Give the Perfect Gift, Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide

The champion shopper. You know who you are. You spend hours thinking about the perfect gift for the special someone on your list. You thumb through magazine pages, amble through boutiques you find off the beaten track, and dream about the response your gift will inspire: something like a cross between awe (inspired by your intuitive brilliance) and bliss. Gift giving can feel like a sport, and each year, we train for months to gear up for the challenge. How can you find that perfect gift? We have simplified the task for you. Consider shopping sign by sign. Each astrological signature highlights specific tastes and styles. Aquarians like to be a bit avant-garde, while Virgos prefer clean lines and classic styles. We have taken the unique characteristics of each sign, and then shopped the Internet to provide you with an astrological shopping guide just in time for the holidays.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):

Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Crimson Mini Pashli Satchel


With a daring personality and a bold sense of style, an Aries needs an accessory that commands attention. Bright colors speak to this sign, ruled by Mars, the fiery red planet. Always on the go, an Aries moves from power lunch to business meeting and then to networking happy hour. Because she moves from place to place, she requires versatility in her wardrobe and other areas of her life. This Crimson Mini Pashli Satchel by Philip Lim will make the Aries fashionista squeal with delight. It’s adjustable and adorable. Aries can be impatient; don’t wait to buy her the perfect gift. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Les Arômes du Chocolat by Projet Chocolat


Ruled by the luscious planet Venus, Taurus loves sensual delights that can be enjoyed in intimate settings. The perfect gift for a Taurus is one to be relished. The Les Arômes du Chocolat kit features 24 “notes” of the most prominent scents. By combining scent and taste, Projet Chocolat offers an olfactory and culinary experience guaranteed to send Taurus into sensational ecstasy. Taurus also has exquisite taste, and craves impeccability in art, fashion, music, and food. Natural aromas and the finest eco-friendly packaging materials contribute to Projet Chocolat’s elegance. Give the gift of refined sensuality to the Taurus in your life.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Mica Bracelet by Opening Ceremony and Intel


Your Gemini friend has to stay connected. The Mica (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) bracelet by Opening Ceremony and Intel is wearable technology that ensures your Gemini will never miss a call, email, text, or tweet. With appointment reminders, notifications, and calendar alerts, this bracelet will also help your mutable sign Gemini stay focused and on time for the most important meetings and social engagements. Cast in snakeskin with twin pearls on either side of a centerpiece gemstone, this attractive bangle communicates style as well as functionality.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):
Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
John Derian Moon Plate

$50 each

Cancer loves through food. If you are lucky enough to have a Cancer in your life, expect to be fed and entertained by this consummate host. She nurtures her friends and family, gathering them together to dine and drink. The Cancer man provides a lush nest for his family, and he prides himself on the surroundings his success affords. The Cancerian sets the table with a carefully curated selection of silver and tableware and will plan an incomparable affair about which guests will rave far into the future. A set of handmade Crescent Moon Round Plates crafted from artisans from John Derian’s New York studio will excite your favorite Cancer and give him or her another excuse to host a gathering. The moon is Cancer’s ruling planetary influence, which makes these plates your perfect gift.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):
Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Bristol Champagne Cushion


Ruled by the Sun, Leo needs fashion, accessories, and decor guaranteed to reflect her radiance. Gifted with a flare for the dramatic, Leo shines in the spotlight. This Bristol Champagne Cushion makes a bold statement as an accent in any room of the home. The metallic champagne fabric and leaf details give this cushion elegance and style. Self-expression is Leo’s life theme. Because of this, their tastes can be seen as an extension of their creative process. Show your favorite Leo that you appreciate his or her theatrical sensibilities with this gift.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):
Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX MagazineMagiscope


Virgo seeks pleasure in reflecting on the small details of life. The sign of discernment and discrimination, Virgo meticulously examines everything. The Magiscope is a functional microscope that is a true work of art. Cast aluminum and brass construction, the simplicity of the design pleases Virgo’s no-frill sensibilities. This item will allow Virgo to explore the minutia of crystals, plants, diamonds, and even edible objects. Virgo appreciates practicality. Give your favorite Virgo a gift that he or she can use to analyze something other than your latest conversation. Spark curiosity and wonder with the Magiscope.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):

Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Volcano Pyramid Earrings


Libra, the sign of partnership, appreciates gifts that come in pairs, like these Volcano Pyramid Earrings. The scales symbolize this sign, and like its marker suggests, Libra’s life lessons focus on balance. You may see your favorite Libra bouncing from one extreme to another in the pursuit of this aim. However, he or she always lands in a space of equilibrium. Ruled by the planetary goddess of beauty, Venus, fashion-forward Libra delights in fine jewelry, elegant accessories, and gifts that appeal to the senses. She will appreciate the symmetry and style of the Volcano Pyramid Earrings, and you will likely get accolades for choosing a present that appeals to her cultivated aesthetic. 

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):
Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Scorpion Paperweight


Power drives Scorpio, the sign of magic and transformation. True power heals, and the sign’s symbol, the scorpion, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help heal ailments from pain to epilepsy and more. Though it threatens to sting, many scorpions are not lethal. Likewise, Scorpio recognizes its power to transmute negative psychological energy into a force of good in the world. Cast in brilliant red, this paperweight can serve as a visual reminder of Scorpio’s dynamism. A fixed sign, Scorpios hold tight to memory, and you’ll want to give a gift he or she won’t ever forget. This paperweight communicates your deep understanding of their sign, even their somewhat morbid fascination with dead things. Yes, it’s true. After all, this paperweight has an actual scorpion that once walked the earth. Its legacy will live on.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):
Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Liebeskind Esther Handbag Dark Blue


No sign loves an adventure like the free-spirited sign of the archer, Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, truth, and higher learning, Sagittarius craves experiences that expand a worldview. Imagine your favorite Sagittarius stepping on a plane with this carry on, pulling her iPhone out of its specially lined compartment to listen to music as she settles into her seat, prepared for a long journey. The lush, vintage-inspired leather of this bag was designed to withstand the many trips she will take, from the grocery store to the mountain ski resort. If you combine this bag with a round-trip ticket on Virgin Airlines, you’ll secure your place as the best gift-giver ever.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Diptyque Ginger Hourglass Diffuser


Chronos, Father Time, guides Capricorn, a sign that values practicality and stability. Though Capricorns appreciates the beautiful and delicious, they want nothing frivolous. They are driven and ambitious, and they accomplish anything they set out to achieve. This chic hourglass diffuser fills the room with the spicy scent of success and riches, ginger. Artfully designed, this statement piece will please the discerning taste of your favorite Capricorn. Every twenty minutes, the diffuser releases a slow, subtle scent. Simply turn it over to start a new cycle. Even your most stoic Capricorn will not be able to contain her or his excitement upon opening this gift!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
Stargazer Ring


The rebel of the Zodiac, Aquarius has a truly eclectic style. He or she chooses to remain just outside of the mainstream; they are close enough to see what’s happening but distant enough to start a trend. Ruled by innovative Uranus, the planet associated with astrology and lightening, those ruled by this sign look up to the sky for inspiration. This is why we have chosen the Stargazer Ring as this sign’s perfect gift. Aquarians gather groups of people together and may have an eccentric mix of friends. Likewise, the gold brass dome holds the luminous kaleidoscope of lapis stone and mint, amber, and clear resin. Celebrate the uniqueness of your favorite Aquarian by buying a gift that is handmade by an artisan in India rather than something ordinary and mass-produced.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):
Sign by Sign: The Astrological Gift Guide, LVBX Magazine
D.S. & Durga Spirit Lamp Scented Candle


With one foot in and one out of this world, Pisces understands the spiritual realm more than any other sign. They remain curious, open to new ideas. Their keen intuition makes them great trusted companions who always seem to have advice to share. Ruled by Neptune, the planetary ruler of water, Pisces needs more of the fire element to provide balance. For this sign, water represents emotion, fluidity, and changeability.  Conversely, fire is power, movement, and action. The scent of this candle can help carry your favorite Pisces to distant places within her or his imagination. Daydreams, visions, and creative ideas may be inspired to action by the flickering flame. Your Pisces has posh sensibilities, and you want to please his or her style. This candle will not disappoint. Add to it the Diptyque Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer for a gift pleasing to your pickiest Neptunian water friends.




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