Rachel Lang + The November Horoscopes

Find yourself open to new possibilities and personal awareness this month with the November horoscopes from astrologer Rachel Lang of Blissen Up. Be sure to visit Blissen Up with Rachel Lang to schedule a private session and listen to her live podcast Blissen Up on Fridays at 12pm PST.

Rachel Lang + The November Horoscopes, LVBX Magazine
Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): If you adjust your hearing slightly, you might notice your heartbeat quickening. Fear and courage both stimulate this response. Opportunity’s knock came as a surprise when you least expected it. Will you open the door? If you answer yes, you may find yourself stepping up into a more powerful position in your life. This month, your birthday month, take charge of your life! March forward into a new direction.

New friends enter your life at the beginning of the month, offering unique ideas that spark your imagination. On November 2, a brainstorming session results in a winning idea. Change in your professional life is manifesting, and by the New Moon on November 11, you will begin to see ways to transition from one path to the next. It is almost time to step forward on the path toward that horizon.

A few extra financial obligations may lead you to play a game of catch-up. Balance your budget in the first part of the month carefully to ensure you have extra reserves set aside for any unexpected expenses. By November 22, you can restore balance to your cash flow.

Your words have power this month. This is the perfect time for speaking publicly, starting a blog, or submitting anything for publication. Self-promotion may not be your specialty given your comfortability with working behind the scenes. However, to put it bluntly, you need to get over that! Go ahead and brag a little. Put yourself in the spotlight.

In love, the beginning of the month offers pure passion. If you are single, you may find deep, soulful connections up until November 9. For those of you in relationships, be a bit more creative than usual. Try new restaurants or clubs. Make your date night an adventure. After November 22, you will feel spiritual shifts happening in your romance. This is an optimal time to heal any fractured memories from the past and renew your relationship.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): At times, you may wish someone else could just take care of everything for you. Ordinarily, when you face challenges, Jupiter usually bestows a little luck into your life. It waves its generous magic wand, and you can effortlessly wiggle your way through the difficult situation. Recently, you may have felt as if your luck has changed. You are getting lessons in focused effort, hard work, and commitment. Where is Jupiter? Rather than looking for a knight in shining armor or an angel rescuer, realize that those archetypes exist within you. You ARE your own hero and have just embarked on your hero’s journey.

Professionally, you may have had some positive changes that led to more responsibility. You are managing others now, and this limits your freedom. Enjoy the process of rising another rung on the ladder to success, and trust that you will get to break away on an adventure soon.  For those of you who are seeking new career opportunities, narrow down your goals, develop a mission statement for your life, and start the pursuit. After November 8,  network with others. Meet new friends to expand your social network. By November 22, when the Sun enters your sign, you will be ready to put your best face forward during any meeting.

This month offers an intimate look back into family patterns from the past. Hidden truths surface if you stand still and pay attention. This is not the time to deny past hurts, but rather to transmute the energy for healing. Connect with your loved ones to have heart-to-heart discussions. Big shifts are happening for you.

Has there been a creative outlet you’ve always wanted to try? Sign up for tango lessons or learn to play the flute. These outlets will help you enjoy a little fun in the midst of this time of intense, focused effort, and nothing raises your vibration like a smile and laugh.

In love, connection is your keyword. If you are single, break up your routine to meet a special someone. After November 8, new friends come into your life, and they might be good matchmakers. Trust them to set you up. If you are in a relationship, enjoy the passion of the Full Moon on November 25. Its influence can help you take the relationship to a new level of intimacy. The end of the month signals a time of passion.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Other signs can float out into the ether, live in fantasy or dream worlds, and have prophetic premonitions. You pride yourself on being reasonable and practical. You manage your affairs with steady, deliberate action. However, when environmental changes threaten the stable foundation you have built for your life, you may have no choice but to ride that roller coaster. Have an adventure. You cannot control the outcome of many life circumstances. Therefore, consider this a time to connect with new people, let go of the past, and travel to a new destination.

A new idea or inspiration has recently hit you like a cosmic two-by-four falling on your head. It is time to follow your intuition. Boldly step forward into this new dimension. Trust yourself. You have the right words, tools, and resources to start over. You have to take firm, committed moves forward. This is a highly creative time.

Travel plans may lead to unexpected romantic encounters after November 11. Where you go may be entirely up to you, but the Universe has a plan of its own for your life. Surprises are in store if you allow yourself to participate in the unfolding of a divine plan.

You may have recently felt shifts in some of your closest friendships. Your growth and change have moved you closer to other, more compatible connections. Those friendships from the past still maintain relevance in your life, but the connections emphasize your personal history. Distance will help you gain perspective though you do not have to sever the ties. Give yourself space to discern what you need.

In love, November is passionate and intense, especially after November 8, when Venus moves into the compatible sign of Libra. If you are single, the influences are highly suggestive of a chance encounter that could lead to more. For those of you involved, plan a spontaneous getaway for romance and adventure for the New Moon on November 11.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): The recent good news about a professional opportunity brought tremendous celebration. You have climbed to a new career peak, and as a result, you’ve joyfully stepped up to accept the responsibility.  Remain steadfast in your resolve, and success will follow, especially after November 22. Failure is an illusion, like a childhood monster under the bed. Take one step at a time, trusting that you have everything you need to succeed in the way you intend. The outcome may not look exactly like you picture, but it will be more richly rewarding than you imagined.

Financial gains from career success came as a windfall, and you are smiling your way to the bank. You are extremely generous with those closest to you. Just imagine how fun the holiday season will be with all of this abundance! If you have yet to realize this success, take this message as a preview of a coming attraction. By the Full Moon on November 25, you will see the signs. Allow your imagination to take you into the experience of this goodness.

This is the month of gratitude and thanksgiving. I recommend keeping a gratitude journal and writing a list each day to remain in this positive flow of energy. Start with your relationships, and include your talents and gifts as well. Share the love, and write thank-you letters to those you most appreciate.

Publishing and teaching are both represented this month. If you have had a writing project, use this time to research and write. Focus on completion rather than starting something new. Your mental capacity is heightened for deep focus. You also might receive news about an offer to teach or learn abroad. Prepare in advance for these types of activities. If you can dream it, you can have it.

Matters of the heart may feel a bit more intense than usual. Your heart chakra opens to accept the possibility of deepening the connection. Whether you are single or involved, this is the time to step up and say, “Yes,” to love. If you are in a relationship already, consider taking it to the next level in whatever way you can. Even if you’ve been married for years, this is a wonderful month for learning more about how to show up more for your relationship. This is especially true with the New Moon on November 11.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): The physical sensations of your heart center opening might mimic those of courage and fear. Your pulse quickens, you feel a sense of expansion in your chest, and you suddenly feel a need to roar. In the past, the idea of a deep, intimate relationship signaled the illumination of all those warning lights on your mental dashboard. The fear of losing your freedom from being caught in love’s grasp helped you form subconscious strategies to wiggle your way free if necessary. You are a veritable Houdini! Now, however, everything feels different, softer. Could it be that the magic of love’s spell has made you feel a sense of safety? You have to begin to realize that autonomy is essentially relational. The space between yourself and your partner can be filled with Spirit and Love. Step together closer into that space. The more you lean into love, the more comfortable you will feel the sensation of your heart chakra opening.

Deep healing can happen for you all month long. Consider seeking advice from your favorite astrologer, or consult a therapist, healer, or shaman to help you raise your vibratory rate. Make this a priority, and you will feel ready to move into the holiday season without any extra drama.

You have had a lot of recent shifts and changes. In fact, you may have felt like the Universe has been tossing you through a proverbial spin cycle. You’ve adjusted beautifully to your life circumstances. Now, it is time to make bold statements about where you’d like to move next. Go ahead and speak your truth. Others are listening.

Daily responsibilities may have had your attention, but now things have shifted, and people predominate your thoughts. After November 8, forge new connections within your social network. Your career is ready to expand, but you need to reach out to others and ask for help. Seek help with promotional efforts from your closest allies. Allow any competition to awaken your inner warrior, and stay committed to your goals.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): The full spectrum of possibilities opens for you, and yet you have a remarkable ability to remain grounded in the center. You are like a prism, both the light and the gem, and your work is a rainbow of refracted light. Hold this vision all month long, and by the Full Moon on November 25, you will see the way you can add color to the world with your gifts.

This month, you receive a call that could change your life. New relationships forming in your life, along with the deepening of current ones, help you find ways to beam your light into the world. Trust the graceful unfoldment of your creative process, understanding that doubt can move you closer to faith. Uncertainty helps you ask questions that provide you with clarity. The New Moon on November 11 offers the possibility of a signed contract. This new partnership will take you further than you could have gone on your own.

Creative projects offer the excitement of possibility, and they can help change up your routine. Since the holidays are fast approaching, you may use your skills to make gifts for loved ones. They will be impressed, and you may discover hidden artistic talents within yourself. These activities foster a sense of self-expression highlighted this month. You may also consider giving a presentation or talk within any social organizations to which you belong.

Move into this month with grace; you might even try yoga or dance as a way to represent this action. After November 8, consider taking classes to help you sink a little deeper into your sensual experience. This can also help open you up for more passion in your love life.

Speaking of which, romance is highly suggested for you this November. On November 2, Venus and Mars meet up in the heavens, signaling a dynamic spark for you. If you are single, get out and mingle this entire first week. If you are involved, plot a romantic getaway for the first part of the month. Your relationship can become even more brilliant.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Geminis just want to have fun! Your playful spirit can compete with your inner taskmaster. You have inspired ambition, which can result in an epic to-do list. Your keyword for the month is balance. Social activities abound. You and your air sign friends (Libra and Aquarius) might all be little butterflies fluttering in and out of gatherings. However, you are the one who has to call it an early night or limit your activities, which can put a damper on the fun. Focus on your long-term goals, and you will feel enough hopeful excitement to keep you committed to those tasks at hand. You are growing and learning, through a process of expansion and contraction.

On November 1, your ruling planet Mercury moves into Scorpio until November 20, signaling a time of deep concentration and focus. Dedicate time to research, writing, and deep, spiritual work. A new idea is percolating, but it is still in the inception phase. Development takes time. Moreover, a little patience.

Your health and the health of your family members calls your attention early in the month. A minor ailment that leads you to an integrative physician could be a blessing in disguise. Prevention is key. Up your antioxidants and make sure you get enough exercise. Your body will thank you. The New Moon on November 11 is a perfect time to kick off a new diet and workout regimen!

Family members gather from distant places for the Thanksgiving holiday. The celebration is part of a series of family celebrations that extends beyond the holiday season. News of engagements, birth announcements, moves, and more, gives you reasons to raise a toast. Feel the love, and soak it up! This is an exciting time.

In love, romance is your keyword. You and your partner may feel the excitement and passion you experienced in the beginning. Renew your vows and take a second honeymoon! Things get hot after November 12, and the heat escalates up to the Full Moon on November 25. If you are single, this month offers one delightful encounter after another. You might have some choices to make with all of the attention you are getting this month. By the end of the month, you will have extra clarity. In the meantime, enjoy the pleasure of being pursued.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): The feeling of abundance inspires generosity. As the holiday season approaches, you might find yourself in a perpetual state of gratitude. Loved ones come to visit, your family joins to deck the halls, and you find reasons to correspond with distant friends and relatives.

For some of you, a move may manifest this month. If you’ve been thinking about making a real estate transaction, you might have a sudden and unexpected offer. Your new space is perfect for entertaining. So, gather your crowd in celebration. If an actual move is not possible at this time, consider changing your space. Redecorate your space to symbolize your openness to all sorts of new beginnings in your life.

With all of this energy flowing into your personal life, work obligations could stir up some restlessness. Engage in healthy outlets for the stress, including long luxurious baths, walks in the park, or conversations with friends. This has been a busy time, and you are looking ahead at the months leading up to 2016 as if you are at the bottom of a mountain you have yet to climb. Take one step at a time, and maintain a gentle pace. Your reward will come once you reach the peak. In the meantime, enjoy the journey.

On November 11, the New Moon signals a time of creativity and fun. Celebrate with a spontaneous escapade. Gather your best friends and sneak away for a weekend retreat at a spa. Alternatively, treat your partner to a rustic getaway in the woods. Sip warm beverages in front of the fire and feel the cool, crisp air of the season. Your sense of adventure is heightened.

Your love life offers joviality from the first of the month until November 22. Pretend it is Valentine’s Day all month long, and surprise your special someone with treats, chocolates, and flowers. This is the month of gratitude and Thanksgiving. Show your partner your appreciation by doing one special thing for him or her each day. The favors will be returned exponentially. If you are single and looking for love, the beginning of the month offers excellent planetary influences for a sizzling fling. It could lead to more, so enjoy the dalliance.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): If all the world is a stage, as Shakespeare suggested, then life is a collaboration of individuals co-creating a performance meant to be seen by an audience. You are a participant, Leo, in something much larger than yourself. When you feel alone, remember this message. You might just be in a metaphoric green room awaiting your entrance in a new scene. If you ever feel inadequate, realize that you have a purpose to fulfill, and for that very reason, you have all of the internal resources you need to succeed. Doubt is faith’s companion. Embrace both, and you will find ways to believe in yourself. You were meant to stand center stage. Embody the courage to shine.

Your month begins with an emphasis on home and family. Have you recently been thinking of making a move? If so, take the necessary steps. Seek a realtor who understands your needs and wants, but one who will negotiate boldly on your behalf. As the holiday season approaches, you may want to make some updates to your home. Prepare to host the most extravagant holiday gathering for your friends and family. No one can entertain like a Leo!

Professionally, focus on promotion from November 8 through the end of the month. Engage social media, and expand your contacts. New people are coming into your life, but you must effectively articulate your message. Consider working with a publicist or other business advisor to make the most of this time, especially with the New Moon on November 11. Gain an audience, and then work on increasing your conversion rate. Your brilliant ideas need creative expression.  Embrace your charisma, especially when it comes to attracting the right kind of attention.

Romance melts your heart a little toward the end of the month. After November 22, passion heats up your holiday season. If you are single, your chances of meeting someone special escalate after November 12. Enjoy the playfulness of flirtation. That crush may evolve into something deeper. You will not know for sure until Valentine’s Day. For now, enjoy the element of mystery. For those of you in relationships, treat yourselves to romantic nights inside cuddling with your special someone. You may have had some recent challenges in your relationship. Healing starts with connecting. Find ways to improve your intimacy.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Words, like any other symbols, have a multiplicity of meaning. This month, yours have power. Release those perfectionistic tendencies so that you can speak your truth, express yourself, and create magnificent work. Focus less on the outcome and more on the process of whatever projects you endeavor at this time. You are gaining realizations about your gifts and abilities. You are stepping into the spotlight and attracting a crowd. As a result, your ego is releasing many of its former constructs that were set in place to keep you safe, subdued, and quiet. Embolden yourself now.

As you develop a greater sense of confidence, you may identify ways in which your family relationships hinder your growth. Speak your truth, and trust that the awareness functions to help heal unhealthy dynamics and patterns. On November 9, the words you’ve been holding back find their way to the surface. Be gentle but firm. You may have to distance yourself for a while to gain perspective, which could spur a flood of emotions could for you, including guilt or anger. Feel deeply, and you can heal.

Alternatively, express gratitude to those who have richly touched your life. Send thank-you cards, write letters, and share your appreciation. This will help you feel deeper spiritual connections. This is especially true on November 17.

Good news about finances arrives on November 8. You’ve been waiting for this success. Enjoy reaping the fruits of your labors. After November 12, your attention turns from reaping to sowing. Reinvest some of those resources back into your business to generate new leads and take your success to an entirely new level. For some of you, a new wardrobe or makeover is a top priority. Your outer appearance needs to reflect your inner truth. You are a bit of a rock star these days; own it visibly!

Your love life offers tenderness and romance all month long. If you are single, make the most of the first week, and make new friends. Expanding your social circle might mean new love connections. Your charm and grace give you magnetic attraction. If you are involved in a relationship, your love life feels dreamy, mystical, and magical. While this is all great, spiritually, you may not feel as grounded in the relationship as you might want. After the Full Moon on November 25, you will become more aware of what you need to feel more secure. In the meantime, explore the possibilities. Get away for a long weekend with the New Moon on November 11 to indulge in the sensual experience.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Spread your wings, flit from party to party, and embrace your inner social butterfly. Your primary life lesson is to achieve balance, but it comes through moving from one extreme to another. Though you might feel overcommitted, and perhaps overwhelmed with activity, I encourage you to relish the intimate connections forming at this time. Make time to nurture your relationships, and put work on the backburner for a while.

This month’s influences awaken your desire for relationships of all kinds. New friends and maybe even lovers enter your life. Bonds formed deepen within existing friendships.

Any shift and opening in the heart this month also influences your finances, as the planet Venus rules both relationships and money. Why this correlation? People in your life reflect love back to you, and when that happens, your sense of self-love grows. You value yourself more the more loved you feel, and how you value yourself as a person directly relates to how you value your contribution to the world in monetary terms. If you view money as an energy, and say, personify it for yourself, you can find new ways of relating to this energy in your life to draw it in. Give it a name, imagine a face, and carry on a conversation. Your power sits in your ability to relate to anyone. Use this to create new ways of earning income.

You may consider elective surgery or a makeover this month. After November 8, you receive evidence that your fashion sense is ahead of your time. Consult your stylist and upgrade your appearance.

Major changes within your family might have recently stirred primordial fears of abandonment or betrayal. Your foundation may not feel as solid as it usually does. Around November 5, a difficult conversation can lead to the discovery of truth. Secrets and hidden information can infect relationships. Allow the truth to set you free, as they say.

On November 8, Venus moves into your sign, and a few days later, Mars joins her. With both relationship planets in your sign, you feel ready for love! If you are single, this month offers one opportunity after another to meet someone special. With all of the social activities, you could have a date each night. Enjoy the new connections and have fun. Make it playful. If you are involved in a relationship, November may be getting colder, but your love life stays hot all month long. Passion is your keyword.



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