Wake Up and Get Moving: 5 Early Morning Workout Routines

Wake Up and Get Moving: 5 Early Morning Workout Routines, LVBX Magazine
Building better resolutions for yourself, namely within the realm of personal fitness, can be a challenging initiative. It’s important to build routines to help you stay motivated and learn new habits. One of the best ways to increase personal well-being is to incorporate an early morning workout. Before you begin your day, aim to set aside time for exercise; whether it be a weight session, yoga, cardio, or pilates. Working in a short but sweet sweat session – long enough to get the heart pumping, but short enough that you feel energized and not depleted for the rest of the day – could change your mornings for the better. You may even be able to say goodbye to that second cup of coffee.

Here are a few of our favorite morning workout routines:

The Best HIIT Workout, According to Science

The Four Minute KettleBell Routine

The Scientifically Designed Seven Minute Workout

The 15 Minute Full-Body Workout

The Best Workout Ever with Taryn Toomey



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