Rachel Lang + The March Horoscopes


Will March bring big changes in your life?  New love?  A promising career?  Our favorite astrologer, Rachel Lang, helps us navigate by the stars!  Want to know more?  Rachel is available for personal chart readings at www.blissenup.com.  Don’t miss her radio show at www.ubnradio.com on Fridays at noon PST.  Read on..


Happy birthday! I wish you all the love, success, and happiness you could ever imagine… and then more. This month presents you with some life-changing awakenings, magnificent opportunities, and maybe even a stroke of financial success. Professionally, you may feel as if you are on the mountain, about ready to reach another peak of success. From this elevated perspective, you may be able to view some new roads available to you. A little courage in the beginning of the month will motivate you with inspiration to take on any challenges that come your way. Follow your heart, and you will succeed.

On March 5, a Full Moon in Virgo awakens your inner rebel. This is not the time to make major commitments, as the mutable energy will toss you in a new direction when the winds change. To maximize this influence, immerse yourself in creative projects. You will need something to focus on to keep your spirits high and self-esteem elevated. There are new opportunities reaching up to find you from unexpected sources. Double-check all details, especially between March 12 – March 16. If you feel confused about a big decision, turn inward. Your intuition will lead you to the answers you seek.

Expect a positive cash flow the entire month of March. If you are considering making a big purchase, pull the trigger before March 16. The rest of the month will open creative ways to recoup some of those funds.

On March 16, we have the last of seven Uranus / Pluto squares that have been ongoing since 2012. This is a time of revolution, and all of us are aware of injustice, discrimination, environmental concerns, and other challenges facing the world. We are all thinking about ways to make a difference. You may be called to lead the charge, especially with the New Moon on March 20.

In romance, Pisces, give yourself a little play time. You’ve been so concerned with career matters that the embers of your love life may be fading into a really light glow instead of burning brightly. Make the most of this time and trust that love will be a major bright spot in your life after August. For those of you in a relationship, give a little space to your special someone. You may be experiencing a few growing pains, particularly as you concentrate on your professional goals.


You have been trying to play coy, or maybe slip behind the scenes. However, the spotlight is searching for you. You might just get discovered! Connect with your agent if you are trying to pitch anything. March 9 is the golden day for you. Schedule strategic meetings and form collaborative efforts. For those of you starting businesses or launching new projects, the beginning of the month offers significant opportunities for expansion and a little bit of luck, too! March 3 is the luckiest day of the month for you! The Universe could bless you in ways you might have never expected!

You may have faced some serious challenges over the past three years with a rather difficult series of squares from Pluto and Uranus. On March 16, that chapter closes. What have you overcome, learned, and shifted as a result? Your life looks a lot different, doesn’t it? For some of you, the changes may have resulted in a whole new identity- a whole new you. On March 21, when the Sun moves into your sign, you will have arrived. Step onto the red carpet and celebrate your successes.

If you have been thinking about bringing a new little life into the world, this month would be a great time to start trying! It may be easier than you expect. Children help you expand your sense of self, and you can learn so much more with the little ones in your life than you ever could on your own. See them as a gift, and recognize the ways in which they are blessing your life.

Your love life heats up this month, Aries. New romantic possibilities are here for you if you have the courage to take a leap. Single Aries, step out and play. If you need inspiration, call your favorite Gemini or Sagittarius. For those of you in partnerships, allow yourselves to be pampered a little. Sparks will be flying all month long.


You have recently come into contact with some spiritual powerhouse people. You are learning more about your own gifts as a result. Practice developing your intuition; there are new dimensions to explore. Keep yourself grounded during this highly spiritual period. Move gracefully into this expanded consciousness and new way of being in the world. Yours is an earth sign, one that attends to very practical and earthly concerns. You can balance the books and practice transcendental meditation. It’s about creating space and time in your life for this development and revisiting your priorities. In other words, make your everyday life a mystical experience.

Speaking of everyday life, if you have been managing renovations at home or dealing with the stressors of construction, you could receive some good news in the beginning of the month. Could the project be moving along ahead of schedule? Believe it. Then, when we get into April, the good news gets even better. You might have a little luck with a discount or unexpected gifts.

March 12 inspires your creative vision. Pay attention to the insights and signals you receive. They could lead to a project that opens channels for a little extra income.

If you have been thinking of living abroad, there may be some complicating factors from March 12 – March 16. Relax, let go, and be at ease about the future. You will not know the outcome until we reach May.

Have you been leading an organization or spiritual community? If so, this month offers some sudden insights that may move you to make some changes. Do you need to bring in partners or helpers? It’s okay to delegate. You have grown accustomed to managing things on your own. However, for the new beginning you are trying to create, you need a little more space and time for development.

In love, Taurus, do a little healthy self-reflection to decipher the direction in which you hope to move your current relationship. Avoid secret dalliances or affairs because they will likely come out into the open. If you exercise caution, act in integrity, and trust your heart, you may co-create a powerful love connection. For those of you who are single, the New Moon / Eclipse on March 20th wakes up your heart chakra…and maybe the lower ones, too. Trust in the power of cupid’s arrow, and expect magic.


Suddenly, you feel gripped by a strong desire to commit, to form partnerships, and to solidify long-term relationships. What? You’re the free spirit of the Zodiac! How could this be happening? For everything, there is a season, dear Gemini. This is yours. Anchor your energy in your heart, and you can have all of the freedom you need. Love requires big risks, which can bring up big fears. You are safe. Always. Love will never break you in two. It will move you to grow, challenge you to the point of transcendence, and maybe even bring a big smile to your face.

Career goals and objectives are shifting. It’s a time of hard work. Buckle down and focus. There is no limit to what you might accomplish this month. The beginning of the month is excellent for marketing, communication, and promotion. Use the influences to secure new business, make your sales quota, and gain a little recognition. This is a wonderful time to move forward with challenging projects.

You may feel inclined to have a shopping spree and change up your look a little. Make big purchases or update your wardrobe on March 3, when you can easily dismiss any concerns about your budget. That voice of reason is muffled under the sound of opportunity knocking on your door.

This is also a great time to take risks, especially in the first part of the month and up to the New Moon on March 5. Opportunities come from out of the blue. Take the money and run!

New friendships and social organizations keep your calendar packed full. Take advantage of the extra energy you have right now and establish strategic contacts. Every virtual community is filled with a potential collection of new friends.

We started with love, and we’ll end with it, too. Use your words to seduce your special someone. Write a little love poetry. Engage all of your senses. This month is full of romance!


The month ought to be quite interesting for you, Cancer! Your life might look a little different by the time of the Sun’s ingress into Aries on March 21. There are moments of sheer brilliance, when creative inspiration leads to career advancement, along with a little extra monetary compensation. You have recently had some major successes! Congratulations. You have a few hurdles to jump this month on your way to more glory. Tap into your passion to overcome any challenges.

The Full Moon on March 5 gives you a little extra momentum as you start a marathon of a month. You are being gifted with a little extra faith in yourself and in the goodness of the Universe, which will manifest itself by March 12, when messenger Mercury brings good news from far away.

Family complications from March 14- March 20 require prayers, thoughts, and your most positive vibes. There will be a miracle turnaround. Just have faith!

On March 16, the final Uranus/ Pluto square will close out a chapter of your life that started in 2012. Your life has shifted in miraculous, remarkable ways, right? Look at how far you have come- literally and metaphorically. You may feel like you just want to settle down for a while, but the changes are not quite finished manifesting yet. Just remember that Universal Law is always operating, even when you don’t have specific intentions set. You are always co-creating with the Universe and all living beings.

When it comes to love, Cancer, your relationship sector is getting a big transformation. Issues of power and control have been playing out within your existing relationships. Are there supernatural and karmic factors to consider right now? If so, focus on the lessons. Then, move on from any unhealthy relationships of which you have struggled to let go. Your little Cancerian pinchers have been gripping so tightly. Are you afraid of being alone? It would do you a world of good. You are about ready to open your heart to something remarkable. Focus on the new beginning.

For those of you in a happy relationship, this month may make you dip into your emotional reserves. Compassion and generosity will be given and returned, in kind. Let love rule, and avoid any conflicting ideas.


What a month you have ahead of you!! Wow. We start out with a lot of juicy, playful, sensual, and exciting fire energy. You may get a stroke of luck on March 3. So, take a few healthy, thought-out risks and see what kinds of rewards come to you with the Sun’s ingress into Aries at the Vernal Equinox on March 21.

That’s the good news. Now, we have to address that topic you have been avoiding. You may have felt a giant creative block lately. You are learning lessons about the importance of using your voice. As a Leo, it is your birthright and your call. You crave the attention that comes from being center stage but resist it for fear of being judged. Soak it up. Breathe it in. Recognize it as your calling rather than as some egoic drive. You have so much to contribute. You feel blocked when you stand toe to toe with your fears. Move past them to bulldoze any limiting beliefs. Then, you’ll be able to achieve the greatness for which you’re destined. Right now, discipline yourself. Write a little each day. Set up a rehearsal schedule. Or set time aside for the projects that awaken your spiritual call.

If you have young children in the house, you may experience an inner conflict this month. How much do freedom can you feel comfortable giving in this dangerous world? You want to let your little ones have autonomy and develop a good sense of self. However, you fear what that might mean for their safety. The strict approach is not going to work for you right now. You need to exercise trust in the Universe and in the guides and protectors of your little ones. And then, let go a little. Relax and enjoy witnessing their growth.

Alternatively, if you have been thinking about bringing a child into the world, you may have had some complications. Believe in the power of intention, and know you’re a part of a co-creative process. Share the process with your loved ones. It really does take a village, and the people in that village may be in spirit, too. Draw on your ancestors for support.

Apply that message above if your “child” is a creative project or even a pet.

Distant lands call to your inner adventurer. Answer the call by planning a voyage this spring.

As for your love life, Leo, this is a hot month! If you’re single, a fling in the beginning of the month could open up romantic possibilities by the 21st. Stay open to the awe and wonder of a new beginning. For those of you involved in long-term relationships, make this a month of romance to keep things fresh and exciting. There are adventures in store.


When it comes to your personal life, Virgo, let yourself revel in the mystery of the unknown. You’re in a hazy, romantic, uncertain phase. You have all of the knowledge and information you need within you. Take some time to feel your way through the darkness into clarity.

There may be changes happening in your home. You have had to restructure your life and build new foundations. On March 5, with the Full Moon in your sign, you have a sense of determination. Let nothing stop you from acting in courage and grace. Move forward!

The hand of the Divine is at work in your life. If you feel a separation from your higher self, you may receive a little wake-up call for your life, especially if you are born between September 6th and 9th. This may come in the form of a shake-up in your work or even your health. Exercise caution from March 12 – March 16. Keep your immune system boosted with supplements. Strengthen your energetic reserves, as well, with plenty of rest. Be gentle with your schedule and try to make time for journaling, meditation, or your favorite spiritual practices.

If you are an August Virgo, you may become consumed with work after Saturn stations retrograde on March 14. Realize that the busyness and pressure are temporary, and that you are creating something incredible for the future. That growth requires levels of self-awareness that you’re building at this time, albeit through very focused efforts.

With the March 20 Eclipse, you can take a step forward with a new project or endeavor that has success attached to it. This is a great time to forge a partnership of some kind to solidify a working relationship. If you working in sales, network like crazy in the beginning of the month and reap the rewards at the very end of the month, after the 30th.

You may be considering a move or making changes to your home. First, Feng Shui your space and determine what may be out of balance. Then, you can have greater insight into your path moving forward.

In matters of the heart, follow your intuition. You don’t have a lot of clarity right now, but there is so much rich romantic possibility. Remain open to whatever ways love wants to show up in your life. It may be friendship…or something more. Relax, let go, and turn off your analytical mind. Trust the sensations, your feelings. If you are in a relationship, keep wearing your rose-colored glasses.


You have a real need to speak out this month, Libra. As one born under the same sign as Gandhi, John Lennon, and Jimmy Carter, among others, you are a natural born peacemaker. This month of revolution and evolution stretches your courage muscle: your heart. What charitable causes spark your inner warrior? You don’t have to fight for justice; rather, as Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In your everyday life, you can influence others.

Your challenge may be that much of your energy is focused outside of yourself and on your desire to meet others’ needs. Draw your energy back inward and focus. Saturn in your house of communication urges you to express yourself in written communication. Do you have a book that needs to be written? Give yourself the space and time to buckle down and get to work. You can play after March 21, Libra. For now, get busy!

This is a great month for career growth and expansion. Hitch your wagon to a star, Libra, and don’t let go of your dream. You have everything you need to manifest it. You need to focus on building your audience. When Saturn stations retrograde on March 14, you may have the chance to revisit any limiting beliefs or fears in your way. Move through them like a dance, gracefully.

The beginning of the month brings new relationships into your life. This may be the time to step up into a leadership position in an organization or to initiate a Meetup group or nonprofit initiative. You have the drive this month to connect with others for a greater cause.

In your love life, Libra, things heat up as the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, oppose your Sun sign and hang out in your solar seventh house of relationships. Beware of spreading yourself too thin if you’re dating. Keep yourself focused on what you want. Then, let the magic unfold! If you’re in a relationship, this month looks great for making commitments. From March 12 – March 16, you may want to get away from it all. Remove yourself from drama, and it will all be okay after the 21st.


Dream big, Scorpio. What do you want to create with your skills and abilities? Your career has earned you some incredible recognition this year, and there is more to come. The beginning of the month offers you a bit of luck that will help if you are trying to close any pending business deals. Likewise, utilize the positive energy moving toward you up to March 16 to pursue new clients or new job opportunities. You may find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Look for good news on March 3! And make the most of the Full Moon on March 5 by expressing your ideas in an online community or through a professional organization. You have everything it takes to turn the spotlight toward yourself, although you typically enjoy staying in the background. You have so much to offer: opinions, advice, ideas, and inventions. Make your mark this month.

We are all getting a big awakening on March 16, and with Saturn moving backwards in your solar second house of resources on March 14, this is a period of self-inventory. What are your priorities? From where do you draw your strength? Seek out friendships, partnerships, and relationships that inspire your creativity.

Then, maximize the empowered communication skills you have at this time. You may be asked to teach or mentor someone younger or lead a class. Be both student and teacher, finding your own sources of guidance.

You might have a few minor trust issues arise in the beginning of the month. This is a skill you have been developing, particularly within your most intimate relationships. Try to place all of your cards on the table and be honest about your concerns. A little transparency may mediate tension that has built up over time. Speak your truth.

In love, Scorpio, you have been the target of Cupid’s arrow. Romance heats up in the end of the month, after March 17. If you’re single, there may be a special someone coming into your life! Those of you involved may seek a deepening of your commitment after the 20th.


This month may feel like a Ping-Pong match for you, Sagittarius. You have been back and forth about a major decision, and while there has been some uncertainty, you know you need to settle on a verdict. You can’t move on with your life until you do. Weigh the pros and cons, but go with your sixth sense, your intuition. Distracting situations temporarily pull you off course. You may avoid some of those distractions by staying focused on your own goals and needs first. You are #1!

This is a great time to focus on your health, especially with swimsuit season just around the corner. You’ll feel better the more you step out into nature and hike, bike, or play your favorite sport. This is especially true after the Sun moves into fiery Aries on March 21.

The fire energy the entire month motivates you to expand your horizons. Plan your next travel destination in the first part of the month and put down any deposits that need to be made before the Full Moon on the 5th. Your soul may be craving a spiritual retreat or educational getaway. Indulge that desire, and your life will be forever changed.

If you have been considering learning a new skill, remember that you don’t need to pursue an advanced degree just yet. Allow yourself to experiment and explore before taking the GRE. Maybe seek some mentors or ask for advice from those in the know.

Have you considered publishing a book or working on a film? This is a prolific, creative time. Build solid foundations for future endeavors. You will succeed with just the right team. Start picking your team captains, and it will all become more real.

In love, Sagittarius, March is hot and steamy all the way up until the sixteenth. You may be tempted by a special someone coming into your life on March 9. Just make sure he or she is available; check the ring finger. For those of you in relationships, this is the time to start dreaming about the future. Perhaps you want to build a home together. Remember that your physical space is symbolic of your emotional space. Is there clutter? Do you need to trim the hedges? Everything in your environment contains a message for you. Pay attention to those messages, address the issues you find, and then your relationship will benefit.


Stories of heroic adventures always involve some adversity, don’t they? How can you expect your own hero’s journey to be free from the growth opportunities that conflict endows? This month, the challenges seem to be happening close to home. Every hero has a trusted sidekick. Who is your ally right now? It may be an unlikely source.

Challenges with your home environment may mean sudden upsets. If you are in the process of buying property or making major changes in your living space, expect a few delays. This is a time to reevaluate your designs and make changes according to the reality of your budget and schedule. You may have to make some difficult decisions, but in your heart, you know the truth. Trust that instinct, and gather the courage to set new parameters.

If your family pressures you to dedicate more time or resources than you have to give, take the liberty to put yourself first. This is especially true after March 21, when the Equinox sends the Sun coursing into your solar fourth house of family matters. This may be a great time, too, to make an introspective assessment of your relationship with your parents. Do you have unfounded fears of abandonment? Or perhaps you have the converse fears of being controlled in relationships. Trouble with authority figures? Find the root of those subconscious drives to heal unhealthy tendencies.

Professionally, Capricorn, networking helps forge new, strategic relationships after March 17. From that point through the end of the month, the people in your circle are your best resources. Reach out beyond your comfort zone to connect with mentors. Likewise, if you are considering a job change or career shift, contact a new agent or headhunter. This is the time to cast your nets wide.

Money may come from unexpected sources this month. Perhaps an inheritance or good news about an investment will benefit your bank account on March 3. For those of you trying to make long-term plans for your financial future, sign any contracts before March 14.

In love, you may have some growing pains in the beginning of the month. You have had to recalibrate in a lot of ways. Now, you might feel the need to define the direction of your relationship. This process may create a bit of healthy internal tension. Let tension teach you where your fears reside, and then heal those through conversation. You may find you are not alone in your resistance…or in your fear. If you are single, head out to play after March 17. There are possibilities for love all around you!


As the revolutionary of the Zodiac, you will just love the sense of systemic social change in the air all through March. From the Full Moon on March 5 through the Aries ingress on March 21, the influences this month symbolize significant transformation. Use your voice and shout from the rooftops if you have messages to deliver. This is a favorable time for communication of all types, and yours can truly inspire change.

Financial opportunities in the beginning of the month are merely suggestive of future endeavors. You have built a solid foundation for your professional pursuits, and now is the time to realize some gains. After all, you have worked so hard! Look at how much you have learned in the process. If you are courting investors for your start-up or planning on reaching out to new business prospects, March 1-3 offers the burst of energy you need to secure the contract. Otherwise, the end of the month, after the Equinox on March 21 is your timeframe for receiving good news. Hear the word, “YES!” over and over in your head. You can make this happen for yourself.

You may have been conflicted about which organizations to which you will dedicate your time and energy. You have been in demand, Aquarius, and there are so many great causes. You may feel tugged by different social obligations. For the moment, focus on the positions that will allow you to grow into an eventual leadership position. Consider your long-term goals and political aspirations…and then follow your heart. It will lead you to the placement most beneficial for you.

You may have felt a bit of wanderlust this winter. The travel bug has bitten you, hasn’t it? Seek out a tropical destination to reboot your energetic system. You need a little solar energy to drive away those winter blues. Take a break in the beginning of the month, even if it’s just a weekend getaway. Then, you can return to the routine feeling rejuvenated.

Friendships often hold equal importance for you as family relationships. However, your siblings may become your best friends this month. Allow them to play a greater role in your life, and they will rise to the occasion. Shift your expectations slightly, and profound changes will happen for you. Transformational conversations will happen gracefully and with ease.

For those of you in relationships, this month’s influences suggest increased intimacy. Have you been thinking of taking your relationship to the next level? If so, buy the champagne and pop the question! Enhance the communication in your relationship with a little training. Look into couples’ workshops or classes to improve the way you relate. For you single Aquarians, make the most of the fiery energy in the beginning of the month. It may be a great time for a fling! Though it might not last long, it will give you stories to tell for years down the road. I recommend online dating to step into the realm of romance if you feel a little gun shy.




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