fridays at 12pm PST.

Taurus: Happy birthday! Even your personal superhero feels fear on occasion. In fact, fear inspires courage. They function together in tandem, two sides of a single axis line. You cannot be truly brave unless you have fear and the willingness to face it. Fear is only a physical sensation – an emotion. It activates your heart and pumps your blood. It will never destroy you. So, resistance is futile. Think of that which you most fear, and start your birth month by moving toward it full force. Revel in the discomfort of the unknown. Fall in love. Publicly speak. Fight for a cause. Allow the power of fear to inspire you to act through courage.

Love calls you to step forward toward someone special this month. You may have resisted making a declarative statement (especially with all of the retrograde planets happening right now). However, your resistance may not be serving your best and highest good at this time. The mutable squares that have been activated since March and all of the intensity we’re still feeling from the eclipses have been shaking up the normally stable structures of your life. This means the safe and easy path is no longer a trusted one. You have to take risks. Speak your truth and go out on a limb. Venus, your ruling planet, is in your sign all month long, shining a little glow in your love life. If you are single, you might consider exploring new art galleries or music venues. You could meet someone who shares your passion for creative expression. If you are in a relationship, this may not be the best time to make commitments. Enjoy the pleasures of the moment. Celebrate your love as it is right now. The future will unfold. For now, there are rich moments to be shared in the present.

Venus’s influence in your chart also makes this a great month for a makeover or shopping spree. The New Moon on May 6 symbolizes that new beginning you’re trying to create for yourself. You might consider taking a shopping trip out of town. Forget your budget for a moment. Money is coming to you; in fact, you might even get lucky if that shopping spree happens to coincide with a Vegas getaway. If Vegas is out of the question, you have a little extra luck landing those big deals or even that dream job. The possibilities are endless for you.

Travel and adventure are definitely represented this month. Escape the stress of the season with at least a weekend getaway, especially after Jupiter stations direct on May 9. You look your best, feel pretty good, and could use a break!

If you have been feeling a bit more spiritual with all of the retrograde activity leading you back into the past for reflection, this could be a great time for a retreat. Maybe try writing or meditation for a change.

Your friendships may feel in fluctuation, as people in your life move and experience their own shifts and changes. As with all areas of life, you are learning beautiful lessons in letting go and moving in rhythm with the flow of the Universe. By the end of June, we will feel a bit more settled in place. For now, remain curious about how your friendships and other life circumstances will balance out. Practice shrugging your shoulders and saying, “I allow myself to be surprised by the magnificent goodness of the Universe and its infinite wisdom.” Then, go out for happy hour and tap into your playful side.

Gemini: I have always been mesmerized by the dance of the ocean tides. The magnificent force of the sea pulls back and forth from the deep of the water to the shore. If you intend to swim in the ocean, you have to learn to navigate this motion, to run in at just the right time. Otherwise, the water will crash you into the sand or pull you down into its current. The jump into the ocean is exhilarating, and once you learn to swim with the tide, you can avoid getting hurt. It works this way with life, too. Timing is everything.

Your ruling planet is retrograde until May 22. Do not underestimate this influence for you! There are four other retrograde planets, and there’s a veritable storm of astrological activity. The combined influence of these planets could inspire some powerful realizations for you. Expect your own internal storm of tears and rage and fears and wild laughter. At some point this month, you might have to go back on a nostalgic journey through your past, revisiting relationships and rekindling bonds with people from whom you’ve been separated. This is a time of introspection. Whether personal losses or exciting changes inspire this awareness, trust yourself to weather the ups and downs with grace and ease. If all else fails, keep constant contact with your therapist or BFF for those reality checks.

I encourage you to resist entering into other’s dramas this month. Most of your friends and family members lives will seem like major soap opera storylines with all of these retrogrades. You could lose yourself in these plot lines…and let’s face it: You have your own stuff going on. Be a little selfish with your time and energy, especially in the beginning of the month, close to the New Moon on May 6.

Professionally, you might experience ups and downs, stops and starts. Revise your goals and set your course for the future. Any missed opportunity or connection could be a divine redirection. You may not be able to see clearly until we get further into June. Allow the dust of disappointment to settle if that too-good-to-be-true opportunity turns out…well…to be too good to be true. All possibilities expand your expectations for your life. They increase potentiality. By the time the Sun enters your sign on May 20, you will get the green light to move forward in significant ways in your life.

In love, your fears and insecurities rise to the surface at the beginning of the month. What are you doing? Are you ready for commitment? Yikes! Then, there’s that abandonment fear. Oh, no. Relationships allow us to do our great soul-level work. We grow, evolve, and spiritually expand through the rising and falling of these fears. You have the power to rewrite your history. To move out of your victim story, rise brave, and say, “I do!” to love and life. Give yourself permission to stand still in the turbulence of the unknown and weather this time. Don’t run. Stay. By the time Venus moves into your sign on May 24, you will understand the bigger picture. If you are single, use this time to heal from the past.

Cancer: Your inner child begs you to play this month, and it might reach out to you in some unusual ways. Did your computer crash? Did your plans change, freeing you to have a little down time? Disappointments and upsets could be opportunities in disguise. The playful trickster inside of you might actually be orchestrating these divine redirections for your ultimate benefit. You can preempt any struggle by giving into the urge to play. Get to the water as often as possible (even if the closest body of water is your home bathtub), and take yourself on mini adventures in your town. Discover new hidden treasures in your community. These types of activities will give you a little break from an otherwise intense month.

Work demands may weigh heavily on your shoulders. You have been in a building process, establishing a new foundation for your professional life. This has not been easy, but you will be rewarded with favorable outcomes. If you work for yourself or have your company, use this month to boost your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a new job, market yourself more effectively by updating your LinkedIn profile or attending networking events. Use the power of your words to expand your reach. You might even consider affiliating yourself with a professional organization or getting involved in volunteer work. Political causes could connect you with like-minded new friends.

The New Moon on May 6 inspires your creativity. What you can dream, you can build. Your future needs you to suspend disbelief for a few days and revel in possibility. You might even think about getting out of town at the beginning of the month to expand your worldview. The break will fire up your creative juices. You could even start that bestselling novel.

May is the month of Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, and reunions. These activities fall under your domain, Cancer. You may find yourself hosting relatives and friends for some of these gatherings. Remember to keep a little balance. You don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing to show others a good time. Take good care of your health, and get plenty of rest. That will help you be your best when entertaining.

In love, the planet Venus is in grounded, earthy Taurus all month long. Under this influence, your romantic focus may be commitment. Whether you are single or involved, this month gives you good reflection time for thinking about the future. There are five planets in retrograde, and this could bring someone from your past back for a redo. Trust is a big issue for you, and you will want to move into any romantic situation slowly, being gentle with your heart. Resist judgment, and go with the flow. If you are involved, this month may show your relationship a few ups and downs. Keep it playful, light, and fun. Laugh as often as possible, and have fun together to avoid any major relationship pitfalls. This is especially true May 21-25.

Leo: As you begin your month, I encourage you to step in front of the mirror for a few moments. Now, repeat these affirmations to yourself: “You are brilliant. You are super hot. You are talented. You are a star.” Good job!!! How does that feel?

You have some professional opportunities happening this month, and you need to turbo-charge your self-esteem. Own your awesomeness! Once you do, the rest of the world will see it, too. This especially applies to you at the beginning of the month. The New Moon on May 6 could introduce a new professional relationship into your life that would have lasting benefits. Could this be the agent, manager, or business partner for whom you’ve been looking? You did send the intention out into the Universe, and now it is ready to manifest as a reality in your life.

You secretly crave the spotlight, but you fear drawing too much attention to yourself or alienating yourself from your friends. However, you were born to shine! Your sign is ruled by the Sun, the brightest luminary in the heavens from our perspective on earth. The Sun’s influence gives you the need to express yourself creatively. For a little inspiration, explore music, art, or theater venues to discover new artists. You might even consider hosting a salon to allow your friends to share their talents. You need to activate a little of your star power. You never know who will discover your hidden talents.

Though fear can have a toxic influence in your life, it is the only gateway to enlivening courage. When you move toward that which you fear, you usually face the choice of whether to give up or move forward. In making the decision to continue, you empower yourself. Self-doubt and fear may come up for you this month. Repeat your affirmations, and meet fear head-on. Roar in the face of your doubts like the lion that is your signature symbol. Speak up, stand up, and let fear motivate you to take the most expansive path. For some of you, this will play out professionally. Others may experience this decision personally. For example, leaving an unhealthy relationship is another way of facing the fear of being alone and making a stand for your best and highest good.

This month is full of retrogrades. When planets appear to move backward in the heavens, we all get the chance to revisit past relationships and situations. If you have regrets, you might get a do-over opportunity. Check in with your intuition to determine whether the past ought to remain behind you. Your intuition might lead you to a new path. If you are single, you will want to play this month. Any romance has the vibe of a hot, steamy affair. This may not be the best time for significant commitment. Rather, this is a time of exploration. By May 24, Venus moves into the lively sign of Gemini. Friendship could develop into more. If you are in a relationship, you might want to steal away with your special someone at the end of the month, when the Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius on May 21 highlights your romantic inclinations. Any sparks that fly at the end of the month will keep your romance steaming hot all through the summer.

Virgo: The strength of the bamboo tree lies in its flexibility. It can bend and sway under the pressure of stormy winds and survive hurricane conditions when other trees lose limbs or fall. You have this talent, Virgo, as a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet in our solar system. Flexibility, the ability to flow with the current of the river of life, is a strength of yours.

For most of this month, your ruling planet is retrograde, and it appears to move backward in the heavens. When this phenomenon occurs, you might need to revisit your past, reconnect with family and friends whom you have not seen in a long time. You may experience losses or changes in current relationships. You might get emotionally triggered and need to face any unhealed circumstances. We are in a perfect storm of astrological activity, and you need to flow like bamboo to weather the emotional ups and downs, Virgo.

Retrogrades can also present opportunities to revisit past business agreements or deals. Jupiter in your sign suggests this is a month filled with good news, professionally. You have a little luck and might find yourself fortuitously sitting next to a perfect connector. Yes, angels of sorts will be coming into your life through the magic of synchronicity. You have prepared for these conversations and have your elevator pitch practiced. Execute the plan, and expect perfection. If you are looking for a new job or hoping to expand your career track, the New Moon on May 6 highlights positive news.

May 10 is the luckiest day of the month for you, and your friends may have good advice for you. Mark this day on your calendar for an intimate gathering with some of your closest friends or colleagues. You might even join Leo in hosting a salon or other type of event to showcase your creative work. Your ideas are brilliant, and you have so much to share.

Your home is a matter of concern. You may have been hoping to make updates or renovate your space. You might also think about buying or selling property. Revisit past decisions and trust in divine timing. Pending deals can finally close under this retrograde influence. You could be signing documents on May 22.

Travel is strongly represented for you this month, as the Taurus planets activate your inner adventurer. Celebrate successes with spontaneous trips to exotic locations.

With Venus in the complementary sign of Taurus, your love life feels a little more magical this month. If you are in a relationship, your connection with your special someone deepens, and you experience more intimacy. You find yourself wanting to indulge in all sorts of pleasurable activities, going out for delicious dinners, enjoying fine wine, and exploring new ways to express your passion. Root yourself deeper in love. If you are single, you might feel the desire to connect to someone new stir inside your heart. Focus on loving yourself more deeply, and you can help open the possibility of a relationship in your life. Spend time with friends to feel connections. You never know when a friendship could evolve into something more. This is especially true on May 13.

Libra: As an air sign, you have the remarkable ability to rationalize your way through any situation. Your sign’s symbol, the scales, reflects your ability to see various perspectives and weigh out the pros and cons to make the wisest decision possible. But what happens when there is not one right answer? What if a decision is perfectly balanced on either side? Sometimes, all you can do is commit to something, knowing that your choice may not be perfect. Knowing that you might have later regrets for the choice you did not make. When faced with these tough decisions, follow your feelings. Focus all your attention into your heart. Turn off your thoughts for just a moment, and feel the yes or no. Your mind cannot always be trusted because of your amazing ability to rationalize. Your heart will never let you down.

On May 6, the New Moon in your solar eighth house stimulates a spiritual awakening. You might need to make some significant life changes, start a more focused meditation practice or join a spiritual community. For some of you, taking yoga, music, cooking, or dance class might also serve to help expand your spiritual awareness. Anything you do to facilitate healing and deepen your connection to your higher self will offer lasting benefits, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Professionally, this is a very good time to pick up projects that have been on the back burner. With Mercury in retrograde most of the month, this is not the best time to start something new. If you have been thinking about looking for a new job or embarking on a new career, wait until the Sun and Venus move into Gemini at the end of the month, after May 24. Until then, use this time to close chapters and prepare for those new beginnings. The Full Moon on May 21 highlights your ability to connect with others through social media and networking. You might strategize how to engage your friends for a charitable cause or political movement. Your words have extra power of persuasion. Maximize that potential.

At the end of the month, you might think about planning a big trip for the summer. There are so many reasons to celebrate and friends with whom to gather in celebration. Plan a friends’ trip to the beach or the mountains. You could all use a getaway, and no one knows how to plan festivities like you social butterflies of the Zodiac. I mean, your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of friendship connections. Break out your credit cards and enjoy a little shopping, too, but remain mindful of your budget. There could be a bigger trip or experience in September and October, and you might want to save.

Your love life gets a little intense this month, as the retrograde planets remind you of the past. You might be taking a trip down memory lane, and this could lead you to reconnect with an ex to gain closure. Resist the urge to go backward. Keep your focus on the future. Stay in the possibility of new love. If you are in a relationship, your connection can deepen under this month’s influences. However, you might have some tough conversations and choices to make in the process. Think of your long-term desires. Then, move forward accordingly. Love can transform your life.

Scorpio: This month starts out with five planets in retrograde. Oy vey! Do you feel as if the Universe has pressed the “rewind” button on your life? You review past decisions, reflect on your past, and maybe even return to your childhood home. Ah, nostalgia, that intoxicating force. The tug of your heartstrings brings tears to your eyes and stirs emotional responses throughout your body. The root of such sensations? A rich combination of love and grief. You may have heartwarming memories of times when you felt secure as if all your needs would be met. Conversely, you also might mourn for relationships that have slipped away or choices you wish you would have made differently. As you wade through the muddy waters of memory and history, you might consider standing still for a moment of reflection to make peace with your past self and accept a new path forming ahead of you.

May is a month for celebration, with weddings, graduation ceremonies, Mother’s Day brunch, and more. You could find yourself traveling to visit relatives and friends. Enjoy this season, but pay attention to your spending! Those extra expenses could add up. Remember your long-term financial goals. You are building a future and laying a solid foundation.

Professionally speaking, this month could offer you some exciting possibilities. This could mean the closing of a deal that has been pending for months or good news about the job for which you’ve been interviewing. With Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, stationing direct on May 9, those prospects could come to fruition. Finally, you have the green light to move forward and what could feel like a lucky break. If you have felt stuck, unsure of what moves to make next, seek advice from a career counselor or your favorite astrologer. You might need someone to help you see other ideas and strategize for future success.

For inspiration, you might consider dusting off those creative projects that have been on the back burner. Finishing past projects can provide such relief and could motivate you to exercise those creative juices. Have you been writing a novel? Learning an instrument? Organizing your photos into albums? Redecorating a home? For you, these types of activities can be meditative and spiritual. Plus, you might realize talents to share with others, especially on May 9-10, when your creativity reaches a peak.

Love is perhaps the highlight of your month, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your solar seventh house of relationships. With Mercury retrograde until May 22, you might take a jaunt down memory lane with an ex at the beginning of the month. If you are both single, this could lead to a fun, playful exploration. However, I encourage you to avoid making significant commitments with anyone with whom you’ve shared too much history. By the time we reach the end of the month, your energy will be focused on moving forward into the future, leaving the past…well, behind you. Keep yourself open to the possibility that you could meet your special someone this month with all of the relationship activity represented. If you are involved, you might want to take your relationship to that next level. Cue the 70s love songs (can I hear some Bee Gees?) and slow dance your way through the month.

As a final note, I have to offer CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite Scorpio, my sister, who gets married this month to her incredible partner (a Capricorn). I wish a lifetime of happiness to you both and cannot wait to celebrate your marriage later this month.

Sagittarius: As I begin to write your horoscope, I am suddenly aware of all the songs that focus on the subject of climbing mountains. It’s as if your spirit guides or angels are giving me a glimpse into your world. “Climb every mountain. Ford every stream…” “There’s always gonna be another mountain…” “I would climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest sea…” “If you climb a mountain, and you turn around…” I could climb the snow-capped mountains…” Should I keep going? As these song lyrics play in your mind, you might ask yourself for whom or what you would take a risk. The biggest challenges often come with the greatest rewards. This month, take a stand for something you desire and climb toward that peak. You will be guaranteed to reach the summit.

For some of you, this message applies to your professional life, and you might find yourself going after your dream opportunity. This is the time to access power over your future and take charge of your destiny. If you are an entrepreneur, this month offers good news for your business. This is a very good time to pitch proposals for new business leads and to reconnect with former colleagues or clients to see how you might work together again. Your creativity is at a peak, so take advantage of the momentum.

If your schedule feels overwhelming at this time, realize that all seasons eventually come to an end. You will be able to restore some balance eventually. For now, continue to ride the wave.

Attend to your health during this busy time. You might want to start a new workout routine and get in shape for the summer. Food sensitivities are also up for you right now, and seasonal allergies may make everything feel inflamed. So, look at your diet and pare down a little for optimum health. Also, boost your supplements to keep your immune system working better than ever.

The Full Moon in your sign on May 21 challenges your self-esteem. The Universe may be calling you to reprioritize relationships. Do you have any codependent tendencies? If so, you may need to revisit some of those relationship patterns. Try asserting your needs and wants. When you can put yourself first, you need not fear commitment to a relationship. You might experience more freedom with the right person.

Your romantic life might be on the back burner because of the career successes represented at this time. By May 22, that all changes. If you are single, you could find yourself falling head over heels for someone new when Venus enters your solar seventh house on May 24. Sparks will fly when you least expect it! For those of you involved, make sure to keep open dialogue all month long. With Mercury in retrograde, there can be some miscommunication. All conflicts smooth over by May 22. In the meantime, play, explore new destinations and let passion fuel your connection.

Capricorn: You have made some bets and taken a few risks, and now you get to see results as your investments of time, energy, and resources, reach a culmination point. There is a universal law: that which you reap, so shall you sow. This law suggests that the energy you send out into the world through your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and words, comes back to you. Think about the past four months. What energy have you been projecting out into the world? With your unique combination of focus, determination, and drive, I would bet you are about to sow success, personally and professionally.

Your career is right on track this month, and you may even have opportunities for expansion internationally. You might need to start thinking about ways to promote yourself through writing, blogging, or social media. Have you been thinking about starting a podcast or YouTube series? This is an excellent time to be planning and thinking about how you might build more of an audience. You are the expert in your field, and others will want to hear what you have to say!

Graduations, reunions, and other celebrations make May a month to remember. This is a month to connect with family and friends. You are usually the consummate host, and no one throws a gathering like you. You consider every detail and dedicate yourself to your guests. Let’s face it; people will be talking about your event for years to come! This month, as you engage in festivities, remember to take the time to enjoy yourself. The frenzy of activity can send you out of the present moment. Delegate responsibilities so you can have a little fun, too.

Travel to new destinations, even if you do not think you have time to break from your routine. Your worldview is in a process of expanding. There is nothing better than a road trip for experiencing new sights. You might even have a spiritual catharsis as a result. With all of the planets in retrograde this month, you could revisit your childhood home or reconnect with people from your past. These connections can provide healing for you and may even help you access new realizations about your childhood.

Your love life is a definite highlight of the month, with romance as the keyword for you. If you are involved in a relationship, this is the time to make a deeper commitment, especially with the New Moon on May 6. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in a compatible earth sign until the end of the month. Under this influence, you might find yourself singing love songs in the car or serenading your special someone. The romance opens your heart and fires your creative juices. This is good news for you Capricorns who are interested in trying to bring a new baby into the world! If you are single, try online dating or other ideas for broadening your romantic possibilities. Cupid is pointing his arrow in your direction. Help him out a little and put yourself out there.

Aquarius: As we start the month, five of the planets in our solar system give us the illusion that they are moving backward in the heavens. From an astrological perspective, retrogrades symbolize times in our lives when we press the “rewind” button and look backward. Now for a little Aquarius astrology lesson. Your sign’s modern guardian is the planet Uranus, the planet of lightning-fast action, change, and new beginnings. It is the planet of the future. Your planetary co-ruler is Saturn, the planet of the past, systems, and structures. As a result of this pair, you have vision, and the ability to innovate ideas to make a difference in the world. You also have the discipline to form a foundation upon which to bring those ideas to fruition. You learn from history and create for the future.

This month, you have to delve into your personal history, exploring your family of origin, examining past relationships, and maybe even revisiting your childhood home. You have to allow repressed emotions to surface from your subconscious mind for healing. You have significant energetic/spiritual shifts to make. All of this revisiting the past will help you create a brighter future for yourself and future generations. So, gather support from your trusted advisors and friends, and go spelunking into the caverns of your emotional past.

For some of you, family relationships will highlight your month. May is a time for transitions, with graduations, weddings, and other personal mile markers. You might receive news early in the month, around the New Moon on May 6, that could change your life. A visit from a friend or family member could result in significant celebration. Could it be a new baby? Alternatively, a dear friend or family member moving closer to your town? There are many possibilities!

All of this reflection may lead you to wonder what’s next for your professional life? This is a time to form new connections, to reach out to mentors, and start strategizing ideas for future success. Though you might not be quite ready for a big professional change, you can start dreaming now. If you are considering branching off on your own, you might get good news when the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20. You could even develop a new friendship that could lead to a business partnership later in the month. After May 21, you can start moving forward toward new goals and objectives.

In your romantic life, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into your solar fifth house in the sign of Gemini after May 24. This influence suggests a time of beauty and romance for you! If you are single, you might broaden your horizons through travel for a romantic adventure. With all of the retrograde planets, you may even meet someone through a friend, at a wedding, or other celebration. Remain curious and keep it playful. If you are involved, Mercury in retrograde triggers your need for honesty and communication. Avoid crossed wires and missed connections by tapping into your emotional side. Speak from your heart (and give your mind a break), without overanalyzing what you say. You have so much to share with your special someone. Let it out. You will deepen your connection if you do.

Pisces: Oh, the places you can go! The travel bug may have bitten you this month, Pisces. Friends, family members, and networking opportunities have opened up possibilities for you to get out of town and explore new destinations. You have a little magic accompanying you on your journey, so follow synchronicity. Everything in your experience symbolizes a greater spiritual shift happening for you at this time. Pay attention, and stay in a state of gratitude, the happiest state of all!

Neptune, the dreamy planet of spirituality and creativity, is your ruling planet and happens to be moving through your sign. This influence means that you have a little extra optimism at this time. As a result, you are setting your expectations sky-high, and while this is excellent for attracting goodness into your life, you have to remember to pay attention to the fine print. You might miss some details when negotiating contracts. A little healthy skepticism might help you ground your ideas into practical plans.

We have five planets in retrograde at the beginning of the month. This can cause you to review past situations and relationships. Your musical playlist might feature more easy listening tunes than usual. Remember that favorite album from high school? Is it on repeat? Nostalgia pulls you back into a simpler time in your life. Make peace with your choices so you can soar to new heights in your life.

Professionally, you may feel uncertain about the direction in which you would like to take your career. If you have been resisting making a move or taking initiative, trust in divine timing. You might need to gather more information before taking that next step. Believe in your intuition, and wait for telltale signs from the Universe.

Your love life has a few ups and downs this month. Ride the wave without getting too hung up on any down times or conflicts. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in the complementary sign of Taurus, suggesting a time when you might want to make a deeper commitment to your special someone. Think engagement or at the very least, that DTR conversation. “Yes, I will finally delete my online profile, dear.” Allow yourself to sink into a little romance during those up times when your heart flutters with the spark of love. If you are single, this is your time to shine. A special someone might find you when you step up on stage in your creative or professional pursuits. Your work and love life can grow together in perfect rhythm.

Aries: Cue the Rihanna song “Work,” Aries. Can you relate to it now more than usual? You might be feeling as if your list of responsibilities has reached an all-time high. Where are the joy and fun? You have to find ways to play this month, even if that means reframing your ideas of work. You can even make chores fun with the right attitude and turn any task into an adventure. You might consider practicing the art of balance by giving yourself a break, even if it is a weekend away, to recharge and relax.

This time of responsibility and duty makes for a positive cash flow. Financially, you can enjoy more success. You are building for the future, but you might want to spend a little something extra on yourself. You could update your look or shop for some new clothes.Tell the Universe you are putting YOU first, and prioritize your needs, especially in the beginning of the month up to May 9-10.

We have five planets in retrograde, meaning that they appear to be moving backward in the heavens. This means you might hear back from opportunities that have not yet quite manifested. If you have had a job offer on hold, a deal pending, or brakes on any sort of business arrangement, expect good news this mount, especially on May 13.

You might also hear from childhood friends, distant relatives, or past lovers. This is a time to revisit past connections for healing and closure. You can gain understanding and peace in any conflictual situation. Your inner warrior can stand down and make space for your inner pacifist. Raise the white flag in surrender, and trust that you can still stay in your power.

A long-distance journey might be on your calendar this month. As you prepare for the adventure, stock up on spiritual books for the catharsis underway for you at this time. As you expand your perspective, the Universe might give you signs and symbols to follow. Pay attention to everything around you. Strange birds, interesting conversations, new connections, butterflies in your stomach. You are going through a sacred time. Make the most of it. Write down your thoughts and some of the synchronistic occurrences.

In love, this is a time to focus on yourself. If your relationship has been going through some ups and downs, you need to find some balance. You do not need to walk away just yet. Find ways to assert yourself that don’t close the doorways to communication. The past may be more of an influence than you thought possible. Consider seeing a therapist or other healing practitioner for some perspective. Release those old triggers and gracefully step into the future.



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