How to Draw Men In Closer

How to Draw Him In Closer, LVBX Magazine
ASK ME with Megan Weks

Do you want to be approached by more men?

You already have the natural powers inside of you which can draw men in; it is your natural feminine energetic force – your radiance.

What is this radiance and how can you unlock it so that it shines out of you? Radiance, by definition, is a light or heat that is emitted or reflected by something. Our unique radiance is a glow which comes from our internal spirit; one that people can feel.

We’ve all seen those women who are empirically attractive but whose energy seems to fall flat; it doesn’t draw you in. Then there are the woman who have that something – That “je ne sais quoi”, literally, that “I don’t know what” that draws people toward them. These woman are not necessarily the most beautiful, but they give off a warm and compelling energy that makes people want to be near them. Maybe it’s something that pulls you in, from her eyes? Maybe it’s from her smile? That “I don’t know what” is her inner radiance shining through.

So, how can you turn your radiance on and become a magnet for men when you’re simply walking on the street or at a coffee shop?

The good news is, you can grow your “radiance muscle” over time and learn to shine your light brighter and brighter! You can train your thoughts to be more loving, accepting, forgiving, exciting, and to give off an overall glow that radiates from your heart. This is what men are truly attracted to. This is RADIANCE!

If you want men to approach you when you are out and about, you need to pay attention. If you want to captivate the room when you walk in, read the steps that I have listed for you below. If you want to shine in all of your glory, practice these steps; work on them every day until your magnetic powers can be felt by all those around you.  Trust me, you’ll know when you have that “I don’t know what.”

1. Value Yourself! Get your confidence from the inside rather than from external sources. Stay close to that hopeful voice inside of your head who speaks to you about your inner awesomeness; internalize this voice, it is telling you the truth.

2. Choose Love. With a little practice, you can radiate love from the inside, out. Remember that you always have a choice to operate from a place of love, and general well-being and that choice comes from the inside. Catch negative thoughts and reframe them into good thoughts before they take on a life of their own. Find the bright side of every situation or adopt the stance that you will see and learn from the message every situation brings to you, even if it feels negative at the moment.  Think warm thoughts about others and allow them to seep out of your mind and flow out to and over them.

3. Go With The Flow. If you spend too much time over-thinking the mysteries in life, it can be extremely daunting. Focus on the ride and the messages that are in front of you, one by one. Enjoy all of the learning opportunities that come your way; accept them with open arms. Resisting what life brings to you makes living a lot more difficult than it has to be. All is healed with time.

4. Let Go of Judgement. You cannot see from the viewpoint of another person; you are not in their shoes. Ask yourself about the judgmental thoughts that you have. What is it about these judgments that are related to you. Is it actually jealousy, or is it a trait that you have seen in yourself and feel uncomfortable about?  Assume that most people are doing the best that they can with how they relate to their own environment. Now close your eyes and imagine your heart filling with love. Now share a piece of your heart with the person you previously judged, and accept their behavior; forgive them and forgive yourself for the judgment.

5. Be Aware of Your Body. Your tension can be felt by others when they are communicating with you. Focus on one part of your body at a time and release the tightness or tension that you may be holding. Start with your jaw, face, and head. Let it melt. Now move to your neck and back. Let it melt. Now your belly and tush. Let them melt. Fill your belly with air and release. You’ve relieved much of your tension with this simple exercise and have allowed for energies to flow through you instead of being blocked.

6. Stay Present. When we have racing thoughts in or heads, or when we are mentally in another place from where our physical bodies are at any given moment, we are not connecting with the world that’s right in front of us. Enjoy the moment and appreciate the beauty that you see around you in the now. Be curious.

7. Be Vulnerable. Drop your hard protective shell. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and bring them forth in your interactions with others. Be soft. Be you. Be approachable. This is warm and inviting to other people. It creates an environment of safety, where your own comfort with yourself helps others to be comfortable with you. When you radiate vulnerability and openness, those around you naturally feel that you won’t judge them… because you aren’t judging yourself.

8. Forgive Yourself. Accept yourself for who you are, where you are, where you come from, and who you have become. Really work to let go of any shame you may be holding onto from past experiences. Your life is richer and fuller because of those experiences. They make you interesting – And they make you human. Appreciate your experiences and how you’ve grown from them into the person you are today.

9. Practice Self-Care.  Work out in the morning and you’ll have extra pep in your step for your entire day. The energy from exercise will have invigorated each and every cell in your body, your serotonin levels will be higher, you will radiate life and light. Life becomes so much more inviting when we have completed something good for ourselves each day. We deserve to make ourselves feel great. Do something every day that brings you closer to a goal of improvement; something that you know will send all things good back to you!

These steps are an outline for you to practice and that you can use to improve your radiance over time. You can overturn negative thoughts and reframe them, one by one. Making habits out of this positive practices will create new neuro-pathways and change the way you think – the brain is an amazing tool! Over time you can elevate your thoughts and vibration from less vibrant, to those of love, acceptance, appreciation, joy and generally overall wellness of being. These thoughts will radiate from the inside, out, causing your light of radiance to shine out from you, to others. Watch how you will be able to draw people into your world; people who will want to stay there and surround themselves by your beautiful radiance.

Megan Weks is an international dating and relationship expert who specializes in helping women get the admiration they deserve from men, and to keep it. She is a certified specialist in her field, but one of her biggest credentials is her personal story.  Living in New York City for over a decade, Megan has had the opportunity to meet and date many different men.  Through working with a relationship guru, she literally changed from crumb-picking and obsessing over men who didn’t deserve her, to being called a “man whisperer” who men (including her now-husband) would never leave. Megan’s career is devoted to helping women who struggle with the men in their lives, to turn it all around and keep the men they desire. Megan coaches individual women in intense programs with her proven Lean Back for Love System and principles. She also runs a private online woman’s discussion group where women are supported with these principles. You can connect with her on her website – or reach out to her on Facebook or Twitter.

Megan’s Philosophy: Lean Back (definition) – The posture of a fully self-actualized woman, which allows men and their energies to flow toward her.  She is focused on herself and her life as an individual, in preparation and willingness to receive her greatest love in return.



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