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Astrologer Rachel Lang takes us into a new month with the October horoscopes. Get insight into what lies ahead and expand your possibilities. Be sure to visit Blissen Up with Rachel Lang to schedule a private session and listen to her live podcast Blissen Up on Fridays at 12pm PST.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Happy birthday! I offer this vision for you this month: You are occupying the seat of honor at a coronation. Imagine for a moment that you are elevated from the crowd, propped up in some way, as you are carried to a remote hilltop castle. There, you accept the royal crown and staff. You have been recognized for your birthright and have now reached a point of fulfillment along your predestined path. Amidst the pomp and circumstance, you also feel a newfound sense of responsibility for your position. You have reached a new summit in your life, professionally and personally. Stop for a moment and celebrate the victory. A period of work will follow closely, but you have been prepared.

Financially, your conservation of resources pays off, and you now have a bit of extra spending money. Go ahead and invest in those delayed purchases, especially anything you’ve needed to support your business. The time of limited spending has reached its close. You need to focus on accounting and balancing your budget, as feeling more organized will energetically open you to receive more abundance in your life. Expect positive cash flow after Mercury stations direct on October 9.

Develop a marketing or PR campaign if you are self-employed or own your own business. Writing, blogging, and social media are nicely represented for you at this time. If you’ve considered starting that novel or children’s book, begin with a simple outline. Rather than plotting it all out at once, take it bit by bit. Relish each idea and word. You are building a great masterpiece, and that means going through periods of doubt juxtaposed to times of easy flow. You will triumph in the end, but it may take a couple of years before you see the fruits of your efforts.

Your spiritual center is opening, expanding. You can access more wisdom and knowledge. Make use of this time, and take a spiritual class or seek a mentor to assist with the development of greater awareness. Before you enter into a new community, you need to learn from a master. I suggest starting with channeled materials, such as sacred scripture, like a Bible study course. If you are more inclined toward new thought, consider the Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, or the theosophists.

In business, use your voice and exercise your personal power. You may have taken a new leadership role. Therefore, you have to exercise your voice, which can be challenging for a conflict-avoidant Libra. Take lessons from your opposite sign, Aries, and practice moving head-first into conflict to develop more courage in your communication. If you do this now, you can find ways to maintain your sense of self when others challenge your ideas. Live into your Mars a little, and bring out your inner warrior rather than allowing it to hide in the shadows, especially on October 6.

In love, a friendship could deepen into a more spiritual connection on October 8. However, it feels illusory, intangible until after October 25, when the muddy waters clear, and you have a strong sense that this could evolve into something magical and amazing. If you are in a relationship, plan a romantic getaway for October 16, when a Neptune influence illuminates possibilities for deeper intimacy with your partner. Sink into the feeling of being deeply connected, and trust. Aim your concentration on the positive aspects of your relationship rather than its challenges.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): The winds have blown in contrasting directions lately, leaving you to wonder whether the tide will ebb or flow. You may have felt out of balance. The natural rhythm of the elements, earth, air, fire, and water, may have felt unpredictable. Perhaps you have lost a little faith in others and the goodness of Divine order. You have two choices right now at this moment. You could separate from others and retreat into a self-protective introversion. Alternatively, you could sound a roar of courage and step forward in radical connectedness with others. You could open your heart, show your vulnerable side. You might secure some sympathy and maybe even a little intimacy. The tides have turned. The past two and a half years have been challenging. This cycle has ended, and you can trust again.

The beginning of the month introduces uncertainty in your relationships. Mercury is still retrograde until October 9, meaning that any unspoken thoughts may come out in surprising conversations. You cannot imagine how those closest to you could withhold their truth from you. You feel so approachable and understanding, but you may not realize that your presence might intimidate others in your life. This insecurity is a bi-product of their self-doubts and has nothing to do with you. However, you could have become their scapegoat. After October 17, any miscommunication can be cleared up, leaving your relationships in a stronger form than before. Healing and forgiveness allow for a process of transformation.

New friendships form from participation in group activities, especially after October 8. You may consider joining an organization like Toastmasters to improve recently discovered skills. Volunteer work is also a favorable way to connect with others. You feel a need to expand your social circle to reflect more aspects of your personality. This is especially true if you have been considering a political run in the future.

The influences on October 6 could usher in major changes in your romantic affairs. Revelations strike like lightening. Suddenly, you feel as if time is liquid, spilling into a great ocean, where it disappears entirely. You can contain time, as it is only part of the overall illusion that we have any control in our lives. See if you can bend or stretch time this month. Play with your schedule and relax a little if you can. This will ensure a sense of spaciousness in your relationship. On October 23, the sun moves into your sign, signaling a time when the spotlight shines in your direction. Any challenges you have experienced in the past few months all clear away. Stand still and wait for the tides to turn in your direction. All conflicts will smooth over.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): A diamond in the rough symbolizes pure potential. However, the beauty of the rock emerges after chipping away at the rough exterior, refining the stone, and creating facets. The process of finding the diamond in the rough requires artistry. Like the diamond discovered in the mine, you have discovered parts of yourself that need refining. Use this month to start that process by identifying which part of yourself you would like to reflect the world at this time. Do you have a talent to share? Would you like to reflect your healing gifts? Alternatively, perhaps you want to showcase yourself as a mother. Whatever enables you to shine, show that off. The world will celebrate those facets of yourself along with you.

The New Moon on October 12 initiates a lunar cycle dedicated to fostering connections with others. You may decide to become involved in a political campaign or charitable cause. With the 2016 election cycle approaching, several organizations may be reaching out for your support. Your ordinarily keen sense of philanthropy may be tempered a little more now because of the reality that you do have limitations of time, energy, and resources. Your ordinarily jovial disposition may feel tempered at this time. Make use of this energy by creating a plan for yourself. Any plan will do. Do you want to travel? Plan for that. Do you want to look for a new job? Make a plan to work on your resume with a professional to update it for maximum visibility. You have entered a time of engagement with the practical. This could be more like a dance than an energy drain.

October 17 is a great day to take an adventure. Your sense of optimism and hope is high, even if you do not feel anchored to anything tangible. Moving for the sake of motion can be a futile effort. Focus your steps carefully. A hike in the woods will help channel that dynamic energy into something meditative and rejuvenating.

The new romantic possibilities that have come into focus for you during the past two months may now be reaching a pivotal point. Try this exercise: sink your feet into the ground, root yourself, and find out how the relationship (and you) will grow. Dwell in possibilities, without speculating about the outcome. Play and relax, especially when miscommunication occurs. Some people have a tougher time knowing their truth, which is why we can learn and grow in relationship to one another. Stay, even when you want to run. If you are single, this is an excellent time to deepen your spiritual practice. Take yourself on an adventure around October 11, and see what magic unfolds.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): The sensation of longing begins in the heart and reverberates through the body. While it is true that a sense of lack is often the inception point of this feeling if you mix resource with ambition, the overall recipe produces a tangible goal. Want leads to action, and action leads to achievement. This is your path, Capricorn. Like your constellation suggests, you are the goat, rising to the top of the mountain. Of all the signs, you have expanded perspective because you see from the heights of achievement. From this vantage point, you can more clearly see the path from point A, where you are now, to point B, where you wish to go.

Let’s focus this idea into your career sector. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde until October 9. Consequently, you may feel misunderstood. You might have to repeat yourself a few times to articulate your ideas. You are on to something. Keep finding new ways to reach your intended audience. As you do, you are refining your message and deepening your understanding. By the New Moon on October 12, you can receive applause and support. Perhaps even a bit of recognition for your ideas. Don’t give up.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, has just moved into Sagittarius. As a result, you may feel motivated to move! Explore distant lands and expand your professional circles in other countries. This is especially true around October 8 when Venus enters your solar ninth house of adventure. If you are a business owner or sole proprietor, you might consider expanding opportunities overseas.

Creativity abounds for you, and you have a gift for words this month. It may be time to start that project that you have had on hold for a while. Make October 6 a day of creative exploration. Much energy may be rising to the surface at that time, just before Mercury stations retrograde, giving anything you create a bit of dynamism.

Changes in your home environment feel unsettling near October 11, and you might feel inclined to focus all of your attention on your career. However, the changes, while stressful at times, may lead to overall growth and new beginnings. When a child becomes engaged, the family grows. So, too, does your capacity to love a stranger, who will soon become a familiar.

Love opens doorways to understanding. Allow yourself to fall deeply in love. The longing you feel for a missed connection or a deepening of your current relationship propels you to action. If you are single, after October 8, a traveler takes you by surprise. This starts as friendship, but it could lead to more. Allow it to evolve. If you are involved, this month highlights passion in your love life. On October 16, those hazy romantic feelings have no tangible outcomes. You may feel as if you are walking blindfolded into unknown territory. However, when the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, you have a little more clarity. The Full Moon on October 27 is the time to have that life-altering conversation and raise your romance to a higher level.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): As a fixed sign, you require structure in your life; at the same time, you need freedom and independence. You have found ways to integrate those desires, and they only compete occasionally, when the day-to-day routine of life feels restrictive. This month, you are being nudged to break free as much as possible. Travel into the dark forest of the unknown, set out on a seafaring adventure, gaze into the night sky and imagine what lies beyond the stars of our Milky Way, or read a Zadie Smith novel. Do whatever you can to climb outside of your comfort zone and make ripples of change in your life. This is especially true during the New Moon October 12.

Seek new ways to supplement your income this month through investments, like rental property. You may also try your luck with the stock market. Consult your financial planner to determine whether or not you can adjust your portfolio. The moment to sign the documents will appear on October 17 when Mars and Jupiter meet up in your solar eighth house.

Your humanitarian spirit calls to you this month, asking you to formalize the commitments you have made to a charitable organization. You may be asked to lead an event or run to serve as board chair. Realize that this honor comes with a major commitment. Yes, you are up for the challenge, but you may have to let go of some extracurricular activities in the process. This is a time of separating the wheat from the chaff as you step into a new cycle of opportunity.

Along with this process, you may be asked to write your memoir or focus your ideas into words. After Mercury stations direct on October 9, you might receive a burst of insight. Try not to second-guess this stroke of genius or judge it as too far out of the realm of possibility. In truth, it may just need a refining process, which will start on October 11 and continue throughout the month.

In love, fertility is your keyword this month. For something to grow— like a seed, project, or even a relationship— you need to start with the right ingredients for a strong foundation. You and your special someone contribute unique characteristics to the partnership. Together, you have everything you need to co-create. Whether you are manifesting a move, trying to have a baby, or planning an investment, the process requires balance in your relationship. Strive for that, and you can procure the necessary resources to move forward. Without balance, issues of power and control could taint your creative processes. If you are single, this month is best for adventure, especially on October 25. Let nothing hold you back!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Water has magical properties. It can shapeshift, cleanse, become invisible, bubble, boil, expand, and contract. Given that your ruling planet, Neptune, is the cosmic guardian of water, you also have the power to conjure up new ways of being in the world. Would you like to bubble with laughter? Freeze time? How about evaporating sadness? Ask yourself: How can I shape my energy to reflect the life I want to live? Then, commit to living life in a new way.

I want to mention a little something about your magical powers. Your capacity to love is more boundless than any other sign. Neptune is a higher octave than Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Therefore, when your heart sends out a love vibe, it ripples out into the Universe and touches everyone and thing along the path. In turn, you also feel every vibration within a small radius. You have a reputation for being sensitive because of the gift you have for sensing the stirrings of hearts, the swell of emotions, and the motion of minds in your environment. Own your power! Celebrate your gift!

Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde until October 9, and its retrograde period follows closely on the heels of a Venus retrograde period that lasted from July 25-September 6. With all of this retrograde motion, you have been looking back into your past. Perhaps you have encountered some relational challenges or technical difficulties. The moment of stillness following a disruption in the flow of your life is sacred because it offers you a chance to recalibrate and set your course in a new direction. This period of adjustment is nearly finished, and you will be back to your normal speed in no time!

Professionally, you are nearing a peak of your career. You have built up to this point for the past seven years. Relish your success, and use the momentum to begin to envision the next chapter. For some of you, this may mean leaving the professional realm altogether and making family and home your focus for a while. You have been adjusting priorities and making decisions accordingly. This is especially true on October 13. Concentrate your energy this month on forging professional relationships.

Your love life is perhaps the highlight of your month, Pisces! On October 8, when Venus moves into our opposite sign of Virgo, you may have a chance encounter with a special someone. This meeting gives you a moment of reflection. If you are single, ask for what you want and take charge of your destiny. Then, be open to receiving. If you are in a relationship, this month’s influences suggest favorable new beginnings. Consider a getaway with your special someone around October 16, when you may not have as much clarity about the direction of your romance. Find ways to escape together, rather than running away from the deep love you share.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Bursts of insights clang in your mind this month like cymbals at the end of an orchestral piece. With all of this celebratory noise, you may feel as if you have less focus available for the details of daily life. There is a contrast between the brilliance of cosmic downloads, or ah-ha moments, and everyday tasks, like managing your budget, grocery shopping, or after-school carpool routine. Consequently, you find yourself trying to incorporate the symbolic into everyday life. This month, learn a lesson from the other side of your axis. Strive for balance, even if you have to swing to wide extremes to adjust to a new fulcrum point.

Your personal relationships have had their ups and downs since late July. At this point, you may be thinking about starting all over with a new social circle. Wiping the canvas clean. You have experienced tremendous change in your life, and as a result, you have boldly recreated yourself. Who in your life reflects those changes back to you? Who helps open your heart and expand your mind? Who offers a deeper level of companionship? Connect with a spiritual companion, guru, therapist, or trusted friend by October 9 to initiate entry into a new social network. You already have powerful colleagues and mentors assisting with your professional life. Now, it is time to concentrate growth in more personal areas of your life.

Work responsibilities have been keeping you busy. You manifested successful outcomes, worked to achieve new goals, and this is part of the reward for your effort. Remember the time when you wondered from where your next paycheck would come? With more abundance, you might feel more pressure to perform. Resist any inclination you have toward perfectionism this month. Strive for impeccability in all you do, and realize that mistakes only help you refine your abilities. This is especially true on October 6 when you might feel a slight sense of judgment directed toward yourself and others. By the New Moon on October 12, you will feel more relaxed.

Attend to health matters early in the month. If you have any lingering aches, pains, or concerns about your body, see your doctor for a preventative office visit. This is a great month to start an exercise routine or begin working out with a trainer. Bring a friend with you and make it a social activity. Avoid consuming too much sodium or cholesterol, as well as processed foods. Your body is highly sensitive right now. Keep it pure!

Attend to your heart, both physically and spiritually, this month. If you have been “married” to your work and avoiding intimacy, the Full Moon on October 27 might catch you by surprise. Light from the yang sun reflected on the surface of the yin moon represents a balance between the active and receptive aspects of yourself. Finding that equilibrium offers maximum creative potential. If you are single, Aries, consider volunteering with your favorite charitable cause or working with animals to help open your heart. You might even meet someone special! If you are in a relationship, The Sun’s ingress into Scorpio on October 23 suggests a new cycle for your relationship. You truly can experience more intimacy. The key is to dream together about the possibilities you want to create for the future. Imagination is the first step toward making those ideas a reality.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Though autumn leaves have begun to fall, you have a case of spring fever! Your creative energy needs a focus, whether it is your home, updating your wardrobe, building a social media presence, or starting an artistic project. October’s influences stir possibilities within you. Allow your imagination to run wild as you begin the process of creating a new future for yourself. You are usually quite practical. You like patterns and processes, but they have felt restrictive over the past two and a half years. Allow your sense of wonder and awe to awaken. Dream a little!

Mercury, the planet that corresponds to communication and ideas, is still in retrograde motion until October 9. Any business deal or negotiation requires extra attention, especially to the details in fine print. Your perceptions might not feel as keen as usual. Therefore, you will need to double-check all facts with your trusted advisors before signing any documents.

This is a highly fertile month for you when you could conceive anything you imagine. Have you and your partner been thinking about welcoming a new baby into the world? Consider the possibilities after October 8, when Venus enters the compatible sign of Virgo. If you already have children, this is an ideal month to find creative ways to connect with them. Perhaps you could take an art class together or join forces and tackle your family tree on Ancestry.com. Often children can be your greatest teachers. Allow those in your life to help connect you with your creativity.

Finances may feel a little more uncertain right now because of questions about your long-term investments. This is especially true on October 16 when aspects of your life could feel upside-down and confusing. Worrying rarely helps remedy any unsteady situation. The reality of the situation is much more manageable than what your imagination has blown it up to seem. You cannot control the future of the stock market or the outcome of real estate investments because there are too many unknown variables. What you can do, however, is to have faith in your ability to ascertain when to make a move or shift funds to other accounts. You have a keen sensibility when it comes to money. Trust it, and you will come out a winner in another two and a half years.

In love, romance is your keyword for the month! In fact, someone might option your story for the next Hollywood blockbuster rom-com by November. If you are single, a new relationship can manifest with ease and grace from October 9 all through the month. Keep your heart and mind open, as this individual might be different from anyone you could have expected. If you are in a relationship, you may feel as if you are falling in love all over again. Revisit those favorite date night places from the very beginning of your courtship. Live those first few months all over again and rekindle the fire of passion.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): As an air sign, you enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please and to explore new places. You relish the feeling of being untethered to people, places, and things. Consequently, this month may shock you as you begin to appreciate those elements of your life that anchor you. You can see your home as a sacred space, offering security and shelter. Your family offers connection and support. Dig your heels into these structures and root yourself deeper. From this point, growth occurs gently and easily.

You may have been considering making a move. After October 9, planetary influences line up nicely to manifest that dream. It can become a reality. If you are locked into a lease or cannot make a physical move, make some changes to your environment to enhance the way it feels. Brighten it with colors or plant something beautiful.

Professionally, you have entered a prolific time. This is your moment to shine. Find any way you can to express your creativity and use your voice, especially on the New Moon October 12. What do you want to say to the world? How will you make your mark? Reflect on these questions at the beginning of the month, when your ruling planet is still in retrograde motion. By October 9, when it stations direct, you will have a bit more clarity. Perhaps you have been working on a writing project. Expect completion by the Full Moon on October 27, when it will be time for the next stage of development. The energy shifts after October 23, as you move from the development to completion stages. The latter requires more of your detailed focus.

You may feel shaken off course on October 16, ready to jump off your current track and settle onto a new one. However, you would miss all the rewards that await you because of your commitment to success. Stay on your current course for a few more months. By next August, a lucky break will prove your tenacity was worth it.

Friendships have been fluctuating significantly for a couple of years. You have met unique and intriguing people. Your circle has expanded, and as a result, you’ve grown more aware of what you can contribute to the world. Your intellect has expanded beyond your imagination. This month, you may wish to share your ideas with groups.

In love, your keyword is commitment. If you are in a relationship, the romance feels like it did in the beginning: fresh and invigorating. Plan a secret getaway on October 17 to maximize the planetary influences and inspire a bit of passion. If you are single, use this month’s influence to fall in love with life a little deeper. Make play your main objective.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): You have a lot to say this month, Cancer! So, find a platform upon which you can stand, and communicate your ideas to the world. Your stage may be social media; alternatively, it could be a local Toastmasters group. Pursue speaking or writing opportunities as often as possible to help communicate your personal brand. You might even draw more resources into your life as a result of your courage in expressing yourself.
If you have been considering expanding your business into new markets, the green light shines on those efforts. Consider journeying on a road trip around the region to forge new connections at the beginning of the month, especially on October 6. These relationships may need time to grow and develop. Nurture them, and they’ll pay off exponentially by the Full Moon on October 27.

Some of you have had incredible and sweeping changes over the past three years. This whirlwind of activity may have caused you to feel out of balance. However, your courage has greatly inspired others. You asked for many of these manifestations and may be surprised by how easy they have transpired. Now, you are looking backward in reflection. Can you believe it? Your life looks much different than it did a year ago.

This month, you might feel a sense of pressure to accomplish or achieve a new goal. You have the focus and determination you need to move ahead carefully with this endeavor. You simply need to remain committed. By the Full Moon on October 27, you will see the realization of this goal. In the meantime, trust yourself to stick to it during times of doubt.

Your love life may feel confusing, especially on October 17. Internal tension causes you to question whether or not you should take a break or stay engaged. A break might even just be a spa day to relax and step away from the pressures of relationship and family. I recommend taking a you day on the New Moon on October 12 to recharge. Passion is heightened all month long. Use this influence to grow closer to your special someone. If you are single, a new romantic possibility may surprise you on October 8. Can you feel your heart open to welcome the experience?

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Climb a mountain. Cross a river. Swim to another shore. This month, adventure calls. With a little disciple and focus, you can achieve more than you imagined. By the end of this month, you may arrive at a new destination. You have the courage and the resources to make your move. Keep marching forward, and naysayers beware. Like the lion, your totem animal, you exude charisma. Others can see and sense your personal power. However, unlike your totem animal, you fear your greatest asset because those others may have made you feel guilty in the past for asserting yourself as the king or queen.

If you have been feeling urged to travel, now is the perfect time to see new landscapes. Engage your pioneering spirit and take a road trip or other extended journey, especially on October 11, when restless energy stirs within you. You might even take a giant leap outside of your comfort zone.

Financially, expect good news on October 12, when the New Moon influence inspires a new idea for ways to draw income. If you are a job-seeker, this is a wonderful time to network. Spend some time boosting your social media presence to forge new professional relationships, especially in the beginning of the month. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde until October 9. Under this planetary influence, use your words carefully. You may feel inclined to make promises or commitments that prove challenging to follow through.

Sibling relationships fluctuate this month, as you navigate how to move forward in your life. Perhaps competition has been a limiting factor in your relationship. Alternatively, you may have to find new ways to work together to care for an aging relative. Any conflicts emerging in your life provide opportunities to expand awareness. Keep this in mind on October 17.

Love spells commitment for you this month. Turn the affair into a meaningful relationship. It will begin to manifest into something more secure in two months. For now, enjoy the sensations. You are awakening. If you are in a relationship already, this month’s planetary influences invite you to revisit the effervescent beginning, when it seemed like a dream. You can recreate those feelings and develop new memories as a result.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): A new solar cycle has just started for you, and this is your first month. Do you feel different? Renewed? I suggest the words, “I can” as your mantra for October. Your inner critic has become quite good at talking you out of starting projects or relationships, making purchases, or eating gluten. This month, your discriminating sensibilities might be usurped by some new stings of desire. You want it all: delicious food, new professional responsibilities, impractical relationships, and expensive toys. Can you have it all? Perhaps. The saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Embrace your heightened sense of optimism and allow it to grow. By mid-March, you will see the materialization of most – if not all- you intended during last month’s Solar Return.

At the beginning of this month, your ruling planet is still moving in retrograde motion, signaling a time when you need to look backward into your personal history. Learn from your mistakes. Your biggest lesson now is in self-esteem. You may realize that you would like more compensation for your skills. Ask for what you need. Own it! Then, trust that you have the necessary qualifications to draw meaningful ways to contribute to the world…and be compensated for your efforts.

This month, find innovative ways to increase your net worth. Do you have any hidden talents you could monetize? Step up to the microphone and start recording some material, including podcasts, music, or spoken word pieces. Anything you can do to promote yourself right now will pay off significantly in five months. Schedule your recording for October 6, when your ruling planet forms a sextile to focused Saturn. This influence is excellent for completing projects.

Family matters could pull your attention away from your professional life this month. Pressures from parents and older relatives could feel stifling while you are in this expansive period. You are being called to help, but at what cost? This sense of obligation is especially pronounced from the New Moon on October 12 through October 17. By October 23, you may have to make some challenging decisions, but you are not alone. Others step in to help during this time of need.

The absolute highlight of your month would have to be your love life. It is hot! You are not inclined to online dating or other matchmaking efforts. You prefer a little more discretion. If you are looking for a relationship, I recommend starting out now by radically accepting yourself– the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. Find your shadow side, that part you do not show anyone else and make peace with that. From that point, you begin attracting someone who defies all relationship patterns with which you’ve been involved. If you are involved in a relationship, expect a month of pure passion. Plan excursions or romantic getaways with your special someone anytime after October 8 to make the most of these influences.



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