Rachel Lang + The September Horoscopes

It’s a new month, and a new season ahead. See what’s in store with the September horoscopes from astrologer Rachel Lang. For more information and private sessions, visit Rachel at Blissen Up.

Virgo: You may remember the legend of the Pied Piper, the one who played charming, mesmerizing music that lured rats away from town at the Mayor’s request. When the mayor refused to pay him for his service, the Pied Piper then lured all of the children of the town away until he was paid. In the recent past, you have worked tirelessly for significantly less reward than you expected. You may have felt duped by the Universe or by an actual circumstance in your life. Your newfound solutions may have appeared from out of the clouds, like magic, but you need to know thatyou have manifested the success about to come through your hard work, tenacity, and willingness to take huge risks. Be like the Pied Piper and call in resources now (only…without deceiving children)!

In business, use your words to attract new customers or clients. Promote yourself through every medium possible and network like crazy. You have the winning proposal or pitch. Go ahead and allow yourself to shine! On September 12 (or 13th if you’re in Eastern Time), the Virgo New Moon, which is also a powerful Solar Eclipse, illuminates your ultimate potential. This is a day to take the leap of faith. The risks you take under this influence could lead to giant rewards, but you may not experience them until the Lunar Eclipse on September 27, when the Harvest Moon will usher in a time to reap what you have sown. Therefore, be aware of your creative potential. Sow positive thoughts, loving vibrations, and enthusiasm for life, and those energies will result in tangible signs of success. Oh, I might also mention that luck is on your side. You could have surprise opportunities to step on stage or present yourself in a very public way this month.

You may be making a move or at least some adjustments to your home environment. Concentrate on structural changes and think about the cosmetic improvements after Venus picks back up to her normal speed in October.

Your romantic affairs feel more like dreams than reality right now. In the beginning of the month, Venus is still retrograde, which may send you back into the past for closure. Even if you and your ex-love do not connect physically, your thoughts and reflections may be signaling messages. Concentrate on the positive aspects of your relationship, and send love, forgiveness, and peace. If hurt or anger surfaces, find a good healer or therapist and learn techniques for letting go. Shortly after Venus stations direct on September 6, Mercury stations retrograde on September 17, triggering another glance backwards into the past. In your personal life, you are being called to go deeply into your heart and heal. Therefore, resist the impulse to make declarations of love…or lack thereof. Allow yourself to flow wit the ups and downs. Meditate and breathe through the emotional waves. Then, trust that the Divine and your spiritual guides love you incomprehensibly.

Libra: Have you ever experienced a line dance, Libra? For example you may remember the Electric Slide. In dances like these, you move from side to side, backwards, and forwards. I remember dancing these at wedding receptions or social events and feeling so frustrated because I had to follow the same steps everyone else and always ended up in the exact same spot as when I started the dance. However, these dances were sure to attract a crowd because everyone knew the steps and joined in the fun. The floor would fill with dancers who had sat out other songs, and the crowd felt a sense of solidarity with one another as they moved in sync. Your month might feel a lot like this. Step forward into new endeavors, but realize that you are going to have to step back into your past and take inventory. Past pain, grief, disappointment, and anger might rise to the surface. You may be asked to speak your truth, especially before your ruling planet stations direct on September 6. You cannot move forward in any way without resolving these wounds and rebuilding your self-esteem.

On September 23, you emerge anew from this confluence of planetary influences. Then, you can step out of line and onto the stage. However, you cannot reach that platform until you do the deep, personal work. So, in the beginning of the month, call your therapist or trusted guide, astrologer, coach, or healer. Journal, meditate, and pray. Then, discipline yourself, even if that means fasting or refraining from toxins like alcohol until the 23rd. You will feel healthy and prepared for a new beginning.

In business, maximize the energies of Venus and Mars by reaching into new social networks. Experiment with online advertising, including sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. Build your reputation and talk about your successes so that others might see your gifts. This will help you begin to imagine new future possibilities. The Lunar Eclipse on September 27 is a powerful day for you. This is excellent for landing that new job or promotion. The spotlight brightly shines on you at that time.

With Venus retrograde and then in its shadow for most of the month and Mercury beginning its three-week retrograde period on September 17, I recommend taking a break from your thoughts about relationships. If you have been in a quandary about your current romantic partnership, this is not the best time to make a major move or step outside the bounds of the relationship. Give one another space, and determine together how to heal or mend any challenge. Enjoy one another. Play more. You can make decisions after October. If you are single, take this time to develop your relationship with yourself and with the Divine. Then, you will build a stronger foundation for a partnership.

Scorpio: When your task list grows to a nearly unmanageable length, you need to distinguish between which items need your precise attention, and which ones can offer a bit more flexibility. If you aim your razor-sharp focus in too many directions at once, your internal processing system (your mind) may overheat, resulting in corrosive conversations with others, anxiety-related health concerns, and feeling overwhelmed. You can avoid all of these by being a bit gentler with yourself.

Determine whether or not you are over-estimating your time, energy, and emotional capabilities. Like you would purge ill-fitting clothes from your closet, assess your responsibilities. What can you eliminate or delegate? You fear that no one else can work to your standards, but perhaps now is the time to allow them to try. As you pare down your list, make social time with friends and networking opportunities your top priority. Professional doors are swinging wide open for you, but you could benefit from expanding your social network. Ask your connector friends to schedule power lunches with some of their top contacts. Likewise, consider speaking at events like Toastmasters to attract the right kind of attention.

You may also attract new contacts by hosting a webinar or starting a podcast. This is a time to consider building your audience. You need to envision where you want to be three or four months from now and start planting seeds now. This is especially true for those of you hoping to earn a little more money as the year comes to a close.

Finances need to be conservative right now, as you prepare for some exciting big expenses coming up shortly. It might be fun to tap into your competitive spirit and partner with a trusted friend for a little healthy challenge: see who can save the most over the next four weeks. You will have a little extra motivation if you can make it more like a game. It could even be fun! This is also a great time to consider your investment portfolio, especially September 5.

With Venus, the relationship planet, in retrograde, until September 6, followed by Mercury in retrograde starting on September 17, your love life may feel a little like a roller-coaster ride this month. If you’re in a relationship, miscommunication mishaps could reveal more about your fears than your partner’s personality. If your emotional triggers are a bit more sensitive than usual, release your need to control the situation. Flow with grace and ease, navigating your way to internal peace first. Then, allow that peace to saturate your partnership. If you’re single, this is a great time to evaluate your needs and wants in preparation for a future love that might come into your life next month.

Sagittarius: Life can truly be a daring, wonderful adventure. You can set sail on a cruise ship or hop on a plane at any time and change your scenery. This process will undoubtedly change your life. In fact, think of all the people who met their true love while on vacation? When you step away from your home and routine, you open yourself to infinite possibilities. I urge you to explore a new destination this month. You might be on the quest for a new job at this time. Look beyond the boundaries of your region and cast your net widely. The more expansive you feel as you seek a new beginning, the greater your potential for that magnificent opportunity. Trust your intuition to avoid risky ventures. You may not have all of the facts at this time, and you might get a reality check in a month or so. This is especially true from September 13-18. After Mercury stations direct on October 9, you will have greater clarity of vision. In the meantime, double-check all facts and seek second opinions.

Your health is a top priority this month. You have recently begun to consider how many people in your life have come to rely on you. This may seem flattering, of course, but it also can stir some concern because you hate to let people down. Therefore, keep your immune system charged by eating more leafy green vegetables and superfoods. Have you tried juicing? Lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper have healing properties. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory supplement, too. Consult with a nutritionist to find out how food can be your medicine, especially around September 16.

Family dynamics are in the process of shifting and changing for you. You might have begun to take on more responsibility for an aging parent or find yourself an empty-nester for the first time. As a mutable sign, you typically handle transitions with fluidity. In fact, you even enjoy change on many occasions. Now, however, emotions have surfaced that need healing and resolution. You might try writing a letter to one of your loved ones expressing your truth. Even if you don’t send the letter, the process will result in a deeper sense of self-awareness. After September 23, you will feel more settled with some of the changes. Until then, allow yourself space to grieve, if you feel the need.

In love, passion is your keyword all month long. With Venus and Mars in the complementary sign of Leo, you may meet someone special if you’re single. Resist the urge to make any lasting commitments or declarations until after October. Just enjoy the romance for now. If you’re in a relationship, make September all about play. Keep it light and fun, and you will feel like you did in the beginning.

Capricorn: Miracles happen every day. Have you heard this expression? Surely, you have experienced one or two in your own life. These are magical times, Capricorn when anything can happen. Identify the gifts being offered to you in your life. Even challenging circumstances may prove to be advantageous in the long run. If you have a definite goal, hold on to it tightly. See it through to fruition.

Business travel could expand the possibilities for international connections. This is a powerful time for you when your charisma compels the attention of potential clients, investors, or partners. Claim your dynamism, and you will secure any pending deal by the Solar Eclipse on September 12-13. Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on September 17 kicking off a three-week period when you could experience a few delays and setbacks. Trust is your keyword during this time.

This is a highly creative time for you. Write, perform, draw, or explore a new outlet for your imagination. Publishing opportunities could surprise you from out of the blue. With communication compromised at the end of the month, you will need to access the power of your brain’s right hemisphere, your center of non-linear thought. For motivation, enjoy a theatrical performance, concert, or art opening at the beginning of the month, and the more avant-garde the show, the greater your inspiration!

The stars align favorably for educational programs, especially if you have considered pursuing an advanced degree. You might choose to make a total career change at this time and start your course in a new direction. If you are undecided about whether or not this is in your highest good, pray about it on the Solar Eclipse on September 12-13. The answer will arrive on the Lunar Eclipse on September 27.

Family changes seem constant lately. Your parents need a little more of your attention and help with projects around the home. You are the dutiful daughter or son, the one whose constancy is a true gift to those who have come to rely on your steadfast support. However, be mindful this month about where you focus your attention. Ensure that you are attending to your own needs first.

In love, deepened passion and a greater sense of intimacy help solidify your connection with your special someone. This is a time to take your commitment to the next level. If you’re single, turn inward and focus on developing your self-worth. What kind of partner do you deserve? Does this ideal fit with the relationships you’ve experienced so far? If you find these to be incongruent, love yourself radically, and then let go of disempowering past or present relationship patterns. It’s time for a fresh start!

Aquarius: Under normal circumstances, you appear cool, detached, and confident to others. However, Cupid’s arrow has struck, and you feel as if you have been cast under a spell. Your mind functions differently now than it has before. In fact, it may have deferred completely to your heart! This is a wonderful turn of events though it may not necessarily feel that way right at the moment. Your heart sends sensations in waves. One minute, you may feel joyful and confused the next. That’s what love does. We actually feel in tandem with others. Our feelings have order and function with as much of a logical patterning as our thoughts. They can even inform thought. Furthermore, our feelings connect us to one another and to the cosmos. Passion stirs in every cell of your body this month. Follow it toward your bliss.

Venus, the relationship planet, is retrograde until September 6. Under this influence, you may be questioning your partnership as well as some friendships. As you reflect, focus on the positive, remembering times of laughter and connection. I agree it is important to establish healthy boundaries and ensure that your relationships support your wholeness, and maybe you have been assessing these concepts for yourself. However, a retrograde period can pull your awareness to the disappointments, hard-learned lessons, and unhealthy patterning. Therefore, try to balance your introspective efforts.

If you have been neglectful of your budget, this is the perfect time to organize yourself, especially before September 17. Open QuickBooks or your favorite software and balance your income and expenses. Make plans for the future, and allocate resources to save. You may have a surprise financial gift coming to you this month, perhaps from an inheritance or the payout from an investment. Re-invest those funds after October 9, when Mercury stations direct, giving you a bit more clarity to make solid decisions.

Spiritually, new insights awaken within you all month long. They start to percolate during the beginning of the month when a crisis turns your attention to life’s deeper questions. Why is there economic and social injustice? What causes one person to harm another? Why would a loving divine source allow destructive earthquakes or school shootings? These questions don’t have obvious or easy answers. Journal your thoughts and allow the questions to stir uncomfortably inside of you. Eventually, the discomfort could spark passion and propel you to make a difference.

The end of the month is excellent for travel. You might consider an overseas adventure after September 23. Since this month highlights romance, consider this a second honeymoon if you’re partnered. If you are single, this is an ideal time to play!

Try not to take any new affair too seriously until after October 15. Little flings throughout the month could make for some fascinating stories later this year.

Pisces: Your sign’s symbol features two fish swimming in opposite directions. What this suggests is that you have an ability to change course when necessary. Yours is a mutable sign, and while you might have goals or dreams or ambitions, you are opening to magical possibility coming alive before you from out of the blue. This month, allow yourself to revel in wonder. Enjoy a mystical state of being, and trust that when opportunities don’t manifest as expected, there is another divine appointment you are being called to join.

Business partnerships that seem locked in place may fluctuate. As a result, you might be questioning your own intuition. How could you have missed this? How could you have not seen? Rather than questioning yourself, consider the possibility that you were led in this direction for some purpose, and that purpose is beginning to unfold. New relationships will be coming into your life. They will be beneficial.

However, you need to refine your idea of what you want. You have spent the past two years committing yourself to your dreams. In the process, you have wondered if your hard work will pay out. You are about to approach a peak of your career. Keep focused, but make time to play and relax. This time is as sacred as your work time.

Your children have been so precious lately that you can barely stand to be away from them. You are enjoying their company, and perhaps this stirs the desire within you to hear more little footsteps in the house. Whether those feet belong to four- legged or two-legged creatures, now is the time to expand possibilities and be open to welcoming more joy into your life.

In matters of the heart, the planet Venus, the planet of love and relationships, has been retrograde since July 25. As a sensitive water sign, any ups and downs in relationships tug at you from the core. You may have felt a sense of loneliness lately, as you feel things shifting and changing. This is a great time to turn to work, and realize that you are loved beyond imagination – both by those closest to you as well as those in spirit. Allow yourself to receive that love. You may want to write poetry or express yourself romantically. If you are in a relationship, use that sense of expression to deepen the intimacy. If you are single, now is the time to call in your love. The simple act of writing might be the key to opening your heart.

Aries: You feel fierce, ready to take on the world! This is an active time for you, Aries, and your energy level is off the charts! Have you contemplated training for a race or other sport? Start early in the month, and the momentum will continue to grow. You may even meet new friends in the process! As you train and focus your energy on physical health improvements, consider making some changes to your diet as well. You might even consider seeking nutritional support or help to target possible food sensitivities. Your body is your temple, and yours wants to be pure right now so that you are ready when romantic possibilities call your attention. And they could surprise you at any moment!

Your love life has been sizzling off and on for the past month, but with Venus moving backward in retrograde motion, you haven’t been able to feel a lot of certainty at this time. Memories stir forgotten feelings. You have been healing old wounds, and you are shifting patterns in your relationships as a result. It may feel like learning a new language, these new patterns. Keep practicing, catching yourself when you slip back into old ways. You are learning your own value in relationships, and most importantly, realizing that you don’t have to lose yourself to be involved with another. In fact, the right person brings out the best in you! Expect tremendous passion all month long, especially September 13.

Professionally, new opportunities have opened up for you. Simply walk through those doors, and you’ll discover an entire career path expanding before you. Take risks up to the 17th, and you will see fast results. If you have considered making financial changes, wait until the end of October, when you may come into a little extra money to invest. In the meantime, resist the urge to spend on those big-ticket items. The energy of the Venus Retrograde will last until mid-October.

If you have considered working with an agent, manager, or another form of representative, this month offers favorable influences from September 7-16. You may also encounter a legal issue. Wait until the end of November to make a settlement, as the facts may shift until then. You need more information to secure a win. Network like a PR genius from September 23 through the end of the month.

Taurus: Break out your dancing shoes, and get ready to step out onto the floor! This month offers celebrations, jovial encounters with friends, and chance encounters with strangers…who could become more than friends in the future! Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, made a recent entry into fellow earth sign Virgo. This cosmic giant likes to make its presence known when it begins a new cycle. Therefore, you may have noticed an overall upbeat attitude followed by positive vibrations that seem to reverberate through every area of your life. Your mantra this month could be: I am unstoppable when working in the service of my best and highest good!

On a practical level, the planetary influences of the month showcase opportunities to express yourself. If you have been holding back in any way, courage takes over your body, and you almost can’t escape the spotlight. If you have wanted to engage in public speaking, teaching, or blogging, align yourself with those goals by brushing up on your communication skills, especially before Mercury stations retrograde on the 17th. Take a workshop or seek out mentorship to improve your messages.

September 12’s Solar Eclipse illuminates your true potential. In your life, you may have tried to hide your light because of a fear of outshining your friends and family members. You have too much to say to hold back now. Release those concerns up to the Moon, and understand that your talents are already being seen, acknowledged, and even praised. Reap it in, Taurus. Soak up that positive energy!

Your home may need a little TLC this month, as you pack away the summer items and start preparing for a new season. On September 6, Venus, your ruling planet, stations direct after its 40-day adventure moving backward in the heavens. This influence stirs your creative juices. However, it’s not a time to start tearing down walls or replacing the kitchen tile just yet. Wait until October so you can be assured that your desired changes were not just an attempt to blast away the past. Allow your space to reflect the new you.

Jupiter in your fifth house spells L-O-V-E and romance! It kicks off a whole year of romantic possibilities for you. Maintain your integrity, as you’re likely to be easily wooed. Cupid’s arrows are swinging in many different directions right now. By September 24, you will have more clarity, seeing through any illusion. Can you trust someone new? Open your heart, and trust yourself to know the answer. If you’re married or involved, this month signals a whole new beginning for you two. You may consider the possibility of welcoming a new baby into your life or take your relationship to another level. After September 24, passion deepens your bond. It’s going to be hot this fall!

Gemini: As an air sign, you may feel as if you have unknowingly placed various anchors in your life to keep you from flying away. If you have a spouse, pet, job, house or apartment, children, or living plants, you know what I mean! The challenge for you is that you love your freedom, like as a boat wanting to sail away in the wind.

Commitments can sometimes interfere with your ability to come and go as you please. I have two pieces of advice for you this month. First, realize that to grow to your highest potential, you need to be grounded in the present moment. Second, understand that these anchors are grounding agents, here to benefit your growth and expansion. When you accept these ideas as true, you can begin to shift from frustrated to grateful. The needs of your partner, child, or dog, are actually opportunities for Zen practice. Chant “Aum,” and then ask, “What is it you need, dear?”

Your home and family will be in the spotlight this month, as you get everyone into the Fall routine. New books, school, supplies, and schedules have sparked your own inner student. Are you learning enough these days, Gemini? Perhaps it’s time to check out what’s happening at the local bookstore or enroll in a community education class. Anything that stimulates your mind will definitely inspire your creativity.

On September 17, your ruling planet stations retrograde, and it will be moving backward for three weeks until October 9. Under this influence, you may pick up past projects and actually get closure on events that have remained uncertain. Isn’t it funny how something that occurred 13 years ago still has an influence today? What was happening in your life 13 years ago? Chances are… those themes are up for you today.

Changes in your social circle just reflect larger changes happening for you in your life. As you grow, some of your friendships may fade into acquaintanceships. This is a natural progression. You cannot hold yourself back if you are in a growth cycle.

Offer love and compassion, but remain true to your path. You’re welcoming new energy into your life and creating space for new beginnings in the process. This is especially true on September 16, when the past and future tug at you simultaneously. Ground yourself, and focus your awareness on what you ultimately want. Aim your vision in the sight of your dreams. Then, let go of the outcome you expect. Allow the Universe to work a little magic.

In love, Gemini, your playful, flirtatious words could attract the attention of a special someone. If you aim to pursue the relationship, make a move on September 23, when the Sun moves into Libra, a Cardinal sign, signaling time for action. Make sure he or she is available, though, because the spark of an affair can sizzle into smoke in no time. After Venus leaves its shadow in mid-October, you will have more insights into your love life. Until then, just keep it playful and revel in the romance.

For all Geminis, this is a time of heightened creativity and magic. If you’re in a relationship, reignite the spark that first brought you together. Maybe revisit the site of your first date to rekindle those memories.

Cancer: I want to start your horoscope with this quote: “Look at the birds in the sky. They don’t sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet Our God in the heavens feeds them. Aren’t you more important than they? Which of you by worrying can add a moment to your lifespan? And why be anxious about clothing? Learn a lesson from the way wildflowers grow. They don’t work; they don’t spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in full splendor was arrayed like one of these. If God can clothe in such splendor the grasses of the field, which bloom today and are thrown into the fire tomorrow, won’t God do so much more for you?” (Matthew 6:25-30) Regardless of your religious persuasion, the message in this verse pertains to you. You are cared for and loved and adorned beyond your comprehension. Therefore, you need not worry about financial or logistical concerns at this time. Recognize your own value. You greatly contribute to the world just by being yourself. You nurture those to whom you are closest, and you find ways to provide financial support to your family members, regardless of their circumstances. Your biggest challenge is that you give too much and feel depleted. This month, in particular, you may be called to give or serve in some capacity. Be aware of your intuition. Do you feel good about giving? Or do you feel as if you’ve been punched in the gut? That “gut” feeling Is the most important for you. Pay attention to it and you can access the answer to any question.

Empowerment is your keyword this month. Your career is turbo-charged, and you can see possibilities for implementing any outreach, marketing, and PR strategies you’ve devised. Go ahead and brag a little right now. You’ve earned the right to speak about your accomplishments. And the right person may just hear you after September 16. You have a deep need to express yourself this month. Take any opportunity you receive to tell your story. Considering a TED talk? Apply now! Have you thought of starting a YouTube channel? Yes! Do it now.

In matters of the heart, Cancer, you need to let go of a recent tendency to overthink everything. Trust that it will all work out for the best and highest good of each person involved. You need to realize that we can make soul contracts with others and that even the most difficult challenges in relationships may be part of our destinies so that we learn the lessons our souls want to learn. Venus has been Retrograde since July 25. Under this influence, relationships may have been strained. You might have even had a break-up or separation. Revisiting the past and gaining closure is extremely important for ensuring a positive future. You’ve been in this process; be gentle with yourself. If you’re single, focus on your own self-worth right now before getting involved with a new partner. Passionate encounters can begin again at the end of the month, after September 27.

Leo: When I think of the month ahead, Leo, I think of the Queen song, We are the Champions. Ask yourself, “What am I fighting for?” Have you lost a sense of conviction? We live during a time when our ideals are changing rapidly. We have seen tremendous shifts over the past three years. New innovations arise each day to help us live more sustainable, equitable existences. However, so many are still stuck in past paradigms, moving unconsciously through life, trying to grip the intangible reality they’ve known before. You see the shift, don’t you? You feel it coming. With that said, you know you need to trust yourself and inspire others. Money will come from unexpected sources, but do not worry about the details. You will connect to sources that offer support. This is especially true from September 12-14 when the Solar Eclipse highlights your financial matters. The key to earning more money lies in the recognition of what you’re worth. Money directly relates to self-worth. Improve your sense of yourself to earn a greater income. Also, realize that the ways you’ve destined to earn a living may differ from your parents’ notions of how your career path may unfold. Perhaps you were expected to pursue a more traditional path when your soul called you to pursue a more creative path. Follow your soul’s cravings, and your path will expand.

This year, you may consider making a major move, even living abroad. Realize that adventure awaits you and set your sights on distant shores. For example, you may be surfing in South Africa and decide to stay for an extended time! Allow yourself the freedom to imagine the possibilities.

A brother or sister needs your attention after Mercury stations retrograde on September 17. Only give what you can afford (in time as well as money). Otherwise, you may harbor uncomfortable feelings like anger or disappointment if you feel in any way that you’re enabling any unhealthy behavior. You are extremely loyal. You take your relationships seriously. Consequently, you may feel like the last one to know when a problem emerges. You will need to build your own intuition to ensure your perspective remains pure and reasonable. You don’t need to feed any drama in your family at this time.

In matters of the heart, Leo, this is a time to give in to the romantic possibilities opening to you right now. If you’re single, you may have reconnected with a past love. This offers hope for the future in ways it could not have in the past. You have permission to go back into the relationship and explore its potential. For those of you who are involved, this is a month in which you might reconstruct your relationship. Keep it playful and spontaneous. Passion is yours all month long!



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