April Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

April Horoscopes + Rachel Lang, LVBX Magazine
Step into the month with the April horoscopes from astrologer Rachel Lang of Blissen Up. Be sure to visit Blissen Up with Rachel Lang to schedule a private session and listen to her live podcast Blissen Up on Fridays at 12pm PST.

Aries (March 21- April 19): Happy birthday! Springtime beckons you to step outside and move. Walk on sunshine and dance on rain. This is your season. As the most daring of the Zodiac signs, your guiding principle might be “act first, think later.” Under this paradigm, what will stop you from moving forward in the direction of your dreams? Certainly not any need to ask for permission. Allow your spiritual life to move in this manner and direct the Universe this month. You are divinely protected and guided. Take that leap of faith and trust that your desires are in alignment with your higher path. Once you commit to action, all magical forces will conspire to assist you. You cannot choose a wrong path at this time.

On April 5, Venus moves into your sign and remains until the end of the month. Your words have a little more punch than usual, but your heart is all aglow. Therefore, when you want to speak your truth, add a little tenderness. Your need to express yourself is at a high point right now, and you have an abundance of charisma to secure your place in the spotlight.

You might also consider making changes to your appearance with the planet of beauty in your sign. Consult your stylist for suggestions and give yourself a shopping spree on April 14 or 15. This is not the time to make extreme changes (like elective surgery). Wait until later this summer to execute those big decisions. Start planning now and make small, incremental changes to your look.

This month offers tremendous opportunities for career growth. Share your brilliant insights in the beginning of the month, and you will win over prospective clients. With Mercury in your sign, your ideas could lead to the development of solutions for problems within the organization. Use your imagination to find the answers. Your unique approach may result in a financial bonus near the end of the month, after April 19. You could also receive a job offer toward the end of the month if you are ready to make a new start.

Your professional life may be the highlight for your month, but romance is also strongly represented with the planet of love and romance in your sign. If you are single, any new connection could lead to lasting love. You are ready to open your heart and take that next step toward commitment. For some of you, this may mean making (or receiving) a proposal. If you are single, make a manifesting list for the Universe. Your perfect partner may be just around the corner, ready and waiting for you. Mars, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on April 18, which could bring someone from your past back into your life. Expand your social circle by trying new activities. This will help keep you open to the possibilities of new love. Leave the past behind you; embark on a new romantic adventure. This is particularly true on April 22.

Taurus  (April 20- May 20): Like Shakespeare, a fellow Taurus, you have a gift for using words to convey symbolic and literal meaning. Your gift is the simplicity with which you form ideas into sentences. Your sign rules the throat, the center of communication, after all. This month, make time to write down your thoughts in journals or letters to loved ones. In doing so, you will strengthen the power of self-expression, and your voice will reverberate in more ways than you can imagine. This is an emotional time, and many shifts may have occurred in your life. You might need additional processing time to release some intensity or work through the unanswered questions. Although writing is nicely represented in your horoscope, any form of creative expression will work for you this month.

Have you recently felt a crisis of faith? The structures of your life may be tilting around you. Your closest friends stand in to remind you: Don’t give up just before the miracle,  believe in yourself, and trust in the unfolding of a divine plan. Maybe they can also hold up a mirror so you can see how magnificent you look during this existential crisis. You will come through the rough patch and be ready to shine your light. By the Sun’s ingress into your sign on April 19, you will experience a tremendous turnaround. Keep looking upward!

If you and your partner have contemplated expanding your family, this month might offer good news. Stay optimistic, and start that baby registry. For those of you uninterested in bringing a new life into the world, consider this a metaphoric message. Think of the projects you and your significant other might attempt together? Bring those to fruition, and let those creative juices fuel your love.

Spruce up your home and invite guests over to celebrate springtime. You might even have an Earth Day gathering to celebrate the elemental nature of your sign. Dig your hands in the dirt and plant some flowers.

You may feel feisty, ready for a change. Could it be Spring Fever? Everything seems to be moving slower than usual, with all of these planets in retrograde motion. In order to move toward your future, you might have to revisit the past. Upsets and disappointments could still weigh heavily on your heart. Make peace with the past and let go to open the road ahead. See your favorite healer to clear all stuck energy from the past and align to your most expansive path.

Your romantic life starts out a bit rocky in the beginning of the month. Stale emotions have been stirred up from the past, and you may question the health of your relationship. By the time Venus moves into your sign on April 29, you will have clarity, and good news will follow! Hold on through the rough patches. If you are single, take inventory of your life to identify roadblocks to love. Do you have any fears of abandonment? Or fears of commitment? Work through these by talking them through with a professional or even a good friend. Seek guidance to move into a new love paradigm, one that emphasizes reciprocity. You pride yourself on self-reliance, but now your heart seeks nurturing and support. Open yourself to the possibility of effortless and unconditional love.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): You free-spirited wanderers need variety and change, but you want to have it on your own terms. When others push your triggers, your “evil twin” may surface in an unflattering display of resistance. How dare that person surprise you with a new agenda? Do they not realize that YOU are the master trickster? Perhaps you are getting a dose of your own medicine, so to speak. This is not the month for a tantrum. Let the “good twin” move you up toward a new spiritual height. Practice flexibility. Imagine yourself floating on the river of life and relaxing into each new current. You are being divinely carried toward peaceful waters. For now, rest in that knowing and trust.

In the beginning of the month, your ruling planet, Mercury, makes its way into grounded Taurus. Structure your ideas by forming carefully defined strategies for implementation. If you want to write that novel, begin with an outline. If you are seeking a new job, rewrite your resume and work on your LinkedIn profile. Utilize social media for your benefit by gaining followers. Engage your audience through your Gemini wit. Each action step you take can result in a success milestone. Ask for guidance from your marketing gurus if you need a bit of a boost.

All areas of your life may seem in flux right now, especially your career. Have you had challenges striving for a work/life balance? Too many responsibilities may weigh your shoulders down. Take some time off this month for rejuvenation, especially on April 14. Plan a weekend getaway with some of your closest friends to play. Spring break may have passed, but you can still celebrate the season. A trip to the wineries would do the trick!

Jupiter is retrograde in your solar fourth house of home and family. You may revisit a decision to move or renovate your home. You have more awareness now than you did several months ago. Plus, positive financial news may make expansion possible at this time. Make house-related decisions early in the month, before your ruling planet stations retrograde on April 28. The New Moon on April 7 gives you the green light to move forward.

The astrological transits have highlighted commitment and intimacy for you over the past several months, with Saturn in your Solar seventh house of partnerships. Mars stations retrograde in this sector of your chart on April 17, allowing you to revisit past relationship decisions. If you have ever abandoned yourself for someone else, now is the time to heal those past wounds. Reclaim aspects of yourself that have been suppressed or hidden. Change starts from within. Therefore, if your current relationship does not support your growth, you have to stand up for your best interests. Assert your concerns and identify the red flags. Then, propose techniques for healing the challenges in your relationship. If you are single, you may be looking for your twin flame connection. When Venus moves into Aries on April 5, you might find that special someone through mutual friends. Keep your heart open, and let your eyes wander across the room. You never know where Cupid’s arrow will strike.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Your life may feel like a long climb up a mountain right now. You have your eye on the peak, and you have almost arrived. Just imagine the spectacular view from that summit as you determine your next step. The closer you get toward the top, the more carefully you must move your body, finding the cracks and crevices that can support you as you climb. You will reach your personal and professional goals if you focus on one step at a time, remaining present as your journey unfolds.

In your career, you might feel change on the horizon. Perhaps you are seeking a new job or business venture. On April 5, Venus moves into the fellow cardinal sign of Aries, signaling a time of social networking and connection. If you are on the job search, reach out to former colleagues or mentors to schedule lunch dates. Brainstorm about possibilities and look for ways to expand your reach. An unexpected conversation could lead to a lasting opportunity, especially with the New Moon April 7. Watch for synchronicity. As one of the more intuitive signs of the Zodiac, you might have had experiences with simulpathity, a phenomenon articulated by Bernard Beitman, psychiatrist and author of the book “Connecting with Coincidence: The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in your Life.”  He considers this an ability to feel something at the same time as someone else. You can use this to your advantage by activating your powers of intuition in any situation, from making a sales pitch to interviewing for a new job. Just follow the bread crumbs of synchronicity laid out for you by the Universe. The path has been set out before you.

Work pressures may be a bit more challenging than usual. Your mind has been stretched further than you imagined possible. Travel to get away from it all. Even a short road trip would give you a much-needed break from the routine. This message especially applies on April 14, when restless energy stirs within you. The cure for this spring fever? Get outside and play. Fire up your grill and invite your friends over for a spontaneous gathering.

Take care of your health this month. With April’s allergens stirring up around you, along with the stress from everyday pressures, your immune system needs a boost. Take a little extra precaution. Exercise and eat well to feel your best.

In romance, resist the chase. Venus, the love planet, is in Aries almost all month. This influence will have you running after hearts, hoping to capture one. Mars, the passion planet, is in the fire sign Sagittarius. These hot planteary influences may prove frustrating for you sensitive water signs. Where is the tenderness? The affection? Your love seems to be on the move, and you need attention. If you are in a relationship, wade through the month, gently and gracefully. By April 29, Venus will move into the more stable sign of Taurus. That is when you can feel cozy, safe, and comfortable in love again. Until then, think of this time as an adventure. Celebrate the ups and downs as part of the journey. If you are single, focus on having fun until the end of the month.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Oh, the places you will go this month! Restless energy stirs inside of you like a wave of fire. It invigorates and animates your spirit. Everything inside urges you to move. However, as a fixed sign, you like to have a plan in place and a path mapped out. What would happen if you got into the car and drove to some remote destination? Or better yet, what if you sailed away to a beach resort? This April, adventure calls your name. Follow your heart’s desire.

The New Moon on April 7 awakens the visionary within you. Capture any new insights or ideas on paper. You are the architect of your own dreams and have the luck to make them real. There are angels all around you waiting to connect you to resources or investors. Stay in that creative flow. Writing and publishing are activated in your chart this month. On April 5, start that new blog or showcase your stand-up comedy. By April 9, others will applaud your brilliance.

Creativity also takes the form of playfulness, and your inner child wants to come out of hiding when Mars stations retrograde on April 17. Play to cut through life’s monotony. Jump on a trampoline or jog in the park. The springtime air is healing, and the sunshine revitalizing. You may also revisit a decision to bring a new little life into the world. You could get a surprise from the Universe…one delivered by a stork! If you are not quite ready for this sort of surprise, take the cautionary note.

Financial gains come from unexpected sources. With that extra luck this month, you could win a contest or receive a generous gift. Perhaps these resources could come from the sale of property or other assets. Someone from your past could play a role in this unfoldment, so take notice of those coming back into your life. Your earning potential is high this month, especially after the Sun enters Taurus on April 19. The Full Moon on April 21 could trigger a job promotion or even a new career opportunity. Keep an open mind as you pursue a more expanded path.

Your love life heats up this month, too, as Venus and Mars both occupy compatible fire signs. Spice up your relationship by taking your special someone on a romantic getaway. Your love will deepen, and intimacy will occur on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. If you are single, you could meet that special someone this month. Take giant risks. Accept set-ups and blind dates. By saying, “Yes,” to all possibilities, you open your heart. Mars, the passion planet, animates your libido. Go ahead and play!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): The spotlight shines in your direction. Will you have the courage to step up on stage? Turn the volume down on the voice of your inner critic, and liberate your creativity. Do not worry about the outcome; revel in the process of making everything you do a work of art. You have the talent and charisma to win an audience, whether in a sales pitch or though social media. Engage your Virgo wit without censoring your words. If you are a writer, explore new genres. If you are a marketing guru, try to enhance your messaging. If music is your thing, take up a new instrument. In all facets of life, let your creative mind have free reign and you will amaze others with your brilliant ideas.

Professionally, this month offers the opportunity to expand into new markets. You have a gift for promoting yourself and your company. Open new doors of success beyond your immediate region. Use your intuition to decipher where best to target your efforts.

Saturn, the planet of restriction, moves retrograde through your solar fourth house this month, signaling a time of nostalgia. You might be called to help with a challenging family situation. Maintain the balance between honoring your own needs and helping others. Revisiting the past can be quite healing if you reframe difficult circumstances for yourself. Forgive and let go. That will help you say, “No,” gracefully if you need to draw a line in the sand. For some of you, this influence could signify the completion of a real estate transaction. You are providing a nest for yourself and your family. A retrograde time can bring closure and completion. Expect a favorable conclusion by the Full Moon on April 21.

You may see your friends and even your special someone through a pair of rose-colored glasses at this time. Your ordinarily healthy sense of skepticism has been replaced by overwhelming compassion and a willingness to see the very best in others. Though this is a favorable change, even one indicative of spiritual growth, you have little tolerance for disappointment. Your heart is too open, and you feel vulnerable. You are attuned to the subtle shifts and changes of those closest to you. Therefore, give your friends and loved ones space to make mistakes. Let love overpower worry. Trust is your keyword.

In romance, Mars, the passion planet, stations retrograde on April 17. At this time, someone from your past may reach out to you. While the past is familiar, maybe even comfortable, your life is all about moving forward. Aim your focus in the direction of the path before you. Heal the wounds from the past, but stay present to your needs and wants now and for the future. If you are in a relationship, find new ways to connect with your special someone. Engage in a healthy escape.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, and equilibrium. You’re the one others call in a crisis because of your ability to remain calm and see all sides of a situation clearly. What happens when external circumstances in your life tilt you a little off balance? When your body loses balance, you engage the muscles of your core to stay upright on solid ground. So, too, when your emotional being loses its center, you must activate your coeur, your heart. Listening to the pulse of your own rhythm can inspire courage. Others may overstep your boundaries or test your truth this month, and you will need to wake up your inner warrior. Stand up to the challenges with grace and strength. Prepare for exponential growth.

Some of these conflictual situations may be politically motivated. It is an election year, after all. Choose your battles wisely, and avoid unfriending too many people. Make sure you check all facts and keep a balanced perspective. What are those off-limits topics? Politics, money, and religion? Think of yourself as a neutral party rather than an instigator. Ask questions to those with differing views rather than challenge them with argument. Their answers will back themselves into a corner.

You have a way with words this month, which could prove useful in business. Work on branding or messaging yourself if you seek new opportunities. If you are pursuing a new job, rewrite your resume or fine-tune your online profile. If you have entrepreneurial aims, consult with a marketing guru to help you devise new ways to reach an audience. Carefully craft your words in all written communication, especially after Mars stations retrograde on April 17. Avoid the devil in those details. Proofread and cross-check more than usual. Mercury is preparing to station retrograde at the end of this month. Get a head start on the influence.

Be cautious about forming new business partnerships in the beginning of the month. Weigh the pros and cons, and check all facts and figures. This also goes for major financial decisions. Pluto stations retrograde on April 18. If necessary, revise all investments early in the month to avoid any complications.

When it comes to love, partnership is your keyword this month. With your relationship sector prominently represented this month, you might make a new commitment. Your challenge? With all of these planets in an opposing sign, how can you deepen intimacy without losing your autonomy? Establish boundaries so that you have as much YOU time as together time. Trust in the unfoldment of the connection without trying to overthink it. If you’re single, this is a prime time to meet someone new. You may have to revisit past relationships first to clear energy from the past. Keep facing forward toward the future you want to manifest.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Take a quick mental inventory of your life. You might have succumb to an unspoken pressure to become more successful. You recognize your potential and continually strive for more. Accept your fundamental right to a more prosperous, abundant future. You are involved in a co-creative process with the Universe and the Divine. Start by creating a manifesto and state your intentions. Outline your desires for every aspect of your life: relationships, family, health, and career. Manifestation starts with intention. Saturn, the task master of the solar system, stands at attention, helping you form strategies to meet your goals. You have the right combination of power and structure this month. With this mix, you might actually be able to have your sky full of stars.

Now that I have your attention, I will remind you that tax time approaches. Focus on all aspects of your financial picture. Work on your budget and find ways to save for those bigger purchases coming down the road. Money may feel tighter than usual this time of year, with a few extra expenses leading into the summer. This overall period in your life emphasizes growth. You are building assets. Therefore, you may not see a windfall yet. Maintain hope, and success will follow sooner than you think.

This is a great time to expand your social network. You also have a remarkable ability to be a connector for others this month. Any new professional relationships you form now will have lasting benefit. You will see hints about the importance of these contacts under the illumination of the Full Moon in your sign on April 21. Pay attention to synchronistic alliances, those seemingly fated meetings. Nothing is random; everything operates under divine plan. Coincidences are the Universe’s way of letting you know you are on the right track.

You might want to change your day-to-day routine. I recommend getting outside and playing in the sun at least three times a week. Hike, bike, or take a beach stroll. You may even consider signing up for a race or other competitive activity to help motivate you. Physical activity will help boost your immune system and ensure a healthy month.

Now for your love life. The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, are moving through fire signs this month, which can make you water signs feel a little feisty. How can you channel that restless energy? Use your imagination and shake up your sex life. Untether yourself from restrictive relational patterns and develop new ones that help you feel free. You may even want to see a couple’s therapist to help with this. This is especially true after April 18, when the retrograde planets might send you on a nostalgic voyage into your personal history. Rather than resurrecting ghosts of past relationships, keep your attention focused on the present. If you are in a relationship, you might take it to the next level after April 19, when the Sun shines through your house of partnership. If you are single, friends ask to set you up in the end of the month. By May 1, your relationship status might entirely change.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Your voice speaks truth, and your words compel others to listen. This month’s influences urge you to express yourself. Your creativity is at an all-time high, and you have a winning approach to securing an audience. Shakespeare wrote, “All the world is a stage…” Take this to heart, gather your courage, and step into the spotlight. This message applies to you no matter what your professional aspirations. You have a unique perspective to offer the world, and during this political season, we need to raise collective voices to help heal some of the unrest. You stand poised to respond to political, environmental, and social injustice with the most powerful force, love. Practice compassion for those with narrow lenses, and help imbue them with insight. This is particularly the case with the New Moon on April 7. Take a balanced approach to controversy. You see more than you might realize, and others might benefit from your ideas. Activate your inner visionary or prophet by adopting a nonviolent approach. Draw from the masters: the Dalai Lama, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Pope Francis, Sojourner Truth, Cesar Chavez, Rachel Carson, or your own personal favorite.

Creativity abounds for you this month. Your ideas cannot be contained by pages of a journal or conversations over coffee. You need large platforms. Get out your canvas and paint big brush strokes. I mean this metaphorically and literally. You may want to take up a painting or ceramics workshop. Likewise, a memoir-writing class could help you focus your ideas into a tangible form. Focus on structuring your inspiration to make the most of the energy.

You might have felt a recent urge to change up your appearance. Have you taken your wardrobe from just casual to more business casual?  Realize that any external change is a manifestation of a deeper shift happening within your spirit. You are dressing for success, and this happens on every level. You may have even lost a little weight as a part of your overall updated appearance. Enjoy your new look. It may attract attention from a special someone!

This month also emphasizes your relationship with children, whether yours or those of your closest friends or family members. You may decide to plan a vacation to spend time with the little ones in your life. Even a couple of days will give you time to connect with them and share precious memories. In the process, you might engage your own inner child. Fun and play can help you survive the stresses of tax time and everyday life.

In your love life, this month highlights romance. If you are in a relationship, your connection will feel renewed. Rekindle the romance you felt in the very beginning. Mars, the planet of passion, is in your sign all month long. This influence could add a little spice to your sex life. Experiment and try new ways to enjoy being together. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in a complementary fire sign, Aries. Together, this is a combination that makes for dynamic interactions, whether you are single or involved. If you are single, you could meet someone significant. Say, “Yes!” to every social engagement and try online dating to expand your circle. You never know when Mr. or Ms. Right will appear. Follow the synchronicity and look for signs. This could be your ONE!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Your concept of home may change as you move through life. At one time, it may have meant a residential structure where you and your siblings marked your height on a kitchen wall each year. Now, it may mean the quality of connection you feel with a trusted friend or loved one. This month, you have the opportunity to again redefine your notion of home, as the past and future merge in the present moment. This could cause some of you to feel like you have one foot on the brake and one on the gas pedal. Your life may feel like a series of stops and starts. The Universe asks you to move forward. However, it wants you to practice discernment about the way you move. Take one step at a time: Move then pause to assess next steps.

Your family needs a little extra TLC this month, and this could challenge your desire for autonomy. This is a time of action, when a number of planets are moving through cardinal signs. These astrological influences inspire you to take charge of your life. You want to move onward and upward, without limitation. Therefore, when your family members pressure you for time, money, or other resources, you might need to establish better personal boundaries. You have permission to say, “No,” with grace and ease.

A real estate transaction might reach completion in the early part of the month, around the New Moon on April 7. Sign all documents and seal the deal before Mercury stations retrograde on April 28. Preemptively pop the champagne! A negotiation that has been ongoing for some time is about to reach completion.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is moving through your solar ninth house of international expansion. Do you own a business or manage expansion efforts for another company? If so, this is a perfect time to think about broadening your horizons. You might find luck in overseas markets. If you are a job seeker, think of the possibilities beyond your immediate environment. Pursue new avenues to reach success. A trip overseas might help you secure contacts to help you make your dream become a reality.

In love, you might be looking backwards this month, as the passion planet, Mars, stations retrograde. Nostalgia can cloud your perspective of reality. Remember the good times, but do not ignore the bad and the ugly. When it comes to your heart, you might find yourself stuck in relational patterns from the past. Do you always attract the same type of person? If so, change up your routine! Try online dating or ask a friend to set you up with her attractive neighbor. You never know what possibilities lie just outside your door. By May 1, you will feel hope for a deeper connection. If you are in a relationship, refrain from making new commitments until after April 28. The Full Moon on April 21 offers new insights about your romance. You could receive surprising, game-changing news that can influence your path moving forward. Focus on what you want long term, and let the relationship evolve gracefully.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Many mystical creatures may have existed at one time, but we do not know for sure. Unicorns, mermaids, and fairies, for example, have roles in fairy tales and fables. Whether or not they actually existed remains a matter of belief. Faith. Your beliefs open you to possibilities of all kinds this month. Make magic happen in every area of your life by recognizing the impossibly possible. If you can believe a unicorn into being, you might experience magic in other areas of your life, like a new house, career promotion, or romantic connection. All manifestation starts…or ends… with belief. Limiting beliefs create roadblocks to success and abundance. You can restructure your beliefs to change your reality. Start by identifying any belief buried in your subconscious mind that might be operating beneath the surface. Then, change up your story.

Your mind is engaged and on fire this month. This means you have a dynamic ability to communicate your ideas. Brainstorm with friends or colleagues about ways to take your career to the next level. Use your creativity and express yourself through writing. You might even be called to mentor or teach because of your unconventional approach. This is especially true on April 9, when the Sun and your ruling planet join forces in fiery Aries. Your thoughts verge on genius. Keep a pen and paper ready for those winning ideas. Write them out first and then express them.

We have four planets in retrograde after April 18. This means you might want to listen to tunes you listened to in your early teenage years, when life felt a lot simpler. You could take on a stroll down memory lane. Your dreams might bring you back there, and also a few unexpected reconnections through social media. Did your ex reach out to you through Facebook? What you want to avoid is a tendency to enter into a relationship from the past.  Kindly decline, and recognize the attractiveness of safety and security. Move onward, but ask yourself first: what part of me does this person represent? This part wants to be integrated into the whole.

Your home gets a makeover after April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus and your fourth house of home and family. If you have been waiting for news about refinancing or securing a mortgage for your dream home, expect a favorable outcome with the Full Moon on April 21. Your family delivers a surprise in the end of the month, right as Mercury stations retrograde on April 28. There could be a new little one ready to join the tribe. Alternatively, you could be invited to attend a family gathering later this summer. Accept the invitation and work it into your schedule.

In love, Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, are in compatible fire signs. Your passion meter is at an all-time high. If you are single, this is an excellent time to connect with new people through online dating, speed dating, or any other way possible. If your relationship status reads, “It’s complicated,” try to let go of any expectations you have. You might even need to walk away from the unhealthy dynamics that keep the connection messy. As a fixed sign, you can hold on too tightly, even when the other person offers no hope for a future. New possibilities lie ahead, and the beautiful connections will amaze you! Wait for the real thing. If you’re involved, find new ways to experience affection in your relationship. For example, drive up to a scenic view for a picnic at sunset. Then, dream together about the future as you look over the expanse. The intimacy you feel will deepen your love. Before you know it, those syrupy sweet love songs will play through your mind, helping you feel a warm glow in your heart.

Pisces (March 21 – April 19): April Fools’ Day was made for you. You have the right combination of playfulness, creativity, and intuition. You just know the best ways to make your friends and family laugh…at their own expenses. Despite the fact that your work responsibilities may have increased recently, remember to allow yourself to have a little more fun on a daily basis. In fact, you might even want to incorporate laughter into each hour of the day. Set a timer on your smart watch or phone so that each hour, you remember to laugh. Open up a funny cat video on YouTube or listen to your favorite comedian. This will help you get into the habit of feeling more happiness in your life as a whole. Your world is shifting and changing, and there is little you can do to control the outcome. Therefore, you have to adjust internally and consciously respond by choosing a positive attitude.

Saturn, the guardian of chores, stands in your career sector, handing you a long to-do list. Your professional pursuits focus on growth at this time, and you are near a peak of success. Keep moving toward that summit. While Saturn moves retrograde, you might have to revisit past obligations. You have an optimistic outlook, but this can lead to overcommitment. Find balance by recognizing that you might have to say no from time to time. Honor your path and commit to you first. Also, allow others to step in and help.

Springtime offers hope. The winter months have ended, and the sun shines in the sky. Take advantage of the longer days by spending more time in nature. You might want to volunteer at a community garden or you might offer to walk dogs at your local animal rescue for an afternoon or two per week. These sorts of activities will allow you to connect with new people and awaken that warm feeling you get when you give back.

Financially, you may receive good news with the New Moon on April 7. Splurge on some new clothes or accessories later in the month. Your income can increase as you boost your sense of self-worth. What do you deserve? The Universe might say, “More than you can imagine.” Why? Your soul was made for abundance and prosperity. Remember that as you ask for a raise or pursue new business opportunities. Bring the power of positivity into your negotiations.

In love, rather than seeking security and safety from external sources, look within. Trust that you will not abandon yourself when a new partner enters your life. In fact, he or she may even enhance your life experience. Trust also that a divine plan is unfolding, and you will meet your person no matter what dating app you try or which grocery store you visit. To manifest that sacred contract to meet your special someone, keep an open heart and allow destiny to unfold. Surrender to the process by maintaining a spirit of curiosity and wonder. This also applies if your relationship is going through a tough time. With all of the retrograde activity this month, past triggers may be up for you or your partner. You will make it through the uncomfortable period of growth, and it will all be okay. If you are happily involved, this month could feel like a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the adventure by planning a little escape with your special someone for a Full Moon getaway on April 21



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