Rachel Lang + The July Horoscopes

Rachel Lang + The July Horoscopes

Summer is in full swing, and here’s what to expect with your July from astrologer Rachel Lang. For additional information, and private sessions, visit Rachel at Blissen Up.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Happy birthday! This month starts out on a high note, and you may have an intuitive sense that things are about to change in significant ways. The wheel of fortune is turning, and your intentions (spoken and unspoken) are about to manifest in your life. The universal law “As ye reap, so shall ye sow,” applies to you right now. You have the power to turn things around for yourself if you’ve been struggling. A few subtle shifts in thinking, along with a little psychological clearing, will help align you toward your highest path. The New Moon on July 15 brings someone into your life to help reveal any deeply submerged subconscious triggers.

Your professional life offers rich rewards and opportunities all month long. You have recently experienced some career changes, and you may still be in an adjustment period. Interpersonal challenges may be a bit up for you right in the middle of the month, from July 13-16. Speak your truth. You have a rich insight to offer, and others will need some time to digest your words. Trust that any misunderstandings will be cleared by the Full Moon on July 31.

Prioritize your financial goals before spending on those big-ticket items. You may want to invest in a pool, boat, or water toys at this time. However, there is negotiating to do. Maintain a clear sense of your long-term financial goals all month. Your sense of your budget may be a bit inflated at this time. You have a gift for making investment decisions that will prove useful a year from now.

Travel plans at the beginning of the month give you a much-needed break. Go with the flow. Also, realize that your travel companions may not always be as considerate about your needs as you are about theirs. You are such a nurturer, and you will want to focus on a little self-nurturing to keep a good balance.

Speaking of which, your partner may be a bit oblivious to all the ways in which you show love. At times, you may not feel a total sense of reciprocity. Put yourself in his or her shoes, and practice compassion before going into your Cancerian self-protective shell.You’re so intuitive, so you have a fine-tuned sense of what others need. However, others may not have that same gift.  Ask for what you need. If you’re single, this is a great month to play!! You’re feeling feisty.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
There is a direct connection between your openness to the flow of the universe and your sense of luck. When you’re willing to go on a journey into the unknown, you let go of any hard-fixed ideas of the way future events will unfold. Let this month take you on that adventure, Leo. Open yourself to magic and possibilities. When you experience synchronicity in your life, you know you’re aligned to greatness.

In purely practical matters, let’s think about appearances. At the beginning of the month, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, meets up with Venus, the planet of beauty, grace, and love. It’s all happening in your sign! This signals a favorable time for elective surgery, a makeover, or some updates to your wardrobe. Make an appointment with your stylist on July 1, when the Full Moon illuminates pure potential. Recreate yourself in whatever ways you can!

This makeover also goes for your home environment. Meet with your Feng Shui consultant to spruce up cluttered or drab spaces. Decorate with color and unique patterns. The better you feel about your space, the better you’ll feel in general.

A short vacation will give you time to reflect on life—your past, present, and even future. Consider getting away at the beginning of the month, before the New Moon on the 15th. I recommend making time to sit by the water and soak up some sun. It is your ruling planet, after all! You may be feeling a bit introspective. That’s often the foundation point for creative exploration. Give yourself the gift of time away.

After July 23, your career will be back in focus. You’ll have some motivation to make significant strides forward in toward success. Until then, take a summer break!

In love, Venus in your sign highlights romance and intimacy up until July 18. This is a great time to consider taking your relationship to the next level. If you’re single, the first of the month is a great time to consider new ways to meet people. If you’ve been wary of online dating, try it just for fun! Also, allow your friends to set you up on dates. It’s a great time for a new beginning that will manifest by the 15th.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
It’s time to wave a flag—for your country, your favorite cause, or your hometown sports team. Flags symbolize solidarity with others in your community as well as group identity. When you belong to a tribe, you become empowered. You have extra strength. The analogy I like to use for this concept is: One stick by itself can break with one snap. However, if you place that one stick in a group of sticks and tie them together, the collective group becomes unbreakable. This needs to be your theme this month, Virgo. Forge unbreakable bonds with others.

Your thoughts turn to future plans. This is a great time to dream about the direction of your career. You are on the brink of change, and your professional life is about ready to expand. Starting in September, you can expect more public recognition as well as financial rewards. However, you need a little prep work before all that goodness can manifest. How is your social media presence? How connected are you to charitable causes or networking organizations? This is the time to plug in. The Internet is your best resource for making new connections. ByJuly 18, you will be ready to shine.

If you’ve been considering a makeover, wait until after July 18, when Venus, the planet of beauty, enters your sign. You may even win the chance to appear on one of those makeover shows. If that’s the kind of chance that appeals to you, start to submit your entry now! You have a chance to appear on stage, and you want to look your best. Make the most of these stellar influences! Consult a new stylist for a totally new look.

There are a few planets in Cancer this month, the sign of the family. You may feel as if you’re the one in your family who holds all of the responsibility for planning vacations, reunions, and gatherings. You really can’t help yourself, you are often the most organized and together of the group. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the details, delegate tasks and chores to others. Make it easy on yourself, especially from July 13-16, when Mars and Mercury oppose Pluto. This is an intense time, so relax. Plan a spa day.

Your love life gets a boost with Venus’s entrance into your sign on July 18. You look a little better, feel confident, and, therefore, may easily attract someone special into your life. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time for a romantic getaway. Plan intimate activities for those hot summer nights.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You may feel a bit torn between work and play this month, Libra. While others are on a summer break, you find yourself in such positive flow with career opportunities. You have worked for a year to achieve what is manifesting in your life right now. Keep going. Let this be your pep talk! You are near the peak of that mountain you’ve been climbing. This will most likely manifest in your career. There are some decisions that have to be made, and you will find the answers with the Full Moon on July 1. Often the seemingly difficult decisions turn out to be the most opportune. Open yourself to the possibility of miracles and expect peaceful outcomes.

You may have a few financial setbacks this month, which could lead to a need to tighten your spending limits and regulate your budget. Last month’s optimistic forecast led to an idealized sense of your resources. This month, you need to revisit those projections. Reign yourself in, Libra!

Your energy may not be as vigorous as usual. Take care of your health, and try not to take too many physical risks. If you have any health concerns, see a specialist to rule out any possible long-term issues.  Rest and rejuvenate whenever possible! Consider a juice fast around the New Moon on July 15.

Take a family vacation or getaway near the end of July, after the 22nd, when the Sun in Leo urges you to rest and enjoy a beachside resort. Let the little ones play in the pool, while you enjoy some adult time with some of your favorite people. Make it a group occasion to avoid any one-on-one interpersonal challenges. Cool the intensity of any drama with your diplomatic and discerning calm presence. Let irritations roll off your back, and the experience will be richly rewarding.

Relationships may feel a bit like a roller coaster ride right now. Hang on! Enjoy the excitement. If you’re single, expect the unexpected. A new love interest could catch you by surprise while in route to a new destination. For those of you in relationships, realize that you can’t have clear answers right now. Just revel in the companionship and be present in the moment.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
At times, gifts may arrive in unexpected packages. Prayers can be answered in ways unimaginable. That devastating job loss may result in a whole new career opportunity that otherwise may not have been available to you. Or you may meet your true love while at a restaurant during a terrible Match.com date. You have experienced these types of occurrences once or twice in your life. That is the hand of divine participating in your destiny. This month, offer gratitude when any plan falls through. The wheels of fortune may just be turning in your favor.

For those of you involved in a creative profession, this is a great month to secure contracts, manage publishing rights, or hire a publicist. You have the ability to reach out beyond your tribe and really connect with an audience. If you have a manuscript ready, submit it! Even if you were previously denied a contract, things might have changed. Your energy might be more aligned to success now than it was in the past.

Your relationship with your siblings may be going through a reinvention at this time. For some of you, this might feel like an overhaul! Trust that any shifts are ultimately for the greater good, and try to practice compassion in all of your communication. Deeper psychological stirrings have led the way for this transition. You’re ready for a new beginning.

The New Moon on July 15 signals an adventure. Whether you travel within your home state or take a longer journey overseas, step outside of your comfort zone and see new horizons. Take your special someone for a romantic engagement that will take your relationship to the next level.

Speaking of which, this month highlights your love life. On July 18, Venus moves into Virgo, and friendship could evolve into more. Allow yourself to fall even more deeply in love with your partner, and you will begin to experience true transformation. The desire to be more loving and generous in life will stir within you. That is the beginning of the Law of Attraction at work for you. Witt that kind of love, what you could attract into your life will be limitless.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Recent changes in your relationship status have enlightened profound insights about your past. Tremendous healing has occurred as a result. The self-reflection that took place in May and June culminates this month, as you prepare for a psychological overhaul. Everything is going to be up- past emotions, fears, and even hope for the future. How will you navigate the unpredictable waves of emotion and memory? You will need a strong spiritual practice and a navigator (a therapist, astrologer, or healer).

At the beginning of the month, work projects may seem slow to start. However, throughout the month, you are able to pick up enough steam to achieve your goals by the Blue Moon on July 31. As a fire sign, you are used to speedy delivery, and you may feel impatient if things don’t manifest according to your timeline. However, right now is a time of careful calculation and detailed attention. You’re the researcher, the scientist, and not the dreamer. Time for dreaming will happen next month. For now, concentrate on building your remarkable career path.

If you have had a creative project in the works, now is the time to secure representation to take it to the next level. Consider seeking an agent or manager to promote your work. Helpful people can help you reach unimaginable new prospects. Look at your “Helpful People” sector in your home. Do you need to de-clutter? Or perhaps you need to add a few bright colors or objects to represent people you would like to bring into your life. Consult a Feng Shui master for guidance.

Financial goals include long-term investments. Perhaps an inheritance is coming your way. You need to think ahead this month, as money matters are on your mind.

In love, intimacy is your keyword. For those of you who are in relationships, this is a great time to consider making a deeper commitment. Allow yourself to fall madly in love, without holding back. Jump in with both feet. For you single Sagittarius, I would say “follow your heart,” but I’m afraid your “heart” isn’t leading you this month. It’s…ahem… another part of your anatomy that is directing you right now! Passion could lead to a more long-term commitment. You’ll know once we reach October. For now, just play!!

Capricorn (December 22January 19)
We may just hear wedding bells ring this month for you, Capricorn! Romance is the theme of your entire month. We start off with a Full Moon on July 1 in your sign. While others are working feverishly to finish tasks and organize the details of their lives, you focus on the people in your life. Any new relationship formed this month will last for decades to come.

In business, it is time to partner with others for optimal success. You are usually a great solo artist, but new people have come into your life with fresh ideas. You won’t lose anything by collaborating. In fact, new doors may open for you.

You may experience good news about an investment. It’s turning out better than you could have imagined! Likewise, it’s a great month to revisit your portfolio and determine what changes you could make. Go ahead and take healthy, calculated risks right now. Have faith in the outcome. Luck is shining on you, especially the beginning of the month.

Some changes in your home environment may seem a little unsettling right now. Perhaps there have been delays in repairs or challenges with contractors. When you experience any kinds of setbacks beyond your control, see the gift or opportunity in them. Perhaps you could revisit your ideas or step back and take a break from the work.

Now, let’s get back to love! The New Moon on the 15th is a great time to take a romantic getaway with your special someone. You may have a wedding or other event that will enable you to introduce your partner to friends and family. They will love whomever you love because of their love for you. Don’t worry about a thing. If you’re single, a new love interest is right around the corner. You may have been feeling the subtle vibes of change. This change will manifest right around June 18.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Your imagination has been leading you to daydream about travel and adventure, Aquarius. Perhaps this is because you have been focused on the day-to-day…and it’s summer! The last place you want to be is inside an office. I recommend changing up your environment to incorporate more nature into your surroundings. This will give you the sense of beauty you’ve been craving.

Work may be busy this month, as deadlines loom. Practice good, healthy boundaries right now with your co-workers (with everyone, really). Yes, you enjoy helping others, but not at the expense of your own health and wellbeing. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating your veggies? Your body may be a bit more sensitive to toxins and allergens right now, particularly in the beginning of the month, up to July 15. The strong mind-body connection means that your physical ailments are connected to emotions and thoughts that no longer serve your highest good. Consider seeing a healer or therapist to get into better alignment.

In business, new collaborators come into your life to expand your potential for success. Open yourself to those favorable connections. You are fiercely independent, and you may hold onto the fear that partnerships could hold you back. While that may have been true in the past, it is no longer the case. In fact, right now, partnerships will take you further than you could ever go on your own. This is a highly creative time for you. Make the most of it by forging new connections for brainstorming and submitting your portfolio or resume for new jobs. Success is guaranteed.

In love, any struggles you have had in the recent past may subside, as Venus and Jupiter align in your seventh house of relationships. This is a time to foster understanding and solidarity with your partner. It’s also a time of healing. Consider taking a romantic getaway at the beginning of the month, around the Full Moon on the 1st. If it is spontaneous, even better! If you’re single, romance could surprise you from out of the blue. Remain open to the possibilities…and move beyond your comfort zone. Get out and play!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You have a lot to say, Pisces! This is the month to express yourself, in whatever ways you can. Sing, dance, write, or draw. Creativity is heightened, and you are prepped to create your masterpiece. The Full Moon on July 1 illuminates your ability to make a difference in the world through your acts of self-expression. Your words really do matter. You have a certain openness to the creative process, as well as to the spiritual influences that inspire creativity. This will enable you to make a significant influence on others and the planet.

Financial ups and downs may have you scratching your head, especially in the beginning of the month. Your budget gets back into balance after June 18. For now, be aware of any changes in spending, and exercise a bit of caution. The end of June presented some unexpected expenses. You will recoup some of those funds. In the meantime, be more conservative with your output.

That message ought not to cause you to question any travel plans! Travel is part of the creative process. As long as you have your financial highest good in mind, you will be okay. Just be a bit more discerning, especially around July 14. A short break would actually be good for you before work gets hectic again at the end of July, around July 25.

In your love life, the mercury on your passion thermometer keeps rising! A new love interest keeps your summertime heated up. If you’re single, this is a time to play. All of that creative energy stirring within you may want to express itself in a summer fling. It could lead to more. Just remain open to the possibilities! For those of you in love, romantic summer nights will deepen your connection. Make more time for your relationship, and you will fall even more deeply in love after July 18.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Be bold this month, Aries! Assert yourself by asking for what you want. Start with the Universe. Make your request list and begin the process of manifestation. Then, move to your relationships. Examine the patterns of operation. Are they healthy? If not, make some adjustments by stating your needs…with diplomacy, of course.

There’s a bit of healthy tension between work and home; freedom and responsibility; as well as past and future. Tension is one of our teachers because it stretches us beyond our perceived capabilities. It also shows us where we may be out of balance. When we have that awareness, we can recalibrate and set new priorities for ourselves.That is one of the tasks the Universe is urging you to do this month. Reset your goals. Reimagine your ideals.

This is especially true in your personal life. Changes at home require dedicated attention. This may make you feel as if you’re separated from your professional goals, especially with the Full Moon on July 1. Perhaps you have had a family member recently need your help or support through a time of illness. Or you may have had a home repair project take longer than expected. Be present for those circumstances that connect you with your family as well as your past. This is a time of tremendous healing and connection.

Weddings or reunions connect you with distant relatives or friends around July 15. Enjoy the reminiscing, and maintain those relationships even after the festivities are over.

Your love life may see some misfires at the beginning of the month. If you are single, you may have a bit of confusion. Does he or she really like you? By July 25, you will know for sure. In the meantime, be playful and have fun! For those of you in relationships, be spontaneous. Take your special someone on a getaway between July 1 and July 15. When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, your love will feel like it did in the beginning…only better!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
So many ideas have been swirling in your mind. You have had a desire to create something magnificent to share with the world: your masterpiece. This month, make time for that creative process. Use your words, your paintbrush, or your mouse to make some magic. Dispel any concerns you may have about criticism from others by reaffirming the notion that you have a unique voice and message to deliver. Yes, there will always be tiny tweaks to make. However, you will have time to refine later. For now, just produce.

You may be called to mentor or teach someone right now. You could change a life and usher someone on to his or her path in a more definite way. Open yourself to the possibility that you might even get a bit of help for your own work in the process.

It’s summer, and you may feel inclined to indulge in all sorts of pleasures this month. Good food, fine wine, and luxurious destinations offer you the chance to live in a more abundant reality, especially at the beginning of the month when Jupiter and Venus align in Leo. Revel at the moment, but keep your long-term goals in mind. Would you rather eat that chocolate croissant…or maintain your gluten-free diet? As a Venus-ruled Taurus, the sensual delight may win right now. Asking the questions gives you a moment to pause and consider your true desires.

You may have a chance to visit siblings in other parts of the world. Connect with them to take a trip down memory lane. But come back to the present moment to enjoy how your relationship has evolved.

In love, communication is key this month. If you’re in a relationship, experiment a little. Try new date destinations or activities. Be a bit more spontaneous. This is especially true after the 18th. If you are single, the influences of this month urge you to promote yourself. Perhaps you might try online dating. Or reach out to friends and ask to be set up if you would like to start something new. Reach out first…then allow yourself to be pursued.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Financial matters have been weighing heavily on your mind. How can you draw more income into your life? Where should you invest your resources? How do you budget for these unpredictable times? The answers to all of those burning questions will come throughout the month, as new people and partners enter your life and offer solutions. You may have had challenges in the past holding on to resources. Now, things have changed. The new appreciation you have for wealth and prosperity is indicative of the change in the mindset you have adopted. Have you read “Money and the Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks? Or perhaps “The Law of Divine Compensation” by Marianne Williamson? Give yourself an energetic boost and read these two books if you haven’t. If you have read them, refresh your memory and read them again.

As the sign of the communicator, you know how to weave words together to create beautiful stories. What stories are you telling others about your life? Focus on the positive, and everyone will be inspired. Likewise, try be impeccable with your words, saying everything with absolute integrity. Otherwise, you could get yourself into trouble on July 14-15.

You have had to revisit a business deal that didn’t completely come together in April. Now, it is time to sign the contract. You had to go back and forth a bit to negotiate in a way that meets your needs. The delays were ultimately for the greater good. A new business partnership is being forged, but it needs some time. When the Sun and Mercury move into Leo on July 22 and 23, respectively, you will be ready to reap the rewards of that agreement.

Your love life may be the last thing on your mind this month, as so many exciting developments have been happening in your career and other areas of your life. Take time out to nurture and cultivate your relationship to avoid any challenges that may arise at the end of the month, after the 18th. Dedicate at least one night a week to date night. July 1, the Full Moon suggests intimacy and passion. Connect with your partner in a spiritual experience to optimize the influence. It will deepen your bond. For those of you who are single, the July 31 Blue Moon offers hopeful possibilities for meeting someone new. Up to that point, play is your keyword.



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