Rachel Lang + The April Horoscopes


After an intense March eclipse, will April bring us peace and love? Rachel Lang, the Astrologer to the Stars and The Live Box Magazine, brings us all the answers we seek! Want to know more?  Rachel is available for personal chart readings at www.blissenup.com.  Don’t miss her radio show at www.ubnradio.com on Fridays at noon PST.

Aries (March 20-April 19):
Happy birthday, and may all of your birthday wishes come true. This month’s astrological influences encourage you to jump-start your year by setting high expectations for your year. Raise them up! You may have been taught that high expectations lead to high disappointments, but I might suggest an alternative viewpoint. Expectation presupposes faith and confidence in Divine Order. Therefore, you live into that which you expect, and you watch it unfold as reality. Recently, you may have been asking for the Universe to show you your purpose, and to show you NOW! You have received the gift of patience, but it hasn’t come easily. You have moving through a powerful time in your life, and in the process, you have released loads of cargo from the past. When you commit to your own personal evolution, awakenings lead to shifts that result in new circumstances in your life. In other words, you asked for it! And you are almost on the other side of transition…settled…for now.
The beginning of the month is great for work. A stroke of luck signals new opportunities on April 2 and sets into motion an entire month of expanded potential. This is a highly creative time for you, and you can manifest almost anything right now. So, take calculated risks, especially if you are thinking about starting a business or partnership.
Financially, this is a great time to form a strategy for long-term investments. You have favorable influences for realizing gains through earned income or investments. However, think about your financial picture as a whole, and put some extra resources away if you can. Investments made now will reap rewards in the future. Near April 20, you may receive good news about a bonus, raise, or commission check.
On April 18, the New Moon in your sign urges you to make declarative sentences. What do you need to move forward in your life? The Universe is all ears. Make your request list. There may be a few metaphorical mini-earthquakes the few days leading up to this event, as your energy shifts to accommodate the intensity of this time.You are adjusting to your position of power. You have become bolder, and that may have made some people in your life a bit uncomfortable.
Your love life was hot all through March, but things may have slowed down a bit. Any relationships newly formed in your life need a little time to settle into.  This is a time to put you first, and if the relationship is right, your special someone will stay connected. For those of you who are single, this month emphasizes your friendships and fun. Be playful, celebrate your birth month, and fully embrace your freedom!
Taurus (April 20-May 20):
What moves you, Taurus? This month stirs your passion, and you may spend some time reflecting on the subtle stirrings of your heart. This is the time to prepare for the summer’s harvest, but you won’t know what seeds to plant now unless you turn inward. Spend time in nature if you can, and open your mind to hearing the voice of the Divine in your physical surroundings and in all of your life.
Your professional life has allowed for slow, steady growth. You may have received recognition for your efforts. Consider each celebration of your success as another brick in a much wider foundation you are building for yourself. Set some short-term goals for yourself so that you can stay focused as the month progresses and spring fever sets in. This will help you navigate the ups and downs of your finances until after April 11.
This is a great month to give yourself a makeover or update your wardrobe. Likewise, if you’ve been thinking about trying any complicated cosmetic procedures, you may want to investigate options in the beginning of the month. This is a month for favorable outcomes for your outer appearance. Take a bit of a risk and change things up. You’ll be so glad you did!
In love, Taurus, the early part of April elevates your romantic life. If you’re single, take this as a sign to update your online profile or ask your closest friends to help you make love connections. You may even want to contact a matchmaking service or audition for the latest dating reality show. Could you be the next Bachelor? You have the pizazz this month to attract the right kind of attention. Audrey Hepburn was a Taurus. Think of her grace and poise. You have that Venus energy in your chart, too. Make the most of it! For tips, watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Our guys can look to George Clooney for a bit of romantic inspiration. Charm, grace, and style are all Venus characteristics. Own them this month! If you’re involved, you feel passion with your special someone nearly all month long. Don’t worry if issues from the past surface. It’s a part of the healing process. You will soon be connecting on deeper levels. Oh, and the forecast for your sex life is hot and steamy!
Gemini (May 21-June 20):
You have some clear ideas about where your career path is headed. You have set your internal GPS to a specific destination. However, you may be a bit unclear about how to get from where you are now to that ultimate dream. The key for you this month is in your ability to reach out beyond your inner circle and connect with others. Network, network, network! If you need a place to start, find a spiritual community, and engage with others in a meditation group or Sunday morning service. Go with the intention of allowing the Divine to place a fascinating, thoughtful, and emotionally healthy individual in your path. Then, sit back and watch the magic happen.
Professionally, this is a time to solidify plans moving forward and to create action steps for accomplishing those goals. You have a stroke of creative genius around the Lunar Eclipse on April 4. Make the most of this influence by focusing on what brings you the most joy. The insights you receive may inspire new dreams or business ideas that you can start to develop for long-term success. So, reserve the tedious but necessary tasks for the following few days.
After April 11, it’s time to update your look. I foresee a shopping spree! Go ahead and splurge. You may even go a little lighter with your hair. It’s okay to experiment with a whole new outlook, Gemini. Just make sure you consult the best stylist you know, one who will see the whole of who you are and then create the perfect personal image for you to project. Select a stylist with innovative ideas for how best to accentuate your positive assets.
In love, Gemini, Saturn’s influence is still sticky in your seventh house of relationships. You are thinking about commitments and the fulfillment of future dreams. If you’re single and interested in a relationship, you may feel a little lonely at times throughout April. You have a stronger sense of your partnership desires. You’ve made your list and started manifesting. But you might feel a little confused by what the Universe is offering at this time. Saturn is actually a positive force in your life because it offers you exactly what you need, though it may not be what you thought you wanted. In the end, the gift may arrive in a different package than you expected. If you’re involved, this is a time to heal and mend any challenges in your relationship before stepping into an even deeper commitment. For all Geminis, when Venus enters your sign on April 11, it’s time to dress up, go out, and play! The planetary ingress signals an internal shift. You lighten up, let go. That’s when magic happens! Chance encounters and graced connections.
Cancer (June 21-July 21):
The past three years have been marked with the Uranus/Pluto square series that shook up your world. One small change snowballed into others, catapulting you into a whole new life, perhaps. The process of evolution may have left you seeking stable ground upon which to build a new foundation for yourself. This month, you can see that Divine providence was at work the whole time. You haven’t been dreaming. You have been living in magic, and now, you get to hear the voice of wisdom leading you to answers. You’ve been guided Divinely the whole time.
Others in your professional circle will recognize your gifts and abilities this month. They will pat you on the back with support, and you may even get a little bonus prize. This promotion comes with extra responsibility, but you’re ready to take it on.
Miscommunication challenges with family members in the beginning of the month need healing and talking, not the silent treatment. This goes for friendships, too. Not everyone is as intuitive as you, Cancer. They can’t read your mind. You feel truths that are unspoken at times. Dig for that knowledge. Bring concerns up to the surface, then practice compassion for yourself and the other party. This is especially true at the Full Moon on April 4. Then, allow yourself space until April 20.
In relationships, you have had some profound realizations about your inherent tendencies in love. If you don’t like your go-to coping mechanisms (isolating, passive aggression, pouting, self-negation, etc.), trust yourself enough to change. Move toward healthier communication and intimacy. Start with your relationship with YOU. Bring your spiritual practice into that relationship, and then the Divine will work in your life to open your heart to even deeper love with another.
Leo (July 22-August 22):
You may feel as if you’re on fire during the first two weeks of April, Leo! You are your own personal motivational speaker, full of positive affirmations and encouragement. It’s contagious. You have the ability to spark passion in others and watch them take off toward the directions of their dreams.
I need to talk to you about the very real opportunities opening up for you right now. As a Leo, you feel a strong pull toward the spotlight. For many Leos, the spotlight seems to always find you, even if you’re hiding in the shadows. You are seen by others with the courage and presence to lead. Your energy body commands attention, whether or not you feel comfortable or safe in the public eye. Some of you want to perform, and you may seek a career that allows for creative expression. If this describes you, April may have some good news for you! Release resistance, own your expanded aura, and welcome the chance to live into your destiny. You were born to express yourself, just like your fellow Leo Madonna urged.
Good news regarding a long-distance journey has you dreaming about sunshine, sandy shores, and ocean waves. This would be an excellent month to get out of town and explore new parts of the world. Adventure awaits if you’re courageous enough to step outside of your comfort zone. You also may be seeking spiritual connections this month. Perhaps it’s the symbolism of Easter and the new beginning represented by the resurrection. You have realized that you can only grow so far on your own. It may be time to seek a guru or teacher to help you reach the next level.
Your romantic lives have been a bit uncertain for the past several weeks. With Saturn retrograde, you may be questioning your core abandonment issues and your sense of connection with others. Are you afraid that a special someone might leave you behind? You have more loyalty to offer a relationship than any other sign. However, you may feel stuck if you resist leaving an unhealthy relationship because of a commitment you made. Perhaps walking away will give you both some perspective. Face your greatest fears together, and you can grow. For those of you who are single, the end of the month opens chance encounters and playful expressions of romance. Wait until after the New Moon on April 18 for that new beginning.
Virgo (August 23-September 22):
In this time of beauty, as springtime awakens flower buds into blossoms, you have a sense of your own creative potential. What will you make in your life during this time? Dream big and follow the passionate urges of your heart. Then, get dirty. Dig your hands into the soil (metaphorically and literally speaking), and turn deeply within yourself, nourishing and nurturing your fertile interior landscape. You are watching a metamorphosis take place. Just like the seeds you plant in your garden, you are cracking open your outer shell to allow light to shine in. The best days for planting are April 1, 6, 15, 19, 23, 24, and when the Moon is in your sign on April 28 – 29.
On purely practical terms, Virgo, this is a great month to revisit some of your investments and long-term financial plans. Do you need to adjust anything? Consult your financial planner to make any updates necessary. You may have a little extra financial freedom at this time, with Venus in compatible Taurus until April 11. Perhaps you want to take a get-away at some point this month. Even a spontaneous trip would provide a nice respite in your busy life.
Your mental capacities may be operating a bit differently than usual. Have you been feeling a bit foggy, uncertain about decisions? Often, when confusion sets in, it is a representation of an inner conflict between the “shoulds” of our lives, those directives from others, and the truth and guidance offered from our higher selves. Sometimes, the voice of our guidance gives us information that we just may not like to hear. It never seems like the easy choice at the time, but imagine for a moment the long-term consequences of ignoring that voice. Which is the easier option?
In your personal lives, Virgo, love and relationships take an other-worldly quality. You may connect with someone in deep ways you never thought possible. Spiritual connections lead to major transformation. Stay open to the possibilities, whether you’re single or involved.
Libra (September 23-October 22):
You have carefully laid plans for your future, one after another, in sequential order like dominoes in a row. If one item falls, everything else may go with it. This kind of thinking can get you into trouble, Libra. You try so hard to keep everything in balance so that nothing falls apart. However, often those moments when your life feels messy and chaotic, when you are shaken off center, the Divine breathes into your life in miraculous ways. Your heart opens a little wider, you feel a need to reach out for support, and you even let go a little. This month, nothing is fixed or certain. Your dominoes may all fall down. Allow yourself to move gracefully into change.
We start with your relationships. Your spiritual work will start in those closest relationships: your business and romantic partnerships. On April 4, the Lunar Eclipse signals major internal shifts. You may experience external conflicts, and you’ll be urged to use your voice to speak out. You will feel this especially on April 4-6, and then again when Pluto stations retrograde on April 16.
Asserting yourself in conflictual situations can be quite a daunting process for you peacemakers of the Zodiac. Seek guidance from others and from the Divine about how to use graceful words with an impactful message. Then, channel your favorite advocate, like Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, for example. These fellow Libras and can serve as role models for you during this time of personal empowerment.
Opportunities for partnerships, especially strategic professional relationships, could present themselves for you at this time, but you must ready yourself by letting go of your fear. Graduate to a new level of courage in your communication. You can do it!! Your spirit guides will be waiting to deliver your diploma. After Venus moves into Gemini on April 11, your relationship energy softens. Take a deep breath and sigh of relief. Maintain your integrity and be very clear about what you want.
Scorpio (October 23-November 22):
Have you been contemplating a million dollar idea?  Perhaps you have intuited the possibility, but you haven’t outlined the details of your winning concept just yet. Or maybe you have a great business plan but just don’t feel ready to launch. Keep planting seeds, Scorpio. Others may come to your assistance at this time. You can relax and trust that no one is going to compromise your intellectual property or steal your trade secrets. In fact, you may have the exact opposite experience as new people appear in your life and ask to become angel investors, providing you with the resources you need to succeed.
Your work responsibilities require so much dedicated attention and focused effort. You may have time for very little outside of your work and family obligations. However, this is a great time to concentrate on your health. Start an exercise routine or kick-off a new diet. You have the motivation now, but you need to gather your friends to join with you in a commitment to health.
You may have the chance to revisit a financial decision that you made within the past few months. Remember that nothing is set in stone, and you can make changes if your gut tells you it’s right. Trust your intuition, and make any adjustments before Pluto, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on April 16.
Add some spice to your romantic affairs this month. If you’re single, the stars may align for you to meet a special someone near the Lunar Eclipse on April 4. Those of you in relationships may want to set dates for future activities to keep excitement and passion alive. Is there a trip you’d like to take? Perhaps an idea you’d like to develop together? Or maybe you are thinking about having a baby. This is a great month to take steps toward your shared dreams.
Sagittarius (November 23-December 21):
Return to your innocence, Sagittarius. Once you embrace your childlike curiosity and playfulness, you can start to open up to the miracles manifesting in your life and goodness from the Divine. You can also begin to let go of old mental and emotional constructs that limit your potentiality. Saturn is in your sign. It stresses structure, limitation, responsibility, and obligation. It’s the great teacher of the Solar System, and it often indicates in your chart where you slip into negative thought patterns or challenging beliefs. It’s where your soul’s karmic “work” is found. Play and wonder are outside of Saturn’s scope. So, when you feel stuck in any way, you might benefit from a long recess break or adventure.
Give yourself time and space to engage in creative activities to help awaken playfulness. If you need suggestions, consider taking a pottery painting workshop or perhaps enroll in a cooking class for inspiration. Invite others and make it a social engagement. This will meet your need for social time and please your inner child.
This is a great month for securing new business associations. Expand your professional network by reaching out to your mentors for a power lunch or happy hour. Also, explore social media outlets to reach new audience members. Then, start the process of building relationships with those new followers and friends. You may even form collaborative projects with those new connections, in particular, you might start projects that involve the media.
Indulge your desire to get out of town and explore a new destination. A spontaneous opportunity may present itself in the beginning of the month, especially on April 6.
Romance is your definite highlight this month. Indulge all of your senses as new love enters your life. Romance is as exciting as an affair but without the dishonesty or risk. Your love connection has an effervescent quality. Whether you’re single or involved, this month offers possibilities. Allow the sparks to fly.
Capricorn (December 21-January 19:
You have a rich inner world that begs for your attention this month. Changes within your family bring up nostalgic feelings. It may be time to reach out to loved ones with whom you have been out of touch. Reconnect with your past so that you might heal whatever challenges you are facing in the present. This is especially true in the beginning of the month, when the Lunar Eclipse on April 4 suggests big shifts that result from profound internal realizations.
The first six days of the month are going to be quite intense for you, Capricorn. You are in a process of moving toward your potentiality and getting in touch with your own goals and dreams. In the process, you are also accessing parts of yourself that have been suppressed. You can try to contain the emotions coming up to the surface at this time. However, think of how much energy that would actually take. Plus, anything that we repress has a certain power over us. Release and let go.
You have a chance to form new client relationships from April 11 to the end of the month to advance your business interests. This is also a great time to make any kind of hiring decisions or personnel changes. Focus on your office space in the beginning of the month. Are there changes that would make it more attractive or comfortable? Hire a Feng Shui consultant and free up some energy so that you can actualize more success.
In love, Capricorn, the Lunar Eclipse may stir up some hidden longings. Changes are on the horizon, and that could influence your relationship. Remember that relationship healing starts with personal healing. Dig in deep, and by April 20, you’ll be ready to take your relationship to the next level. For those of you who are single, the beginning of the month’s intensity opens your heart to the possibility of new love. Move toward your passion, even if it feels unattainable at this time.
Aquarius (January 20-February 18):
You may feel tired of speaking up and out. You might feel sometimes like a lonely voice advocating for change. Some of our bravest revolutionaries have been Aquarians. Just think about Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, Rosa Parks, or Ellen. What if any one of those individuals had tired of using his or her voice? This month’s Lunar Eclipse on April 4 introduces a new message, and you just might be called to deliver it. You are in good company, and you have support. You’ve practiced and prepared for this, and now it’s time.
Congratulations. You’re in a whole new mode, edging closer toward enlightenment. New people are coming into your life to assist with that process, perhaps a guru or teacher of some kind is present to you right now. On a practical level, the beginning of the month is the time to update your social media presence. Have you considered starting a blog? Use your words wisely, they’re packed with power.
Your home may be getting an upgrade or two. Beautify your surroundings with fresh flowers, new paint colors, and some new landscaping. Springtime weather is great for getting outside and planting flowers. If you don’t have your own space, consider participating in a community garden. How fun would it be to grow some food for your loved ones?
In matters of the heart, you may have had some ups and downs since March. Navigating the unsteady terrain of your relationship may have left you with the desire to detach from your emotions and live up in your intellect. That can be a very comfortable place for you at times. This month draws you out of the detached state with the spark of romance. Possibilities abound. Just keep it light, playful and fun, especially after April 11. If you’re single, this is a great time to get out and connect with strangers. You may meet a special someone. It’s adventure time!!
Pisces (February 19-March 19):
Money, money, money. This is what’s on your mind this month, Pisces. It’s odd, isn’t it? To be connected to the material realm in this way. You’re the dreamer, visionary, and spiritual explorer. You may still be operating under the false belief that money is “shallow” or worse- the root of all evil. Dispel those myths, and you can begin to realize financial gains. With extra resources, you have a little more freedom to make decisions about your future. Where will you live? What will you learn? Where can you travel? These are all questions money helps answer.
In the beginning of the month, the Lunar Eclipse on April 4 helps reveal some of your subconscious fears regarding finances. You have the power to change any old program or script. Work opportunities could open up for you a couple days after that, on April 6. If you’re a jobseeker, this is a great time to consider job leads out of town. Expand your search; start by networking with others. Be prepared to ask for what you want clearly, without any hesitation. The Universe will appreciate your empowered request!
You have started to really evaluate your present-day priorities in light of your long-term goals. Have you sacrificed a family for a career? Or perhaps you have resisted a relationship for fear you had not reached the level of success you had hoped to achieve. This is a month to let the term “both/and” be your mantra. You can be both successful and have a great love. You can be an artist and have money. Your worldview will continue to expand all the way until the Sun moves into compatible Taurus on April 20, allowing you to ground the manifestation of that internal shift. In other words, you’re going to see instant results from those subtle changes of thought.
In love, Pisces, enjoy this month’s romantic and sensual influences. If you’re single, this is a great time to try some fun singles’ activities, especially those that involve the outdoors. For those of you involved, reinstitute date night and turn up the volume on your intimacy…in all ways.



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