Sine Ginsborg, Make-up Artist. Image credit Kathrine Rohrberg.

Sine Ginsborg’s Top Beauty Picks and Advice

Sine Ginsborg, Make-up Artist. Image credit Kathrine Rohrberg.
Sine Ginsborg, Make-up Artist. Image credit Kathrine Rohrberg.

Make-up artist and founder of Sine Ginsborg Make-up School, Sine Ginsborg, shares with us her best personal and professional beauty advice, as well as her top product picks.

What is your best advice for aspiring make-up artists? Practice, Practice, and practice! Nothing is ever beneath you, no job is too small. You never know who you are going too meet and where that person will end up next. So always treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.

How did you get your start as a make-up artist? The owner of the salon where I got my education as a hairdresser is also a very talented make-up artist, he taught me everything he knew about make-up. After working for him for four years, I went to London to attend a make-up school.

After graduating, I assisted some of London’s best make-up artists, to learn as many tricks as possible and to get the necessary experience. Next to assisting, I worked/tested with as many photographs as possible to build up my portfolio.

Sine Ginsborg's Top Beauty Picks and Advice, LVBX Magazine
Sine Ginsborg Make-up School.

What is the story behind the Sine Ginsborg Make-up School? It has been a dream of mine to open a make-up school for as long I can remember. I love teaching and it is amazing to see the students grow both personally and professionally during a course. It is a difficult field to enter and I do my best to guide the aspiring make-up artists to further their career.

What is your daily beauty routine? I am all about cleaning my skin and would never miss an evening or night doing so. I always keep it simple as I don’t have the patience, so after cleaning I apply my face cream and eye cream. I really hate feeling dry around the eyes so I dab a little face oil around the eye area, it also looks pretty with the shine. I don’t wear much make-up; I might brush my brows with an eye gel and give my cheeks a bit of colour.

ELLE Denmark. Image credit Henrik Bülow.
ELLE Denmark. Image credit Henrik Bülow.

What is your best advice to women on feeling beautiful in their own skin? The greatest beauty tip of all time is knowing that you are already beautiful as you are. And for all of us over 40, celebrate getting older, it is a gift. Rather than dreading each passing year, honour your age and revel in the wiser self you have become in the past year.


Tromborg Mineral Foundation: It just looks like perfect skin without make-up.

RMS Illusive Lip2Cheek: Beautiful cheek colour, looks like you just came back from a walk in nature.

Tromborg Stimulating Face Oil: The scent alone…

Gaelle Organic Body Cream Superieure: Amazing glow and oily shine for your body.To learn more, visit Sine Ginsborg Make-up School.



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