March Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

March Horoscopes + Rachel Lang, LVBX Magazine
It’s a new month and time for a fresh perspective. See what’s in store with the March horoscopes with astrologer Rachel Lang of Blissen Up. Be sure to visit Blissen Up with Rachel Lang to schedule a private session and listen to her live podcast Blissen Up on Fridays at 12pm PST.

Your birthday month might sound something like the second movement of Shostakovich’s Symphony Number 8. Brace yourself for a wild ride of a month. We will witness waves of contrasting astrological energy, and your sign of Pisces features prominently in those planetary dynamics. You and your sign are center stage this month. Therefore, expect the unexpected, relax into the changes manifesting for you at this time, and surrender to the hand of the Divine active in your life right now.

You will not have to find the spotlight because it will find you. Therefore, your outer appearance matters a little more than usual. You might consider starting the month with a makeover, so you look and feel your best. Then, practice your award acceptance speech so you can be ready when the moment arrives to make your appearance.

Professionally, you have reached new levels of success. The path continues to expand, and opportunities can open for you if you maintain a positive approach. Boldly move toward your goals. Minor setbacks or hurdles can help you strengthen resolve and build faith in yourself. They urge you to keep going, even when nothing makes sense. This is especially true right after the Solar Eclipse on March 9.

Between March 9 and 23, you might feel pressure mount as you navigate the tension between the old and the new. Memories surface, giving you the chance to heal and grow. Friends are in the process of changing, too, and relationships could feel shaky. Try not to take disappointments too seriously. Realize that we are all feeling these intense cosmic shifts and having to adjust accordingly.

Mark March 20 on your calendar for the most romantic day of the month. Venus will be meeting up with Neptune in your sign. This influence could spark a little magic. If you are single, you might consider making new connections. Friends surprise you by asking to match you up. This could get fun for you, Pisces! Let yourself play all month long.

Aries: Go ahead and admit it. To the outside world, you present yourself as a fierce, pioneering powerhouse of a person. However, when the lights turn out, your inner mystical dreamer comes out to play. This aspect of yourself can get lost in the frenzy of everyday life. This month, it emerges from the dark and steps into the spotlight. Get your dream journal ready and start jotting down some of what you see. Use your imagination and daydream about the future. The energy of the Solar Eclipse on March 9 could intensify your vision, allowing you to see a new spectrum of possibilities.

In professional matters, “focus” is your keyword. You might feel a bit more scattered than usual. However, you have gained momentum on particular projects and need to maintain the positive flow. If you feel as if you have started too many things in a short period, choose one and nurture it throughout the month. One real milestone of success will help keep you aligned for prosperity in the future. To reach that step, you need to give it your all.

Your creativity reaches a peak on March 19 when the Sun moves into your sign. You might find inspiration by taking a travel adventure or spending time near the water. Give yourself a spring break to make the most of this time. You might even want a quiet writing retreat, for example, with plenty of activities at night to appeal to your social side. If you have wanted to write a book, start working on your outline March 21, when Mercury enters your sign.

You might consider starting a new workout routine or consult with a personal trainer. You have some extra energy this month that you can channel into your fitness goals. Start getting ready for beach time! This will also help boost your mood and bring you out of any winter doldrums.

Your love life gets steamy this month, as Mars, your planetary ruler, enters fire sign Sagittarius on March 5. You have dynamic energy and may attract more attention than usual. You single Aries might need to hire a personal assistant just to manage the date requests coming in. For those of you who are involved, dream about the future without making definite plans. Allow it all to unfold.

Taurus: Your horoscope begins with a little assignment. To kick off this month, I invite you to create a playlist. Log into Spotify, Apple Music, or another music library of choice, and search the word “change,” then begin to add songs to empower you during this time of incredible shift. Start it with David Bowie. “Turn and face the strange…” Then, end it with whatever song makes you want to get up and dance. As the stalwart of the Zodiac, the very suggestion of “change” can stir resistance. However stubborn you may feel at times, when presented with a shiny new opportunity, you will want to move. Onward and upward. Your life could look very different by March 23.

Devise new ways to expand your social network at the beginning of the month. Engage with new groups of people and pass out your business cards. Strategic partnerships can lead to successful ventures. From March 5-9, focus on your social media presence. Then, schedule some power lunches later in the month.

The open road might be calling you to an adventure. Gather a few close friends for a Spring Break trip on March 14. You could probably use the break, and you could experience a few fun surprises on your journey.

We have two powerful eclipses this month that could stir up some drama in some of your friendships, especially at the beginning of the month. We are all in a time of rapid movement and trying to manage the turbulence stirred by the winds of change. Practice compassion for your friends while maintaining your boundaries. You do not need to take on anyone else’s stress, and it is perfectly fine to screen your calls.

Now, let’s talk about your love life. Cupid’s arrow could hit when you least expect it. You might consider consulting your astrologer, healer, therapist, or advisor to do some inner prep so you can move forward into love without fear. Find obstacles or barriers to love and release them. Then, trust in divine timing. Congratulations. You are ready to invite more intimacy into your life.

Gemini: If we drew a metaphorical picture of your heart, it might look like a medieval castle protected with brick walls, hedgerow mazes, thorny rose bushes, and drawbridge gates. Yes, people can enter, but they have tests to pass and secret code words to learn. What if you opened the path? Could you trust your guidance to protect you? The vulnerability is quite attractive. It can be powerful, too. Think about it for a moment.

Your mind works so sharply you can think yourself into or out of any situation. This month, that ability could present challenges for you. Try to lean into your sixth sense instead. Tune up your intuition because so many different energies play out this month. Your antennae could be picking up all kinds of static from others, but your physical body and its guidance will not fail.

The planetary influences at the beginning of the month highlight your career. Choose your words carefully until March 21. Others are a little more sensitive and may need more mental processing time.  On March 9, the Solar Eclipse signals dynamic change that will ripple into each area of your life. A new job opportunity could mean a major move. By the Lunar Eclipse on March 23, you will step forward into your new beginnings. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Mars, the fiery planet of passion, moved into your solar seventh house, upping your libido all month long. While you might be inclined to follow the urges of your lower chakras, those of your heart will deepen your connection with your special someone. After the Equinox on March 19, your relationship will reach a whole new level. If you are single, meet new people. What starts as playful banter may turn into something more.

Cancer: In the month of March, we transition from harsh winter to mellow spring. For some of you, this change takes place literally as the weather shifts. In more temperate regions of the world, this change happens metaphorically. Astrologically, too, we move from the influence of the Sun in Pisces to the cardinal, initiating energy of Aries; the Equinox on March 19 marks the transition. A zero degree cardinal point is a powerful influence that motivates us to initiate change in our lives. We feel inspired to take a step forward in faith. Your sign is a cardinal, initiatory sign, but your deeply sensitive nature leads you to take action only if you feel a sense of security. Remember that no relationship, job, house, or another life circumstance comes with a guarantee. We learn the art of surrender when things do not work out the way we intended or when God offers us a “Plan B.”  During these times, we deepen our faith in cosmic order. Everything has a season and seasons change.

Awaken your sense of adventure early in the month, and plan a long-distance journey. You might even consider making a sacred journey or pilgrimage to make the most of the month’s influences. The Solar Eclipse on March 9 could trigger some inner restlessness and urge you to make a move out of your comfort zone.

You might also seek out creative or cultural activities. You are in a personal Renaissance period when inspiration streams in from new directions. Music, theatre, art, and dance can help you channel that energy.

Professionally, new opportunities can open for you near the end of the month, especially on March 21, when Mercury enters your solar tenth house of career. Submit new business proposals, in particular for those opportunities that seem like long-shots. Embolden yourself and trust that the universe will never give you more than you can handle. After all, you have set the intention to reach new levels of success. Manifestation time starts now!

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters Pisces, a fellow water sign, on March 12. This influence can help you magnetize more romance into your life. Are you single? If so, ask your friends to set you up or try out one of the dating apps. It is time to meet new people. For those of you in relationships, let Venus help you rekindle the romance. Add sweet words to your conversations and soften your touch.

Leo: Invite a little magic into your month, Leo. As a powerful creator, you have all you need to create a brilliant future for yourself. Start this month by observing what thoughts keep cycling through your mind. Have you focused too much energy on negative stories from your past? These streams of thought can play like broken records until they eventually get old. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, try telling new stories. For example, if you have felt as if you do not have enough money, focus instead on how you always get what you need when you need it, sometimes almost miraculously. Change your story to change your life rather than waiting for your life circumstances to change. Money can flow smoothly into your life in surprising ways.

Magic also comes from unexpected gifts from the Divine, and this month, you might find angels around every corner. Follow synchronicity and notice those telltale signs. Have you seen certain numbers everywhere? Have you been catching 11:11 on the clock? These symbols indicate you are on the right track. Think about what you started manifesting in your life a year ago. Many of those intentions will begin to come true faster than you imagine.

As a sign ruled by the Sun, you find purpose in creative expression. You have the extra energy this month for initiating new projects that could launch your career in a new direction. Brainstorm early in the month, and by March 19, you might find collaborators to help implement your ideas. Mercury will be moving into fiery Aries on March 21, which is an excellent influence for pitching work to new clients or investors. If you are a job seeker, send your resume early in the month, and by the end of the month, you could receive good news.

Spring fever is contagious, and you are not immune! Mars is in your solar fifth house, sparking passion all month long. Your love life has extra intensity. Emotional intimacy enhances the physical aspects of your relationship, and the combination deepens your relationship. For those of you who are involved, this could mean healing any challenges in your relationship or unhealthy patterns. You can start the process by having some real, open conversations. Have you resisted speaking your mind about complicated matters? Bring those concerns to the surface for resolution. Your partner may surprise you with compassion and understanding. For those of you who are single, explore the city. Venture into new cafes and clubs. Just one cautionary note: make sure anyone who piques your interest is uninvolved. Check for that ring! Otherwise, go ahead and have a little fling.

Virgo: Hold onto your seat. This month takes you on a wild ride, Virgo! Yes, you need to stay committed to your goals. That is important. Internal tension mounts when challenges pervade. How can you determine when those hurdles are tests of your resolve or divine redirection? The answer lies with your intuitive sense. Deepen your inner guidance and pay attention to that voice. It urges you forward in the direction of your dreams. Let go of your need to know how things will unfold or when answers will come. You cannot control the outcome. The Universe asks you to trust in perfect unfolding.

The month starts with negotiations. You have formed new partnerships that will pave the path to future success. These relationships grow significantly by the Solar Eclipse in your solar seventh house on March 9. This dynamic energy can catalyze change for your career. You might want to prep for this by reaching out to helpful people and mentors early in the month. Make bold asks. What do you have to lose?

If you have involvement with a charitable organization, you might find ways to recruit others to help with the cause. Anything you do to make a difference in the world will come back to you tenfold. You might want to contribute your time and energy after March 19. In addition to feeling good about giving back, you could connect with like-minded people and expand your social circle.

Focus on finances after March 14. Revisit your investment portfolio and make changes. Though the markets have been unpredictable, you have a little extra luck and may be able to make the most of the lows. Do you have real estate investments? If you have been thinking about purchasing a new home or investment property, financing options could open up after March 19.

The shifting currents of astrological activity could influence your romantic relationships. Pay attention to the stirrings of your heart. Where are you being led? Though you may want to make big changes, think about waiting until after circumstances settle down. The answers will come on March 23. Throughout the month, focus on healing from your past and mastering the lessons coming up for you at this time. Your heart is breaking open in new ways, and the process is magical. If someone new has recently entered your life, he or she will likely play a significant role in your future. Hold on without trying to control the outcome. Think about allowing it to unfold with grace and ease.

Libra: The Universe has handed you the energetic equivalent of a final exam. Will you pass to the next level and graduate from this set of lessons you’ve been studying for three years? Right now, it might feel like much work. You might even feel frustrated as if everything you want is inches beyond your reach. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. You have heard or read this scripture, right? To pass the final test, have faith in the goodness of the Divine. Then, surrender. Release any ounce of perfectionism or desire to control the outcome.

Make health a priority this month. Exercise to release stress. You might even consider working with a trainer or taking exercise classes to keep you motivated. Your immune system could use a boost at the beginning of the month, and it starts with your digestive system. If you have had some digestive issues, you might visit your naturopathic doctor or acupuncturist to optimize your diet. You might try taking probiotics and alkalizing your body, too. By the end of March, you will be in top shape if you start early.

Professionally, this is a big month for you. Prioritize your schedule so you stay focused on the most important tasks. You could become distracted by all of the competing demands of your schedule. However, with all of this positive flow headed in your career sector, you might have to turn down a few social engagements. Your tireless work will pay off richly. At the end of the month, new business relationships help you generate more of an audience. If you have been thinking about making a job change or cutting back your hours to have more family time, options could open by March 21.

Your romantic life may seem a bit unsteady at the beginning of the month. Your partner may be in the midst of a whirlwind of change. Try to stay centered to avoid cloudy judgment. You can be more easily swayed in one direction or another this month. By the end of March, after the Eclipse on March 23, you will have some clarity about the direction your relationship is heading. Until then, trust and surrender. If you are single, refrain from making major decisions or commitments. Just get out and play!

Scorpio: Think of your favorite comic book superhero. When danger strikes, he or she responds to the call by activating special powers, ones markedly weaker in everyday life. In extreme circumstances, an ordinary life can become extraordinary. Like your hero, you have a purpose to follow, and this month helps you frame it into focus. What extraordinary powers will you animate to answer the distress signals happening around you? Do you have hidden talents to discover? Hobbies you have wanted to try? Perhaps you have wanted to deepen existing strengths. This month may signal significant changes for all of us. You might find opportunities to access your inner superhero and more fully realize your power.

Express yourself and find ways to step into the spotlight. Audiences want to hear what you have to say. You have the dynamism to inspire crowds. Write your TED talk or even launch a YouTube channel to share your ideas with others. Release any limiting thoughts and imagine how many lives you could touch. Anytime you assert yourself in this manner, you open a new career possibility. You can expand your network by using your voice.

Your financial picture could change for the better after March 5. Strategize ways to build long-term wealth, and invest in your future. To do this, you might need to tighten your budget and save resources at this time. Resist extravagant purchases and focus on your goals, even if you earn additional resources at this time.

Attend to any health concerns early in the month and take antioxidants to boost your immune system after March 19. Your schedule has been busier than usual with new work projects and exciting celebrations. Consider taking a Spring Break getaway for rest and rejuvenation. A spa weekend with some girlfriends would be the perfect way to nurture yourself. Alternatively, a trip to a mountain chalet with your special someone could also work for you.

Your love life has the energy of a hot summer affair. If you are involved in a relationship, keep romance playful and fun. If your love life has become somewhat bland, spice things up. Surprise your partner with gifts…just because. If you are single, Venus enters Pisces, a compatible water sign, on March 12, signaling a time of magnetic attraction. Sparks will fly.

Sagittarius: Passion is the fire of the heart, and it often provides fuel for courageous life choices and actions. What does your heart urge you to do this month? Follow that inner stirring, even if it leads to a more uncertain path. Revisit Robert Frost’s “Road Less Traveled” and see what nuggets of truth you might find to inspire you during this magical time of incredible wonder. Revel in possibilities, even if they seem far from mainstream. To find your center, you may have to move from one extreme to another.

Some changes in your family life could mean additional responsibilities for you. While you love helping others, the extra duties may limit your free time and cause you to feel stuck. Balancing home, work, and social engagements feel daunting now, and you might need a break from it all. Consider taking a Spring Break trip with your family to strengthen bonds and heal frustrations.

Mars enters your sign on March 5, making you the champion in all types of competitions. You might think about running a race or starting a new workout routine. Step up to the challenge and make a name for yourself. You might even find ways to incorporate fundraising efforts for your favorite cause. By March 19, you will hold the trophy, metaphorically or literally.

Mars also helps your love life by sparking a little passion! If you are in a relationship, you might see fireworks igniting all month long. Perhaps you and your special someone might play a little and explore new ways to connect physically. This month’s turbulence needs some outlet. So, why not choose intimate connections? If you are single, this influence signals a time of positive attention. Step out on the dance floor and show your moves.

Capricorn: March emphasizes all manners of communication for you, Capricorn. You might set aside time to work on your masterpiece novel or memoirs. Perhaps you would like to start a blog our journal. Use your words wisely, as they could leave a lasting mark. If you have considered writing a TED-style talk or speaking at a professional organization, start reaching out to potential supporters at the beginning of the month, when the influences stir your passion for justice and truth. What platform can you stand upon to deliver your message? Try social media or even an actual stage.

You might seek a mentor or advisor with whom to work this month. A relationship of this kind can help you strengthen areas of weakness and become more successful. Network until you find “the one.” Then, start the process of engaging with him or her.

Likewise, you may have people in your social circle, or even siblings, who need help integrating. Perhaps they have undergone a life crisis and are trying to get back on their feet. Show support by refraining from judgment. Make them feel included, and you can celebrate your role in helping them heal.

Professionally, you have the stamina you need to weather ups and downs. Since 2012, you have been on a journey to develop faith in yourself and a positive outlook on life. You have met and overcome significant challenges as a result. Look at you now! You are ready to go forward. Stay focused and commit to you first.

In love, Capricorn, Venus is in dreamy, mystical Pisces after March 12. Romance can feel soft and sweet in even lasting marriages. The key to deepened romance is intimacy. What dreams do you and your special someone share? Take time this month to reflect on that question, and start engaging with one another to support your future goals. By the date of the Eclipse on March 23, you will remove any obstacles from your path and commit more fully to your relationship.

Aquarius: “Money flows in with grace and ease.” Allow this to be your mantra this month, Aquarius. You have discovered new ways to open yourself to abundance and prosperity. Recent wins, inheritances, or professional successes may have gained you more resources. Invest wisely now, and the future payoff will be considerable. Real estate transactions or refinancing also looks favorable this month. Make this a month to honor your resources. Budget wisely and practice gratitude for the goodness flowing into your life at this time.

New friends may unexpectedly enter your life through groups or organizations, especially after March 5. This is an excellent month to get involved with a local charity or political cause. Your participation will help you network, but more importantly, it will fulfill a humanitarian need you innately have. Super Tuesday is a great time to start speaking up on behalf of your favorite candidate. Go ahead and voice your opinions! With your level of intelligence, others want to hear what you have to say.

As a result of the changes in your social circle, you may undergo a reassessment of your future path. How can you reshape your goals and dreams to better reflect your future path? Only you can determine this, but you might want to brainstorm innovative solutions with a trusted mentor or advisor. You want to do it all, but time limits you.

The intense planetary energies of this month could have you reminiscing about the past. Realize that your reflection backward indicates the swift motion forward about to take place in your life. This could happen in your romantic affairs. Are you single? If so, the beginning of the month is quite promising for your love life. You might want to update your look a little, give yourself a little more of an edge to attract that special someone. If you are in a relationship, ease into challenging conversations and keep communication clear and honest. Passion is a keyword for you all month long!



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