Heisel = Fashion + Function


Sylvia Heisel is one of our favorites at The Live Box Magazine. To us, there is no other designer in the wearable tech arena with the style that belongs to Sylvia.

Of Turkish heritage and raised in East Africa and New Jersey Sylvia has been a member of the CFDA since 1997. Her eponymous collection of women’s designer clothing was represented in America’s best specialty stores and fashion magazines from the early 90s until the launch of Heisel.

Obsessed with technology and sustainability, Sylvia is an expert in new materials, manufacturing processes and physical computing related to fashion and wearables. She consults on design for smart wearables and new tech applications for fashion.

In partnership with her husband, artist Scott Taylor, she creates and consults on sustainable temporary interiors, environments, displays and events. They make places, objects and experiences that combine contemporary design, art, fashion, culture, technology and lifestyle.

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